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哈尔滨省二院好不好网址哈尔滨妇幼保健医院无痛人流的费用While the Western New Year is more about drinking, the Chinese New Year is an opportunity to honor family and friends, and to enjoy some culinary traditions. We consulted Fuchsia Dunlop, author of Shark#39;s Fin and Sichuan Pepper, and Doris Lum, president of the Association of Chinese Cooking Teachers, as well as Rosemary Gong#39;s book on Chinese culture and celebrations, Good Luck Life, to find out what foods we should have on hand to ensure a prosperous and happy year to come.西方人过新年,总免不了开怀畅饮,而中国人过春节,讲究的则是亲朋好友团聚,享用传统美食。究竟如何吃出一个喜庆繁荣的好运年呢?在这里,三位美食达人——《鱼翅与花椒》的作者扶霞·邓洛普、膳艺社主管多丽丝·林与《红运生活》的作者罗斯玛丽·龚——将向你细细道来。1. Tangerines and Oranges 福橘Displaying and eating these fruits is said to bring wealth and luck. According to the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, the tradition stems from the way the Chinese words for gold and orange sound alike, while the word for tangerine echoes luck.;It#39;s good if they have leaves,; adds Lum, ;because leaves symbolize longevity.; But don#39;t group them in fours, because, Dunlop says, this number is associated with death.春节摆福橘,吃福橘,能带来财富与好运。旧金山中国文化中心的成员告诉我们,在中文里,“金”与“橘”谐音,而“橘气”又代指“好运气”,于是就有了吃福橘的传统。“福橘最好能带上叶子。”多丽丝·林补充道,“因为叶子象征长命百岁”。而邓洛普提醒,可千万别把福橘成四放置,因为数字4在中文里音近“死”。2. Long Noodles 长寿面If noodles are served, then ;keep them as long as possible for long life,; says Lum.林说,春节里做面条,“尽量做得越长越好,那代表着长寿”。3. The Tray of Togetherness 八宝盒Put out for visiting relatives to snack on, or given as a gift, the eight (;a traditionally symbolic lucky number,; explains Dunlop) compartments of the tray are filled with things such as preserved kumquats for prosperity, coconut for togetherness, longans to bring many sons, and red melon seeds for happiness.春节期间,走亲串户,家家都会准备八宝盒,既可作零嘴,也可当赠礼。八宝盒分为八格(邓洛普解释道:“8是个吉祥数字。”),分别装有象征财富的金桔,象征团聚的椰片,象征多子多孙的龙眼,象征喜庆的红瓜子,等等。4. Nian Gao 年糕;Nian gao means year cake, but gao sounds the same as the word for tall or high,; says Dunlop. Hence the cakes symbolize achieving new heights in the coming year. The steamed sweets are made of glutinous rice flour, brown sugar, and oil. Some versions have white sesame seeds, red dates, or nuts in them (the dates are said to bring ;early prosperity,; writes Gong in Good Luck Life). If you want to try your hand at making nian gao, here#39;s our recipe. Chowhounds also have some tips.“年糕是种面食,不过‘糕#39;与‘高#39;同音,意义非凡,”邓洛普表示。因此,年糕就被赋予了年年高升的寓意。年糕味甜,由糯米、红糖及食用油制作而成。有时,人们也会加入芝麻、红枣或坚果(罗斯玛丽·龚在《红运生活》中写道,据说红枣能让人早生福气)。如果你想动手做年糕,我们的网站(chowhound.com)上有相应食谱及烹饪小贴士。5. Pomelo 禄柚This large citrus fruit is popular, writes Gong, because it is thought to bring ;continuous prosperity and status.; The tradition comes from the way the Cantonese phrase for pomelo sounds similar to the words for prosperity and status, explains Lum.龚在书中还写道,柚子在春节期间很受欢迎,因为中国人认为它象征着“财源广进,扬名四海”。林则解释道,广东人把“柚子”称作“禄柚”,吉祥之意由此而来。6. Jai 斋菜This vegetarian dish is eaten because it#39;s ;part of the Buddhist culture to cleanse yourself with vegetables,; says Lum. It#39;s also packed with good-luck foods, writes Gong, breaking it down by ingredient: sea moss for prosperity; lotus seeds for children/birth of sons; noodles for longevity; lily buds to ;send 100 years of harmonious union;; Chinese black mushrooms to ;fulfill wishes from east to west;; and more. Try our recipe.春节期间,也有食素的传统。“佛教认为,吃斋能净化自己,”林解释道。龚也在书中写道,制作斋菜,选料还需图个喜庆,比如:裙带菜代表着兴旺,莲子代表着多子多孙,面条代表长寿,百合则寓意着“百年好合”,香菇象征了“万事如意”,等等。不妨试试咱们的食谱吧。7. Long Leafy Greens and Long Beans 绿叶时蔬与长豆Gong writes that leafy greens, such as Chinese broccoli, are ;served whole to wish a long life for parents.;龚在《红运生活》中写道,春节期间烹制绿叶时蔬,比如芥蓝,寄托着子女“希望父母长命百岁”的美好心愿。8. Whole Fish 全鱼The Chinese word for fish sounds like the word for abundance, says Lum. It#39;s important that the fish is served with the head and tail intact, writes Gong, ;to ensure a good start and finish and to avoid bad luck throughout the year.;林解释道,中文里,“鱼”和“余”同音。春节吃鱼,得连着鱼头鱼尾吃一整条。《红运生活》中这么写道,“如此一来,才能保一年到头红红火火,霉运全无”。9. Sweets 甜食Serving desserts brings a sweet life in the new year. Gong writes that a childhood favorite was the flaky cookie pockets called gok jai, filled with peanuts, coconut, and sesame.春节期间吃甜食,寓意新年甜甜蜜蜜。龚在书中记录了儿时最爱的甜点——糕仔,口感酥脆,里头有花生、椰片与芝麻。10. Yuanbao (Jiaozi) 元宝(饺子);In North China, everyone eats the jiaozi dumplings,; says Dunlop. ;Families will make a dough and wrap it around pork and cabbage, and boil [the dumplings], then serve them with vinegar and soy sauce. You can wrap them in the shape of an old silver ingot.; Gong writes that during New Year celebrations jiaozi are called yuanbao, a reference to the ancient, ingot-shaped Chinese currency, and that eating them is said to bring prosperity. While making them, families sometimes tuck added good-luck foods like peanuts (to bring long life) into some of them.“中国北方过年,人人都要吃饺子。”邓洛普说,“家家户户都要包白菜猪肉饺子,入锅烹煮,以醋与酱油作蘸料。而且,饺子常常会被包成元宝的形状。”龚则在书中进一步解释道,元宝是中国古代的货币。每逢春节,中国人会把饺子称作元宝。于是,吃饺子便寓意了来年财源广进。另外,不少人家还会在一些饺子中包入其他吉利食品,比如花生,寄寓了长寿之意。 /201602/426443哈尔滨市老年医院妇科挂号 哈尔滨妇幼保健医院妇科人流

黑龙江省中医研究院无痛人流好吗哈尔滨做人流医院那些价格低些 5.David Foster Wallace at Kenyon, 20055.2005年,大卫·福斯特·华莱士于肯扬学院;There is no such thing as not worshipping. Everybody worships. The only choice we get is what to worship.;“所有事都值得崇拜。每个人都有自己的信仰,但我们可以自由选择信仰什么。”David Foster Wallace, author of ;Infinite Jest,; delivered a timeless commencement address at Kenyon College in 2005. With touches of the macabre, the speech rang true, if not for graduates on the cusp of shiny new lives, then certainly for their parents. ;There happen to be whole large parts of adult American life that nobody talks about in commencement speeches. Once such part involves boredom, routine and petty frustration,; Wallace said, describing a resentful stop at a crowded grocery store after work for illustration. While Wallace#39;s speech started as a downer, it ended on notes of transcendent grace, because he pointed out, you get to choose how you#39;ll respond to life#39;s frustrations and pettiness. ;The really important kind of freedom involves attention and awareness and discipline and effort, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them, over and over, in myriad petty little unsexy ways, every day;. So provocative was Wallace#39;s address that it went viral. After Wallace#39;s suicide in 2008, a portion of his address became a short film and was published in its entirety as a book.大卫·福斯特·华莱士,是《无尽的玩笑》的作者,于2005年在肯扬学院的毕业典礼上发表了经典的演讲。这次演讲涉及“死亡”话题,可能对即将开启崭新生活的毕业生来说不够具有吸引力,但对他们父母来说可谓价值颇丰。华莱士说,“美国成年人的大部分真实生活,在一般的大学毕业典礼上都无人谈及,包括无聊的例行公事和极度沮丧挫折。”并用为工作忙了一天后,到拥挤的杂货店产生的不满来举例说明。华莱士的演讲指出,你得选择如何面对生活中的挫折和琐事。演讲开篇发人深省,结尾更是锦上添花。“真正重要的自由,是集专注、觉醒、自律及上进于一体,每天都会发自内心地去关心他人,在无数琐碎、无趣的事上,贡献自己的力量。”华莱士的演讲令人振奋,并被迅速传播。2008年,华莱士自杀后,他的部分演讲被改编成电影短片,演讲全文则被收入书籍出版发行。4.Randy Pausch at Carnegie Mellon, 20084.2008年,兰迪·波许于卡内基梅隆大学;It is not the things we do in life that we regret on our death bed. It is the things we do not. I#39;ve done a lot of really stupid things and none of them bother me.;“人们临终时后悔的不是已做过的事情,而是没做过的事情。我已经做了很多愚蠢的事情,但这并没有让我觉得遗憾。”The keynote speaker at Carnegie Mellon University#39;s 2008 commencement ceremony was former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, but Randy Pausch#39;s surprise address stole the show. Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon professor, had months earlier delivered ;The Last Lecture; after being diagnosed with a fast-moving pancreatic cancer. His memorable and moving message intended for his students went viral, sparked worldwide interest in his condition and later became a book. In Pausch#39;s commencement speech, which was based on ;The Last Lecture,; he spoke of his love for Carnegie Mellon. He delivered the address three months after doctors predicted he would be dead and detailed what he#39;d learned about living. In typically humorous fashion, he asked students to seek respect from their peers, to form loving relationships with the people they held most dear and to follow their passions. ;If there is anything I have learned in my life, you will not find that passion in things. And you will not find that passion in money.; Instead, he implored the audience to ground their passion in people. As he exited the podium, Pausch kissed his wife and carried her offstage to the sounds of a cheering crowd.2008年,美国前副总统阿尔·戈尔为卡内基梅隆大学的毕业典礼作了一场演讲,但被兰迪·波许那场令人拍手叫好的演讲抢尽了风头。波许是卡内基梅隆大学的教授,在确诊患有晚期胰腺癌的几个月后,做了 “最后一堂课”的演讲。这场令人难忘和生动的演讲被他的学生们广为传播,并激起了全世界对他的病情的关注,最后被编著成了一本书。这是一篇以 “最后一堂课”为基点的毕业演讲,波许讲述了他对卡内基梅隆大学深挚的爱。在医生预测他将离开人世的三个月后,他作了这篇演讲,并详细讲述了他从生活中学到的事物。他用一种独具一格的幽默方式,忠告学生们要在同龄人中找到尊重,跟最爱的人在一起并且要为自己所热爱的事物奋斗。“如果要说我从生活中学到的东西,那就是你不可能从物质、金钱中找到生活的。”相反,他建议他的学生们把热情在他人身上。走下讲台时,他亲吻了一下妻子并带着她走进了欢呼鼓掌的人潮中。3.Neil Gaiman at the University of the Arts, 20123.2012年,尼尔·盖曼于艺术大学;When things get tough, this is what you should do. Make good art.;“当你遇到困境时,这是你最应该做的:创作美妙的艺术。”Neil Gaiman, the U.K.-born author of ;Coraline; and ;American Gods; among other works of literature, didn#39;t go to college, let alone graduate from one. Instead, Gaiman, a self-described ;feral child who was raised in libraries,; engineered his own education as a writer. Gaiman cautioned graduates that life could -- and would -- go wrong, and therein lay the best experiences. ;A freelance life, a life in the arts, is sometimes like putting message in bottles, on a desert island, and hoping that someone will find one of your bottles and open it and it, and put something in a bottle that will wash its way back to you: appreciation, or a commission, or money, or love.; He also gave some very practical advice on staying employed: ;People keep working, in a freelance world ... because their work is good, and because they are easy to get along with, and because they deliver the work on time. And you don#39;t even need all three. Two out of three is fine;. Life, Gaiman noted, is about making good art, no matter the disappointments -- or successes -- along the way. It turns out his commencement address was good art, too. It was published in book form just one year later.尼尔·盖曼是一名作家,出生于英国,写了《鬼妈妈》、《美国众神》等文学作品。他没有上过大学,更别提从大学毕业了。但是,盖曼自称是“被图书馆养育的孩子”,接受了“以成为作家为目标”的自我教育。盖曼告诫学生们,生活中不如意事常八九,但其中会有弥足珍贵的体验。“从事自由职业、艺术工作,就犹如你投放在荒岛里的瓶中信,并希望终有人会发现你的瓶子,打开它、阅读它并放入某些你期待的响应:欣赏,委托,金钱,喜爱。”关于职场生涯,他也给出了很多建设性的建议:“人们能在自由的工作环境中保住工作………因为他们的作品是优秀的,他们性格随和并且他们及时投稿。但是你甚至不需要做到这三点,做到两点就够了。”盖曼说,生活无论成功与失败,都是关于美好艺术的创作。他觉得作毕业演讲也是一项美妙的艺术。一年后,这篇演讲被收入书籍出版发行。2.President Barack Obama at Morehouse, 20132.2013年,美国总统奥巴马于莫尔豪斯学院;My whole life, I#39;ve tried to be for Michelle and my girls what my father was not for my mother and me.;“我的一生都在为妻子米歇尔和女儿着想,而不是像我父亲待我母亲和我那样。”U.S. President Barack Obama had spoken at several commencements by the time he addressed the graduating class of Morehouse College in 2013. But this speech turned out to be his most personal – and controversial. Obama touched on the historic role the historically black Morehouse College has played in higher education, but also spoke of his personal failings and his struggles with race. ;Sometimes I wrote off my own failings as just another example of the world trying to keep a black man down,; he said. ;I had a tendency sometimes to make excuses for me not doing the right thing. But one of the things that all of you have learned over the last four years is there#39;s no longer any room for excuses;. Obama also lamented that his father had not been present when he was growing up. ;I want to break that cycle where a father is not at home -- where a father is not helping to raise that son or daughter. I want to be a better father, a better husband, a better man;. Afterward, some criticized the speech as condescending and ignoring the role of government in perpetuating policies that hindered African-Americans. But others applauded his ;no excuses; stance and for being a more vocal role model to young black men.美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马曾经在几个毕业典礼上发表过演讲,但他在莫尔豪斯学院2013级的毕业典礼上发表的才是其最具个人特色也是最具争议的演讲。奥巴马谈到,莫尔豪斯学院为黑人的高等教育发挥了历史性的作用,但同时他也提及自身为种族歧视所做的奋斗及失败的经历。“有时我会将我的失败一笔勾销,把它当做是这个世界试图打压黑人的又一个案例。”他说道,“有时我会倾向于为自己没有做正确的事而找借口,但在过去的四年中,你们所需要学到的一件事就是这里没有借口存活的任何余地。”奥巴马还为他的父亲在他成长过程中的缺席而感叹。“我要打破这种父亲在儿女成长过程中没有担当好其角色的做法,我想成为一个好父亲、好丈夫和好男人。”随后,一些人就其演讲进行了批评。他们认为奥巴马的演讲显得目中无人,忽视了政府在现存政策上对阻碍非洲裔美国人所起到的积极性作用。但也有一些赞同的声音,他们认为奥巴马“别找借口”的立场值得称赞,使其在年轻的黑人心中成为直言不讳的榜样。1.George Saunders at Syracuse University, 20131.2013年,美国作家乔治·桑德斯于雪城大学;Be kind.;“与人为善”。If you remember nothing else of George Saunders#39; commencement address at Syracuse University in 2013, odds are he#39;d want you to know those two words. ;What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness,; Saunders said. ;Those moments when another human being was there, in front of me, suffering, and I responded ... sensibly. Reservedly. Mildly.; Saunders is an English professor at Syracuse University and writer of short stories, including the collection ;The Tenth of December.; He can count his graduation speech-turned-book ;Congratulations, by the Way,; among his credits, too. The literary star said that each of us thinks we are the center of the universe and behaves accordingly. So the key to becoming less selfish was to ;err in the direction of kindness.; ;Do those things that incline you toward the big questions, and avoid the things that would reduce you and make you trivial. That luminous part of you that exists beyond personality -- your soul, if you will -- is as bright and shining as any that has ever been;.如果你对乔治·桑德斯)在2013年雪城大学毕业典礼上发表的演讲没有什么印象的话,那有可能是,他只想让你们记住“与人为善”这几个字。“我人生中最后悔的事便是没有对他人表达善意,”桑德斯说。“真希望当一个人在我面前表现出痛苦的那些时刻,我能够温和的、体贴的、含蓄的予以回应。”乔治·桑德斯是雪城大学的英语教授,同时也是短篇小说作家,著有作品集《十二月十日》。根据他的毕业演讲所集成的书《顺便祝贺你们》也可为其履历添上一笔。这位文学家说道,我们每个人都认为自己是宇宙的中心,为人处世都以自我为中心。因此“竭尽全力让自己变善良,犯错也在所难免”是让我们少一些自私自利的有效方法。“做那些顾全大局的事情,避免做纠结于细节的琐碎小事。真正凸显一个人光环的是灵魂而不是个性,如果你愿意,你可以比以往任何时刻都闪耀光。”审校:围巾 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 /201603/429739哈尔滨阿城市妇幼保健院体检多少钱

木兰县中医医院有哪些专家Is it worth it? Cryotherapy冷冻疗法到底值不值得?What is it? Stripping down to your pants and spending three minutes in a room chilled to –85C. No, wait, come back – it’s good for you.这是什么?脱下衣只剩裤子,然后在零下85度的房间里待三分钟。不,等一下,别走——这对你有好处。How much does it cost? Two sessions at Cryoclinics in a BMI private hospital in Hendon, north London (one of the only full-body cryotherapy units in the country) costs 50.这需要花费多少钱呢?在伦敦北部的亨顿BMI一个私人医院的冷冻室(全国唯一一家全身冷冻治疗机构)做两个疗程需要花费50英镑。What does it promise? There are two ways to approach full-body cryotherapy. If you suffer from inflammation, due to either disease or injury, it can relieve pain and improve joint function. But if you’re an athlete, it’s a tool to accelerate recovery, limit muscle damage and enhance performance. The theory is that bursts of extreme cold allow serious athletes to train harder. Mo Farah apparently uses cryotherapy, as do most top-flight sport clubs.它有什么作用呢?全身冷冻治疗适用于两种情况。如果你遭受炎症的痛苦,不管是疾病还是受伤,它都可以减轻痛苦,改善关节的功能。但是如果你是一个运动员,这就是加速愈合,减少肌肉损伤,提高表现的好方法。它的理论依据是,突然的极端寒冷让危急的运动员可以更强烈地训练。长跑运动员Mo Farah显然用了冷冻疗法,大多数一流的运动俱乐部同样如此。What’s it actually like? It’s cold. You strip down to your shorts, put on gloves, socks and a hat, and step into the cryochamber. God, it’s cold. Time slows to a crawl as your extremities start to sting. You look down. Your chest hair has gone white. You’re pretty sure that your eyelids have started to freeze. All you’re aware of, mentally and physically, is the cold. But then it’s done and you step out, and the blood rushes back to your extremities and you’re invigorated. The soreness in your limbs from that morning’s workout has left your body. You feel supercharged. You can’t wait to get back in. Then you do, and immediately regret it. God, it’s cold.冷冻疗法究竟是什么样的呢?很冷。你脱下衣只剩短裤,穿上手套,袜子和一顶帽子,然后走进冷冻室。天啊,真冷。当你的骨头开始刺痛,你会觉得时间度秒如年。你向下看,会发现你的胸毛已经变白了。你很确信自己的眼睫毛也被冻住了。精神和肉体上意识到的只有寒冷。但是当结束后走出来,血液重新冲进你的骨端,你感到焕发新生。白天练习带给你的四肢酸痛全部离开。你感觉到了超能量。你忍不住想要再进去。然后你这么做了之后会马上后悔。天啊,太冷了。Is it worth it? If you’re seriously training for something, it might be worth the investment.这究竟值不值得呢?如果你很认真的为某事训练着,这或许是值得投资的。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201602/425176 HONG KONG — When Jin Xin first started selling imported premium beer a decade ago, his bar manager predicted that it would take a month or two just to sell a single case. But within a few years business picked up, and soon customers started frequenting the bar for its India pale ales and other European beers.香港——金鑫十年前刚开始销售进口优质啤酒的时候,他的酒吧经理预计或许一、两个月才能卖出一箱。但过了几年,酒吧生意就兴旺了起来,顾客很快开始在这里流连,饮用印度淡啤酒和其他欧洲啤酒。Now, one of Mr. Jin’s bars, NBeerPub, tucked away in a laid-back part of Beijing’s old town, buzzes with young Chinese customers ordering imports like Delirium Tremens, Lindemans Framboise and Brewdog Punk IPA. Mr. Jin even sold a bottle of Brewmeister Snake Venom, a high-alcohol barleywine-style beer from Scotland, for about 2,700 renminbi, or more than 0.金鑫的一个酒吧牛啤堂(NBeerPub)坐落在北京老城区里的一块休闲之处,现在有很多中国年轻人光顾这里,饮用Delirium Tremens、Lindemans Framboise和Brewdog Punk IPA之类的进口啤酒。金鑫甚至把苏格兰酿造的高度数麦芽啤酒Brewmeister Snake Venom卖到了大约2700元人民币一瓶。“Slowly, Chinese people have more money in their pocket,” Mr. Jin, 43, said in his apartment, where over 6,000 bottles from more than 60 countries filled the shelves. “After they have money, some want something better in terms of taste as well as lifestyle, especially young people.”“慢慢的,中国人口袋里钱多了,”43岁的金鑫在他的公寓里说,酒架上摆放着6000多瓶来自世界60多个国家的酒。“有了钱之后,有的人就向往更好的口味,更好生活方式,尤其是年轻人。”As tastes rapidly change, Chinese consumers are swapping mass-produced local beers for imports and local craft beers.中国消费者的口味迅速变化,他们正在从大规模生产的本地啤酒转向国内外的精酿啤酒。It is the type of opportunity that is at the heart of Anheuser-Busch InBev’s 6 billion deal to buy SABMiller, its rival global brewer. While major markets in Europe and the ed States have been sluggish, developing markets like China offer a growing customer base and the potential for a stronger profit.百威英(Anheuser-Busch InBev)斥资1060亿美元收购对手南非米勒(SABMiller)啤酒公司,就是看准了这样的机遇。虽然在欧美主要市场一直低迷,但像中国这样的发展中市场为他们提供了不断扩大的顾客群和较强的盈利潜力。The Chinese middle class is swelling with young, affluent professionals who are more willing to spend money on brands and who are experienced travelers looking for a taste of other countries back home. And in China, most beer is still considered affordable. So sales have held up relatively well even as wine, the Chinese spirit baijiu and other more expensive liquors have been hit by the country’s anticorruption crackdown and the slowing economy.中国中产阶级的规模正在蓬勃壮大,年轻富裕的专业人士更愿意把钱花在品牌上,经验丰富的旅行者回到国内后也想追寻其他国家的滋味。而在中国,人们仍然认为大多数啤酒的价格很亲民。因此,虽然像葡萄酒、白酒和其他比较昂贵的酒类受到了中国反腐行动和经济放缓的冲击,但啤酒的销售形势相对较好。“It’s an escape route from maturity in the West,” said Spiros Malandrakis, a senior analyst of alcoholic drinks at the research firm Euromonitor International, referring to the established markets of the ed States and Europe.“这是逃离西方成熟市场的一条出路,”酒精饮料研究机构欧睿国际(Euromonitor International)的高级分析师斯皮罗斯·马兰拉基思(Spiros Malandrakis)说,他指的是美国和欧洲的成熟市场。In China, Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller are betting on premium products.在中国,百威英和南非米勒把赌注押在了高端产品上。The two beer behemoths were among the first international entrants into China in the 1990s and initially teamed with local brewers. At the time, domestic breweries produced beer of inconsistent quality, but they were quickly multiplying, and consumption was soaring along with disposable incomes.这两家啤酒巨头都属于1990年代进入中国,与本地酿酒商合作的第一批跨国公司。当时,中国国内的酿酒厂生产的啤酒质量很不稳定,但产量很快就成倍增长,销量也随着民众可配收入的提高而飙升。SABMiller took a 49 percent stake in a joint venture that makes Snow, which is now China’s best-selling beer brand. Anheuser-Busch InBev has since bought Harbin and Sedrin, two other top domestic brands. Together, the international brewers account for about one-third of the overall beer market in China.雪花啤酒是目前中国销量最大的啤酒品牌,南非米勒持有这家合资公司49%的股份。百威英后来收购了中国的另外两个顶级品牌哈尔滨啤酒和雪津啤酒(Sedrin)。整体来说,国际酿酒商占据了中国啤酒市场的大约三分之一。As they pursue a merger, given their dominance, Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller are expected to prune their portfolio in China to keep regulators happy, though it remains unclear where the trimming will be done. Some analysts think they would be able financially to justify the sale of a big domestic brand like Snow, since the market is moving toward premium offerings.鉴于百威英和南非米勒的市场配地位,双方在寻求兼并的时候,可能会削减在中国持有的资产,以免引起管理机构的不满,不过目前还不清楚具体将如何调整。一些分析人士认为,从财务角度看,它们出售像雪花啤酒这样的中国大品牌是合理的,因为市场正朝着高端产品迁移。“They might be forced to divest, but it might not be the end of the world for them, because Snow is not necessarily the price point for them,” said Shaun Rein, founder of China Market Research in Shanghai. “Consumers are looking for better quality.”“它们可能会被迫撤资,但这或许不是世界末日,因为雪花啤酒对它们来说未必就是价值点,”市场研究机构上海CMR集团的创始人雷小山(Shaun Rein)说。“消费者正在寻求更高的品质。”When the deal was announced, Anheuser-Busch InBev said it would “promptly and proactively” resolve any regulatory issues in China.兼并交易宣布的时候,百威英表示,将“迅速而积极”地解决中国的任何监管问题。The focus follows the shift in the market in recent years.对于中国的关注源于近几年市场的变化。Imports have swiftly grown to 1.4 billion renminbi in 2013, or around 0 million, from 335 million renminbi in 2009. But the total volume of beer sales in China has dipped of late.啤酒进口额从2009年的3.35亿元人民币迅速增长至2013年的14亿元,但啤酒在中国的总体销售量最近有所下降。Homegrown craft beers are gaining favor. Beijing is home to about half a dozen microbreweries, and others have popped up in cities across China.本土精酿啤酒正受到人们的青睐。北京本地有大约六家小型精酿啤酒商,中国其他城市也纷纷涌现出这样的啤酒商。At the Jing-A Brewing Taproom in Beijing, the owners, transplants from Connecticut and Toronto, serve American-inspired beers with local flair, including Worker’s Pale Ale, Airpocalypse Double IPA and Mandarin Wheat.北京的京A啤酒酿造作坊的老板来自美国康涅狄格州和加拿大多伦多,他们将美国风味与本地特色结合起来,供应工人淡色啤酒、空气大爆表双IPA和京城特白小麦啤酒。Ji Chen, a banker, developed a taste for fine beer as a student in Belgium. When he returned to China, Mr. Chen, now 28, started buying imported beer at the supermarket and hanging out at brew pubs.现年28岁的纪晨在工作,他在比利时留学的时候喜欢上了精酿啤酒。回到中国后,纪晨开始购买超市的进口啤酒,流连于精酿啤酒酒吧。“I don’t think it’s expensive,” he said, sipping the Flying Fist IPA at Jing-A. “If you go out to drink at a bar, you would have to spend this much for any drink you get. And craft beers here are of good quality.”“我觉得不贵,”纪晨在京A酒吧抿了一口飞拳IPA说。“你去任何一家酒吧,买什么酒都得花这些钱。这里的精酿啤酒质量非常好。”The high-end varieties can fatten a company’s bottom line.高端产品可以提升企业的利润。“All of this premiumization and trading up is the biggest revenue driver of our industry,” Jean Jereissati, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s China president, said at an investor seminar in September. “And it is very relevant for our company.”“这种产品高端化和消费升级是我们行业最大的营收动力,”百威英中国区总裁让·热雷萨蒂(Jean Jereissati)去年9月参加投资者研讨会时说。“这与我们公司密切相关。”Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller are digging deep into their cooler of longtime brands in the hope of attracting more discerning customers. In part, they are promoting the provenance of their brands.百威英和南非米勒都在深挖公司旗下历史悠久的品牌,希望吸引更多目光挑剔的顾客。它们的部分策略是宣传品牌的起源。When Budweiser Supreme was introduced, the company projected a detailing the recipe’s origins and ingredients onto a giant bottle in various Chinese cities. Against a striking soundtrack, the company described how the beer had the “rich aroma of wheat malt flavor and aristocratic bearing.”在中国多座城市推广百威金樽啤酒(Budweiser Supreme)时,该公司把一段视频映在了巨大的瓶子上,视频详细讲述了配方的起源和原料的选择。伴随着令人扣人心弦的音乐,该公司介绍道,这款啤酒“有香浓麦味,贵族的气质”。Lifestyle, too, is major selling point.生活方式也是一个重要的卖点。Other advertisements featured Budweiser Supreme being poured in a restaurant by a waiter wearing white gloves. In the summer, women in their 20s, wearing dresses with Corona or Budweiser logos and sometimes long white boots, were often seen milling around the bars and chatting with customers in the upscale Sanlitun area of Beijing.其他广告展示了戴着白手套的务员在餐厅为客人倒百威金樽啤酒的场景。夏天的时候,经常会在消费水平较高的北京三里屯看到一些20多岁的女性,身穿印有科罗娜(Corona)或百威商标的裙子,有时还穿着白色长靴,穿梭于各个酒吧与顾客聊天。“They put a lot of money into the marketing, the heritage — all those things make consumers pay more for it,” said Jonny Forsyth, a global drinks analyst at Mintel, a research firm. “That’s what’s been missing in China. Younger people are more receptive to it.”“他们花了很多钱营销,宣传品牌传承,促使顾客花更多钱消费,”市场调研机构明特尔(Mintel)全球饮品行业分析师容尼·福赛思(Jonny Forsyth)说。“这是中国缺乏的东西,年轻人更容易接受。”The message is getting through to consumers, who are increasingly willing to pay for beer.这种理念已在消费者当中传开,他们愈发愿意为啤酒花钱。At Heaven Supermarket, a store and bar with a backpacker vibe, Chen Jing, 30, browsed through the imported beer with her boyfriend, both of them clutching beers that cost about 50 renminbi each, or nearly . A bottle of Snow from the grocery store next door cost just 1.9 renminbi, or about 30 cents.在有着背包客气质的酒铺兼酒吧天堂超市,30岁的陈晶和男朋友在浏览各种进口啤酒,两人都拿了每瓶价格大约50元的啤酒。而隔壁小卖部的雪花啤酒每瓶才卖1.9元。Most of the bottles going through the checkout at Heaven are overseas varieties like Hoegaarden, Corona and Budweiser, selling for 15 renminbi. And the store, across the road from a Rolls-Royce and Bentley dealership, is not short of people perusing more expensive beers, which can cost up to 100 renminbi, or about .天堂超市销量最高的品类是福佳(Hoegaarden)、科罗娜和百威等进口啤酒,每瓶售价15元人民币。这家位于劳斯莱斯和宾利专卖店对面的商店并不缺少购买昂贵啤酒的顾客,这些啤酒的价格会高达100元人民币一瓶。Ms. Chen started drinking foreign beer after vacationing around China and Southeast Asia. She has taken such a liking to the beer culture that she is planning a holiday in Belgium.陈晶在中国及东南亚旅行之后便开始喝外国啤酒了。她深爱啤酒文化,正在计划去比利时度假。“I would rather be spending money on few quality beers than buying lots of cheap beers and feeling full and headachy,” she said. “It’s more about the lifestyle I choose than simply drinking.”“我宁愿花钱买几瓶好酒,也不愿意买一堆便宜货,喝完了感觉很胀,还头疼,”她说。“这不只是喝酒的问题,更多的是我选择的生活方式。” /201601/423723松北区中医医院挂号几点上班黑龙江中医医院做彩超B超价格



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