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Askig Earphone索要耳机Excuse me, Can l have an earphone please?打扰一下,能给我个耳机吗?Sure. But you have to pay it.当然,您得付3美元OK. Here you are.好的,给你Well, you cant hear music until take off.好的,飞机起飞后您才能听音乐I see.Thank you.知道了,谢谢 8579第一句:Cheer up!高兴一点!A: I feel like crying.我想哭B:Dont cry. Cheer up!不要哭,高兴一点!A: Nothing can cheer me up.没有什么能使我高兴起来的B: No matter what happens, we should always be optimistic.不管发生了什么,我们都要乐观面对第二句:Be confident in yourself.对自己要有信心A: I always feel nervous bee a game.比赛前我总是感觉紧张B: Be confident in yourself.对自己要有信心其他表达法:Good luck!祝你好运!Gor it!坚持下去!Give it a try.尝试一下Keep your chin up.振作起来Dont give it up!别放弃!Hold yourself together.坚持下去 3698Asking to wash as early as possible请求早些将衣物洗完Good evening,sir. What can I do you?晚上好,先生,能为您做什么吗?I would like to have my washed.我想把大衣洗了OK,please fill in the m first.好的,请先填写一下表格That it.By the way when can I get it back?好了,请问什么时候能拿回来?We will send n to your room at :00 pm tomorrow.我们将会在明天下午点钟把它送过来Well,but I need it tomorrow moming.好,但是我明天早上就需要它We have express service as well.lt charges 30% more but I assure your coat will be y tomorrow moming.我们同时提供速洗务,但需要加牧30%的费用我们可以保明天早上可以洗好That’S fine.Please send it to my room tomorrow moming.好的,就麻烦你们明天早上把它送到我的房间 3670Practical English Computer实用电脑英语Key sentence必备表达All players must be y the game to start.所有玩家准备开始游戏Are you sure you want to cancel your changes?你确认要取消改变吗?Are you sure you want to lose your changes?你要放弃刚才所做的修改吗?Are you sure your want to exit this game?你真的要退出游戏吗?Are you sure you want to delete the file?请确认你要删除的文件?Delete this character?Associated saved games will be deleted too.删除这个名字?有关的所有游戏纪录也将被删除Do you want to abort this mission?是否退出任务?Enter you character name:请输入名字:Loading game date正在装入游戏数据...Staring a new game正在启动新游戏...That name aly exists!名字已经存在!This program is protected by U.S.And international copyright laws as described in About.本程序受;菜单关于;中所列示的美国及国际版权法的保护You cant reject yourself!你不能删除自己!You must select a game!你必须选择一个游戏 37

联合国警告说,一种致命的禽流感病毒可能再次引发疫情,包括一个正在亚洲和其它地区蔓延的突变株。联合国属下的世界粮食和农业组织星期一表示,在中国和越南出现H5N1禽流感病毒的一种突变株,能够避开现有的疫苗防御。该机构还说,这种禽流感今年在柬埔寨已造成8人死亡,包括一名本月死亡的6岁女孩H5N1病毒2003年首次被发现,并006年进入爆发高峰期,蔓延到63个国家。最后大多数国家通过大规模扑杀家禽而使其销声匿迹。但是这种病毒持续在孟加拉国、中囀?埃及、印度、印度尼西亚和越南传播。世界粮食和农业组织说,010年和2011年间,有将近800个禽流感病例The ed Nations is warning of a possible resurgence of the deadly bird flu virus, including a mutant strain that is sping in Asia and elsewhere.The world body's Food and Agriculture Organization said Monday that a variant strain of the H5N1 virus ((known as H5N1 -, which appears able to bypass the defenses of existing vaccines, has appeared in China and Vietnam.The agency also said bird flu has killed eight people in Cambodia this year, including a 6-year-old girl who died this month. The H5N1 virus was first detected in 2003, and by the peak of the outbreak in 2006, had sp to 63 nations, before it was eradicated in most of those countries due to a mass culling of domestic poultry.But the virus continued to infect people in Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. The agency says there were almost 800 cases of bird flu reported between 2010 and 2011. /201109/152355

Can A Tiny Fish Save Your Ears?Photo ResearchersFor many people, loss of hearing is irreversible.For scientists trying to figure out what can be done about that, one answer may lie -- or swim, actually -- in freshwater aquariums.About one of every 10 Americans suffers from hearing impairment, according to a survey conducted by the Better Hearing Institute, a nonprofit advocacy group. By far the most common cause of hearing loss is damage to the so-called hair cells in the inner ear as a result of excessive noise, certain illnesses and drugs, and simple aging. The problem is that once hair cells die, humans (like other mammals) aren't able to grow new ones.In recent years, a research team at the University of Washington in Seattle has been working on finding a way to resolve that problem in experiments involving the zebrafish, a common aquarium denizen. The zebrafish, like many aquatic creatures, has clusters of hair cells running along the outside of its body that help sense vibrations in the water, working in a similar way to hair cells in the human inner ear. But unlike humans, zebrafish are able to regenerate their damaged hair cells. Researchers hope their work can unlock secrets to protect human hair cells from becoming damaged and to stimulate the cells to regenerate.Hair cells, which took their name because under the microscope they look like cells with little hairs growing out of them, are an essential link in hearing. The filament hairs, or cilia, bend with vibrations caused by sound waves entering the ear. That induces the hair cell to create an electrical signal that is passed on to the auditory nerve and sent to the brain. Devices such as hearing aids, which amplify sounds, and cochlear implants, which stimulate the auditory nerve directly, help people hear, but neither restores hearing to normal.Until the mid-1980s, researchers thought warm-blooded vertebrates, including humans, weren't able to regenerate hair cells. Then, researchers around the country began observing that hair cells grew back in birds whose hearing was damaged either by noise or drugs. They also determined that hair-cell regeneration can result in improved hearing; in experiments, song birds that had grown new hair cells were able to resume singing their original songs with perfect pitch again.But there is no indication that mammals can regenerate hair cells. And why some animals, even within the same species, are more vulnerable to hair-cell death, while others are more resistant to it, is a mystery. 'I literally walked around for years wondering about this variability,' says Ed Rubel, a professor of hearing sciences who leads part of the University of Washington research effort.There are two main approaches to efforts aimed at inducing hair cells to regenerate. Some research groups are attempting to get stem cells -- undifferentiated cells that can develop into various specialized cells -- to turn into hair cells, either by transplanting them from other parts of the body, or by stimulating stem cells naturally occurring in the inner ear to transform themselves. Albert Edge, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and a researcher at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, says his team has been able to turn mouse stem cells into hair cells in a laboratory dish, though it isn't clear whether those cells are functional or not.Other researchers, like those at the University of Washington, are focused on understanding the molecules and genetics involved with hair-cell regeneration, and how to mimic this process in animals that don't spontaneously regenerate hair cells. Scientists say aspects of such research, likely will be the first to have applications in humans. One encouraging angle: Dr. Rubel, in collaboration with another University of Washington scientist, David Raible, has identified chemicals that seem to protect hair cells from damage. In this experiment, zebrafish are exposed to a dye that highlights living hair cells. Then, one or two of the zebrafish -- the young ones used in the lab measure just 1/8 of an inch long -- are placed in each of 96 shallow holes contained on a plate. Different chemicals are administered to each fish group that might confer protection to the hair cells.Finally, another chemical known to kill the fish hair cells is added. Under a microscope, researchers then examine the fish to look for cases where the dye is still evident, signaling that the cells are still alive and suggesting that the protective chemical appears to have done its job.Those chemicals found to confer protection on fish hair cells are currently also being tested on mice and rats. The idea is that, once a drug is discovered that effectively protects hair cells from dying and is safe for humans, the medicine could be used to help protect the hearing of patients receiving drugs known for killing hair cells, like chemotherapeutic agents.Dr. Rubel's and Dr. Raible's teams also are studying the genetics of zebrafish to identify markers that confer hair-cell protection.Last year, their labs jointly identified several genetic mutations and drug-like compounds that seemed to protect hair cells from death, publishing their findings in the journal PLoS Genetics. In a separate study, published in 2007 in Hearing Research, they identified several drugs that also appear to be protective and were aly approved for other purposes by the Food and Drug Administration. No tests have been performed on humans, however.The teams also are working on a separate group of studies to understand the genes and other molecules that allow the regeneration of hair cells in zebrafish, birds and mice.Surrounding cells known as support cells can both turn into hair cells or generate new hair cells. Dr. Rubel's lab is investigating both processes. 'If we understand the template of genes that are expressed by the cells we would want to divide, then we could tap into that template' to mimic regeneration efforts in mammals, he says.One finding identified a developmental protein that appears to be turned on in animals able to regenerate hair cells. In one study, a team member found a type of protein increased in a chick (which can regenerate hair cells) after its cells were damaged. But in running the same experiment in a mouse (which can't regenerate hair cells), the protein didn't increase, suggesting the protein could be involved in regeneration.Scientists involved in the experiments say there could be therapeutic trials to prevent hearing loss using drugs within a decade. However, finding a cure for hearing loss using hair-cell regeneration is likely to be at least 20 years away, they say.'Hearing aids are Band-aids on a problem that aly exists,' says Nancy Freeman, director of the regenerative and development program in hearing loss at the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.'The hope with this type of [regeneration] approach is that at the end of the day you'd end up with something that natively restores function.' /08/81457

Full Fare and Half Fare Ticket全价票和半价票May I have two full fare tickets and one half ticket?我能买两张全价票和一张半价票吗?Show me your card. please.请出示您的件Here you are.给你That right,sir. Here are your tickets. Have a nice day.没错,先生这是您的票祝您今天开心Thanks a lot.非常感谢 53919

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