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Everyone wants to head home with the perfect collection of holiday pictures, but more often than not that is impossible.每个人都想把完美的假期照片带回家,然而这多半是不可能的。Places such as the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tour get millions of visitors every year, making them some of the busiest spots in the world.泰姬陵以及埃菲尔铁塔等名胜每年接待数以百万计的游客,是世界最繁忙的一些地方。So, unless you are willing to wake up at 3am, the likelihood is that any picture taken at a famous monument will also have a large number of tourists milling about in the background.所以,除非你愿意凌晨3点起床,否则很有可能你在旅游胜地拍的所有照片的背景里都会有一大群游客乱入。But a new piece of technology promises to make these problems a thing of the past.但是现在一项新技术有望令这些让人心塞的问题成为历史。#39;Monument Mode#39; is a new software development that uses an algorithm to distinguish moving objects from fixed ones.这一新的软件程序名为“纪念照模式”,通过算法区分运动对象与静止对象。To make it work, a camera in Monument Mode is pointed at a landmark, even in a busy street, for a short period of time to record several seconds of footage from a fixed point.使用方法如下:将设为“纪念照模式”的相机短时间对准一处地标,即使是在车水马龙的街头也可以,定点录下几秒钟的片段镜头。The technology then analyses the live camera feed and removes the moving objects, giving a clean shot of just the subject and the monument.这项技术随后将分析现场录像并删除移动的对象,只留下拍摄主体和地标,还你一个纯净的画面。This enables the average person to remove pesky cars and tourists from their images in a similar way to professional photographers, who have been able to do this using Photoshop for years.这项技术让普通大众能够以与专业摄影师相似的方式从照片里删除那些讨厌的汽车和游客,多年以来专业摄影师一直使用Photoshop图像处理软件来实现这一效果。Monument Mode was demonstrated by Adobe at the company#39;s Max Creativity Conference earlier this month.本月初,Adobe公司在Adobe Max创意研讨大会(Max Creativity Conference)上展示了“纪念照模式”。The product isn#39;t yet available to buy but it is expected to be a big hit as a mobile phone app, although some people have raised concerns about how effective it would be at many tourist attractions where visitors are often stationary when taking in a view.该产品目前还不能购买,但预计将成为一款大热的手机应用。但也有些人对该软件在旅游胜地的处理效果存在疑问,毕竟很多旅游胜地的游客在欣赏景色的时候通常也是 静止不动的。 /201510/405209

They say money can#39;t buy you happiness, but according to a new study 7.6million will bring you exactly that.他们都说金钱买不来幸福,但是根据最新的研究表明,760万可以为你买到幸福。Experts carried out research into the nation#39;s financial aspirations and found 7,646,500 would be the average amount Brits said would need to set them up for life.专家开展了英国全民财务期望调查,发现764万6500英镑是英国人说确保衣食无忧的平均值。Around 62 per cent of those polled thought it was possible for money to bring you happiness – with one in 10 claiming they would need at least 50million to put a permanent smile on their face.近乎62%的人投票声明用金钱是很可能买来幸福的——1/10的人声明他们会需要至少5000万让自己永远笑口常开。The research, which involved almost 2,000 adults of all ages, found that 22 per cent would consider not telling their partner if they landed a substantialwindfall.这项研究由2000名不同年龄阶层的成年人参与,研究发现22%的人认为如果他们获得了一大笔意外之财,他们不会告诉自己的另一半。Just under three per cent claimed they would refuse to shower their other half with holidays, gifts or other treats if they came into possession of a large sum of money.仅仅少于3%的人声明,如果他们得到了一大笔财产,他们不会和自己的另一半一起度假、买礼物或是以其他方式一起挥霍这笔钱。A more generous 80 per cent of those who took part in the study said they would give money to family.参与研究的更慷慨的80%的人说,他们会把钱给家人。Paying off debts was revealed as the main priority for many, with 31 per cent saying that would be the first thing they would do with the money.研究显示,对于大多数人来说还清贷款占了主体,31%的人说他们拿了钱,这会是他们的头等大事。Buying a dream home second on the list, followed by investing and giving cash to family members.在清单上,买一座梦寐以求的房子排名第二,随后排名的是投资和给家人一笔钱。THE PRICE OF HAPPINESS: WHAT YOU CAN BUY FOR 7.6MILLION幸福的价格:看看760万英镑都能买到什么One studio flat in Belgravia: 7.5million贝尔格莱维亚区一室的公寓房:750万英镑A 3177 sq ft studio flat in the heart of Belgravia, central London, is on the market for 7.5million.伦敦市中心贝尔格莱维亚区一个3177平方英尺的写字楼市价750万英镑。One castle in Scotland: 6million苏格兰城堡:600万英镑Craigcrook Castle, in Ravelston, Edinburgh, would leave you with change fro m 7.6million爱丁堡城堡:760万英镑。You could buy this stunning 16th century castle set in 4.4 acres of grounds within three miles of Edinburgh city centre for 6million距离爱丁堡市中心三英里的4.4英亩的16世纪城堡价值600万英镑Two luxury yachts: 7.6million total两艘豪华游艇:760万英镑You could buy two Sunseeker Phantom 28 metre yachts.28米高的双层游艇720万英镑。Two private jets: 7.2million total两架私人飞机:720万英镑Buying two Learjets would set you back a total of 7.2million.两架里尔总价值720万英镑。Or 14 million Mars Bars酒吧1400万英镑Two Sunseeker Phantom 28 metre yachts (pictured) would set you back around 7.6million in total两架圣汐克28米游艇(见图)总价约760万英镑You could also buy two Learjet 45XRs and still have change from a total budget of 7.6million两架里尔飞机总预算760万英镑 /201511/410182

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Monday it has lifted a 30-year-old lifetime ban on blood donations by gay men, allowing those who haven#39;t had sexual contact with other men in a year to do so.美国食品药品监督(食药监局)21日正式解除一项实施了30年的终身禁令,将禁止同性恋、双性恋男子献血的规定改为允许他们禁欲12个月后献血。With the decision, the ed States joined countries such as the ed Kingdom and Australia, which also have 12-month deferrals for men who have sex with men to donate blood.这项决定的做出使得美国的政策与英国、澳大利亚等国家的政策看齐。这些国家也允许同性恋禁欲12个月后献血。;In reviewing our policies to help reduce the risk of HIV transmission through blood products, we rigorously examined several alternative options, including individual risk assessment,; said Peter Marks, deputy director of the FDA#39;s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. ;Ultimately, the 12-month deferral window is supported by the best available scientific evidence.;FDA生物制品评估和研究中心主任皮特·马克斯表示:“为了使我们的政策有助于通过血液制品降低艾滋病传染的风险,我们严格检查了多个选项,包括个人风险评估。最终,科学据表明12个月是最好的空窗期。”People with hemophilia or related clotting disorders are also still deferred from donating blood. The rationale, however, has changed ;from preventing HIV transmission to ensuring that such donors are not harmed by the use of large bore needles during the donation process,; said the U.S. regulator.美国的负责人表示,血友病患者或有相关凝血障碍的潜在献血者仍禁止献血,这样做的原因是“出于对他们自身的保护,因为献血过程中使用的针头会对他们造成潜在的伤害”。 /201512/417738

Grown adults are stripping off in public and pretending to be frozen chickens thanks to a new internet craze.随着一个新的网络热潮兴起,成年人开始在公众场合脱掉衣,假扮冷冻鸡。The Frozenchook Facebook page encourages otherwise normal members of society to imitate fowl in a variety of very public locations.冷冻鸡的脸书(Facebook)主页鼓励平时正常的社会成员在各种公开的地点模仿鸡。Protagonists pretend to be a supermarket bird by taking all their clothes off, and crouching in a ball on the floor.参与者需要全身,在地上蜷缩成团,假装自己是超市售卖的一只鸡。An arched back and tucked in elbows helps create that authentic #39;chook#39; look.后背弓起,手肘收起,让参与者看起来更像一只真正的鸡。From mountain tops, to farms, dining tables and even outside packed nightclubs, human poultry are appearing everywhere.从山顶、农场到饭桌,再到人头攒动的夜总会门口,人类“冷冻鸡”无处不在。A group of New Zealanders came up with the fad, and their Facebook page aly has more than 1,700 likes.这一潮流最初由一群新西兰人发起,他们的脸书主页获得了超过1700个赞。The creators say: ;#frozenchooks can be found in the most haggard parts of New Zealand, keep on the look out!;这个潮流的发起者说:“在新西兰最偏僻的地方都可能出现冷冻鸡,不要放弃寻找!”They add: ;Keep it clutch and always keep it frozen.;他们还补充道:“紧缩成一团,保持住冷冻的姿势。”However not everyone is a fan of the frozen chicken look.然而,不是所有的人都痴迷于扮演“冷冻鸡”。Vivien Christian posted: ;Frozen chook; equals a dead chook without any feathers; even when alive a chook has only a pea-sized brain.维维安·克里斯汀(Vivien Christian)发帖说:“‘冷冻鸡#39;就是一只没有羽毛的死鸡,就算是活着,鸡也只有一个豌豆大小的大脑。”;Yup, that says it all regarding the participants of this new NZ craze!;“没错,对这个新西兰最新潮流的参与者,没什么其他可说的了!”But with an Instagram page and a Twitter hashtag, the fad shows no signs of slowing down.但是,Instagram上出现了相关主页,而推特上则有冷冻鸡的主题标签,这样看来,这一热潮并没有消退的迹象。Presumably it won#39;t be long before human frozen chickens appear on the UK.说不定过不了过久,人类扮演的冷冻鸡就会出现在英国。 /201510/402686

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