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A group of attractive young people live in adjacent apartments and spend a lot of time hanging out in coffee shops and talking about their lives.一群魅力四射的年轻人住在相邻的公寓中,常常聚在咖啡馆中畅谈人生The Chinese TV sitcom Ipartment, which ended its third season recently, may have made the audience laugh. But it also the target of criticism.刚刚播完的国产情景喜剧《爱情公寓III或许为许多观众都带来了欢笑,但同时也成为了众矢之的Viewers are complaining that dialogue and scenes have been copied from the US hit sitcom Friends and other TV shows.观众纷纷抱怨,剧中的许多对话和场景都明显在抄袭热门美剧《老友记和其他电视节目Zhang Yan, , a fan of Western soap operas from Zhengzhou, Henan, established cpartment.com, where he and other viewers post screen shots after each new episode, comparing it to US sitcoms to demonstrate possible plagiarism.岁的张彦(音译)来自河南郑州,身为西方肥皂剧迷的他建起了一个名为;抄袭公寓;的网站每次《爱情公寓新一集播出后,他和其他观众就会上传一些视频截图,并与美剧相对照,指出涉嫌抄袭的桥段According to Zhang, at least of the sitcom episodes have more than 70 percent of their plot directly copied from seven Western serials including How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and IT Crowd.张彦表示,在《爱情公寓III的集剧情中至少有集,70%以上的情节照搬《老爸老妈浪漫史,《生活大爆炸以及《IT狂人等7部西方剧集With an average of 3,000 to ,000 clicks every day, the website has caused many Internet users to denounce and boycott the show.该网站的平均日点击量达到3000—000,受其影响,许多网友公开谴责并抵制该剧集;I dont mean to ruin Ipartment. I just want to put pressure on some Chinese directors and scriptwriters. I hope they stop copying,; he told China Daily.他在接受《中国日报记者采访时表示:;我不是存心想要诋毁《爱情公寓我只是想给国内的一些导演和编剧施点压希望他们能停止抄袭行为;Wang Yuan, Ipartment scriptwriter, admitted on Sina Weibo that he a die-hard fan of American sitcoms and that he tries to progress and innovate through imitation.《爱情公寓的编剧汪远在新浪微上承认自己是美国情景喜剧的铁杆粉丝,表示自己试图在学习中进步,在模仿中创新He would be glad, he wrote, if he could emulate one-tenth of what they are doing right. Later, in an interview with Sina.com, Wang said he has used American sitcoms narrative rhythms, classic story arcs and jokes as a reference.他写道,如果能学到他们的十分之一,他就已经很欣慰了在新浪网后来的一次采访中,汪远表示自己只是把美国情景喜剧中的叙事节奏、经典的故事脉络和笑料当做参考However, a spokesperson of the show surnamed Cao denied plagiarism in an interview with Southern Metropolis Daily.但该剧发言人曹某却在《南方都市报的一次采访中否认了抄袭之说;Comedies have stereotypes, like the handsome man, the gorgeous woman, the cheap man and so on. They have that in many comedies,; Cao said. ;Our creation is not plagiarism, but more a homage to the American sitcom.;他说:;喜剧都很老套,帅男,美女,还有屌丝等等,很多喜剧都会有我们的创作不是剽窃,而是对美国情景喜剧的一种致敬;The show, which is ;just entertainment; according to Wang, has won many fans (presumably teenagers who arent old enough to have watched series such as Friends).这部汪远口中;仅供;的剧集赢得了众多粉丝的追捧(大概是那些年龄太小还没看过《老友记之类剧集的青少年人群)But a copycat case like this leaves fewer chances hardworking writers who spend years creating high-quality work, because producers tend to choose quick writers who can finish a script in a couple of months.但像此类的抄袭事件,却使得那些呕心沥血、苦干多年只求创作精品的剧作家们前途更加渺茫,因为制片人倾向于选择那些几个月就能写一个剧本的快餐式作家;The reason that plagiarism hasnt stopped is because it hasnt been punished so far,; veteran scriptwriter Liu Hua told China Daily.资深编剧刘华(音译)在接受《中国日报记者采访时表示:;剽窃仍大行其道,原因就在于到目前为止还未得到严惩;;But the power of the Internet may improve the situation. People have a broad view, and you cant possibly cheat about anything.;;但是网络的力量已使得状况有所改观人们的视野开阔了,任何事情都瞒不过大众的眼睛; 195818

CCTV Spring Festival Gala May Remain the style of “Zero Advertising”年CCTV春晚将保持零广告插播形式Feng Xiaogang, a well-known Chinese film director, replaced Ha Wen to be the chief director of Chinese Central Television Spring Festival Gala. It is learned that the CCTV Spring Festival Gala may remain ;Zero Advertising;.冯小刚,以为著名的中国电影导演,取代哈文成为年央视春晚总导演据说今年春晚将仍保持零广告插播形式Feng Xiaogang participation makes people look ward to watching this brand new Spring Festival Gala. The public is curious about whether Feng Xiaogang, recognized as a director who can turn product placements into amazing box office, will keep the style of ;Zero Advertising;, which Ha Wen maintained in the previous galas.冯小刚的加入让很多人对新春晚的期待大增人们好奇的是总会把广告植入转化成奇异的票房收入的总导演冯小刚会否保持哈文在之前晚会中使用的“零广告”形式Ha Wen, who directed both and CCTV Spring Festival Galas, brought a new style of ;Zero Advertising; to the Spring Festival Gala. Back to three years ago, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala got its highest advertising revenue of about RMB 0.65 billion Yuan. After that, CCTV faced a storm of criticism and decided to carry out a plan of ;Zero Advertising; in the following CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Although it was not Ha Wen who first proposed the style of ;Zero Advertising;, it was she who best implemented the style. In and , Ha Wen clearly announced that CCTV Spring Festival Galas would not have any product placements. According to some media, the previous three CCTV Spring Festival Galas, which had no advertising, provided the public with ;pure; galas while making CCTV lose about RMB 1.75 billion Yuan.哈文,曾指导了和央视春晚,创造了“零广告”的春晚新形式回到三年前,年央视春晚创造了广告植入收入最高的记录,约6.5亿元在那之后,央视受到暴风一样的批评指责从而决定在接下来的年春晚发起“零广告”计划虽然不是哈文最先提出的“零广告”提案,但她却是落实的最好的那一个在年和年的春晚上,哈文明确宣布春晚不会有任何广告植入据一些媒体报道,之前三次“零广告”春晚虽然给大家带来了“纯净”的晚会却为央视带来了.5亿元损失According to the Peninsula Morning Post, CCTV Advertisement Department has recently held an inside meeting with its VIP advertisers, preparing the upcoming ;Prime-time Advertising Auction;. The department has aly promoted an advertising package CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which is only designed the advertising bee the Spring Festival Gala. The source emphasized that pre-advertising could not be understood as the advertising the Spring Festival Gala. ;Pre-advertising is bee the Spring Festival Gala. Every TV station has pre-advertising. We cannot associate pre-advertising with product placements in the Spring Festival Gala,; said the source. No product placement space has been promoted yet so far. There is reason to believe that CCTV Spring Festival Gala may remain the style of ;Zero Advertising;.据半岛晨报报道,央视广告部最近同它的VIP广告商们进行了内部会议,为即将到来的“黄金时段广告招标”做准备广告部已经筹划要加入一组在年央视春晚开始前播放的广告他们强调事先广告不会被理解为春晚广告“事先广告是在春晚开始前播放的广告每家电视台都有我们不能将实现广告同春晚广告植入联系到一起”直到目前为止还没有广告植入空间这是我们让我们相信年春晚将仍保持“零广告”形式的原因 63

Coco Chanel perfectly set hair, manicured hands, plucked eyebrows and hard stare are as recognisable as some of her enduring designs. Less well known are allegations of drug use, Nazi dealings and even homophobia - something that contradicts the widesp acceptance of her lesbian relationships. Now, a new book claims to have concrete proof of the fashion icon dalliances and vices作为时尚界的具有史诗性的;领军人物;可可·香奈儿凭借着灵巧的双手从一位缝纫女工,成长为一个令法国乃至世界瞩目的设计师, 以干净利落的形象、和深邃的眼眸获取了大众的芳心,创造了香奈儿装的辉煌尽管事业上如日中天,但是可可·香奈儿的私生活却不为人所知,除了被指控滥用药物、以及双性恋的身世背景之外,最近一本关于可可·香奈儿的自传曝光这位;泰斗级设计师;竟然曾经钟情于一名纳粹分子Lisa Chaney thcoming biography, Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life, lays bare hard evidence of the fashion maven use of opiates, as well as new insights into Gabrielle ;Coco; Chanel bisexuality, multiple affairs and love with a Nazi spy.Penguin says: ;Drawing on newly discovered love letters and other records, Chaney controversial book reveals the truth about Chanel drug habit and lesbian affairs. And the question about Chanel German lover during World War II (was he a spy the Nazis?) is definitively answered.;据悉,这本名为《可可·香奈儿的自传中,描述了她一生中许多不为人所知的秘密,比如:滥用鸦片、违禁药品的充分据以及香奈儿的双性恋感情生活、甚至与纳粹份子的一段地下情该书作者Penguin说:;这些揭露香奈儿人生的秘密都是基于对她所留的遗物新发现而重新编写而成,有关于香奈儿的情书以及其他物都一定程度上反映了香奈儿的感情生活以及毒瘾书中回应了香奈儿曾恋上一名德国二战时期的纳粹军官这一事实;WWD goes one step further, saying the book is able to prove that the lover in question, Hans Günther von Dincklage, did indeed spy the Nazis throughout the Second World War.Quoting en email from Ms Chaney Viking publicist, WWD cites:;Whether Chanel was aware of this is unknown, but after that war she lived in neutral Switzerland a while, to avoid any proceedings against her.;根据Ms Chaney的一名公关当年的一封旧信称,关于可可·香奈儿当时对于那名神秘恋人(纳粹份子)的身世背景是否知情直到现在还是无从知晓,但是,我们了解到,二战结束后,可可·香奈儿的确在中立国家瑞士居住过一段时间,后人猜测是为了躲避战争审判以及众人的指责In the book, due release in November, Ms Chaney uses the newly discovered letters as well as documents from the Swiss Federal Archives to quell any doubt as to the truth of some of the less palatable aspects of Ms Chanel colourful lifestyle. Viking says of the th Century most famous fashion designer: Her numerous liaisons, whose poignant and tragic details have eluded all previous biographers, were the very stuff of legend据悉,这本书预期在月份开始售卖,书中所记载的关于可可·香奈儿的资料都是根据瑞士联邦档案中所记载的资料传述而成,作为世纪最有影响力的设计师,可可·香奈儿的诸多朋友都在书中透露自己好朋友、也是时尚界传奇人物的一生;Witty and mesmerizing, she became muse, patron, or mistress to the century most celebrated artists, including Picasso, Dalí, and Stravinsky.; Ms Chanel infamous life has inspired many a graphic recounting of her rags-to-riches story. The re-released biography, Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life by Justine Picardie, which includes illustrations by Karl Lagerfeld, has drawn attention to Ms Chanel reliance on opiates bee, saying the designer saw morphine as a ;harmless sedative.;可可·香奈儿是一个聪明、诙谐而富有机智的女人,极富魅力,她的影响力可以同毕加索、达利以及斯特拉文斯基相提并论但是她的成长史却从一名普普通通的缝纫女工起步,其实她还是我们普通人中的一员 187

. Peggy Olson. 佩吉奥尔森Title: Copy Chief at SCamp;P头衔:斯特林库珀合作伙伴公司文案负责人Show: Mad Men电视剧:《广告狂人Played by: Elisabeth Moss扮演者:伊丽莎白莫斯Olson has shattered the glass ceiling over the course of the critically acclaimed series, moving her way up from the Sterling Cooper secretarial pool to copy writer to eventual copy chief at Sterling Cooper amp; Partners (a brief detour at Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough allowed her to assume a leadership position at her old firm). Despite ranking lower than No. 9 Joan, it wouldnt be a surprise if Peggy usurps SCamp;P female partner as Mad Men most powerful woman. Persistence has paid off her so far.在这部广受好评的电视剧中,奥尔森成功突破了事业发展的玻璃天花板,她从斯特林库珀掌管下的秘书室升任公司文案,又一路高升至斯特林库珀合作伙伴公司的文案负责人(她在Cutler, Gleason amp; Chaough公司的短暂经历也令她在之前的公司担任过一段时间的管理职位)虽然她的级别比琼低了9级,但不出意外的话,佩吉将会成为斯特林库珀合作伙伴公司的女性合伙人,也会成为《广告狂人中最具权势的女性不懈地坚持终于得到了回报. Temperance Brennan. 唐普兰希布兰纳Title: ensic Anthropologist at the Jeffersonian Institute头衔:杰佛逊研究所法医人类学家Show: Bones电视剧:《识骨寻踪Played by: Emily Deschanel扮演者:艾米丽丹斯切尔Considered the leading authority in her field, Brennan quirky and concise approach toward her work solves many a crime. She now works directly with her husband, Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), though the two have worked side-by-side many years. Brennan leadership inspires a close-knit and collaborative environment among her team.布伦南是这个领域内公认的领军人物,她那古怪离奇却又一针见血的工作方式曾令无数罪犯伏法如今,她和自己的丈夫、特工西利布斯(大卫伯瑞纳饰)直接共事,虽然他们二人曾经并肩作战过很多年布伦南的领导风格在团队中营造了一种严谨而又协调有序的工作氛围. Alicia Florrick. 艾丽西亚弗洛里克Title: Partner at FlorrickAgos头衔:弗洛里克阿戈斯律师事务所合伙人Show: The Good Wife电视剧:《傲骨贤妻Played by: Julianna Marguilles扮演者:朱莉安娜马奎利丝Florrick showed her risk-taking side by starting her own law firm with colleague Cary Agos. In so doing, she turned her back on Lockhart amp; Gardner, the firm that hired her after her husband, then state attorney of Illinois most populous county, was embroiled in a sex scandal. Despite a -year absence from the working world, Florrick proved herself a star and worked on cases with ties to the firm important players -- all while juggling ongoing media scrutiny about her marriage and the demands of raising two tech-savvy teenagers. Florrick engaged in some scandalous behavior of her own, starting an affair with named partner Will Gardner.弗洛里克与同事盖里阿戈斯共同创办了一家属于自己的律师事务所,展现了性格中冒险的一面但这样一来,她也就等于是拒绝了洛克哈特加德纳律师事务所在她的丈夫、时任伊利诺伊州人口最稠密郡县的州检察官卷入性丑闻案之后,洛克哈特加德纳律师事务所聘用了她尽管已经离开工作岗位长达年之久,弗洛里克还是明了自己的优秀才干,不但与律所中最优秀的律师在各种案件上强强联手,还不断地应付媒体对自己婚姻生活的种种窥视,以及满足两个正值青春期、对高科技十分痴迷的孩子们的需要弗洛里克自己也有一些不检点的行为,比如与公司冠名合伙人威尔加德纳发生的一段婚外情 6875

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