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不同菜色有,广东菜清淡而北京菜味浓香A: Is there any difference between Cantonese food and Beijing food?广东菜和北京菜有什么不同?B. Yes, Cantonese food is lighter while Beijing food is heavy and spicy. The famous specialities of these are roast suckling pig and roast Beijing duck.有,广东菜清淡而北京菜味浓香其中有名的特色菜是烤乳猪和北京烤鸭同类问句:How about Sichuan food?四川菜如何?Most Sichuan dishes are spicy and hot. And they taste differently.大多数四川菜都是味浓而且麻辣它们的味道各异特色菜对今天的特色菜感兴趣吗?A:Are you interested m todays special?对今天的特色菜感兴趣吗?B:What is it?都有什么?同类问句:Fish-flavored pork, fried shredded squid stewed sinew with sauce, stewed-fried steamed pork, etc. 鱼香肉丝、红烧蹄筋、扣肉等It very hard to decide. Let me try fish-flavored pork 很难决定我来尝尝鱼香肉丝吧 060Mitt Romney, ratcheting up his tough tone on China, criticized the president for postponing a government currency report until after the election instead of seizing the opportunity to label China a currency manipulator. 罗姆Mitt Romney)在中国问题上表现得更加强硬。他批评美国总统奥巴Barrack Obama)将政府汇率报告的发布时间推迟到大选之后,而不是抓住机会将中国定性为汇率操纵囀?The presidents failed to call China a currency manipulator, Mr. Romney said at a campaign rally here Saturday. He had the occasion on Friday to come out with that official designation. Do you know what they said? Were not going to make any determination until after the election. Associated Press罗姆尼上周六在俄亥俄州朴次茅斯的竞选集会上说:总统奥巴马没有把中国称为汇率操纵国;上周五他本有机会给出这样一个官方定性,大家知道他们是怎么说的?──我们要到选举过后再做认定The Treasury Department announced Friday that its semi-annual currency report to Congress, which covers major trade partners and was scheduled for Oct.15, would be delayed in order to assess progress after a meeting between the Group of 20 leading industrialized and emerging nations in Mexico City in early November. That means the report is unlikely to come before Election Day.美国财政部上周五宣布,原定在105日提交给国会的半年度外汇报告将推迟发布,以评1月上0国集团在墨西哥城召开会议后的进展。这意味着报告不太可能在美国选举日之前发布。该报告的内容涵盖美国主要贸易伙伴。But delays with such reports are common, among both Democratic and Republican administrations, particularly when there are upcoming meetings with global finance ministers.但不管是民主党还是共和党执政,推迟发布汇率报告都是常见情况,特别是在全球财政部长会议即将召开的时候。Administration officials have resisted labeling China a currency manipulator so far, instead applying pressure through other diplomatic methods they view as more effective.到目前为止,白宫官员一直拒绝将中国定性为汇率操纵国,而是通过他们认为更加有效的其他外交手段来施加压力。Mr. Romney explained that, by not allowing their currency to appreciate, China is able to artificially hold down the costs of goods to the ed States detriment. American companies that are making these same products, they go out of business if their Chinese products are so much cheaper than the real costs behind them, Mr. Romney said.罗姆尼解释说,中国不让人民币升值,以此人为压低商品价格、损害美国利益。他说,美国企业生产同样的商品,如果中国产品的价格远低于实际成本,美国企业就会关门歇业Let me tell you on day one of my administration I will label China a currency manipulator, Mr. Romney said Saturday. Weve got to get those jobs back and get trade to be fair.罗姆尼上周六说:我可以告诉你们,上任第一天,我就会把中国定性为汇率操纵国;我们必须把那些工作机会夺回来、让贸易实现公平。Dubbing a country a manipulator doesnt inherently include punishments. Instead, as the issue gained attention on the campaign trail, the Obama administration has filed trade complaints again China on issues such as automobiles.将一国定性为汇率操纵国本身并不包含惩罚措斀?相反,随着这个问题在竞选中引起越来越多的关注,奥巴马政府已经在汽车等问题上对中国提起贸易申诉Even with those moves, voters believe Mr. Romney is better equipped to deal with economic challenges relating to China than President Barack Obama. Some 45% of likely voters said Mr. Romney would be better able to deal with those issues in a late September Wall Street Journal/N News poll. Just 37% said the same of Mr. Obama.即使采取了这些措施,选民还是认为罗姆尼比奥巴马更能应对与中国相关的经济挑战。《华尔街日报》和N News月下旬的联合调查显示5%的拟投票选民认为罗姆尼将更有能力处理这些问题。只7%的人是这么说奥巴马的。The Obama campaign sought to turn the tables on Mr. Romney, casting its opponent as more than willing to do business with China. When President Obama stood up to China on behalf of American tire workers, Romney called it decidedly bad for the nation. In the private sector, he led investments in companies that shipped American jobs to China, said Danny Kanner, a spokesman for the Obama campaign.为扭转局面,奥巴马阵营将竞选对手描绘成更愿意跟中国做生意。奥巴马竞选班子的发言人坎Danny Kanner)说,当总统奥巴马代表美国轮胎工人与中国对抗时,罗姆尼说此举“肯定不利于美国”;在私营领域,他牵头投资了将美国就业机会输往中国的企业。来 /201210/204055On Scientific Outlook on Development科学发展观The most important achievement in our endeavors in the past ten years is that we have formed the Scientific Outlook on Development and put it into practice.总结十年奋斗历程,最重要的就是我们坚持以马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想、邓小平理论、“三个代表”重要思想为指导,于推进实践基础上的理论创新,围绕坚持和发展中国特色社会主义提出一系列紧密相连、相互贯通的新思想、新观点、新论断,形成和贯彻了科学发展观。This theory provides new scientific answers to the major questions of what kind of development China should achieve in a new environment and how the country should achieve it.科学发展观对新形势下实现什么样的发展、怎样发展等重大问题作出了新的科学回答,把我们对中国特色社会主义规律的认识提高到新的水平,开辟了当代中国马克思主义发展新境界。Together with Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents, the Scientific Outlook on Development is the theoretical guidance the Party must adhere to for a long time.科学发展观同马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想、邓小平理论、“三个代表”重要思想一道,是党必须长期坚持的指导思想 /201211/209169The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says the Horn Of Africa can look forward to weaker drought conditions in the coming months. In its latest El Nino/La Nina update, the WMO says near neutral or weak La Nina conditions, which lessen the severity of drought, are the most likely scenarios for the rest of 2011. 世界气象组织(WMO)称,预计未来几个月非洲之角地区的干旱灾情将会减轻。该组织在其最新的厄尔尼诺和拉尼娜气候异常报告中说,2011年余下时间最可能的气候情况是接近中度或较弱的拉尼娜,这将使东非干旱的程度减轻The El Nino and La Nina phenomena, which occur in the tropical Pacific, have a significant impact upon weather and climate around the globe. The World Meteorological Organization says there is a possibility that La Nina conditions, where sea surface temperatures cool, may re-emerge over the coming months. But, if this happens, it says the event is likely to be much weaker than the moderate to strong La Nina, which prevailed in 2010 and ended in May 2011. 厄尔尼诺和拉尼娜是发生在太平洋热带地区的现象,它们对全球的天气和气候造成重大影响。世界气象组织说,未来几个月有可能再次出现拉尼娜现象,也就是海面温度变冷。不过,该组织说,如果发生这种现象,其程度可能比上一次“中到强度的拉尼娜”要弱得多,上一次的拉尼娜是010年盛行,2011月结束That La Nina was linked to disastrously wet conditions in parts of Australia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and portions of northern South America. At the same time, it caused drought in East Africa. 那一次的拉尼娜与澳大利亚、印度尼西亚、东南亚和南美洲北部部分地区的灾难性的潮湿条件有关。与此同时,它造成了东非地区的干旱WMO Climate Expert Rupa Kumar Kolli says if La Nina re-emerges it would result in rainfall, which is either normal or below normal. This, he tells VOA, could potentially spell bad news for East Africa but he adds that drought conditions are still likely to be less severe than in the past two years. 世界气象组织气候专家鲁帕·柯里说,如果再次出现拉尼娜,将导致正常或低于正常强度的降雨。他对美国之音说,对东非而言,这可能是个潜在的坏消息。但他补充说,干旱程度仍可能比过去两年要轻“There is reason to be concerned about the situation. But, at the same time, even if La Nina occurs, the current indications are that it is likely to be weak and is not going to be anywhere close to the moderate to strong La Nina that we have seen last year," said Kolli. "In that sense, even if it is slightly below normal, it is really not alarming and it is very unlikely that we will see a very severe drought condition to happen in Eastern Africa.柯里说:“有理由对这一状况感到担忧。但与此同时,就算发生拉尼娜,目前的指标表明它的程度可能较弱,不会接近我们去年看到的“温和至强度的拉尼娜”。从这个角度来讲,就算它的程度仅略低于正常,也不令人惊恐,我们不可能看到东非地区发生非常严重的干旱。More than 12 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia are struggling to cope with the worst drought to hit the Horn of Africa in 60 years. People in Somalia are particularly hard hit as they try to survive the twin disasters of conflict and drought. The ed Nations has declared several regions in southern Somalia to be famine zones. 肯尼亚、埃塞俄比亚、吉布提和索马里200多万人正在艰难地应对非洲之角60年来最严重的干旱。特别是索马里人受到严重的影响,他们设法在冲突和干旱的双重灾难中生存。联合国已经宣布,索马里南部的几个地区为饥荒区Kolli says the drought in the Horn of Africa came as no surprise to meteorologists. He says the impact resulting from the La Nina event was expected and he says regional weather centers warned countries of the severity of the drought that was looming. 世界气象组织的柯里表示,对气象学家来说,非洲之角发生干旱毫不令人惊讶。他指出,他们已预料到拉尼娜造成的这种影响。他说,地区气象中心曾经警告这些国家,严重的旱灾已若隐若现Once countries have been warned of a possible weather-related disaster, he tells VOA it is up to their governments to take appropriate measures to try to lessen the expected impact. 他对美国之音说,一旦一个国家被警告可能发生与气候相关的灾害,将由该国的政府采取适当措施以设法减轻所预料的影响“Famines are man-made, whereas droughts are natural parts of the system. So, the drought warnings were given sufficiently in advance to the policy makers,".Kolli added. "But, the famine conditions are a combination of the drought and other factors, which actually create a situation where people have no access to food. 柯里说:“饥荒是人为的,而干旱是自然发生的。因此,我们会足够提前向决策者发出干旱警告。但是,饥荒是干旱和其它因素的综合结果,这些因素导致人们无法获得食物。WMO Climate Expert Kolli says meteorologists are trying to improve ways of getting policy makers to take their warnings more seriously. He says they are trying to see how they can better communicate weather and climate information. He says it is important to make policy makers understand they must take appropriate decisions based on the regional forecasts they receive. 世界气象组织的气候专家柯里说,气象学家正设法让决策者更认真地对待他们发出的警告。他说,他们正设法研究如何能更好地交流天气和气候信息。他说,让决策者懂得他们必须根据所获得的区域预测信息作出正确的决定是非常重要的。来 /201109/152333

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