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长春不孕不育医院哪里好长春腋臭医院The cliffs where they sleep are for expert climbers only.它们睡觉的悬崖只有攀岩高手才能爬得上去And geladas certainly have the right equipment,而狮尾狒则有一套合适的“工具”the strongest fingers of any primate and an utterly fearless disposition.强壮的手指是最主要的,当然也少不了无所畏惧的气概But you need more than a head for heights to survive up here.不过在这样的高度,要想活下去可不太容易A day in the geladas life reveals how theyve risen to the challenge.下面将向你展示狮尾狒全天的生活,看看它们如何面对挑战For all monkeys, morning is grooming time, a chance to catch up with friends.对于所有猴子来说,早晨正是“梳妆打扮”的时候,一个交朋友的绝好机会But unlike other monkeys, geladas chatter constantly while they do it.不过,与其它猴子不同的是,狮尾狒一边这么做,一边还不停地唠叨Its a great way to network while your hands are busy.这样手在忙活的同时也能搞好“人际关系”But these socials cant go on for too long.但是这种社交活动不会很长Geladas have a busy daily schedule and theres work to be done.狮尾狒全天的日程表排得很满,还有很多事情要做Most monkeys couldnt live up here. Theres no fruit and few insects to feed on.大部分猴类都无法在此生存。这里没有食物,可以吃的昆虫也很少But geladas are unique. Theyre the only monkeys in the world to live almost entirely on grass.但是狮尾狒却很特别。它们是世界上唯一完全以草为生的猴子They live in the largest assemblies formed by any monkeys.它们生活的社群是所有猴类中最大的Some groups are 800 strong and they crop the high meadows like herds of wildebeest.有的甚至能达到800只,如同散布在高山草场上的角马群。201703/495816长春二道区妇幼保健院妇科挂号 Over the weekend, 18,600 sailors in the ed States Navy lost the ability to drink alcohol on their base. 这个周末,18,600名美国海军士兵不能在基地饮酒了。Sailors on the southern Japanese Island of Okinawa face an alcohol ban after one sailor was arrest on suspicion of drunk driving after colliding head-on with two cars. 一名海员涉嫌酒后驾车正面撞上2辆车后被捕,日本南部冲绳岛上的海员面临禁酒。Petty Officer second class Aimee Mejia was not injured in the crash, but two others were harmed in the incident. 海军中士艾米·梅西亚在车祸中没有受伤,但另外两人在事故中受到伤害。To enforce the ban on alcohol, all sailors will be kept on the base. 为了执行禁酒,所有的海员都将被留在基地。The Navy issued a statement saying that the alcohol ban will remain in effect until ;all personnel understand the impact of responsible behaviour on the US-Japan alliance.; 美国海军发表声明称,禁酒令将继续生效,直到“所有人员明白负责任的行为对美日同盟的影响。”Sailors will only be allowed off base for essential activities.海员只被允许离开基地进行必要的活动。译文属。 /201606/448248【视频讲解】Most of Aarusha’s tenants are young, many of them taking first steps into the middle-class as IT or business-processing outsourcing professionals. Paying up to six months’ deposit for a city flat is beyond their means, as is the down payment for a motorbike that would allow them to live far from their employer.Aarusha的大部分租客是年轻人,其中有许多是IT或业务处理外包的专业人员,正向中产阶级迈出第一步。为一套城市公寓付高达六个月的押金已经超出他们的财力,为托车(这样就能住在离公司较远的地方)交首付款也一样。tenant n.租户- landlord n.房东outsourcing n.外包professional n.专业人员deposit n.押金flat n.公寓means n.收入,方式- A man of means- There are several means to reach the goal.Aarusha’s successful pitch is that its hostels are safer than slums or informal “guest houses”, especially for women. It now has 4,300 beds in 1,300 rooms sp out over 20 hostels in four cities. The typical tenant stays for six months. Satyanarayana Vejella, the firm’s co-founder, plans to raise another m to increase capacity by 12,000 beds in nearly 70 new hostels, all in the next two years. Operating-profit margins are in the mid-teens.Aarusha的成功卖点是它的旅舍比贫民窟或非正式的“招待所”更加安全,这对妇女尤其有吸引力。目前它在四座城市拥有20家旅舍、1300个房间和4300张床位。通常租客会住六个月。该公司的联合创始人萨提安娜拉雅娜#8226;维杰拉(Satyanarayana Vejella)计划再融资1,000万美元,在未来两年里开设近70家新旅舍、增加1.2万张床位。公司的营业利润率约为15%。pitch n.点 (point, degree)slum n.贫民窟capacity n.容量margin n.利润mid-teens 15-16The chain’s backers include investment funds who seek social as well as financial returns. The latter would be improved if the chain dodged taxes by operating in the informal economy, like much of its competition, but it sticks to the formal side. The problems it faces are those confronted by any Hilton or Hyatt: finding properties big enough to offer over 100 beds is hard. Tenants have to be chased for payments. An attempt to cater to blue-collar workers at an even lower price didn’t work out. So Aarusha is reliant on the IT and outsourcing sectors, which are hiring less eagerly than before.这家连锁店的投资方包括寻求社会收益和财务回报的投资基金。如果该连锁店像它的许多竞争者那样用地下经营来逃税的话,财务回报会有所改善,但它坚持规范经营。它面临的问题和希尔顿或凯悦这样的酒店一样:很难找到足以提供100多个床位的大型房产。它还必须得追着租客讨要房费。用更低价格来迎合蓝领工人的尝试并没有成功,因此,Aarusha还是得依赖IT业和外包业,而这些行业的招聘已经没有以前那么急切了。chain n.连锁backer n.赞助者latter n.后者dodge v.躲避 (avoid)stick to 坚持confront v.面临,面对attempt n.尝试cater to 迎合blue-collar 蓝领reliant adj.依赖的Aarusha can probably depend on continuing strong demand for a room from which to make sense of it all before people can get their own places. The hostels have something of a communal feel, and parents find them reassuring because residents put up with not being able to drink, smoke, or mingle with the opposite sex. Soon enough, they will have moved on, taking their aspirations and their posters with them.Aarusha也许能依赖人们对于这种房间持续的强烈需求——在他们找到自己的居所之前,在那里住一阵还是很合理的。旅舍有一种集体归属感,父母也认为旅舍令人安心,因为住客要忍住不喝酒、不吸烟、不与异性混住。很快,他们就将带上自己的抱负与海报继续前行。make sense 合理communal adj.公共的reassuring adj.放心的put up with 忍受mingle v.混一起,社交,交往- mingle wiht new friendsaspiration n.抱负- aspire v.渴望201706/512632长春医大二院打胎一般要花多少钱

长春阳光女子有取环吗长春宫颈糜烂治疗疼吗 On mothers day we tell our moms how much we love them母亲节我们会告诉我们的妈妈 我们有多爱她们There are some things we dont ever tell whom但也有些事是我们从没告诉过她们的which is dishonest,and thats not right这样是很不诚实 也是不对的So to break those boundary used down所以为了打破这种谎言的界限When we went out the street today我们今天去了街上and we ask people what is the biggest lie you ever told your mom问路人 你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么with their mom standing right next to them and we,next up,please join the special mothers day confession.而老妈就站在他们旁边 那么 接下来 请观看 母亲节的忏悔Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom?你对老妈说过的最大的谎Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom? Oh no!What should I answer for?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么 哦 不是吧 我为啥要回答这种问题Eh, me and my best friend used to sneak out and go to cabaret show.呃 我跟我最好的朋友 曾经偷偷溜去看人妖秀Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么That I wasnt out all night doing drugs News to me.我没整夜在外面磕药 我第一次听说啊When? High school Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom? Er.I love you.什么时候呢 高中 你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么 呃 我爱你吧Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mother?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么Maybe that I didnt bang into the neighbors mail box我骗她 我没把邻居家的邮筒撞坏Oh, I didnt know about that. With her car. My car?我还真不知道呢 用我妈的车撞的 我的车啊Whats one thing you dont ever told your mother?哪件事是你做过的从没告诉你妈妈的I hit someone on accidently then and I am got a castigation.我不小心打到人了 然后被警告了一次Was it really by accident? No. Whats the lie that you told your mom?真的是不小心吗 不是 你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么That I havent taken a makeup,but I take a lot actually.我不化妆 其实经常化What makeup have you taken? Ive taken some lipsticks and some foundation.你用的什么化妆品呢 我用过口红 还有粉底And? And powder,and mascara and my shadow,maybe and blush, I take some blush from her too还有呢 还有粉扑 睫毛膏 好像还有眼影 还有 腮红 我也用了她的腮红Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mommy? Stole... ...uh... ... I steal it你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么 我偷东西了What do you steal? Daddys wedding ring. What? Daddys wedding ring.你偷了什么呢 老爸的婚戒 什么 老爸的婚戒Where did you put the wedding ring? Under my pillow.你放哪里了呢 放我枕头底下了Was your husband freaking out? Yeah. We break the house apart.你丈夫当时被吓到了吗 是啊 然后我们把房子翻了个底朝天We are looking for, we came asking him.来找戒指 也一直问他在哪and he didnt tell us until we buy him an ice-cream然后 我们给他买了冰激凌 他才告诉了我们在哪So you did know where the loss. Are you lying? NO Can I go to pee now? Yes.那你知道在哪故意不说的咯 你又在说谎吗 没有 我能去嘘嘘了吗 可以Whats the worst thing you done that you never told your mom?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么The first kiss. Are you kidding me? No,not Kidding. Thats awkward, dude.我的初吻 你逗我呢吧 没有 这可不好玩啊 哥们Are you seem not allowed him to kiss? No,No.We are talking on the way home.他现在不可以亲亲吗 不不可以 我们要在回家路上好好聊聊Was it worthy? Yeah. Thats no.你觉得值得吗 值得 这不行Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom?New younger.你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么Said I never smoke. I used to take her cigarettes.骗她我没抽过烟 我以前偷她的烟I used that, light moment on the stove in the kitchen and smoke all.然后在厨房的炉子点着了 然后吸掉and before she come home,I used to put the vents on in the house to get the smoke out the house然后 趁她没回来之前 赶紧把烟收起来并让烟味散去You really stole my cigarettes.你真的偷了我的烟啊Oh,you? I thought that I told my mom,my mom. Her mom?啊 你吗 我以为她是让我说我妈呢 是她妈妈Oh,ok. My mom. Thats another lie. Yeah.哦 这样 好吧 我妈妈 我又暴露自己了 是啊Wait.Do we just discover that you smoke?等等 我们刚刚是曝光了你抽烟吗Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么Said she looks good in new dress,even she didnt.跟她说这件衣好看 其实觉得并不好看What do you give to your mother on mothers day? Er.Flowers.你要给你妈妈什么东西当做母亲节礼物 呃 送花Maybe new dress,but doesnt one. OK. OK. Very good.可能是新衣吧 但不是那一件啊 恩 很好 太好了Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.谢谢 谢谢 谢谢你Do you love putting buttons in subscribing into things.Then click the button to subscribe喜欢点击订阅视频吗 请点击按钮my channel and youll finally be happy.订阅我们的油管频道 你会开心起来的201707/515959长春吉大三院能做三镜一丝手术吗

吉林长春市一院专家The vine is taking me out above the waterfall and into the jungle.顺着藤蔓我来到了瀑布上方 进入到了丛林中For centuries this was a wild and ruly place千百年来 这里都是蛮荒之地Rebellious tribes adapt to the harsh environment over thusands of years.部落的人民在经历了数千年的历练之后 适应了这里恶劣的生存环境But this mountian remained untamed.但这深山老林之地依然野性难驯Still today that stories of tigers prowling around the jungles here.至今仍然有传说当中的老虎 在附近的丛林中四处觅食Ants! Man, look at this,look. Weaver ants.Thats what they are.Hang on.蚂蚁 快看 织叶蚁 这就是织叶蚁 等等Right down the neck.Look at this.These things are brutish.蚂蚁爬进我的脖子了 快看 这些织叶蚁真是如狼似虎The bites really pack a punch because the ants spray formic acid into the wound.被蚂蚁咬到一口可疼得不轻 因为这些蚂蚁会把蚁酸喷到伤口上See, its why theyre called weaver ants.Theyve weaved all of these leaves together.看 这就是为什么要把它们称为;织叶蚁; 它们把这些叶子都编织到一起They have this, like,glue that holds it all in place.But these are nasty ants.看 就像这样 分泌类似胶水的东西把叶子黏在一起 这些蚂蚁都非常难对付These ants are so aggressive that the ancient chinese used nests of weaver ants 它们的攻击性很强 因此 古代的中国人民用织叶蚁to protect their fruit trees from harmful bugs.来保护果树 防止害虫的袭击Its the oldest example of biocontrol in the world.这是世界上最早的生物防治措施Theyre not gonna like this one bit.它们不会喜欢我这样的But the larvae are packed with protein and thats what Im after.但它们的幼虫富含丰富的蛋白质 而那是我求生所必须的食物Yeah, that is massive.Lets try and get some of this stuff there.这里有一大群蚂蚁 我得弄点下来Look. There you go. Thats what I mean.See that.看 就是这个 看见没201607/454271 With the loss of the Niagara contract, the company Morgan started with Thomas Edison is broken.没拿到尼亚加拉的合同让根和爱迪生建立的公司损失惨重And Edisons D.C. electricity looks like a failure.爱迪生的直流电似乎是一个失败Thomas Edison is probably the most brilliant inventor America every had.托马斯·爱迪生可以说是美国有史以来最聪明的发明家And like many brilliant men he was capable of spectacularly wrong choices.和很多聪明人一样他也会作出重大的错误选择As far as Morgans concerned, theres only one way to fix Edison Electric.在根看来要扭转爱迪生电气公司的状况只有一种方式Hes going to streamline the company.他要对公司进行重组And his first step is to eliminate Thomas Edison.第一步便是清理掉托马斯·爱迪生Morgan buys up additional shares of Edison Electric stock......until he has complete control of the company.根买下了爱迪生电气公司的更多股票 直到成功实现了对公司的完全控制Its a device that shows moving pictures.这是一个播放动画的装置Well put the Niagara business behind us, and Edison General Electric will move forward to greater things.我们不要再去管尼亚加拉那些事 爱迪生通用电气将向前看 专注于更伟大的东西The name of the company has been changed-- to General Electric.公司名字已经改变叫通用电气But its my company.但这是我的公司Surely I have a say.我应该有发言权Not anymore-- you no longer have a majority stake.不再是 你不再拥有多数股份201606/448881长春阳光女子医院做阴道微波多少钱长春省人民医院有无痛人流术吗



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