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金华哪个整形医院比较好金东区妇女儿童医院韩式隆鼻多少钱金华丽都医院是什么意思 Moscow (CNN)Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared in public Monday for the first time in about 10 da ys as he met with Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev in the Russian city of St. Petersburg.( CNN )俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔普京首次出现在公众面前,他周一在圣彼得堡会见了吉尔吉斯斯坦总统阿尔玛兹别克。Putin isnt generally one to shy away from the limelight posing with a (tranquilized) tiger, riding a horse while shirtless, earning a karate black belt.普京一般不介意成为各类焦点的中比如,同一只温的老虎一起拍照,光着膀子骑赢取空手道黑腰带。So his unexplained absence fueled speculation about his health, grip on power and even his love life.所以,他毫无缘由的消失于公众的视野中,让人们对他的健康,他的权力掌控,甚至他的爱情生活产生了怀疑。Although the Kremlin and the Russian state media released photos and footage of Putin last week, they did not quell the rumors about his whereabouts, because it was unclear when they were taken.即使克里姆林宫和俄罗斯联邦媒体上周发布了普京的照片和视频片段,仍然无法压制有关他行踪的传闻,因为这些信息并不明朗。So all eyes were turned to St. Petersburg on Monday for Putins scheduled meeting with Atambayev of Kyrgyzstan.所以,所有的眼睛都在关注着普京在圣彼得堡与乌兹别克斯坦总统阿尔玛兹别克的会面。His appearance before the press, looking healthy and relaxed, should help put some of the rumors at least to rest.他出现在公共媒体,看起来健康和轻松,应该有助于在某种程度上平息一些谣言。And he made light of his absence, saying: ;It would be boring without gossip.;不过,他看起来满不在乎,并且说:;如果没有谣言就太无聊了;In another sign Putin has a firm hand on the tiller. Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said the President h ad ordered Russias Northern Fleet to be placed on full combat alert from Monday morning for snap check: Russias state-run Tass news agency reported.另一个普京依然牢牢掌权的信号俄罗斯国营塔斯社新闻报道,国防部长谢尔盖邵谊伊古说,总统已经命令北方防舰队从周一早晨开始进入完全的战斗警戒状态,准备接受检査。The checks are intended to test the fleets capacity to ensure Russias military security in the Arctic, Tass said. Also on alert are Russias Western Military District and certain airborne units, with some 38 ,000 military personnel involved in total.塔斯社说,这次险査是测试舰队的能力以确保俄罗斯在北冰洋的军事安全。同时进行测试的还有俄罗斯西部军区和空降部队,共8000名军事人员参与。What is going on?接下来呢?Heres what gave some doubters grist for the rumor mill: On Friday -- three days before the scheduled meeting -- a Russian state media broadcaster prematurely aired a report that Putin had a meeting with Atambayev -- although the event had not yet occurred.下面这些就是怀疑者曾经的依据:周五——会面开始前三天——一名俄罗斯国家媒体播音员提前发布报道,称普京已与阿尔玛兹别克会面——虽然当时事情还未发生。The station acknowledged the error, but it only heightened the speculation over Putin and his whereabouts.媒体承认了错误,但是,却炒热了对普京地处何处的怀疑。Social media has been swirling with questions, with hashtags such as #Putindead and #putinmissing. Was he ill? Was he holed away somewhere with his girlfriend and a new baby, as some in the European media speculated? There were even dark rumors of a palace coup in which various Kremlin factions vying for power might have ousted him.社会媒体推波助澜,提出普京可能已经死亡或失踪。他可能生病了。一些欧洲媒体推测,他可能带着女朋友和一个新生儿隐居到山洞里。甚至有人怀疑发生了政变,一些追逐权力的派系推翻了他。The Kremlin vigorously denied that anything was amiss, with Putins spokesman saying the President was healthy and that his handshake ;can break a hand.;克里姆林宫坚决否认任何有关普京出现不测的传闻,普京发言人说,总统很健康,他握手时;能捏爆别人的手掌;But his absence came at an uneasy time as the country deals with economic turmoil and strained international relations over the war in Ukraine.但是,在他露面时,俄罗斯并不平静,国家正在应对经济危机和因乌克兰战争带来的国际关系困境;Does Putin ever catch a cold? Does he ever get sick? The Kremlin doesnt want to allow Putins image of virility and strength to become tarnished by the weaknesses of mere humans,; CNN analyst Frida Ghitis wrote.CNN分析家弗里达吉提斯写道,;普京曾经感冒了?他曾经患病了?克里姆林宫并不想让普京硬汉的形象变成一个虚弱的男人形象;;Putin rules in the old-fashioned style of a personality cult. The system requires propaganda and image control. It needs Putin to be larger than life.;普京用旧的个人崇拜的方式统治国家。这需要政治宣传和形象掌控。这要求普京比普通人更强大Moscow always has been a center for rumors;莫斯科总是谣言的中;Last week, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov sought to allay questions, telling Russian radio station Echo of Moscow that people should not worry and that Putin was ;absolutely; healthy.上周,总统发言人德米特釷佩斯科夫试图缓解这些担心,他告诉莫斯科的俄罗斯回声电视台,人们不应该担心,普京非常健康;No need to worry, everything is all right. He has working meetings all the time, only not all of these meetings are public,; Peskov said Thursday.佩斯科夫周四说,;别担心,一切安奀?他整天都在工作,不是只有这些公开的会面;He also dismissed European media reports that Putin had a love child.他也无视了欧洲媒体关于普京有一个新生儿的报道;I am going to ask people who have money to organize a contest on the best media rumor,; the Kremlin spokesman said.这位克里姆林宫发言人说;我想问下,到底是谁在出钱制造了这些媒体流言;Rumblings about Putin began last week after a meeting in the Kazakh capital, Astana, between the Russian leader and the presidents of Kazakhstan and Belarus was postponed at short notice. A Kazakh official told Reuters that Putin had fallen ill.这些流言是从上周普京在哈萨克斯坦首都阿斯塔纳与哈萨克斯坦和白俄罗斯总统的会见被短暂延期后开始的。当时,一名哈萨克斯坦官员告诉路透社,普京病了。On Thursday, he missed his meeting with the Federal Security Service, Russias counterintelligence agency.周四,他缺席了俄罗斯联邦安全局的会议,这是俄罗斯的情报部门。Putins last public appearance was supposedly on March 8, International Womens Day. But some keeping track say he hadnt been seen since even earlier -- March 5.普京最后一次公开露面可能日国际妇女节。但是,一些线索表明,他在更早日开始就不再露面了。In the course of his many years in power, Putin has cultivated the image of a strong and vigorous leader. His exploits, captured on film and released to the media, have been many.在多年的掌权过程中,普京给公众创造了一种硬汉形象。他被影像捕捉的和发布到媒体的各类壮举,数不胜数。And he enjoys a whopping 86% approval rating, although some critics question the validity of polling they say is carried out in a climate where people are afraid to voice opposition to Putins government.他的持率高达恐怖的86%,虽然有一些批评家质疑,投票的准确性在人们害怕反对普京政权的整体气氛中被扭曲;Moscow always has been a center for rumors and speculation,; said Jill Dougherty, an expert on Russia at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and a former CNN correspondent. ;As soon as the President does not show up, which is really kind of rare for him, people begin to question.威尔逊国际研究中心的俄罗斯专家和前CNN记者吉尔多尔蒂说,;莫斯科总是谣言和炒作的中心;只要总统没有露面,虽然这对他很罕见,人们就开始乱猜了;You have to look at this in terms of, why all of this insanity? And one of the problems is, people are very nervous, legitimately. Where is Putin? Is he in charge?;;你不得不想,为什么这些人像疯子一样?一个主要问题是,人们通常容易紧张,比如,普京在哪?他还在掌控权力吗?; /201503/364970China is bracing for its second bond default by a central government-owned company, offering one of the biggest tests yet of Beijings willingness to impose market discipline on lossmaking state groups.中国即将迎来第二例央企债券违约,这给中国政府让亏损国企从市场纪律的意愿构成了一个最重大的考验。A unit of one of the elite club of 112 big enterprises directly owned by the central government, China National Erzhong Group employed a workforce of more than 13,000 in 2012, when it had assets of Rmb25bn. But a slowing economy saddled with industry overcapacity has hobbled the heavy industry group, leading to losses of Rmb8.4bn in 2014.中国第二重型机械集团公司(China National Erzhong Group,简称二是由国资委监管的112家大型央企之一012年的员工总数超过1.3万人,资产规模为250亿元人民币。但经济放缓以及行业产能过剩重创了这家重工业集团014年亏损达84亿元人民币。Its looming default comes just a week after Beijing unveiled guidelines for an overhaul of state-owned enterprises aimed at improving their financial performance. SOEs control broad swaths of the economy but are heavily indebted and trail their privately owned counterparts in efficiency and profitability.就在一周前,中国政府公布了国企改革指导意见,旨在提高国企财务表现。国企占据中国经济很大比重,但负债累累,而且在效率和盈利能力方面都逊于私营企业。China National Erzhong Group, which makes smelting and forging equipment for use in the power generation and aviation sectors, is a case in point. A subsidiary was delisted from the Shanghai Stock Exchange in May after four straight years of losses.二重生产发电和航空领域使用的冶炼和铸造设备。今月,在连年亏损后,该集团一子公司从上海交所(Shanghai Stock Exchange)退市。“Under the influence of the macroeconomic environment, the demand for the companys main products remains depressed, and our industry is suffering from severe overcapacity, making competition unusually fierce and causing the price of our products to slide lower,Erzhong said in a filing late on Monday.二重周一晚在一份文件中表示:“受宏观经济环境影响,公司主要产品需求持续疲弱,我们所在的行业正遭遇严重产能过剩,这使得竞争异常激烈,并导致我们产品的价格下跌。”The company suspended trading of Rmb1bn in five-year notes sold in 2012, citing ;uncertainty; about whether it could meet a Rmb56.5m (.9m) interest payment due next week.该公司暂停了2012年发行的10亿元人民币的5年期债券的交易,指原因是“不确定”能否付下周到期的5650万元人民90万美的利息。China is on track for its slowest economic growth in a quarter of a century amid a slowdown in construction and manufacturing. Policymakers want to shift the economy away from smokestack industries towards consumption and services; the SOEs are concentrated in heavy industry, which thrived under the old growth model.在建筑业和制造业放缓之际,中国将遭遇25年来最慢经济增速。政策制定者希望中国经济从生产性工业转向消费和务业;大部分国企从事重工业,在旧的增长模式下,重工业曾一度繁荣。For years, banks and bond investors paid scant attention to company fundamentals when lending to SOEs, assuming that the government would prevent any default. High-profile bailouts strengthened this perception. Economists say that has led to moral hazard, enabling state groups to rack up ever more debt and engage in wasteful investment.多年来,在向国有企业发放贷款时,和债券投资者几乎甚少关注企业基本面,他们以为政府会防范违约。高调纾困加深了这种看法。经济学家表示,这引发了道德风险,使得国有企业得以累积更多债务并进行浪费型投资。But in April Baoding Tianwei Group, which makes power generation equipment, became the first state-owned company to default on bonds when it missed a Rmb86m interest payment. Tianwei is still in bankruptcy and it remains unclear if bond investors will end up taking losses.但今月,生产发电设备的保定天威集Baoding Tianwei Group)成为中国首家债券违约的国有企业,该公司未能到期600万元人民币的利息。天威现在已破产,目前还不清楚,债券投资者最终是否会承担损失。Beyond the debt issue, Erzhong is also a test case for the vision of SOE reform that calls for increasing efficiency by merging state groups to create even larger companies. In 2013 China’s cabinet approved a takeover of Erzhong by China National Machinery Industry Corp (Sinomach) but the merger failed to stem losses.除了债务问题,二重还将测试国企改革的愿景,改革计划呼吁合并国企缔造更大规模的企业,从而提高效率013年,中国国务院批准了中国机械工业集团(Sinomach)收购二重的计划,但合并未能阻止亏损。The reform guidelines released this month appeared to be a compromise between conservatives who favour consolidation of state-owned companies and liberals who advocate a more market-oriented approach based on bringing in private investors.本月公布的改革指导意见似乎是持国企整合的保守派与持引入私人投资者实施更多的以市场为导向策略的自由派之间的妥协。The plan called for classifying state groups between commercial and non-commercial entities. While commercial businesses should strive to maximise profits, those with a national security or public service function may continue to enjoy state support. It is unclear where a company such as Erzhong, with its connections to the defence industry, would fall.该计划呼吁把国企分成商业类和公益类。商业企业应努力实现利润最大化,而那些具备国家安全或公共务职能的企业可能会继续享受政府持。目前还不清楚,像二重这种与国防工业相关的企业属于哪一类。Additional reporting by Ma NanMa Nan补充报道 /201509/400634浙江金华市第五人民医院门诊地址

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金华市丽都美容是私立的么?A Taliban suicide squad attacked a school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday, killing at least 141 people 132 of them children in one of the bloodiest massacres in the country’s violent history.一个塔利班(Taliban)自杀小组周二袭击了巴基斯坦白沙瓦市一所学校,杀害了至少141人,其中132人是儿童。这是巴基斯坦暴力事件历史上最血腥的屠杀之一。Amid explosions and gunfire, Pakistani troops took eight hours to regain control of the Army Public School, which mainly educates the children of soldiers, and kill the seven insurgents who had climbed over a wall into the school to shoot pupils and take hostages.这些叛乱分子翻墙进入了这所陆军公共学校,开射杀以军人子女为主的学生开,并挟持人质。在阵阵爆炸和声中,巴基斯坦军队用个小时才击毙7名叛乱分子,恢复对学校的控制。A Pakistan Taliban spokesman said the attack was mounted to avenge a military campaign against Islamist strongholds on the Afghan border that had killed Taliban families. “We want them to feel the pain,he said.巴基斯坦塔利班一名发言人表示,这次袭击是为了报复军方对阿富汗边境上多个伊斯兰主义分子据点发起的战役。塔利班人员的家人在军事行动中丧生。他说:“我们想让他们经历这种痛苦。”Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s prime minister, described the assault, in which a further 121 children and three adults were injured, as “a national tragedy unleashed by savages巴基斯坦总理纳瓦#8226;谢里Nawaz Sharif)称这次袭击是“野蛮人制造的全国悲剧”。在这次袭击中,除了遇难者以外,还有121名儿童和3名成年人受伤。The massacre prompted immediate condemnation and condolence from around the world. US president Barack Obama called it “heinousand said “terrorists have once again shown their depravityby targeting students and teachers. UK prime minister David Cameron said the news was deeply shocking, adding: “It’s horrifying that children are being killed simply for going to school.Narendra Modi, prime minister of neighbouring India, described the attack as “a senseless act of unspeakable brutality这起惨案立刻引发了全球的谴责和慰问。美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)称这次袭击“极其凶残”,并表示通过把学生和教师当作袭击目标,“恐怖分子再次显示了他们的堕落本质”。英国首相戴#8226;卡梅David Cameron)表示,这一消息令人深感震惊,并补充说:“那些儿童仅仅因为去上学就惨遭杀害,这是十分恐怖的。”邻国印度的总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)称,这次袭击是“难以形容的无谓暴行”。来 /201412/349422 金华丽都整形官网专家在线咨询金华市儿童医院是私立的吗



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