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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has criticized Britains entrance into the U.S.-led coalition attacking Islamic State militants in Syria, saying the airstrikes are illegal and will fail.叙利亚总统阿萨德抨击英国参加美国领导的联军空中打叙利亚伊斯兰国激进分子的行动。他说,空袭是违法行为,注定要失败。In an interview published in Britains Sunday Times, Assad said Islamic State cannot be defeated by airstrikes alone, and that the only strikes that have been effective are those Russia has done since launching its Syrian campaign in September.阿萨德接受英国星期天泰晤士报采访时说,仅靠空袭不能打败伊斯兰国组织,迄今唯一有效果的行动是俄罗斯9月开始实施的空中打击。He has long criticized Western governments and others in his region who support moderate rebel fighters, and complained that the coalition airstrikes are a violation of his countrys sovereignty. The U.S. and others in the West say Russias airstrikes have largely focused on rebels and not Islamic State fighters.阿萨德长期以来一直批评西方国家政府和一些持叙利亚反政府温和派武装的中东国家。他抱怨说,美国领导的空袭侵犯了叙利亚主权。美国和其它希望国家说,俄罗斯的空袭基本针对叙利亚反政府力量,而不是伊斯兰国组织的武装。Assad said in the interview there has been no moderate opposition during his countrys conflict that began in March 2011, but rather only ;extremists.; The Syrian government has routinely referred to rebels as ;terrorists; since the crisis expanded from peaceful protests to multi-party civil war.阿萨德说,在2011年开始的叙利亚内战中,没有什么温和派反政府力量,只有极端分子。叙利亚的和平抗议演变为多方参与的内战以来,叙利亚政府称所有反政府武装为恐怖分子。Assad said if Western and regional support for terrorists ends, then it will take ;a matter of months; to end the conflict.阿萨德还说,只要西方国家和中东一些国家停止持恐怖分子,几个月的时间就可以结束叙利亚武装冲突。Britain expanded its involvement in the U.S.-led coalition last week from conducting airstrikes solely against Islamic State targets in Iraq to bombing the militants in Syria as well after Prime Minister David Cameron lobbied his parliament for approval.英国上星期扩大了参加美国领导的联军的空袭行动,从仅仅空袭伊拉克的伊斯兰国组织的目标,扩大到也轰炸叙利亚境内的伊斯兰国激进分子。英国首相卡梅伦说了议会持扩大行动范围。来 /201512/415491。

The storybook rise of Jean-Luc Martinez begins where he grew up, in a Paris suburb dominated by blocky public housing. It ends deep within the opulent palace of the Louvre museum, where he is plotting what he calls a “petite révolution.”巴黎——关于让-卢克·马丁内斯(Jean-Luc Martinez)步步高升的故事,要从他在一个全是廉租房的巴黎郊区的成长时期开始讲起,到卢浮宫物馆豪华宫殿的深处告终——目前他正在这里策划一场他所谓的“小型革命”。Mr. Martinez, 50, son of a postman and the Louvre’s president since April 2013, is moving quickly to make a democratic mark on the royal stronghold that has the most visitors of any museum in the world, 70 percent of them foreign tourists.50岁的马丁内斯是一位邮递员的儿子,2013月当上了卢浮宫馆长,目前他正在迅速为这座皇家重地打上民主化的印记;这里是全世界吸引游客人数最多的物馆,其中70%是外国游客。A two-year, 53.5 million euro makeover, or nearly million, is underway in the vast reception area below I. M. Pei’s glass pyramid, where long lines of waiting visitors stream into a chaotic, open space that Mr. Martinez likens to a noisy airport and that leaves many people disoriented and lost.在贝聿铭设计的玻璃金字塔下方的巨大接待区,参观者们排着长队等待进入一个乱糟糟的开阔空间,马丁内斯说,这里就像喧嚣的飞机场,很多人都辨不清方向,快要迷路了。如今,为时两年,斥300万欧元(或将700美元)的翻修就将在这里进行。He is also revamping the museum’s basic storytelling tools: almost 40,000 banners, wall text, signs and symbols that now explain its treasures in French. The plan is to make them more able and concise, in English and Spanish for the vast majority of visitors searching for cloakrooms or the Mona Lisa in the sprawl of a museum that dates to 1190, when it was a fortress for King Philippe II.他还将重修物馆的基础解说工具:将近四万个阐释卢浮宫馆藏的法语标题、墙壁说明、标牌和符号。他计划增添英语和西班牙语解说,让它们更加易读和精确,这样,在这座历史可追溯190年,曾为菲利普国王二世城堡的物馆里,大量游客就可以方便地找到厕所或《蒙娜·丽莎》了。In the past, museums catered to visitors schooled in art history, with detailed information like a book and “chapters, titles, paragraphs,Mr. Martinez said, striding in a dark suit and tie by a marble centaur and a wounded alabaster Galatian in a gallery where a 17th-century king once meted out commands. “Our museum is not a book. It’s something physical. It’s necessary to move things around to try to increase understanding of our art.”过去,物馆都为那些学习艺术史的参观者们提供详细的信息,就像一本书籍,有“章节、标题和段落”,马丁内斯说道。他身穿深色西装,打着领带,走过一座长廊,这里陈列着一尊大理石半人马雕像和一座残损的雪花石膏迦拉太人塑像,一7世纪的国王曾在这里发号施令。“我们的物馆不是一本书,而是具有实体的东西,有必要改变事物,帮助人们增进对艺术的理解。”His strategy to “think of the visitoralso reflects a museum trend toward creating narratives that are more relevant to a changing demographic. As major museums strive to become more mainstream and less elitist, most of the Louvre’s nine million visitors tend to be newcomers and art novices and it is searching for ways to make their experiences more meaningful.他的战略是“为参观者着想”,这也反应了物馆界改变解说方式、适应人口构成变化的趋势。目前大型物馆都在力求变得更加主流,去精英化,参观卢浮宫的900万名观众也大都是新来者和艺术初学者,物馆在寻找方式,让他们的参观体验更有意义。“For nearly everybody, museums are scary spaces,said James M. Bradburne, director of the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, who has lectured widely on how museums can engage audiences more effectively. “It’s like going into the city for the first time. There aren’t signs at every point. It is very true that at the Louvre and every museum we underinform visitors.”“对于几乎所有人来说,物馆都是令人生畏的地方,”佛罗伦萨斯特罗齐宫的主管詹姆斯·M·布拉德伯James M. Bradburne)说,他曾做过大量讲座,讲述物馆如何更有效率地吸引观众。“这就像初次来到一个城市,到处都没有标志牌一样。确实,在卢浮宫——以及所有物馆——我们都没有向参观者提供足够信息。”The idea is to help newcomers to crack the code, with clear information to interpret a vast trove that includes the Venus de Milo, “Winged Victory of Samothraceand the colossal statue of Ramesses II. Mr. Martinez is also reducing temporary exhibitions to make way for an educational space for Louvre artworks grouped around revolving themes such as mythology and the origins of civilization.马丁内斯的想法就是帮助新来者破解密码,向他们提供清晰的信息,去阐释物馆的众多宝藏,诸如米洛岛的维纳斯、“有翅膀的萨丝雷斯胜利女神”和拉美西斯二世的巨大塑像。马丁内斯还减少了临时展览,腾出地方创立一个教育空间,以神话学和文明起源等等为主题,展示卢浮宫的艺术藏品。Mr. Martinez, a descendant of Spanish immigrants who came five generations earlier from Almería, in southern Andalusia, grew up in Rosny-sous-Bois, a working-class suburb east of Paris. He said he reflects the demographic evolution. His own first visit to the Louvre was a history class trip at the age of 11. When he came home, he said, he told nothing to his parents, who had never taken him to a museum.马丁内斯是西班牙移民的后裔,五代以前的先祖从南安达卢西亚的阿尔梅里亚移居法国。他在巴黎东部的工薪阶层郊区罗尼苏布瓦长大,他说自己身上也反映了人口构成的变迁。他第一次访问卢浮宫是在11岁那年学校历史课组织的旅行中,但回到家里,他却没有对父母说起这件事,父母从未带他参观过物馆。“I lived in a suburb that was very modern, and everything was new,he recalled. “And when I arrived here, everything was ancient. Imagine for a child, to see five centuries of art, some as old as two or three millenniums. In this space, I felt the depth of human history.”“我住在一个非常现代的郊区,一切都是新的,”他回忆,“来到卢浮宫,一切又都那么古老。试想一个孩子,一下子目睹了五个世纪的艺术,有些东西拥有两三千年的历史。在这里,我感受到人类历史的深度。”To this day, his 82-year-old father has never visited the Louvre, where his son has worked since 1997 as a curator and the director of the museum’s Greek, Etruscan and Roman department before becoming president last year.马丁内斯的父亲如今已2岁,他从未参观过卢浮宫。而马丁内斯自1997年便在卢浮宫的希腊、伊特鲁里亚与罗马部担任策展人和负责人,去年当上了馆长。It is a far different profile from his patrician predecessor, Henri Loyrette, a lawyer’s son who socialized with wealthy art patrons like the French luxury tycoon Fran#231;ois Pinault and presided over the museum’s expansion to a satellite Louvre-Lens in northern France and the Abu Dhabi Louvre scheduled to open late next year.这和他的前任昂利·卢瓦雷泰(Henri Loyrette)的贵族形象非常不同。卢瓦雷泰是律师的儿子,热衷结交富有的艺术界赞助人,比如法国奢侈品大亨弗朗索瓦·皮Fran#231;ois Pinault)。他还主持了物馆的扩建,在法国北部兴建了卢浮宫新馆(Louvre-Lens),阿布扎比卢浮宫也将在明年年底开放。来 /201412/349695。

CY Leung, Hong Kong’s chief executive who is at the centre of the storm over political reform in the territory, has come under renewed pressure following revelations that he received large payments from an Australian company.置身于香港政改风暴中心的行政长官梁振CY Leung)受到新的压力,有人爆料称,他曾从一家澳大利亚公司收到巨额款项。Fairfax Media reported that Mr Leung had been given two undisclosed payments totalling #163;4m from UGL, an engineering company, since becoming chief executive in 2012.澳大利亚媒体Fairfax Media报道,梁振英012年出任香港行政长官后,从工程公司UGL收取了两笔没有披露的款项,总计400万英镑。His office said there was no requirement to disclose the money, which was paid in connection with the sale of DTZ, a property company of which Mr Leung was a director.他的办公室表示,相关资金无需公开申报,这些款项与出售戴德梁行物业公司(DTZ)的交易有关,梁振英曾是该公司董事。The news of the payments comes as Mr Leung is under pressure from the democracy protests that have rocked Hong Kong for more than a week.有关这些款项的消息传来之际,梁振英正受到持续震撼香港一个多星期的民主抗议的压力。Martin Lee, a barrister and founder of Hong Kong’s Democratic party, said the revelations were “unbelievable while Alan Leong, head of the opposition Civic party, said the chief executive should explain the payments.香港民主党创始人、大律师李柱Martin Lee)表示,爆料内容“令人不可思议”,而另一个反对党公民党的党魁梁家Alan Leong)表示,梁振英应当解释这些钱的来源。“He owes it to the public to explain,said Mr Leong, adding that the revelations would “harm him even more“他有责任向市民解释,”梁家杰表示。他补充说,爆料内容会“进一步损害他的名誉”。David Webb, a corporate governance expert in Hong Kong, said Mr Leung should have disclosed the financial relationship with the Australian company on the forms that politicians in Hong Kong must file every year.香港公司治理专家戴维#8226;韦伯(David Webb)表示,梁振英本来应该在香港政界人士每年必须提交的表格上披露其与上述澳大利亚公司的财务关系。“The concept here is to disclose your commercial relationships, particularly when they involve money, which this did,said Mr Webb, who added that #163;4m was “more money than 90 per cent of Hong Kong citizens will earn in their lives“总的来说就是要披露你的商业关系,尤其是涉及到金钱的商业关系,这件事就属于这种情况,”韦伯表示。他补充说,400万英镑“超过了90%香港市民一辈子的收入”。The contract signed by Mr Leung shows that he agreed to act as an “adviser from time to timefor UGL. His spokesman could not immediately comment on whether this triggered a requirement to disclose the payments. But the spokesman said Mr Leung “has not provided any service to UGLafter signing the agreement.梁振英签署的合同显示,他同意“时from time to time)”担任UGL的“顾问”。对于这一点是否意味着必须申报上述款项,他的发言人无法立即置评。但该发言人表示,梁振英在签署合同后“从未向UGL提供任何务”。Mr Leung faces accusations that his administration is politically persecuting Jimmy Lai, a media tycoon who owns the anti-Beijing Apple Daily newspaper, for making donations to lawmakers that were not disclosed by the politicians. Mr Lai has helped fund the “Occupypro-democracy movement, which is pushing for Mr Leung to resign over his backing for a Chinese plan for electoral reform in the territory.梁振英领导的香港政府目前被指对香港媒体大亨黎智英(Jimmy Lai)进行“政治迫害”。旗下拥有反北京的《苹果日报Apple Daily)的黎智英被指向立法会议员捐款,而那些立法会议员没有披露这些捐款。黎智英帮助资助了持民主的“占中”运动,该运动要求梁振英辞职,因为他持中国中央政府为香港制定的选举改革方案。The Independent Commission Against Corruption, the official anti-graft agency that raided Mr Lai’s home last month, has denied having any political motive.上个月突击搜查黎智英居所的官方反贪机构廉政公ICAC),则否认该搜查行动有任何政治动机。Hong Kong is governed under a “one country, two systemsmodel created under China’s late leader Deng Xiaoping, which gives it a certain level of autonomy from the mainland. Critics of Mr Leung, who is seen as being pro-Beijing, accuse him of undermining that model.香港目前按照中国已故领导人邓小平设计的“一国两制”模式进行管治,这使其拥有一定程度的自治。批评者则指责梁振英破坏这一模式。According to documents published by Fairfax, Mr Leung signed the deal which UGL says was a non-compete agreement four days after he announced his plan to run for chief executive. His spokesman said the payments were related to his resignation from DTZ and “not any future service to be provided by him He added that there was “no requirement .#8201;.#8201;. for Mr Leung to declare the aboveFairfax Media发表的文件显示,梁振英在宣布竞选行政长天后签署了上述协议;UGL称这是一份“竞业禁止协议”。梁振英的发言人表示,这些款项与他从戴德梁行物业公司辞职有关,而“不是要由他提供任何未来务”。这位发言人补充说,“在现行制度下……梁先生无需对此申报”。UGL said the deal made no mention of what would happen if Mr Leung became chief executive because he was not expected to win the post. “Media coverage suggested that other candidates were favoured to be elected, so the possibility of CY Leung securing office was not the focus of UGL’s negotiations,said the company.UGL表示,这项协议没有提到梁振英成为行政长官会发生什么,是因为当时预计他不会当选。“媒体报道表明,其他一些候选人更有希望当选,因此梁振英胜出的可能性不是UGL谈判的焦点,”该公司表示。Mr Leung was originally considered a long shot to become chief executive. More than half the 1,200 members of the committee that picks the leader favoured Henry Tang, the scion of a wealthy family who was later forced to drop his campaign after it emerged that he had built an illegal wine cellar in his house.梁振英最初被认为不太可能成为行政长官。在选举委员会的1200名成员中,超过半数起初瞩意出身富贵家族的唐英Henry Tang),但后来传出了唐英年在自己家里违规建造酒窖的消息,此后,唐英年被迫退出竞选。Over the past two weeks, Mr Leung has been vilified on the streets of Hong Kong, with protesters depicting him as Dracula, the Devil, and Pinocchio. One of his biggest backers from 2012, the property tycoon Ronnie Chan, said that he had “no opinionon whether Mr Leung was handling the protest situation well.过去两周期间,梁振英在香港街头成为众矢之的,抗议者将他描绘成吸血鬼、恶魔和匹诺曹(《木偶奇遇记》主角——译者注)。对于梁振英是否妥善处理了抗议的问题,他012年以来最大的持者之一、地产大亨陈启宗(Ronnie Chan)表示“无可奉告”。Kenneth Yeung, one of the 27 lawmakers who make up the pan-Democrat opposition, said Mr Leung should explain the payments, adding that he believed his colleagues would have the same view.27名泛民主派立法会议员之一Kenneth Yeung表示,梁振英应该解释这些款项,他补充说,他相信他的同事们也都有同样的看法。来 /201410/333780。

SEOUL, South Korea North Korea has announced that it will not accept any foreign tourists beginning Friday because of fears of the Ebola virus, three agencies that take tourists to the isolated country said on Thursday.韩国首尔——有三家组织游客前往与世隔绝的朝鲜观光的旅行社周四表示,出于对埃拉病毒的担忧,朝鲜已宣布,从周五开始不再接待任何外国游客。The news came as the country said it was stepping up inspections and quarantine measures at its main airport, borders and ports to guard against the sp of the deadly virus, which has killed thousands of people in the latest outbreak.传出这一消息的时候,朝鲜表示正在加强主要机场、边境和港口的检验检疫措施,以防止这一致命性病毒的扩散。在最近这轮疫情中,埃拉病毒已导致数千人死亡。“Three days ago, they said that anybody who’s been to West Africa would have to provide a doctor’s certificate stating that they don’t have Ebola,said Gareth Johnson of Young Pioneer Tours, a travel operator based in China. “And then today, they just said no foreign tourists at all.”“三天前,他们说所有去过西非的人必须提供医生的明,说明他们未携带埃拉,”位于中国的青年先锋旅行Young Pioneer Tours)的工作人员加雷思·约翰Gareth Johnson)说。“到了今天,他们干脆说不接待任何外国游客。”Mr. Johnson said that he had received the notice from his North Korean partners and that one of his tour guides who was visiting the North with a group of foreign tourists had also confirmed it through the authorities there. Mr. Johnson said his company had to cancel its plans to take a group of 20 tourists to the North on Monday.约翰逊表示,他是从朝鲜合作伙伴那里收到通知的,而且他手下的一名导游也从朝鲜当局那里实了这一消息。这名导游正带领一个外国游客团在朝鲜观光。约翰逊说,他的公司不得不取消了下周一带领0名游客组成的一个旅行团前往朝鲜的计划。He said the ban on entry for foreign tourists applied to all of North Korea. Mr. Johnson called it a “complete blanket ban,regardless of a foreign tourist’s origin. David Thompson of Juche Travel Services in London said his company was contacting all customers who have booked North Korean tours in the coming months. “At the moment, we do not know when the country will reopen its border to tourism,he said.他说,禁止外国游客入境的指令适用于朝鲜全境。约翰逊称其为不考虑游客来源地的“全面禁令”。伦敦自主旅行社(Juche Travel Services)的戴维·汤普森(David Thompson)表示,他的公司正在联系预订了未来几个月赴朝旅行的所有顾客。“目前,我们不知道朝鲜何时重新向旅游业开放边境,”他说。Nick Bonner at Koryo Tours, another China-based company that offers tours to North Korea, confirmed the ban but said it was still unclear whether North Korea was trying to ban all tourists or only those from regions that have had an Ebola outbreak.位于中国的另一家提供赴朝旅游务的公司高丽旅行Koryo Tours)的尼克·Nick Bonner)实了该禁令,但表示尚不清楚朝鲜是试图禁止所有游客,还是只禁止那些来自埃拉疫区的游客。Both Mr. Johnson and Mr. Bonner said they were not sure whether the ban would also affect foreign diplomats or businesspeople.约翰逊和纳均表示,不确定禁令是否也会波及外交官或外国商人。An official at the Beijing office of Air Koryo, the North Korean state airline, said that no flights to the capital, Pyongyang, had been canceled, indicating that nontourist visitors would still be allowed to enter.朝鲜官方航空公司高丽航空(Air Koryo)驻北京办事处的一名官员表示,没有任何飞往朝鲜首都平壤的航班被取消。这表明,非旅游人士依然能获准进入朝鲜。About 6,000 Western tourists visit North Korea each year, according to estimates tallied by NK News, a website that specializes in North Korean news. The State Department has warned Americans against traveling to the North after the country recently detained several American tourists on charges of committing hostile acts against the country.专门报道朝鲜消息的网站“朝鲜新闻NK News)估计,每年大约有6000名西方游客前去朝鲜观光。前不久,朝鲜以从事反对该国的敌对行为的罪名扣押了数名美国游客。此后,美国国务院告诫本国公民不要前往朝鲜。来 /201410/338310。