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Well, I guess its, its nice, cause it means a lot to you.是啊 这一定很棒 因为这对你意义重大Because you are a big fan, watched the show. - I am a huge fan.因为你是我节目的粉丝 -我是狂热粉Yeah, I know that you my book when you were in the hospital. - I have three of them.是啊 我知道你在医院时 都在看我的书 -我有三本你的书Yeah.You have all my books. Well, thank you so much.是的 你全都读了 非常感谢你的持And you have all my swag.Youre wearing my stuff, my socks. - Yeah.你还有我的范儿 你一身都是我的品牌 包括袜子 -是的My...hopefully my underwear.I will give you whatever you want. Now you are here.可能还穿着艾伦牌内裤 既然你来了 你想要什么我都送给你So you were diagnosed with cancer four years ago.你在四年前被确诊为癌症 对吗Yeah, just about three half, four.Just out of nowhere,是的 大概三年半或四年前 就是突如其来的you just all of a sudden got the diagnoses.突然就被诊断为癌症Yeah, its wired, I was having headaches, uh...是的 有点奇怪 我那时有些头疼...And, with the brain cancer that I have to type,This was like have seizures, or anything.我患的这种脑瘤 应该有癫痫或者类似症状的But I didnt. So It was very unusual.但是我没有 这很异常Right, and at the time, four years ago.How long did they give you那么 在那时 四年前 他们告诉你 你的生命还剩多久My private nurse says its for eighteen months.我的私人护理人员告诉我说 我还能活十八个月Right, and four years later, here you are.Smiling right here.然而 四年后 你依然面带微笑地 坐在这里I love that I make you happy, and that make you smile.Cause I do think that counts for a lot of things,能让你微笑 让你开心 我很欣慰 因为那很有意义I think that helps people feel good in many many ways.我觉得那能给人们带来很多正能量Thats true.So what did you say to your doctor when they said Cause you used to play soccer and everything, right的确 你的医生那么告诉你时 你怎么说的 因为你以前是足球运动员Yeah, I still do. Um, play, well, at least I try.是的 我还在踢球 或者说 试着踢 /201510/403018But also how does he know its your shoes?Its ridiculous.他要怎么知道那是你的鞋啊 简直荒唐Look at the shoe.You know whose shoe that is?That makes no sense.看这只鞋 知道这是谁的鞋吗 根本没道理Ok,you have such hard-core fans.Your show has such hard-core fans,你有很铁杆的粉丝 聚集也有很多铁杆粉丝You probably have to be careful about spoilers.There must be some that want spoilers.你可能得小心不剧透吧 肯定有人想听剧透There must be some desperately afraid youre going to tell them a spoiler when they dont want to hear it.也有很不想听剧透的 不希望你说剧透的The show is based on these amazing book by George Martin so we have the fans that have the books and theyre very protective about it.因为剧集是改编自乔治·马丁的书 有些粉丝读过原著 对此很有保护欲And they also like to know more than anyone else.他们想知道更多I did the thing with spoilers,because were not allowed to say anything,of course.I would never say anything.有次我剧透 我们是不许剧透的 我也不会说But sometimes its fun to just tease them a little bit.And I was in Stockholm.但有时候逗逗他们也挺好玩的 我在斯德哥尔And I was doing this thing,this press for HBO Nordic as its called there.我当时在为HBO做宣传And at the end of this interview I was in this hotel room and I saw this stuffed animal,a duck.在酒店接受一个采访 到最后我看到一只鸭子毛绒玩具And I pulled it up and I said oh,this is just a little spoiler for the book ers.我给拿起来 我说 这是给原著党的小小剧透This duck,think about it.And then,I forgot about it.这只鸭子 想想看 然后 我给这事忘了A friend called me whats that thing about a duck?It was online.有个朋友打电话问我 那个鸭子什么意思啊 已经传到网上了Then it went online and those like all of these,you know debating it and these guys saying,I know exactly what that is.Thats awesome!我上网一看 大家各种议论 有些人说 我知道什么意思 太赞了But you completely random?It was,You could pick up a carrot and go,look for this.你其实就乱说的 就是 你当时就算拿根胡萝卜也可以那么说And they would be like I know what that means.Exactly.Thats so mean.No.也会有人说 我知道是什么意思 是啊 你坏死了 不是201608/459534

And your hosting.And how is...okay还有你的主持工作 进展得怎么样了So where are you right now?Since its a week away in the motion place.那现在你们进行到哪一步了呢 因为只有一周时间了Where are you?For the Oscar spectacular?进展如何 奥斯卡盛宴吗We are right in the thick of it.They started loading in the theater.目前是最紧张的阶段 他们已经开始装饰剧院了They are doing all of the stuff now there.At the theater.已经开始在剧院 布置现场了And my team of writers are thinking about jokes and its a tricky process with the content.我的团队正在准备笑话和串词 这真的是个技术活As you well know.I should really ask you.How was it like for you a week.You know, 6,5 days out.你很了解 我该向你请教下 距离开始还有一周 五六天时 你是怎么做的Well, you write as much as you possibly can and up until that day youre changing jokes.你要尽可能多写 并且一直修改and timing it in rehearsal.And really until that day.排时卡时间 直到正式演出那天I mean, I was changing things an hour before it started.我是说 直到开始前一小时 我都在改稿Cause Im finding that good jokes that we have they were solid.我发现 很多时候我们选用的梗 确定用的梗They were... we think its funny and strong.那些我们觉得很棒的梗Then I will watch a Late Night Talk-Show and they will say the same joke.随后我在夜间脱口秀节目 看到他们用到同样的梗You go ah!You scratch that one out.So thats been happening.就抓狂了 只能划掉它 这种事一直在发生The Grammys. Ah!Saturday Night Live did it. Ah!;格莱美上也有 周六夜现场;也这样Well, you start... - Ijust want everyone to stop talking until Monday.没错 -我 我只希望周一前所有人都别再说话了I know. But it starts with the Globes You watch Tina and Amy and you are like hoping they dont do something that you have in mind.我懂 这是从金球奖开始的 你看着蒂娜和埃米 并且你希望 他们千万别做你想做的But um, but itll be so much fun.Are you... are you excited? Are you.但 这会很有趣 你呢 你激动吗 还有Where... are you scared?Where are you?Im sort of all of it.是不是有点害怕 什么感觉 都有一些吧Im calm and I feel good about the content we are doing.我还算平静 我对我们的内容很自信 /201511/407297

France’s industry minister法国工业部长Enfant terrible顽童Will Arnaud Montebourg stay in the French government?阿尔诺·蒙特布尔是否还会继续呆在法国政府?FOR sheer theatrical effect, it is hard to beat Arnaud Montebourg. Tall and telegenic, the 50-year-old Socialist politician is as shameless bossing about global companies as he is charming old ladies at trestle-table picnics over bottles of burgundy in his wineland constituency. Since becoming France’s industry minister in May, however, Mr Montebourg has had a series of awkward encounters with economic reality, which have begun to raise questions about his future in government.如果在意戏剧效果,阿尔诺·蒙特布尔很难被打击。这个修长、上镜的50岁社会党政客不知羞耻的对于跨国公司的干涉正如其在葡萄酒选区品酒时向年长的女士献殷勤一样。自从五月成为了法国工业部部长,阿尔诺·蒙特布尔便遭遇了一系列经济形势上的难堪,也给他以后的政客生涯带来了麻烦。His most recent bruising experience came from his effort to stop ArcelorMittal, a steelmaking giant, closing two blast furnaces at Florange, in Lorraine. At a time when other companies are laying off many more workers, the 629 planned job losses were relatively small. But the political symbolism was large. Lorraine, on France’s eastern border, was once the centre of world steelmaking, and still projects muscular industriousness as a source of national pride. On the election trail, Francois Hollande, now president, went to the site, clambered atop a van, and vowed to protect jobs there.他最近的受伤经历来自于他致力于停止阿赛洛米塔尔,钢铁巨头,关闭在洛林地区弗洛朗热的两个钢铁炉。当其他的公司正在解雇更多的员工时,阿赛洛米塔尔裁员629人不算过分。但是其裁员的政治的意义却很大。洛林,法国东部边境的城市,曾经是世界的钢铁制造中心,而且仍然以其勤勉和强壮的品格成为国家的骄傲。在选举期间,弗朗索瓦·奥朗德,现任法国总统就曾拜访该地,他爬上一辆货车,誓言保护此地的工作机会。Mr Montebourg took up the cause with enthusiasm. He promised to find a buyer for the blast furnaces and denounced the company, declaring “we don’t want Mittal in France any more”. As union hopes rose, he threatened to nationalise the firm—an option Mr Hollande himself then refused to rule out. In the end, however, the government backed down. On November 30th Jean-Marc Ayrault, the prime minister, announced that the blast furnaces would not be restarted, and that talk of nationalisation was off the agenda.蒙特布尔满怀热情的接下了这个工作。他承诺为这两个钢铁炉找到买家,并向钢铁公司宣称:“我们不在需要米塔尔再留在法国”。因为联邦的期望增加,他威胁国有化这个公司---对于此种说法,奥朗德不排除有这样的可能。虽然最终政府做出让步。在11月30日,总理让-马克·艾罗,宣布熔炉将停止使用,并宣称国有化将不在议程内。In his role as saviour-in-chief of French industry, Mr Montebourg has tirelessly criss-crossed the country, even dressed up in a striped Breton top in a bid to promote stuff “made in France”. But his credibility is wearing thin. Although he staked out a claim as a left-winger at the Socialist presidential primary, he has zigzagged within the party over the years.作为法国工业的首要拯救者,蒙特布尔不知疲倦的跑遍了整个法国,甚至穿着海军风条纹衫在一次竞拍会推广“法国制造”的产品。但是其信誉却每况愈下。虽然他在社会党总统候选最初阶段宣称自己是左翼,其在党内的这些年道路却十分曲折。Mr Montebourg’s real hallmark is a tough and consistent call for cleaner democratic politics. A lawyer, he campaigned to hold Jacques Chirac to account on charges of corruption linked to the former president’s stint as mayor of Paris. He called for a new constitution and a Sixth Republic. More recently, he has been one of the rare Socialist voices calling for the expulsion of corrupt officials. Today, however, that reputation has got lost amid what his detractors consider recklessness, and what union supporters—including at Florange—increasingly see as betrayal.蒙特布尔最重要的作为是持续的要求严肃的清理民主政治。作为一个律师,他参与了对于雅克·勒内·希拉克账户的冻结,因为其在担任巴黎市长期间的腐败。他呼吁新的宪法的颁布以及成立第六共和国。最近,他又成为了社会党中少数要求肃清腐败官员的人中的一员。然而今天,他的好声誉已经在其诋毁者认为其鲁莽和持者认为其背叛(包括弗洛朗热地区)中消磨殆尽。For now, Mr Montebourg insists he will stay in his “battle station” job. In some ways, this suits Mr Hollande, who was elected on a promise to stand up to finance and save industry, and needs to show his left wing that he does not just roll over in the face of giant corporations. Yet keeping his minister in place also makes for confusion in French economic policy. Reformists in government are trying to argue that France is open for business. Pierre Moscovici, the finance minister, who has glacial relations with Mr Montebourg, talks of a “Copernican revolution” in Socialist economic thinking. But such a message remains inaudible after Mr Montebourg has so recently put the threat of nationalisation back on the table.如今,蒙特布尔坚持他将继续坚守在“战斗岗位”。在某种程度上来说,这最符合奥朗德,这位在选区期间承诺面对金融局势和挽救工业,以及表现出他的左翼式强势表明他不仅仅周旋于大企业之间的总统的心意。但是,保住蒙特布尔的部长位置会造成法国经济政策的混乱。政府中的改革派一直尽力表明法国需要打开商业大门。一直与蒙特布尔关系糟糕的财务部长皮埃尔·莫斯科维奇提出了实行社会经济的“哥白尼改革”的想法。但是在蒙特布尔提出国有化的威胁后,这一声音便消失了。翻译:董睿。译文属译生译世201609/464257A Korean-American man detained in North Korea has confessed to stealing military secrets and plotting subversion with South Koreans, the Norths official news agency and foreign media reported on Friday. 据朝鲜官方新闻机构和国外媒体报道,一名在朝鲜被关押的韩裔美国男子承认窃取军事机密,并与韩国密谋颠覆活动。North Korea, which has been criticized for its human rights record and has in the past used detained Americans to extract high-profile visits from the ed States. 朝鲜因其人权记录而备受批评,过去通过被拘留的美国人获得来自美国高度关注的访问。Kim Dong Chul, who has previously said he was a naturalized American citizen and was arrested in North Korea in October, admitted to committing ;unpardonable espionage; under the direction of the U.S. and South Korean governments and deeply apologized for his crimes. 金东哲,曾称自己是美国籍公民,十月在朝鲜被捕,承认在美国和韩国政府的指导下犯了“不可饶恕的间谍活动”,并为自己的罪行道歉。A source in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang told Reuters that diplomats were notified in the morning of the confession and Kims comments were similar to the recent confession of another American being held there, Otto Warmbier.来自朝鲜首都平壤的消息告诉路透社,早上外交官被通知,金东哲的言论类似最近另一名被关押忏悔的美国公民奥托·瓦姆比尔。译文属。201603/433565

If theres a teen or 20-something in your life, chances are that youve seen plenty of ;LOL; and ;BFF; in your texting conversations.It seems like text abbreviations are becoming an increasingly prevalent part of written correspondence. Are they making communication more efficient, or are they just making it harder to do so clearly?University of Michigan English professor Anne Curzan tells us that, to some extent, texting abbreviations are creating a sort of generation gap.;Young people text at a rate that I have to say I dont,; she says. Polling her students, she typically finds they each send between 40 and 150 texts per day.;And they look at me and they say, how many texts do you send a day? And I say, I dont know, four? So right there you see a generation gap,; Curzan says.Curzan tells us that at the rate young people are texting, it isnt surprising that theyd use some abbreviations, but the phenomenon isnt exactly new.;Young people will always have language that older people dont have. We call it slang,; she says. ;Its a way to signal that youre young, to be a little irreverent, to have language that distinguishes you.;But despite the fact that new abbreviations are born into existence every day, Curzan tells us research is suggesting that texting slang might not be used as commonly as one would believe.;One study said somewhere between 6% and 20% of texts have abbreviations, which means a whole lot of them dont,; she says.Shes backed up by her experience as a teacher. Her students tell her that ;Yeah, some (abbreviations) we use, but using a whole lot of them isnt necessarily that cool,; she says. Some point out that their parents tend to use a lot more abbreviations than they do.Curzan tells us that in the relatively short lifespan many of these abbreviations have enjoyed, some have shifted meaning. While ;LOL; has made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary, some of her students have suggested that the definition there is no longer accurate ;if you are interested in how young people use it,; she says.Rather than the original ;laughing out loud,; Curzan says ;LOL; is more commonly used now as a way to express tone and acknowledgement.For example, she says ;LOL; is often used in a similar context as ;JK,; or ;just kidding,; expressing that youre not speaking in a serious tone.She adds that it also functions as what linguists call a backchannel. ;When were in conversation and were listening to someone, we make those little noises, like uh-huh, yeah, and we need to do that on texting,; she says.It can be confusing and kind of hard to keep up with, but according to Curzan the ever-changing nature of text-speak is baked into the language just like more traditional slang. Its not surprising, she says, that young people make up and use terms that older generations dont know ;because they want us not to know.;;It makes me so grateful that I hang out with 18- to 24-year-olds on such a regular basis because they keep me informed about whats happening in this kind of written language,; Curzan says.Anne Curzan is an English professor at the University of Michigan and co-host of Michigan Radios Thats What They Say.201512/414619University endowments大学捐赠The lolly and the Ivies金钱amp;常青藤Cambridge has the largest endowment of any British university, at 4.9 billion (7.4 billion). It sounds impressive until you look at Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Harvard and MIT manage endowments worth billion and billion respectively. A recent survey of 851 post-secondary institutions in North America finds that their coffers hold more than 0 billion, but some are much better endowed than others (see chart 1). The richest 10% of universities control around 70% of the wealth in the survey. The eight Ivy League universities have amassed more than 0 billion, or 21% of the total. This means their investment income often exceeds what they make from tuition fees.剑桥拥有,同英国任何大学相比,最大的捐助,49亿磅(74亿美元)。听着就觉得震撼,直到你看到位于马萨诸塞州剑桥的哈佛与麻省理工学院分别管理着360亿美元和120亿美元就不会那么震撼了。最近的一项针对北美大学机构调查发现他们的金库有着超过5000亿美元,但是他们中的一些则比其余的拥有更多的钱。调查显示最有钱的前10%的大学掌控70%的财富。八所常青藤联盟大学有着1100亿之多的财富,总比例高达21%。这意味着他们的投资收入经常超过了他们的学费收入。Investment styles differ. The richest universities are far more aggressive, punting large sums on risky ventures such as private equity and hedge funds (see chart 2). Poorer colleges play it safe with a traditional mix of stocks and bonds. A school and its money are seldom parted.投资的风格也有所不同。最富有的大学群体非常有进取心,把大数目的钱财放到风险投资里,比如私人股本和对冲基金里。稍弱一些的大学则稳打稳扎,放到传统的股票和债券里。学校和它的钱财很少分家。 译文属译生译世 /201502/361159Leaders Centrifugal Spain先驱 沙盘上的西班牙Umbrage in Catalonia阴云笼罩卡泰罗尼亚Even though the spectre of secession is an unwelcome distraction, Spain still needs to change分裂的阴影分散了西班牙的注意力,尽管不受欢迎,但这个国家依旧需要变革George Orwell, a British writer, fought in the trenches in the Spanish civil war to defend Catalonia from General Franco. He would surely be saddened by what is going on in that beautiful, cultured corner of Spain. On November 25th Catalans will vote in a regional election called as an unofficial referendum on independence. Since Catalonia represents a big chunk of the euro zone’s fourth-largest economy, and since Spain is in the front-line of efforts to save the euro, the vote and its aftermath will be felt farther afield.英国作家乔治·奥威尔曾经参加过西班牙内战,保卫过卡泰罗尼亚,抵御了佛朗哥将军的部队。如果他还在世,定会为在这个美丽文明的西班牙东北角上演的悲剧而痛心。11月25日卡泰罗尼亚人将进行地区性选举,也作非正式独立公投。由于卡泰罗尼亚是欧元区第四大经济体西班牙的重要一部分,且西班牙又处在拯救欧元行动的前线,无疑这次投票及其结果都将产生及其深远的影响。What could be wrong with 7.5m people with their own language and culture choosing to become a nation-state? At first blush, it is hard to object to what Catalan nationalists call the “right to decide”. In fact, there are many reasons why Catalans should not waste their energy trying to break away from Spain. Start by recalling Orwell’s definition of nationalism as “power-hunger tempered by self-deception”。卡泰罗尼亚拥有750万人口和属于自己的语言,选择独立何错之有?乍一看,似乎很难反驳卡泰罗尼亚民族主义者所谓的“自主决定权”。事实上,有很多理由解释了为什么卡泰罗尼亚不应该在争取独立这件事上耗费精力。首先回顾一下奥威尔对于名族主义的定义:“一种因自欺而产生的权利饥渴”。Under Spain’s constitution of 1978, Catalonia enjoys more self-government than almost any other corner of Europe. It runs its own schools, hospitals, police, prisons and cultural institutions. It lacks only tax-raising powers and the Ruritanian trappings of statehood, which nationalist politicians appear to be hungry for. As for the self-deception, this is sometimes farcical: Catalan public television offers a weather forecast that includes provinces that have been part of France since 1659, but no meteorological information for Zaragoza or Madrid. And most Catalans still seem happy to be both Catalans and Spaniards. Support for independence has risen mainly because Catalans think it would offer relief from recession.依照西班牙1978年的宪法,卡泰罗尼亚享有比欧洲其他地区更多的自治权,拥有自己的学校、医院、警察、监狱和文化机构,但唯独没有征税的权利和理想王国的标志,即被承认的国家地位。而后两者正是名族主义者所觊觎的。谈到自欺,有时很可笑:卡泰罗尼亚公共电视的天气预报会播放早在1695年就隶属法国的一些行省的天气预报,却不播报萨拉戈萨或马德里的气象信息。而且卡泰罗尼亚人似乎很满意自己既属于卡泰罗尼亚又属于西班牙。他们持独立主要是因为他们觉得这样能减轻经济衰退带来的痛苦。It would not. An independent Catalonia would have more fiscal revenues, but it would also have a higher debt burden than Spain. The argument that Catalans should not subsidise feckless Andalusians is a dangerous one: apply that more widely and the euro zone would fall apart. Indeed, far from welcoming Catalonia as an independent member, the euro zone’s leaders hardly yearn for an extra nation-state.然而事实并非真如他们所想。如果独立,泰罗尼亚人民将上缴更多的税,而且承受的债务压力要比没有独立时还大。有人认为安达鲁西亚人软弱无用,卡泰罗尼亚不应对其进行补助,但这一论调很危险:若广泛采纳,每个国家都这么想,欧元区将分崩离析。诚然,欧元区领导人一点也不持卡泰罗尼亚独立,不希望多出一个国家来。Spilling the Spanish beans道破天机All that said, the Catalan problem cannot be wished away. Roughly three-quarters of the next Catalan parliament is likely to vote for the right to decide. The constitution says only the Spanish parliament can approve a referendum—and it will not do so. The constitution has in general served both Spain and Catalonia well—but there is a case for updating it.说归说,但卡泰罗尼亚问题不是想结束就能结束的。下届卡泰罗尼亚议会成员中大约四分之三将投票持“自主决定权”。虽说宪法规定只有西班牙议会才能批准公投,但宪法可以修改——宪法不会否决卡泰罗尼亚进行公投的权利,总体来说宪法对于西班牙和卡泰罗尼亚同样适用。The Catalans’ complaints come down to two things. First they feel that Mariano Rajoy’s conservative government in Madrid refuses to recognise that Spain is a plurinational and pluri-linguistic country. Second, they think that, set beside the other 16 regions, they pay too much.卡泰罗尼亚的不满主要归结于两件事上。第一,他们觉得马里亚诺·拉霍伊政府不承认西班牙是多民族国家,拥有多种语言。第二,他们认为与其他16个地区相比,自己上缴的税太多了。The neatest answer to these grievances would be for Spain formally to embrace federalism, with a federal senate and clear rules about who collects which taxes. Federalism would mean each region was equal, with the same rights and obligations. But it has been a dirty word in Spain since a failed federal government in 1873-74. A messier, but more feasible, alternative would be to accept that some regions—Catalonia, the Basque country and perhaps Galicia—should have more autonomy than the rest and be recognised as cultural nations within Spain. Doing this would require a national pact to revise the constitution. After the Catalan vote, Mr Rajoy would be wise to set that process in motion.针对这些不满,西班牙最直接的解决方案就是正式建立联邦制,设立参议院,并明确征税体制。而联邦的建立将意味着地区平等,享有同等权利,履行同等义务。事实上早在1873-74就已尝试过建立联邦,却以失败而告终,从那以后西班牙一直把联邦制当做污浊腐败的代名词。因此选择一个相对较次但更可行的办法将更容易为人接受——允许卡泰罗尼亚、巴斯克和加利西亚等一些地区享有更多自治权,并承认其各自的文化。若采取这一措施,西班牙需要制定一个宪法修改协定,而且拉霍伊最好在卡泰罗尼亚非正式公投后就行动起来。翻译:郁炳睿译文属译生译世201608/463190

The living wage最低生活工资Wage flaws工资缺陷Sense and nonsense about minimum wages最低工资的意义何在What unites Ed Miliband, the Labour leader; Boris Johnson, London’s Tory mayor; and Barclays Bank? All are keen on the “living wage”, the hourly rate needed to pay for the items people reckon they need for an acceptable standard of living. On November 5th researchers paid by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation uprated it to 7.45 pounds (.90). A separate calculation by GLA Economics, a research unit that advises Mr Johnson’s government, put the living wage in London at £8.55. Mr Miliband suggests naming and shaming those who pay less. Business folk warn darkly about the cost in lost jobs. Who is right?是什么将工党领袖埃德·米利班德,纽约的保守市长鲍里斯·约翰逊以及巴克莱联系在一起呢?他们都对“最低工资”极感兴趣,每小时的工资应该足以付人们认为的在一个合适的生活水平下应该拥有的东西。在11月5日,Joseph Rowntree基金会的调查者发现每小时工资提高到7.45英镑(约为11.90美元)。约翰逊政府的咨询机构——GLA经济研究协会做了一项独立的计算,得出伦敦的最低工资是7.45英镑。米利班德对那些小气的雇主冷嘲热讽,而商界人士则严肃警告说,员工失业对公司也会造成损失。孰对孰错?A mandatory national minimum adult hourly wage of 3.60 pounds was introduced in April 1999, and has been regularly uprated since. In October it rose to 6.19 pounds. The wage floor seems not to have cost jobs. A 2010 paper by researchers at the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics found the long-run effect was either negligible or positive (ie, jobs increased). That finding is echoed in studies of minimum wages in America.在1999年4月,强制实行成年人小时工资不低于3.6英镑的标准,到目前为止此项标准不断提高。到了10月就增加到每小时6.19英镑。薪资水平似乎还没导致失业。2010年,伦敦经济学院中心的一篇论文研究经济发现(最低工资)这一研究与美国的最低工资研究遥相呼应(即就业增加)。而这项研究在美国最低工资水平的研究中一直持续着。Such results might seem puzzling. If the price of something is forced upwards, demand for it should fall. Why might this not be the case for low-paid workers? The answer is that firms find other ways to absorb higher wage costs. The simplest is to raise prices. Fast-food restaurants in New Jersey did so when the state’s minimum wage was raised in 1992, according to a landmark study by David Card and Alan Krueger of Princeton University. Firms may also skimp on non-wage benefits, trim the number of hours worked by low-paid staff, or cut other costs. Even the best-run firms can find savings when pushed.这样的结果可能会令人费解。如果东西的价格被迫上升,那么他的需求将会下降。这样的情况难道不会难道不会出现在那些低工资者的身上么?是,公司将会寻找其他方式来减少高额的工资成本。最简单的就是提高价格。根据David Card和普林斯顿大学的Alan Krueger的一项里程碑式的研究显示,新泽西的快餐店在1992年国家的提出最低工资标准的时候就是这样做的。公司也可以克扣非工资福利,削减低薪工作人员工作时数以及其他的减少成本方式。运行得最好的公司甚至可以在强制的情况下找到解决的方式。They may even find benefits. Turnover of low-paid staff often falls in places where minimum wages go up, reducing hiring costs. Higher wages might also make workers more productive. The theory of “efficiency wages” says that well-paying firms can induce staff to work harder by improving morale or by making it costlier for them to risk being sacked. The well-heeled firms that have signed up to the living wage report a better standard of work. Bosses in less cosy workplaces know this, too. A study of prostitution in Chicago found that pimps paid above-market wages to retain the best street workers.他们甚至在其中有利可图。当最低工资上调时,低薪员工流通率也会同时上涨,这样将可以降低雇佣成本。而高工资也可能使得工人更有效率。“绩效工资”理论认为:高薪公司或可以激发员工士气,或使员工冒解雇之风险而投机牺牲代价变的更高,从而促使员工更努力工作。据报告显示,收入不错的企业都规规矩矩地执行最低工资标准,其工作质量都处于较高水平。而工作环境不怎么舒适的公司的老板都知道这一点。芝加哥的一项研究发现,老鸨们付高于市场的薪水来留住最好的街头工作者。These are comforting arguments for those who think firms should be cajoled into paying the living wage. They apply only up to a point. Efficiency-wage theory was devised to explain high unemployment. Wage floors in America are low by European standards. Britain’s minimum wage is carefully set to avoid demolishing jobs. When it was introduced it affected fewer than 2 million workers. But the national living wage is 20% higher, the London rate almost 40% higher. If applied to all those currently in work, they would raise the pay of around 5m employees. It is hard to believe that would have no effect on jobs.对 那些认为公司应该被连哄带骗地付最低生活工资来说,这些都是令人欣慰的参数。但是他们只用到了一个方面。效率工资理论被用来解释高失业率。美国的最低工资标准低于欧洲水平。英国的最低工资的设置是十分谨慎的,以防带来失业,受影响的人数应控制在200万之内。但是全国最低生活工资高出(实际水平 的)20%,伦敦率更是高出近40%。如果推广到所有的行业,约有500万人将会提高最低工资。那么,很难相信这对就业没有任何影响。Indeed, large cuts in real wages help explain why the jobs market has hummed along in an otherwise sluggish economy. Employment growth has been stronger in low-paid industries—in shops, hotels, bars, office services and so on—than in higher-paid work. The law firms, banks and accountants who have embraced the living wage can afford it, as they employ few low-paid workers.事实上,实际工资大削减有助于解释为什么就业市场在萧条的经济中仍高歌猛进。例如像商店、酒店、酒吧、办公务,如此等等低收入行业往往比报酬更高的的工作的就业率要高。律师事务所、和会计等行业可以承受起最低工资标准,因此他们很少雇佣那些低薪劳动者。A living wage implies a wage level that keeps up with prices, at least in part. But British workers have had to settle for a lower standard of living in recent years, because of a weaker pound, the rising cost of oil across the world and higher taxes. As a result, surprisingly few have lost their jobs. Brits, it seems, much prefer the hardship of low wages to the misery of no wages.一个最低生活工资至少要与部分物价水平保持一致。然而,由于英镑疲软,世界范围内石油价格上升以及税收提高,英国工人最近几年不得不过着水平相对较低的生活。但是,令人惊讶的是,很少有人失去了工作。与没有工资相对比,收入低一点对英国人来说没什么关系。 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201608/461378Beautiful picture of me.And it didnt say anything about my empire.一张我的美照 但上面内容跟我的帝国没有半毛钱关系It was just for a skin serum.It was an ad. For a skin serum,For a product I do not use.就是个推广护肤精华液的 就是个精华液的广告 还是我从来没用过的产品I dont endorse this product.I dont want to say the companys name.我才不会给它打广告 我不会说那家公司的名字Im gonna call it ;Garbage Water;.Awh, if you see the same ad.就叫它;垃圾水;好了 喔 如果你们也看到那个广告I want to make it clear.I dont use ;Garbage Water;.Ive never used ;Garbage Water;.No introduce ;Garbage Water;.我得澄清一下 我从来没用过;垃圾水; 我也不会用它 也不会推广它The ad. makes ;Garbage Water; Looks really good.It says celebrities use it.那广告十二分地美化了;垃圾水; 说什么好多明星都在用It says its been seen on Dr.Oz.None of it is real.I did some research.还说上过;奥兹医生秀; 全都是吹的 我查了一下Here are some people that have used the product.用过这产品就这些人318 people have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau.318位消费者向商业改善局投诉了这款产品And heres an Amazon review.The woman said the serum was a scam,and the company charge her credit card 89.95.来看看亚马逊的 这位女士说精华液完全是个骗局 那家公司还扣了她信用卡89.95美元Yeah. So anyway,after all that happened.I was outraged afterall.Then I went back to Yahoo News.嗯 总之 这一切发生之后 我很愤怒 然后我回到雅虎新闻的页面And then I saw a terrible picture of Oprah,And then a beautiful picture of Oprah.接着我看到张奥普拉的丑照 和一张她的美照Turns out, shes using the serum.So I bought some, becasue I felt like...结果是她正在用这款精华 于是我买了一些 因为我觉得She looks great.I mean, yall,She looks really good.她很好看 你们说对不对 她看起来真得很漂亮Lets celebrate my empire with this dance, shall we?跳个舞来庆祝一下我的帝国 怎么样 /201601/424783

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