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Shark Bay, Western Australia, home to more than 3,000 bottlenose dolphins.澳洲西部的鲨鱼湾,3000多宽吻海豚的家园。Here, a devoted mother called Puck battles to keep her little calf Samu alive in a very dangerous world.就在这里,一位充满母爱名叫帕克的母亲为保护它的幼崽山姆而与自然界无处不在的危险搏斗。Every summer thousands of tiger sharks come to the Bay looking for an easy meal, many of the calves are taken.每个夏天,数以千计的鲨鱼会来到这里寻找易捕食的猎物。许多海豚幼崽会被吃掉。;...the shark! the shark!;鲨鱼,鲨鱼!The survival of Pucks baby calf Samu will depend on the devotion of his mom and the strength of his family.帕克的孩子幼崽山姆的存活取决于母亲对于它的爱以及整个家族的力量。For the first time the extraordinary behaviour of a family of dolphins has been captured on camera.摄像机首次捕捉到了海豚一家的奇特行为。All the drama of Samus first few months is played out in the shallow waters of Shark Bay where only the lucky few survive.山姆头几个月的戏剧生活在鲨鱼湾的浅水区上演了。在那里只有少数幸存者能够存活下来。800 miles north of Perth, a group of islands stretch out into the rough waters of the Indian Ocean, sheltering a vast shallow bay beyond.距离帕斯北部800公里处,一群岛屿坐落在波涛汹涌的印度洋中,在更远处,潜藏着巨大的浅水湾。201403/282541

Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:In the past month, I have received three e-mails from different people asking me to send a deposit, after which they will forward a winning lottery ticket to me. In exchange for cashing it for them, I will get a portion of the money.在过去的三个月里,我接收到来自三个不同的人发给我的电子邮件,要求我给他们汇款,然后会寄给我的票。我帮他们兑现票,作为交换,他们会给我一部分佣金。I know these are scams, but Im sure there are a few people who might fall for them. What do I do with these e-mails?-Palmdale, Calif.我知道这些都是骗人的把戏,但我相信肯定会有人上当受骗。我应该怎么处理这些邮件呢?——来自加利福利亚,帕姆代尔市。Dear Palmdale:亲爱的帕姆代尔:Most such scams involve people claiming to be Nigerian officials or surviving spouses of former government officials, who very politely offer to give you money if you will help them transfer funds out of the country. You are then asked to provide your bank account number and some money to cover legal and transaction fees. You may even be encouraged to travel to Nigeria or a border country to complete the transaction. Sometimes, the con artists will produce fake money to verify their claims.大多数类似的骗子都自称是尼日尼亚的官员或者是前政府官员的未亡人,他们会非常有礼貌地请你帮忙把钱转出国,并给你钱作为报酬。然后要求你提供你的卡账号和一些钱,以付法律和交易费用。他们还会邀请你去尼日尼亚或是邻国以完成交易。有时候,这些骗子还会印假钞做幌子。People who have responded have been beaten, subjected to threats and extortion, and in some cases, murdered. And, of course, there is a stream of excuses why there was never any transfer of funds to your account. If you receive e-mail from someone claiming to need your help getting money out of another country, do not respond.受骗的人则会被殴打、遭受恐吓,敲诈勒索,甚至被谋杀。当然他们还会编造无数的理由说从来没有向你的账户转过账。如果你接收到请你帮忙把钱转到国外的电子邮件,千万不要理睬。原文译文属!201304/237097

  The economic battleground经济战场Gas and chocolate天然气和巧克力Supporting Ukraines economy will not be easy or cheap持乌克兰的经济怕是既不容易也不廉价THE Ukrainian economy is a mess.乌克兰的经济现在是一片混乱。Its currency, the hryvnia, has lost almost 20% of its value in the past month.过去的一个月,其货币格里夫纳已经贬值将近20%。Foreign-exchange reserves have tumbled to billion, despite the imposition of capital controls.尽管实行资本管制, 外汇储备还是已跌至150亿美元。Bank deposits fell by more than 3% in the first half of February and, since the revolution, the government has imposed limits on further withdrawals.二月上旬,存款下跌超过3%,自革命以来, 政府进一步限制提款。Tax revenues have collapsed and pension payments have been delayed.税收收入已经崩溃, 养老金也被推迟。The country was in poor-enough economic shape before all this: it was one of the reasons why Viktor Yanukovych, the deposed president, chose billion in Russian loans over a deal with the European Union—the decision that led to his downfall.此前,乌克兰的经济就已经很是贫困:这也是被废黜的总统亚努科维奇选择了俄罗斯150亿美元的贷款而不是与欧洲联盟的原因之一,此决定导致了他的垮台。Having propped up the Ukrainian economy, Russia seems to have the power, as energy provider, trading partner and creditor, to cripple it.作为乌克兰的能源供应商, 贸易伙伴和债权人,俄罗斯持过乌克兰的经济, 俄罗斯似乎也有能力削弱它。The most obvious economic attack would be to cut off the Ukraines gas.最明显的经济攻击将是切断乌克兰的天然气。That need not have huge effects either on western customers whose gas comes via Ukraine or on Russian gas earnings.这需要不会对天然气运输途经乌克兰的西方客户或俄罗斯天然气收入产生较大影响。Other Russian pipelines could handle much of the gas.其他俄罗斯管道可以处理大部分的天然气。But it would still be a costly tactic, and one to which the Ukrainians are not as vulnerable as they might seem.但这仍将是一个昂贵的策略, 乌克兰人也没有他们看起来那么脆弱。They have large gas-storage facilities conveniently situated in the west of the country. How much gas the stores contain is unclear, and its ownership is murky—but after a mild winter there is probably a buffer of several months.该国西部地区,他们有大型油气储备设施。天然气存储到底有多少还不清楚, 其所有权也很模糊,冬季之后能撑几个月来缓冲。Moreover, Ukraine should be able to import gas from Slovakia, reversing the flow of a main east-west pipeline.此外, 乌克兰还能从斯洛伐克进口天然气,扭转一条重要的东西方管道的流动。It has twice done this on smaller pipelines during previous disputes with Russia.之前与俄罗斯发生过纠纷,他们两次就修建好了一些较小的管道。Trade is also a weapon which imposes costs on the aggressor, but an easier one to wield with precision.贸易也是一种武器, 把成本强加于侵略者,更容易而且精确行使。A quarter of Ukraines exports head east and Vladimir Putin is not shy about messing with them; Russian restrictions, like those placed on Ukrainian chocolate last year, could cost the country billions, with the losses targeted on particular sectors, even particular oligarchs.乌克兰四分之一的出口是往东方出口,弗拉基米尔普京并不羞于干扰;俄罗斯对其进行限制,去年曾搁置乌克兰出口的巧克力造成了上十亿的损失,损失针对特定的行业,甚至特定的寡头。This week Russia banned pork from Ukraine, saying political instability had undermined safety inspections.本周俄罗斯禁止从乌克兰进口猪肉,声称乌克兰的政治不稳定已经破坏了安全检查。Though Mr Putin says he wants to strengthen trade, instability is unlikely to be in short supply over the coming months.尽管普京先生表示, 他希望加强贸易,在未来的几个月不太可能出现供应不足。As a creditor, Russia has given itself room for mischievous manoeuvre.作为债权人,俄罗斯已经给自己恶意操纵的空间。The way its bail-out to Mr Yanukovych, billion of which was delivered before the revolution, was structured gives Mr Putin leverage that could scupper any attempts to reach agreements with other creditors in advance of forthcoming payments.其对亚努科维奇的纾困,革命之前, 就已给了30亿美元,普京目的是破坏乌克兰与其他债权人事先达成协议。And some fine print stipulates that if Ukraines debt-to-GDP ratio exceeds 60% it would automatically be in default.一些细则规定, 如果乌克兰的债务占国民生产总值的比率超过60%, 俄罗斯可以不履行协议。Russias legal poison pills could make dealing with Ukraines debts harder at a time when they are sure to grow; without loans from the West the government will run out of money.俄罗斯的法律毒丸可以让让乌克兰因此债务交易更加困难; 但没有从西方政府贷款,钱还是会用光。If Ukraine had sensible economic policies such loans would be easily made, since the countrys current debt burden, at 47% of GDP, is not excessive.如果乌克兰有明智的经济政策, 这种贷款会很容易, 因为这个国家目前的债务负担占GDP的47%, 并不过多。But Ukraine has almost never had sensible policies; it has profligate ones, and the investors who used to support that profligacy when Ukraine offered high interest rates and a stable currency are now nowhere to be seen.但乌克兰几乎从来没有明智的政策, 挥霍无度,曾经持 挥霍的投资者们所持乌克兰的高利率和稳定的货币政策现在也不可行了。Time for the IMF, which has ample experience with this kind of balance-of-payments crisis.国际货币基金组织行动的时候了,它有足够的经验处理这种国际收平衡危机。The standard remedy includes tough reforms—in Ukraines case, a large depreciation, slashed energy subsidies and big budget cuts—in return for funds to tide the country over until it can once again borrow from private markets.规范的补救措施包括艰难的改革,对于乌克兰的这种情况, 需要一次货币大贬值, 削减能源补贴和大幅削减财政预算来换取资金,直到这个国家渡过难关, 直到能再一次实行私人市场。Ukraine probably needs billion to billion in budgetary finance to last until after the May election.乌克兰可能需要30亿美元到40亿美元财政预算将持续到5月大选之后。A larger loan of billion would allow it to meet its external financial obligations for the next year.150亿美元更大的贷款, 将可能会让其完成外部金融义务。America is keen for the IMF to negotiate a big package of loans and reforms as soon as possible, arguing that Ukraines transitional government not only needs the support, but also can make progress where others have failed.美国希望国际货币基金组织协商尽快提供大的贷款和改革方案, 认为乌克兰的过渡政府不仅需要持, 也可以在别人失败的地方取得进展。Alexander Turchinov, the interim president, has aly said he would accept all the IMFs terms, including draconian spending cuts.Alexander Turchinov临时总统已经表示, 他将接受所有国际货币基金组织的条件, 包括严厉的削减开。But many of the IMFs technocrats, and its member countries, dislike the idea of America using the fund as a geopolitical tool—worries given a bitter edge by the fact that Americas Congress recently refused to approve an expansion of the funds coffers.但国际货币基金组织的许多技术专家, 和它的成员国,不喜欢美国的想法,把基金作为地缘政治工具-担心最近美国国会拒绝批准扩大基金的资金是给定了一个痛苦的边缘。They would prefer that the IMF chip in billion, with few strings attached, under its Rapid Financing Instrument.货币基金采取快速的融资,给其10亿美元 并附加一些条件。Other short-term help is available.他们更希望国际其他短期帮助也可以。On March 5th the EU offered 1.6 billion in short-term macroeconomic assistance, as well as a lot of development aid in the longer term.3月5日欧盟提供16亿作为短期宏观经济援助, 以及大量的长期发展援助。Add in the billion loan guarantee announced by John Kerry this week and Ukraine can probably stumble along until May, at which point a newly elected government could negotiate a long-term package.约翰克里在本周宣布了10亿美元贷款担保,到5月乌克兰可能会踉跄前行 , 那时新当选的政府可以协商一个长期计划。The politics of the rescue may get harder when it becomes clear where some of the money will end up.我们很清楚,随着钱的用完,救援举措也会变得困难。Using Western taxpayers money to pay off Mr Putin or the hedge funds that bought high-yielding Ukrainian debt is an ugly prospect.用西方纳税人的钱来偿还普京或者高收益债券的对冲基金是一个丑陋的前景。So Ukraine may try to renegotiate terms with its bondholders, which would be where Mr Putins leverage could come into play.所以乌克兰可能尝试与债券持有人重新谈判合同条款, 普京也会利用杠杆作用做文章。But it would also be where a reform plan with solid Western support would yield dividends.这也将是一个西方持的改革计划,会产生红利。If Ukraines economy is being transformed and the IMF is satisfied, Russian bloody-mindedness need not slow the countrys return to the market, even if it forces a form of default.如果乌克兰的经济转变了, 国际货币基金组织对其满意, 需要俄罗斯不找茬阻碍乌克兰重返市场, 即便是它迫使违约。But if Ukraines reform commitment wobbles, Russia has room to cause yet more trouble.但如果乌克兰改革承诺一旦晃动, 俄罗斯会有机会制造更多的麻烦。 201403/283053


  Frontier markets前沿市场Wedge beyond the edge出险招,赚大钱Money is leaving emerging markets for riskier bets at the investment frontier资本正从新兴市场流向前沿市场,追逐更具风险投资MANY of Africas roads are scarred with potholes, so the fresh tarmac on the drive between Ndola and Kitwe, two cities in Zambias copper belt, is something of a treat. The countrys road building is financed by a 0m Eurobond (as dollar bonds issued outside America are known) issued in September 2012. The timing was perfect. The Federal Reserve had an open-ended commitment to buy Treasuries to keep yields low. Investors in America and Europe were hungry to buy dollar-denominated debt offering juicy yields. Zambia drew billion of orders for a ten-year bond paying only 5.4%. Spain could not borrow as cheaply at the time.赞比亚铜带上,恩多拉和基德伟两座城市之间,新近铺上了崭新的柏油马路。这在大部分道路都坑坑洼洼的非洲可算奢侈。2012年9月,赞比亚获得7.5亿美元的欧洲债券(在美国以外发行的美元债券)用作道路建设。当时时机可谓完美。美联储已承诺无限量购买美国国债以压低收益。欧美投资者争相购买美元计价的高收益债券。赞比亚以5.4%的低利率获得120亿美元的十年期国债订单。当时,西班牙尚无法获得如此低的利率。Zambias debut Eurobond showed how rich-world funds were looking beyond their home territory, past even emerging markets to “frontier markets” at the farthest edge of the investment universe. Even as the prospect of the end of the Feds bond-buying caused wobbles in emerging markets last year, African nations were able to tap funds. Nigeria and Ghana sold Eurobonds in July. Mozambique raised 0m in September. Gabon issued a second Eurobond in December.赞比亚的第一批欧洲债券如此抢手,显示了发达国家资金正舍弃国内市场甚至是新兴市场,涌向最边缘的投资领域“前沿市场”。去年,新兴市场由于担心美联储停止购债而发生动荡。即便如此,非洲国家仍获得大量投资。尼日利亚和加纳在七月售出欧洲债券。莫桑比克于九月筹得8.5亿美金。十二月,加蓬发行第二批欧洲债券。Frontier markets are generally small, illiquid and risky, so it is a surprise that recent tremors in emerging markets have not shaken them more. Exotix, a broker, calculates an average interest-rate sp of Eurobonds from 50 frontier markets (compared with Treasuries). The sp on its index has narrowed to 395 basis points. The gap between the Exotix measure and J.P. Morgans benchmark Emerging-Market Bond Index (EMBI) reached an all-time low of 68 basis points this week (see chart 1). Nor has investors interest been confined to bonds. The MSCI frontier equity index lagged behind its emerging-market cousin after the global financial crisis but recently has been catching up.前沿市场通常规模小,风险大,缺乏流动性。最近的新兴市场震动并未冲击到前沿市场,实在是令人吃惊。经纪公司Exotix计算出50个前沿市场的欧洲债券(与美国国债)的平均利差,已缩减至395个基点。本周,Exotix指数与根大通的新兴市场债券指数(EMBI)的差距降至68个基点,为历史最低点。投资者也不只对债券感兴趣。金融危机之后,MSCI(根斯坦利资本国际公司)的前沿市场股票指数一直落后于新兴市场,但最近差距正逐渐缩小。Frontier markets might once have been dismissed as a side bet for emerging-market funds looking to pep up returns. They are now seen as an asset class in their own right, says Andrew Brudenell, who runs 0m of frontier equity funds at HS. Pension-fund trustees and consultants now ask how much money they should allocate to the frontier. The rising interest is in part because GDP growth in China, Brazil and India has diminished. The things that made emerging markets exciting in the 1990s are now found in frontier markets, says Charlie Robertson of Renaissance Capital, an investment bank.过去,新兴市场资金可能只在想获得额外收益时,会到前沿市场多赌一把。然而按照安德鲁?布鲁德奈尔的说法,前沿市场如今已是一个名正言顺的资本类别了。安德鲁?布鲁德奈尔现在在汇丰管理着7亿美元的前沿市场股票基金。养老金托管人和咨询师已经开始考虑,该放多少钱在前沿市场。对前沿市场的重视,一部分是由于中国、巴西和印度的GDP增速开始放缓。复兴资本的查理?罗伯逊称,上世纪九十年代促成新兴市场大发展的因素,现在都转移到了前沿市场。There is much debate about where the frontier starts and ends. If the definition is a market that is neither developed nor emerging, then 23 of the 25 fastest-growing economies over the past decade are in the frontier category. But many of these frontier economies do not have stockmarkets and only Qatar is in the MSCI frontier-market index, an industry benchmark. To qualify, a stockmarket must have at least two stocks that meet specific thresholds for size and liquidity. It must also be “accessible”: this is harder to quantify but what matters is openness to foreign ownership, the ease with which capital can flow across borders and the stockmarkets functioning. Only 24 markets across eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia make the cut. Their combined market capitalisation is 6 billion or so. By comparison the 21 stock markets in MSCIs emerging-market index are worth trillion.对于前沿市场的定义,至今仍充满争议。如果将其定义为既不是发达市场也不是新兴市场,那过去十年里25个发展最快速经济体中有23个会被归为前沿市场。但这些前沿经济体当中有一大批没有股票市场,并且只有卡塔尔被纳入MSCI前沿市场指数这一基准指数当中。一个合格的股票市场,必须至少拥有两规模和流动性达到标准的股票,并且足够开放。后者较难以量化,但最重要的是是否向外资开放,资本跨境流通是否便利,股市是否有效运作。横跨东欧、中东、非洲及亚洲,只有24个市场达到该标准, 总市值达1460亿美元。与之相对的是MSCI新兴市场指数中的21个股票市场,总市值达4万亿美元。A familiar grumble about these sorts of indices, which are weighted by the market value of stocks, is that they have a skew that is unfavourable to bargain-hunters. Investors in index trackers spend more on stocks that have gone up in price. It is an acute problem for frontier markets. More than half of the MSCI index is accounted for by stocks from three oil-rich Gulf states: Qatar, the ed Arab Emirates and Kuwait (though the first two will soon graduate to emerging-market status).这类市值加权指数常被认为有失偏颇,对欲低价买入股票的投机商不利。那些追踪股票指数的投资人会在已增值的股票上花更多的钱。这一问题在前沿市场尤为突出。MSCI指数中有一半以上的股票来自海湾地区的三个石油大国:卡塔尔,阿联酋和科威特(不过前两个很快将升至新兴市场级别)。The purist sort of frontiersman sees the job as investing in poorer countries with the greatest potential. Purists give more room in their portfolios to stocks from poor, populous and fast-growing markets, such as Nigeria or Pakistan. As countries like these become richer, their middle classes will grow and spending on infrastructure will increase. The so-called B stocks (banks, brewers and cement companies) are one way to play these investment themes. Zenith Bank, Nigerian Breweries and Dangote Cement are popular stocks. Nestlé has a subsidiary that is listed in Lagos. In Pakistan there is Bank Alfalah and DG Khan, a cement company.纯粹的前沿市场投资者认为,前沿市场相对较贫穷,但潜力最大。这些投资者的资产组合当中,贫穷、人口众多、快速发展市场的股票占了更大的比例,像尼日利亚和巴基斯坦。在财富增长的同时,这些国家的中产阶级日益壮大,基础设施投资也将增加。所谓的B股票(,啤酒厂和水泥厂)就是前沿市场常见的投资标的之一。詹尼斯、尼日利亚啤酒厂和丹格特水泥都是抢手的股票。雀巢的一家分公司在拉各斯(尼日利亚首都)上市。巴基斯坦较热门的股票有阿法拉和德拉加齐汗水泥厂。Specialist funds wanting to sp their bets may look at markets and stocks that are not in the main index. Saudi Arabia is a liquid market but tricky for foreigners to invest in. Its stockmarket sports SADAFCO, a dairy producer. Cambodia is another off-index bet. It has Nagacorp, a casino. Often the only way to buy exposure is through bonds. Angola is Africas third-biggest economy, after South Africa and Nigeria. It has no stockmarket but it does have a Eurobond. Mozambiques Eurobond was ostensibly for a state-backed fishing venture. Investors bought it anyway, with one eye on the countrys fast-growing economy and the other on its offshore gas reserves.希望分摊风险的专业基金有时会考虑主要指数之外的市场和股票。沙特阿拉伯具有充分流动性,但对外国投资者来说,却是一个难以捉摸的市场。沙特股市中最亮眼的是沙特乳制品及食品公司。柬埔寨也是主要指数之外的一个投资热点,拥有公司金界控股。通常进行风险投资唯一的途径就是购买债券。安哥拉是继南非和尼日利亚之后非洲第三大经济体,没有股市,但有欧洲债券。赞比亚的欧洲债券名义上是为一家政府持的渔业公司筹资,但投资者还是争相购买,一方面是考虑到赞比亚快速发展的经济,另一方面是看中了赞比亚丰富的近海天然气储备。Greater demand should spur the supply of stocks, through sales of private stakes or privatisations. Deeper equity markets would be welcome. Access to debt markets is more of a mixed blessing for some. Ghana issued its first Eurobond in 2007. Within a few years its budget deficit blew out to 12% of GDP after a large public-sector pay rise. Mozambique shows worrying signs of similar trouble.需求增加,能刺激股票的供应,包括出售私人股份或私有化。更具深度的股票市场将受到欢迎。对一些国家来说,接触到债券市场有好亦有坏。加纳于2007年第一次发行欧洲债券。在大幅增加公有部门薪酬后,几年时间内预算赤字飙升至GDP的20%。莫桑比克也开始出现类似问题的苗头,令人担忧。Zambia meant to use its proceeds wisely. The money was to go on targeted projects. New roads in the copperbelt make sense since so much cargo is sent by truck. But easy money leads to lax discipline. The states wage bill has become bloated. The budget deficit may be as high as 8% of GDP this year. To help fill the gap, Zambia is said to be plotting another Eurobond.赞比亚原本想用好这笔钱,把钱花在重点项目上。在铜带上筑路是颇明智的选择,因为大量的货物都是通过卡车运送的。但钱来得容易,花得也就随意了。赞比亚政府部门薪酬已然过高。今年的预算赤字可能达到GDP的8%。据说为了弥补空缺,赞比亚已经在筹划发放新一轮欧洲债券。 /201404/286356

  Business this week本周经济要闻In its biggest acquisition yet, Apple agreed to pay billion for Beats Electronics, a specialist in pricey headphones and music-streaming. The growth of streaming services has posed a threat to music sales on Apples iTunes. As part of the deal the co-founders of Beats, Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre, will join Apple.在迄今最大的一笔收购中,苹果公司斥资30亿美元收购了一家专门经营昂贵的耳机和音乐流媒体务的专业公司——Beats Electronics。流媒体务的增长已经威胁到苹果旗下Itunes的音乐销量。作为收购协议的一部分,Beats联合创始人吉米·艾尔文和安德烈·罗米尔·扬也会加入苹果公司。Pfizer, an American drugs company, has conceded defeat, at least for now, in its pursuit of AstraZeneca, a British competitor. The proposed 70 billion takeover would have created the worlds biggest drugs firm. The deal was opposed by some politicians on both sides of theAtlantic. British MPs voiced worries over potential job losses in research centres, while inAmerica the concern was Pfizer avoiding taxes. AstraZenecas board rejected the offer, saying it undervalued the company. Under British takeover rules, Pfizer must wait six months before it can make another approach.美国制药公司辉瑞已经承认,至少目前还未能成功收购英国制药商阿斯利康。这笔打算以700亿英镑成交的收购原本将创造世界最大的药品公司。但是大西洋两岸的一些政治家们却极力反对这笔收购。英国的下院议员们表示他们担心这可能会造成各研究中心出现失业情况,而在美国人民担心辉瑞公司会借此逃税。阿斯利康的董事会拒绝辉瑞的报价,认为其市价被低估。而根据英国的收购法规,辉瑞公司只有等到6个月后才能实施其他方案。Google unveiled its latest driverless car. It plans to build 100 prototypes from scratch, rather than modifying others vehicles as it has done in the past. The car has no steering wheel or pedals, only a “stop” and a “go” button. The two-seater electric vehicle can travel up to25mph and the firm hopes to pilot it on Californian roads within two years. However, there remain significant regulatory and legal barriers to its sp.近日谷歌发布了最新款的无人驾驶汽车。谷歌计划从零开始,生产100原型车,而非像以往那样改造其他车型。这款车没有方向盘和脚踏板,仅仅只有“停止”按钮和“启动”按钮。这款双座电动汽车时速可达25英里,谷歌希望在两年内在加州的公路上进行试驾。然而,该车的推广还会面临巨大的规章和法律的障碍。A delicate truth脆弱的真相The Financial Times says it has found flaws in the data used in “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, the bestselling analysis of inequality by Thomas Piketty. The paper said it had uncovered transcription errors and flawed formulae in spsheets and that some of the data appeared to be cherry-picked. Mr Piketty responded that the FT was wrong to suggest that this casts doubts on his conclusion that inequality is becoming more entrenched.《金融时报》称其发现了托马斯·皮克提的《21世纪资本论》中用于销售分析的数据有漏洞。报道称书中的报表有录入谬误并运用了错误的公式,此外的一些数据似乎是刻意挑选的。皮克提则回应称,《金融时报》错误地质疑了自己“世界变得越来越不平等”的结论。GlaxoSmithKline, a British drugmaker, is being investigated by the UKs Serious Fraud Office. The exact nature of the investigation is not known, but two weeks ago China charged three of the firms executives with corruption, alleging that GSK had bribed doctors to prescribe its medicines. The firm said it intended to co-operate fully with the SFO.英国制药公司葛兰素史克正受到英国反严重诈骗办公室的调查。虽然此番调查的具体性质尚不明晰,但是两周前,中国已经指控该公司的三位高管的腐败行为,称该公司贿赂中国医生在处方中使用其药品。该公司则称将全力配合SFO的调查。The battle for control of Club Méditerranée, a French holiday firm, continues. Last year, Fosun, a Chinese conglomerate, and Ardian, a French private-equity firm, launched a joint bid to take Club Med private. Some shareholders took the matter to the French courts, arguing the bid was too low and lacked transparency. Now it seems a rival bidder, the Bonomi family from Italy, may attempt a takeover of its own. Club Med has been successful at attracting Asian tourists to its all-inclusive resorts.争夺法国度假酒店集团——地中海俱乐部的战斗仍在继续。去年,一家中国企业集团复星国际和一家法国私募股权公司阿迪安联手竞标,欲将地中海俱乐部收入囊中。一些股东将此事告到了法国法院,认为这个竞标价格太低且缺乏透明度。如今,另一家竞标者——来自意大利的诺米家族可能会成功完成收购。地中海俱乐部一贯以全方位务的度假村成功吸引亚洲游客。Coming in from the cold摆脱孤立BP signed a deal with Rosneft, a state-owned Russian oil company in which it owns a 20% stake, to explore for hard-to-reach shale oil in the country. The agreement comes despite American sanctions against Igor Sechin, Rosnefts boss, relating to Russias intervention in Ukraine. The deal was signed at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russias answer to Davos, which many Western firms boycotted.英国石油公司与俄政府旗下的俄罗斯石油公司签署协议,将持有后者20%的股票,并开采该国的深层油页岩。尽管美国因俄罗斯干涉乌克兰而对俄罗斯石油公司的掌门人伊戈尔·谢钦进行了制裁,但是该协议仍顺利达成。协议在圣彼得堡国际经济论坛上签署。Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, provided some hints on how it intends to tackle the threat of deflation when its governing council meets in June. In a speech he suggested that, along with interest-rate cuts, there will be an attempt to boost credit in southern Europe by providing long-term funding to banks on the condition that they deploy it to expand business loans.欧洲央行行长马里奥·德拉吉透露了些许消息,即理事会在6月份碰头时将如何应对通缩带来的威胁。他在最近发表的一次讲话中表示,除了要削减利率以外,还会通过向提供长期融资以刺激南欧的信贷,条件是南欧国家将这笔资金用于扩大商业借贷规模。Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, said that banks have been too slow to reform themselves following the financial crisis. Ms Lagarde said that some banks are still too big to fail and would pose a systemic risk if they got into trouble. In a subsequent speech, Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, said that growing inequality was undermining trust in capitalism.国际货币基金组织主席克里斯蒂娜·拉加德表示,在金融危机爆发后,各大进行改革的节奏太慢。她还表示有些尾大不掉,一旦陷入困境,将会给体系带来风险。在接下来的讲话中,英格兰行长马克·卡尼称越发严重的不平等现象正在破坏人们对资本主义的信任。Rio Tinto agreed on a billion deal with the government ofGuinea to mine iron ore. The Simandou project had seen a decade of wrangling over who owns the concession to mine the site. The firm will also build a650km (400 mile) railway and a deepwater port to service the mine.力拓矿业集团与几内亚政府达成价值200亿美元的协议以开采铁矿石。十年来,关于西芒杜开采项目特许权拥有者的问题一直纷争不断。此外,力拓还将修建650千米的铁路和一个深水港来务该开采项目。Soldier, spy士兵,间谍Unconfirmed reports suggested that China has told state-owned companies to stop working with American consulting and technology firms, for fear of industrial espionage. It has also reportedly told some banks to stop using IBM servers. The tit-for-tat move, if true, comes afterAmerica indicted five Chinese army officers of cyber-spying on American companies, including Alcoa and US Steel.未经实的消息报道称,中国已经通告国企中断与美国咨询和技术公司的合作以防范行业间谍活动。据称,部分中国还被告知停止使用IBM的务器。此前,美国起诉5名中国军官通过网络监视包括美国铝业公司和美国钢铁公司在内的美国企业;如果报道属实,中方此举就是在报复美方的指控。 201407/309315As soon as Samu learns her call the better,莎木越快学会妈妈的叫声越好,its been a fascinating day for the research team,今天真是迷人的一天,but as they return to base, there is another surprise,但当研究小队回到基地,还有个更大的惊喜等着他们。Pucks older son India has reappeared,帕克的儿子因迪亚再次出现了,no longer in the bad company of the rogue mother,he has finally joined up with other young males.也不再和那个粗暴的海豚妈妈在一起了,它还是和其他的雄海豚呆在一起。When boys leave their families, it can take them up to 15 years to form an all male alliance,年轻的雄海豚离开家庭来到这个已经有15年历史的雄海豚联盟,once formed, they will stay together for the rest of their lives.它们会呆在一起度过余下的日子。Many young males go missing when they leave their families, seeing India finally joined up with his new teenage mates is good news,离家的雄海豚很多都失踪了,看见因迪亚和伙伴在一起真是个好消息。it looks like India is finally cutting his ties with Puck and the beaches family, even with his found friends, a young dolphin like India is still vulnerable.看起来因迪亚已经独立于帕克和比奇家庭了,即使有了新伙伴,像因迪亚这样的小海豚还是很脆弱的。A big adult male gang has arrived, and they have cornered a female to mate with, these encounters can be brutal.成年雄海豚想和雌海豚强行交配。这些行为很野蛮。Not far away India and his mates need to be very careful, they can easily be beaten up and chased out of the area by the gang,就在不远处的因迪亚和它的伙伴们要小心了。它们很容易就被成年海豚逼入绝境。Indias little group take flight, its a wise move.因迪亚的小团队要快点逃跑,聪明的决定。 201406/305373


  Lets say youre an 18 year old male who runs every other day, logging 12 miles a week.假设你是一个18岁的男性,每隔一天就会跑步,算下来每周会跑12英里。Now fast-forward to your late 40s.现在,把你的年龄快速往后推到40多近50岁。Your eating habits are the same.你的饮食习惯不变。To maintain your high school weight, how many miles a week would you need to run?为了保持你高中时的体重,你一周需要跑多少英里呢?Believe it or not, youd have to multiply your weekly mileage 4 and 1/2 times, increasing it from 12 to 54 miles a week!信不信由你,你得把每周的英里数乘以4.5,也就是从每周的12英里增加到54英里!Unless you take up weekly double marathons in middle-age, its impossible simply to “out run”middle-age sp.除非你在人到中年时,每周进行两次马拉松长跑,否则绝不可能轻易逃脱中年发福。Thats because metabolism decreases with age.这是因为,新陈代谢的过程随年龄而逐渐放缓。At 50 you just dont burn as many calories as you did at 18.到了50岁,你就不能像18岁时一样燃烧同样多的卡路里。Luckily, there are other factors in this equation.幸运的是,在这个等式中还有其他的影响因素。Gradually eatingless is one way to make up the difference, since metabolism slows by about 100 calories every ten years.减少食量是一种弥补差额的方法。因为新陈代谢的过程每隔十年就会降低100卡路里的消耗。Thats equivalent to a tablespoon of butter.这个数字相当于一大匙黄油的热量。To keep pace with metabolic changes, your daily at 40 could include everything you ate at 30, minus that tablespoon of butter!为了跟上新陈代谢过程的不断变化,你在40岁时的每日菜单必须在30岁时的食谱里减少一大匙黄油。However, cutting more calories every ten years gets trickier, and limiting food intake alone isnt the healthiest approach, anyway.然而,每隔十年减少更多的热量摄入越来越棘手,并且,不管怎样,仅仅限制食物摄取并不是一条健康的途径。Between our 20th and 70th birthdays, most of us lose about 30%of our muscle cells.在我们20岁生日和70岁的生日之间,我们中大多数人丧失了大约30%的肌肉细胞。Loss of muscle mass is the main reason metabolism slows down in the first place, since resting metabolic rate is directly related to lean body mass thats mostly muscle.本来,肌肉数量的减少是新陈代谢减缓的主要原因。这是由于停滞的新陈代谢率与大部分为肌肉的“瘦肉组织”直接相关。Maintaining or increasing muscle mass through strength training ups your metabolism and burn smore calories, even while youre sitting on the couch!通过体能训练来维持或增加瘦肉组织,能提高你的新陈代谢和增加更多热量消耗,甚至当你坐在沙发上时也可以做到!Two or three sessions a week, using free weights or equipment at a gym, will do the trick.一周花上两到三次时间,利用好健身房里的力量训 练器材或装备,你就能获得理想的效果。201404/287829

  The South China Sea南海Not the usual drill非一般钻井Tensions mount dangerously in contested waters争议水域局势紧张BARACK OBAMAS tour of four countries in Asia late last month was supposed to reassure Americas friends of its commitment to the region, and to deter China from provocations in its many territorial disputes. In the South China Sea, at least, the tactic has not worked. Chinas quarrel with Vietnam, which had been dormant in recent months, flared up dangerously this week. And a new front opened in Chinas continuing tussle with the Philippines over different parts of the sea.奥巴马上月末访问亚洲四国,本应令盟友对其“重返亚洲”的承诺安心,并阻止中国挑起其诸多领土争端。但至少在南海,这个战略不起作用。中国与越南的纠纷缓和数月后,本周再度剑拔弩张。此外,中国与菲律宾又因持续不断的主权争议另一海域发生新冲突。Vietnam first. China sent its new billion rig, the Haiyang Shiyou 981, to drill for oil in waters that Vietnam regards as inside the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) it is entitled to under the international law of the sea. Vietnam demanded that the rig be withdrawn and sent nearly 30 coastguard vessels to try to stop it starting work. A protective Chinese flotilla repulsed them, ramming one and firing water cannon at others. China has declared a three-mile exclusion zone around the rig, larger than is normal.越南首当其冲。中国运送新的钻井平台“海洋石油981”进行海上石油钻探,平台价值10亿美元。越南认为中方作业区域位于其依国际海事法拥有的专属经济区内,要求中方撤离钻井平台,并派出近30艘海警船试图制止中方再度作业。中国护卫舰队驱逐了越方海警船,撞击一艘并向其余船只发射水炮。此前中方宣布“海洋石油981”钻井平台半径3海里范围为禁航区,这大于正常值。It insists the rig is operating in its own waters. It appears to claim that the area is within the EEZ attached to an island chain it controls, which China calls Xisha and the Vietnamese Hoang Sa. The islands, the Paracels in English, have been occupied by China since 1974, when it drove out the former South Vietnamese regime. Vietnam still regards them as part of its territory.中方坚持钻井平台的作业区完全位于本国海域,声称这片区域在其专属经济区内,连接着由中方控制的岛链(中国称之为西沙群岛,越南则称黄沙群岛)。这片岛链英语名称为Paracel,中国于1974年赶走岛上的越南政权后便占领了这里。但是越南仍视之为自己的领土。As always, Chinas claim is hazy. It produces maps with a vast U-shaped area covering almost the entire South China Sea, enclosed in a “nine-dash line”, which it says gives it historic rights to the land inside. This uncertainty has created tension in various parts of the sea, where the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also have claims. The dispute with the Philippines is the most active. That, too, intensified this week when the Philippines arrested 15 Chinese fishermen for poaching hundreds of endangered turtles in what it sees as its own waters.中国的主张一如既往的含糊。它制作地图时划出一片巨大的U型地带,用九段虚线将几乎整个南海划在国土范围内,并称自古以来对里面的土地拥有主权。这个不明确性在各海域形成紧张气氛,包括菲律宾、马来西亚、文莱与台湾等国家和地区。其中与菲律宾的冲突最频繁。本周菲律宾扣留了15名中国渔民,理由是这些渔民在菲律宾视之为领海的地方偷捕濒危海龟,紧张局势再度升级。Mr Obamas trip was marked by a beefing-up of Americas security ties with the Philippines, but not by an explicit American commitment to back it in the South China Sea. Vietnam is not an American ally, although relations have warmed in recent years, partly because of Vietnams fear of China. America has condemned Chinas “provocative” drilling plans but may prove powerless to thwart them. That could undo whatever progress Mr Obama made on the reassurance front.奥巴马此行被认为加强了美国与菲律宾的安全关系,而非美国重返南海的明确承诺。尽管近年美越关系好转,但越南并不是美国的盟友。部分原因是越南对中国的担心。美国谴责了中国的“挑衅性”钻探计划,但或许无法阻止该计划实行。那可能使得奥巴马在安抚盟友方面取得的进展功亏一篑。 内容来自:201406/306097。



  the river slowly winds its way around the bank, known as Echo Corner.河水慢慢在河岸蜿蜒,因此这里被称为回声角。Right, lets test out the name of Echo Corner.是的,我们看看回声角是不是名不虚传。HELLO! Not bad!你好!不坏啊!Echo Corner is where the Angrabies Gorge starts in earnest.回声角是安格拉贝斯峡谷的开始处。Upstream towards the Falls, valley tightens on the cliffs rise up,在瀑布上游, 悬崖上的山谷开始变得陡峭,so this might be the last chance to see the Orange River in such a peace state.所以这可能是最后一次机会在这样一个和平的国家看到橙色的河。201311/263041

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