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In many ways she is the typical Broadway audience member: a woman of a certain age, affluent and highly educated, living in suburban New York.从很多方面来说,她都是典型的百老汇观众:到了一定年龄的女性、富裕、受过很好的教育,生活在纽约郊区。But there’s one big difference: She was almost president of the ed States.但是她和其他观众有一个很大的不同:她差点成为了美国总统。In the weeks since losing the election, Hillary Clinton has gone to four Broadway shows often enough that industry wags joke about making her a Tony voter. And she’s even been spotted at theater district haunts last week, just before seeing a revival of “Sunset Boulevard,she had dinner at Orso with Kate McKinnon, the “Saturday Night Livecast member who memorably portrayed her during the campaign.在败选后的几周时间里,希拉里·克林Hillary Clinton)已经去百老汇看了四场演出——如此频繁,以至于业界有人开玩笑说应该让她成为托尼奖的评委。她甚至还被看到经常光顾剧院区——上周,在观看重排的《日落大道Sunset Boulevard)之前,她在Orso餐厅与演员凯特·麦金农(Kate McKinnon)共进晚餐。麦金农是《星期六夜现场Saturday Night Live)的演员,曾在竞选期间中扮演她,给人留下难忘印象。At each theater appearance, Mrs. Clinton is greeted as a vanquished hero standing ovations, selfies, shouted adulation.每次在剧场露面,克林顿都像失败的英雄一般获得欢迎——人们起立欢呼,跟她一起自拍,大声表达敬仰。The reception, of course, is in striking contrast with that received by Mike Pence, then the vice president-elect, when he attended “Hamiltonin November. He was greeted by a smattering of boos and then addressed from the stage by an actor who said cast members were “alarmed and anxiousabout the incoming administration.当然,这种待遇与去年11月时,候任的副总统迈克·彭斯( Mike Pence)观看《汉密尔顿Hamilton)的待遇形成了鲜明的对比。当时有人冲他发出了嘘声,后来一个演员在舞台上发言说,演员们对新政府感到“震惊和焦虑”。Mrs. Clinton has been attending Broadway shows for years, often when she has had a personal connection to an artist, a producer, or to a show’s subject matter.克林顿多年来常常观看百老汇演出,通常是与某个艺术家、制作人或剧目主题与之有个人关系的作品。In 2003, while a New York senator, she showed up at “Avenue Q.(The show’s director, Jason Moore, is from Arkansas.) In the years since, she has been to “Henry IV,“South Pacific,“The Last Ship,“You Can’t Take It With You,“The King and I,“An American in Parisand “The Audience(the last starring Helen Mirren as another powerful woman, Queen Elizabeth).2003年,她在纽约当参议员的时候,观看了《Q大道》(Avenue Q,该剧的导演杰森·尔[Jason Moore]来自阿肯色州)。从那以后,她看了《亨利四世Henry IV)、《南太平洋South Pacific)、《末世之舟The Last Ship)、《浮生若梦You Can’t Take It With You)、《国王和我The King and I)、《一个美国人在巴黎An American in Paris)和《观众》(The Audience,海伦·米伦[Helen Mirren]在其中扮演了另一个强大的女人——伊丽莎白女王)。“She’s always been a strong supporter of the arts, so it doesn’t surprise me that she’d want to spend her time this way,said Heather Hitchens, president of the American Theater Wing. “The theater community is grateful for her presence.”“她一直是艺术的坚定持者,所以她以此为消闲方式并不让我感到惊讶,”美国剧American Theatre Wing)总裁希瑟·希钦Heather Hitchens)说。“戏剧界感激她的捧场。”Some visits have been especially memorable. In 2015, a few days before Mrs. Clinton declared her candidacy for president, she showed up at “Matilda the Musical(about a fierce and smart young girl overcoming considerable obstacles) and was singled out during an audience participation segment. She raised her hand as someone who loves books, and was teased for her passion by an actor singing about the virtues of television.其中一些尤其令人难忘015年,就在克林顿宣布参选总统的前几天,她观看了《玛蒂尔达》(Matilda The Musical,这出戏讲了一个勇敢、聪明的年轻女孩克重重困难的故事),并在一个观众参与环节被选中。她举起手示意自己爱读书,然后一个演员一边歌唱着电视的好处,一边拿她对戏剧的热爱开着玩笑。Mrs. Clinton did not respond to requests for comment, but the theater community has had plenty to say. “I hope I write a play that goes to Broadway so Hillary Clinton can see it,one playwright, Jaclyn Backhaus (“Men on Boats, tweeted.克林顿没有回应置评的请求,但戏剧界有很多话要说。“我希望写一部可以在百老汇上演的戏,希拉里·克林顿就可以看到它了,”剧作家杰克林·巴克哈斯(Jaclyn Backhaus,作品有《船上的男人》[Men on Boats])在Twitter上说。来 /201702/493465。

  • The world’s economic elite spent this week invoking fears of protectionism and the existential crisis facing globalisation while avoiding any mention of Donald Trump by name.世界经济精英本周纷纷提到他们对保护主义、对全球化面临存亡危机的恐惧,同时避免直接提到唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)的名字。But the US presidential candidate and his anti-establishment politics have loomed large at this week’s annual meetings in Washington of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. He has been a sort of Voldemort for the global economic order like the villain in Harry Potter, his name is spoken only in hushed tones and behind closed doors.但这位美国总统候选人及其反体制的政见给本周在华盛顿举行的国际货币基金组织(IMF)和世界银World Bank)年会蒙上阴影。对全球经济秩序而言,他就像是《哈利波特Harry Potter)中的反派伏地Voldemort)——与会者只在非公开场合压低嗓音说出他的名字。“It is terrifying,said one senior official of the prospect of a Trump victory in the November 8 election before laying out a scenario in which a President Trump would lead the US into a default on its debts, the collapse of the dollar and US treasuries as haven assets and the tumbling of the global economy into a 1930s-like crisis.“这是可怕的,”一名高级官员在谈到特朗普在11日的美国大选中胜出的前景时表示。这名官员接着描述了这样的情景:特朗普总统领导的美国将在债务上违约,导致美元崩盘,美国国债不再是避风港资产,全球经济急转直下,重演上世纪30年代的大萧条危机。Mr Trump has raised the possibility of trying to renegotiate the terms of the US sovereign debt much as he did repeatedly with his own business debts as a property developer. He also has proposed imposing punitive tariffs on imports from China and Mexico and ripping up existing US trade pacts.特朗普曾提出尝试重新谈判美国主权债务条款的可能性,就像他作为房地产开发商多次对自己的商业债务所做的那样。他还提议对来自中国和墨西哥的进口征收惩罚性关税,并撕毁美国现有的贸易协定。Invoking one of the founding fathers of the international system, John Maynard Keynes, Christine Lagarde, IMF managing director, told the world’s finance ministers and central bank governors that the challenge “lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old onesIMF总裁克里斯蒂#8226;拉加Christine Lagarde)在对世界各国财长和央行行长发表讲话时,援引国际体系创始人之一约翰#8226;梅纳#8226;凯恩John Maynard Keynes)的话表示,当前的挑战“与其说在于发展新的思想,不如说在于逃离旧的观念”。“If our founders were here today, they would surely be concerned. They shared a conviction that trade and openness are beneficial to those who embrace them,she said. “Now, those principles are facing their biggest test in decades.”“如果我们的创始人今天在这里,他们肯定会担忧。他们共有的一个信念是,贸易和开放造福于拥抱它们的所有人,”她说。“现在,这些原则面临着几十年来最大的考验。”Mr Trump’s name may not have appeared in the voluminous economic reports published this week, but he was clearly on the authorsminds.特朗普的名字也许没有出现在本周发表的大量经济报告中,但他显然让作者们担心。The IMF labelled political risks and the uncertainty bred by the US election and the UK’s decision to leave the EU and as the biggest immediate concerns facing the global economy.IMF把美国大选和英国决定退欧所滋生的政治风险和不确定性列为全球经济面临的最大迫切问题。In its latest World Economic Outlook, the fund included a box outlining the potential costs of raising tariffs and other trade barriers. It like an attempt to dissuade a presidential aspirant considering a protectionist path.IMF在其最新《世界经济展望World Economic Outlook)中列举了提高关税和其他贸易壁垒的潜在代价。其措辞就像是在试图劝阻一名总统候选人考虑保护主义道路。“Once a tariff has been imposed on a country’s exports, it is in that country’s best interest to retaliate, and when it does, both countries end up worse off,IMF economists wrote.“一旦对某个国家的出口实施了关税,对那个国家来说,最佳利益就在于报复,而当它那么做时,两个国家都会得不偿失,”IMF的经济学家们写道。It is not just angst over Mr Trump. There are similar concerns over Brexit and the rise of populist parties elsewhere in Europe. All present their own threats to the advance of the US-led path of economic liberalisation pursued since Keynes and his peers gathered at Bretton Woods in 1944.各方并不只对特朗普感到焦虑,对于英国退欧和欧洲其他国家民粹主义政党兴起也有类似的担忧。对于自1944年凯恩斯和其他人在布雷顿森林开会以来由美国领头的经济自由化进程,这一切都构成各自的威胁。“In my lifetime I cannot remember anything like the scepticism about these values that we see today,said Suma Chakrabarti, president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.“在我一生中,我不记得看到过我们当今见到的对这些价值观的怀疑。”欧洲复兴开发银EBRD)总裁苏马#8226;查克拉巴Suma Chakrabarti)表示。There was much discussion this week about the underlying causes of that scepticism low growth, stagnant wages and other scars of the 2008 global financial crisis together with calls for governments to do more to ensure the benefits of globalisation are distributed more widely.本周各方围绕这种怀疑的根本原因——低增长、薪资停滞以008年全球金融危机造成的其他伤痕——展开了很多讨论,还有代表呼吁各国政府采取更多行动确保全球化的果实得到更广泛的分配。Lou Jiwei, China’s finance minister, said yesterday the current “political riskswould in the immediate future lead only to “superficial changesfor the global economy.中国财政部长楼继伟昨日表示,目前的“政治风险”在不久的将来只会导致全球经济出现“表面变化”。But underlying them was a deeper trend of “deglobalisation他称,在这种表面下隐藏着更深层的“去全球化”趋势。来 /201610/469786。
  • The Philippines said on Monday it had impounded a North Korean ship, becoming the first country to enforce tough new sanctions imposed on the state last week. 周一,菲律宾表示扣押了一艘朝鲜船只,成为执行上周通过的对朝鲜严厉的新制裁措施的第一个国家Despite flying a Sierra Leone flag, the Jin Teng was seized on Monday on suspicions the vessel is operated by a North Korean shipping group that has been blacklisted by the UN and faces an asset freeze. 尽管悬挂着塞拉利昂国旗,但“Jin Teng”号货船仍遭到扣押,因为据怀疑该船的运营方是一家进入联合国黑名单、并遭到资产冻结的朝鲜海运集团“This is in compliance with the UN Security Council resolution that calls for sanctions,said Charles Jose, a spokesperson for the Philippine foreign ministry. “The most important thing is to impound the vessel so it cannot engage in economic activity that could benefit North Korea.“这符合呼吁对朝制裁的联合国安理会决议,”菲律宾外交部发言人查尔斯#8226;何塞(Charles Jose)说。“最重要的是扣押该船,所以它就不能从事有益于朝鲜的经济活动了。The UN Security Council last week voted unanimously to introduce new sanctions on North Korea, including compulsory inspections of cargo entering and leaving the country, in response to Pyongyang’s fourth nuclear test and a long-range rocket launch earlier this year. 上周,联合国安理会通过投票,一致同意对朝鲜实行新制裁,包括对进出朝鲜的货船进行强制检查。此举是针对今年初朝鲜进行第四次核试验并发射远程火箭而做出的Manila’s actions add to tensions in the region. Last week North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the country’s nuclear weapons to be placed on standby in protest against the UN sanctions. 菲律宾的做法加剧了地区紧张局势。上周,朝鲜领导人金正恩命令朝鲜的核武器要处于值班状态,以抗议联合国的制裁South Korea plans to announce its own sanctions against North Korea on Tuesday to follow up the UN Security Council resolution. Under those sanctions, vessels that have previously called at a North Korean port will be banned from entering South Korean ports, according to Seoul’s state-run Yonhap News, dealing a blow to North Korea’s external trade. 韩国打算落实联合国安理会决议,在周二宣布本国针对朝鲜的制裁措斀?韩国国有的韩联Yonhap)称,根据制裁,此前停靠过朝鲜港口的船只将不准进入韩国港口,这会对朝鲜的对外贸易构成打击Apart from the UN resolution, Seoul will also impose financial sanctions on dozens of individuals and institutions linked to North Korea’s development of weapons of mass destruction. A three-way logistics project that transports Russian coal to South Korea through a North Korean port is also likely to be scrapped, Yonhap said. 除了联合国决议,韩国还将对与朝鲜开发大规模杀伤性武器有关的数十名个人及机构实行金融制裁。韩联社称,一个经由朝鲜港口把俄罗斯煤炭运往韩国的三方物流项目,也可能会被取消The impounded vessel, which is moored north-west of Manila in Subic Bay, is believed by the Philippines to be operated by Ocean Maritime Management. 被扣押的船只目前停泊在马尼拉西北的苏比克Subic Bay)。菲律宾方面认为,该船的运营方为Ocean Maritime Management(OMM)OMM has faced an asset freeze since 2014, when it was blacklisted by the UN for operating the Chong Chon Gang, a ship detained the previous year by Panama when it was en route to Cuba carrying arms including two jet fighters concealed under thousands of bags of sugar. 014年以来,OMM遭到了资产冻结014年,该公司因运营“清川江号Chong Chon Gang)而被列入黑名单。此前一年,该船把两架喷气式战斗机藏在数千袋白糖下面,在前往古巴的途中被巴拿马扣留Ocean Maritime Management has continued to operate through multiple front companies and representative offices to evade sanctions, according to the US government. 美国政府表示,OMM通过多个幌子公司和代表处继续运营,从而绕过了制裁The Philippines coast guard has conducted two investigations of the Jin Teng, which was carrying palm kernels from Indonesia. Mr Jose added that nothing “that could be used for North Korea’s nuclear programmehad been found on board. 菲律宾海岸警卫队已对“Jin Teng”号进行了两次调查。该船装载着来自印尼的棕榈仁。菲律宾外交部发言人何塞补充称,船上没有发现“任何可能用于朝鲜核项目的物资”The crew, which includes 24 North Koreans, will be repatriated once investigations are complete. 一旦调查完毕,包括24名朝鲜人在内的全体船员都将被遣返回国。来 /201603/430542。
  • NASAKI, Japan When Miyako Jodai was 6 years old, the ed States dropped an atomic bomb on her hometown, the port city of Nagasaki.日本长崎——上代美也子(Miyako Jodai,音岁那年,美国在她的家乡,也就是港口城市长崎投下了一颗原子弹。She was knocked unconscious, and her home was destroyed. She spent the next several days huddling with dozens of others in a cave on the side of a mountain.她被冲击波震得晕了过去,她家的房屋亦被摧毁。随后几天,她和数十上百人一起挤在山上的一个洞穴里。“I was so scared,she said. “I was crying and I stepped on some of the bodies of the injured people, because there was no room to walk.When she finally ventured out, the city was still ablaze with towering flames.“由于极度恐惧,”她说,“我一直大哭,而且洞里根本无路可走,我只好从伤者的身体上踏过。”当她最终冒险走出去时,城市中仍然闪耀着冲天的火焰。Ms. Jodai was one of the fortunate ones. The bomb dropped on Nagasaki the morning of Aug. 9, 1945, killed about 74,000 people, about half as many as those who died in the bombing of Hiroshima three days earlier.上代美也子是幸存者之一。于1945日早上落在长崎的那颗原子弹共导致.4万人死亡,为三天前广岛原子弹爆炸致死人数的一半左右。On Friday, President Obama will become the first sitting American president since the end of World War II to visit Hiroshima. Nagasaki is not on the itinerary.本周五,奥巴马将成为二战结束后首位到访广岛的在任美国总统。长崎不在他的行程之中。While invoking Hiroshima has become a universal shorthand for the horrors of nuclear war, Nagasaki, on the southwestern island of Kyushu, has mostly lived in the other city’s shadow.谈及核战争的恐怖,人们通常会立刻想起广岛,而位于日本西南部岛屿九州岛上的长崎,一直以来基本处于前者的阴影之下。“We know that the very highest mountain in Japan is Mount Fuji,said Tomihisa Taue, the mayor of Nagasaki, in an interview in his office. “But we don’t know the second-highest mountain.”“我们知道日本最高峰是富士山(Mount Fuji),”长崎市长田上富Tomihisa Taue)在其办公室里接受采访时说,“但我们并不知道第二高峰是哪座。”Yet many in Nagasaki recognize that Hiroshima, in some ways, stands in for both cities. They say the message they want the world to take from Mr. Obama’s visit that nuclear weapons must never again be used does not require that he set foot in their city.不过,许多长崎人承认,广岛在某种程度上代表着两座城市。他们希望世人能从奥巴马的这次访问中认清,永远也不该再次使用核武器,他们说这一讯息无须奥巴马踏足他们的城市也能被传达出去。Mr. Taue suggested that Nagasaki could also serve as a potent coda to Hiroshima’s opening of the nuclear age. “I would like the president to say, from Nagasaki to the world, that this site should be the last place on earth to experience the atomic bombing,he said.田上富久指出,应该让长崎原爆为广岛原爆所开启的核时代划上一个有力的句号。“我希望奥巴马总统会说,从长崎到全世界,这里应该是地球上最后一个遭到原子弹爆炸的地方,”他说。That Nagasaki was bombed second has made it an afterthought in the history of and debate over nuclear weapons, even though many historians argue that the bombing was harder to justify precisely because it was a repeated act.长崎是第二个被轰炸的城市,这让长崎原爆在核武器史上以及关于核武器的讨论中处于次要地位,但很多历史学家都表示,此次原爆的正当性更难以辩护,因为它是重复之举。If one accepts President Harry S. Truman’s rationale that the Hiroshima bombing was necessary to force Japan’s surrender and end the war, the moral calculus for dropping a second bomb on a civilian population three days later is more contentious.哈里·S·杜鲁Harry S. Truman)认为,为了迫使日本投降进而结束战争,有必要用原子弹轰炸广岛,如果说这一理由还能被接受的话,那么三天后又向平民投下第二颗原子弹,绝对是在道德层面更具争议的做法。Close to 700,000 people a year visit the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, compared with nearly 1.5 million at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, where Mr. Obama will lay a wreath on Friday.每年有将0万人次参观长崎原爆资料馆(Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum),相比之下,每年有将50万人次参观广岛和平纪念资料馆(Hiroshima Peace Memorial),周五,奥巴马将在那里献上花圈。Even in the office of the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb SurvivorsCouncil, a sticker on a cabinet illustrates the city’s secondary status “No More Hiroshimas: End the Arms Race Now.”即便是在长崎原爆幸存者委员会(Nagasaki Atomic Bomb SurvivorsCouncil)的办公室里,也能从文件柜上的一张贴纸看出这座城市的次要地位,那上面写着,“广岛悲剧不容重演:立即结束军备竞赛。”Ms. Jodai, now 76 and a retired schoolteacher, said she admired the president’s decision to visit Hiroshima and understood that his schedule did not allow him to visit both cities. Still, she said, the Nagasaki survivors should at least be invited to the ceremony in Hiroshima.现年76岁的上代美也子是一名退休教师,她对奥巴马总统出访广岛表示钦佩,说她明白总统行程紧张无法到访两座城市。但她认为,长崎的幸存者至少应该受邀参加在广岛举行的纪念仪式。“I feel like Nagasaki has been abandoned and thrown away,she said.“我感觉长崎已经被遗忘和抛弃了,”她说。As Japan wrestles with its own history of wartime atrocities, and as scholars and politicians here and in the ed States continue to debate the use of the atomic bomb, Nagasaki, in many ways, offers a more complex narrative than Hiroshima does.当日本纠结于本国历史上的战时暴行,日美两国学者和政客仍在讨论原子弹使用问题的时候,相较于广岛,长崎所提供的故事在许多方面都更为复杂。One of the earliest Japanese cities to have contact with traders from the West, including Portuguese and Dutch explorers, Nagasaki is also the oldest and densest stronghold of Roman Catholicism in Japan.长崎是最早同西方商人——包括来自葡萄牙和荷兰的探险家——接触的日本城市之一,它同时也是罗马天主教在日本最古老的、信众最多的据点。When American pilots dropped the bomb, the devastation swept across Urakami Cathedral, then the largest cathedral in East Asia. About 8,000 Catholics in the area were killed. For the Nagasaki Christians, long ostracized in Japan over their faith, it was a bitter truth that their community was destroyed by a predominantly Christian nation, in a mission blessed by a Roman Catholic chaplain.当美国飞行员投下原子弹的时候,浦上天主Urakami Cathedral)被夷为平地,它当时是东亚地区最大的天主教堂。当地约000名天主教徒遇难。对于因为坚持信仰而长期受到日本社会排斥的长崎基督徒而言,有一个事实极为苦涩:他们的家园是被一个基督徒占多数的国家摧毁的,相关行动得到了一位罗马天主教随军牧师的祝福。Nagasaki’s Catholic heritage, combined with Hiroshima’s vocal role as a center of antinuclear activities, helped give rise to the Japanese saying “Ikari no Hiroshima, inori no Nagasaki,or “Hiroshima rages, Nagasaki prays.”长崎拥有天主教传统,再加上广岛作为反核行动中心一直在高调发声,于是日本就有了这样一句俗语:“愤怒的广岛,祈祷的长崎。”At a 6 a.m. Mass on Monday morning, about 100 parishioners sat in long wooden pews in the cathedral, rebuilt not far from its original site. Ritsuo Hisashi, the head priest, said he was less concerned about whether Nagasaki was commemorated as a global symbol than about the call for the elimination of nuclear weapons.浦上天主堂已经在原址附近重建,周一早上6点的弥撒时间,大00名教友坐在教堂里的木质长椅上。主任司祭久志利津男(Ritsuo Hisashi)说,相较于长崎是否被世界各地的人们当作一个符号来纪念,他更关心的是呼吁消除核武器的声音。Nagasaki’s archdiocese, along with 15 others in Japan, also opposes efforts by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to overhaul the country’s pacifist Constitution, imposed by the ed States after the war.长崎的主教辖区以及日本的另外15个主教辖区,都反对首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)修改和平宪法之举,该宪法是在战后由美国监督制定的。Nagasaki’s leaders have also been forthright in their reckonings with Japan’s wartime actions before the ed States dropped the bombs.在对美国投下原子弹之前日本的战时行径进行反思这方面,长崎领导人一直态度鲜明。In 1990, Hitoshi Motoshima, then Nagasaki’s mayor, was shot and wounded by a right-wing nationalist after he suggested that Emperor Hirohito bore some responsibility for World War II.990年,时任长崎市长本岛Hitoshi Motoshima)曾指出,裕仁天皇(Emperor Hirohito)对“二战”负有部分责任,此后遭一右翼民族主义者击并负伤。Around the same time, a city assemblyman, Masaharu Oka, founded a museum to commemorate the Korean laborers who were conscripted to work in wartime factories in Nagasaki and who were either killed or wounded by the atomic bomb.与此同期,长崎市议员冈正Masaharu Oka)创办了一家资料馆,以纪念被强征至长崎的战时工厂里工作,因原子弹爆炸而死亡或受伤的那些朝鲜劳工。Housed in a former Chinese restaurant up a steep hill, the museum has a decidedly handmade feel. In addition to photographs of Korean survivors and a replica of the cramped quarters where Korean laborers lived, the museum displays a gallery of graphic photos from the Rape of Nanjing in China and of 731, the biological and chemical warfare research facility where Japanese scientists experimented on humans in China.该资料馆位于一个陡峭的山坡上,由一家中国餐馆改造而成,带有很明显的手工风格。除了朝鲜幸存者的照片以及朝鲜劳工所住拥挤宿舍的复制品,资料馆还陈列着大量与南京大屠杀以及731部队行径有关的令人不安的照片31部队是日本设在中国的一个生化武器研究机构,日本科学家曾在那里做人体实验。Toshiaki Shibata, the former secretary general of the Masaharu Oka museum and the son of two bomb survivors, said he was glad Mr. Obama would not visit Nagasaki. Mr. Shibata, 65, whose dyed lavender hair gives him an impish air, contends that Mr. Obama’s visit is aimed at bolstering Mr. Abe’s efforts to change the Constitution and draw Japan into war.冈正治和平资料馆前秘书长柴田俊明(Toshiaki Shibata,音)的双亲都是原爆幸存者,他说奥巴马不来长崎反而让他感到高兴。柴田俊明今5岁,染成淡紫色的头发给他增加了一丝顽皮的气息。他认为奥巴马此行是为了给鼓吹修宪,试图把日本拖入战争的安倍提供持。“It would be better if he doesn’t come here,Mr. Shibata said.“他不到这儿来还好点儿,”柴田俊明说。Yoshitoshi Fukahori, 87, a bomb survivor, said he did not quite understand the fuss about the president’s visit. While he welcomes it, and hopes Mr. Obama will speak of a nuclear-free world, he said he was not expecting much. A visit to Nagasaki, he said, is not necessary.87岁的原爆幸存者深堀芳年(Yoshitoshi Fukahori,音)说,他不明白为什么奥巴马来访会搅起这么多波澜。虽然他对此次访问表示欢迎,而且希望奥巴马能谈及无核世界的话题,但他说自己不抱太多期望。没必要来长崎,他说。“After long experience, I see people get their hopes up, and then are disappointed,he said. “So I don’t want to put too much stock in words.”“这么长时间过去,我看到人们燃起希望,然后又感到失望,”他说。“所以我不太看重口头上的那一套。”来 /201605/446085。
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