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Don't Be an April Fool! 整人有理,只在愚人节!If it is the morning of April 1 and you see some money on the ground, perhaps you should think twice before you pick it up. It might have been glued there by someone keen to turn you into an “April fool.” Remember: It is the first day of April, a day when people around the world enjoy playing tricks on each other.In the 16th century, the Roman Catholic Church decided that the calendar year in Europe would begin on January 1, instead of the original date of April 1. Some people were slow to accept the new rule, and others called them ignorant or stubborn. They became the first April fools.The tradition of playing tricks on this day most likely started in France. Victims there were known as “April fish,” possibly due to the ease with which newborn fish could be caught in the spring. Nowadays, it is still a custom among French children to tie paper fish to each others’ backs on April 1. 如果4月1号早上你看到地上有些钱,在把它捡起来之前你要三思。可能是有人很想把你变成“四月愚人”,而把钱粘在地上。记住:这可是4月1号,正是世界上的人享受彼此捉弄寻乐的日子。16世纪,罗马天主教教派决定将欧洲的年历改由1月1号开始,取代原来的4月1号。一些人一时无法适应这个新规定,而被其他人称为无知或固执。他们就成为第一批“四月愚人”。在这天捉弄人的传统最可能起源于法国。在那儿恶作剧的受害者被称为“四月鱼”,也许这与春天刚出生的幼鱼容易被捕捉有关。现在,在4月1日,互相把纸鱼绑在背后仍是法国孩子的习俗。 Article/200803/28867PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER EIGHTEENMr. Rochester's Story"Don't cry, Jane. I can't stand it. Please be calm," he cried."How can I be calm, when you're so angry?""I'm not angry, but I love you so much, and your pale little face looked so stern and decided." [-----1-----]."Jane!" he said sadly, "you don't love me, then?""Edward, I do love you," I answered, "more than ever. But this is the last time I can say it. I know now what I have to do, but you'll be so angry if I tell you.""Oh, tell me! If I'm angry, you can always start to cry," he said, smiling a little."Mr. Rochester, I must leave you. [-----2-----].""Of course, I told you we would leave here. I'll ignore that silly talk about you leaving me. You'll be Mrs. Rochester, and I'll be your husband until I die. We'll live together happily in the south of France. Now, Jane, don't shake your head, or I'll get angry.""Sir, your wife is alive," I said firmly. "[-----3-----], and I can't do that!""Edward, you're a fool!" he said suddenly to himself. "Jane, I haven't told you the whole story. You must know everything. Listen to me, Jane. Do you know what happened to my family's money, after my father died?""Mrs. Fairfax told me a little about it, sir." 填空 :1、He tried to put his arm around me, but I would not let him他想搂着我,但我不允许。2、I must live a new life, with strangers我必须和陌生人开始一种全新的生活。3、If I lived with you, I'd be your mistress如果我跟你一起生活,我就是你的情妇。 隐藏Vocabulary Focusdecided:坚定的,后面如接名词,用介词about。 Article/200906/72234I had just moved to San Antonio, Texas. I had gotten a job working for the tour bus service that would take tourists on a short tour of the city's historic places and would end up at the Alamo.   It was near closing time and I was driving back from my last tour of the day. It was a cool February day, and there wasn't anyone on my bus, I was on my way back from the San Fernando Catholic church. I was about to keep driving by when I saw a man dressed up in an old buckskin jacket and a large worn out hat. I was thinking to myself, that this person must be a re-enactor or something walking around. I stopped and opened the door and asked the man, "Need a ride?" He looked up at me and I finally saw how young he was. He was a teenager if not a teen or he had to be in his early twenties. Without saying anything he just walked on board and sat down in a seat behind me. I made sure that there wasn't any other people needing a ride somewhere and closed the door.   "Where you heading?" I asked him he looked up into the mirror at me and replied.  "I've got to get to the fort and report to Col. Travis that the Mexicans are here!" I laughed to myself thinking that this man was a serious re-enactor.   "I'm guessing you mean the Alamo?" I said back to him. I looked up at him in the mirror and saw that he wasn't smiling nor laughing. I just put my foot on the gas and started to drive away.   不久前我搬家去了德克萨斯州的圣安东尼奥,我在那找了份观光旅游车司机的工作,职责是开车载着游客去城里的名胜古迹参观,全程的终点在阿拉莫。  那天已经是快下班的时间了,我正跑着最后一趟车,因为那是在二月的一天,很冷,所以车上一个人都没有,我们刚刚离开了圣费尔南多大教堂返回阿拉莫。我正打算一路开下去,这时见到路边有个人穿着件旧鹿皮夹克,头上戴着顶破帽子。我心想,这肯定是个喜剧演员或者类似的什么人。我停下车,开了门问他,“要搭车吗?”他抬头看看我,这时我才发现原来他是个年轻的小伙子,也就是十几岁,或者顶多二十岁出头。他没说话,上了车坐在我后面的一个座位上。我看不会再有别人要搭车了,就关门开走了。  “你要去哪?”我问他。  他抬起头,从后视镜里看着我,回答道,“我要去堡垒向特拉维斯上校报告,墨西哥人冲过来了。”  我暗暗发笑,这还真是个认真的演员。  “你是要去阿拉莫吧?”我一边说一边也通过后视镜看看他,不过他可没笑,甚至是一脸的严肃。我把油门一踩到底,车子飞驰下去。 Article/200809/48704

Golf: There's nothing like it! 高尔夫 —— 没有比它更好的运动了!When most people think of golf, they probably think of Tiger Woods jet-setting to golf courses around the world winning prestigious tournaments and making a lot of money. It seems hard to believe that what is now an international sport and multimillion-dollar industry evolved from origins as humble as hitting a pebble around sand dunes with a stick.It is generally agreed that golf was first played in Scotland in the 15th century. Its popularity sp throughout the 16th century, and the first international golf match took place in 1682 between players from England and Scotland. Clubs began forming soon after, and concrete rules of the game were established.The Industrial Revolution brought a period of change for golf. Suddenly, with the mass production of golf clubs and balls, the average person could afford to play. New railway lines made it possible for people to go to the country for the day, and thus play on a different course every weekend. Golf was made an Olympic sport in 1900, by which time there were aly more than 1,000 golf courses in the ed States. The famous PGA was formed in 1916, and by 1944, the equally famous PGA tour consisted of 22 events and was held throughout the year. Legendary golfers Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player dominated the game from the 60s' into the 70s', wowing fans by winning almost all of the events they competed in. Nicklaus still holds an unbeaten record of five U.S. PGA championships, six U.S. Masters titles, and four U.S. Opens. These days, it is up to current stars like Tiger Woods and David Duval to keep spectators glued to the TV set. Even if you are not a big fan, why not head off to the driving range and have a go? More than 23 million players exist in the ed States alone, and they are all likely to tell you the same thing about golf: There's nothing like it! 大多数人一想到高尔夫球,可能就会想到泰格·伍兹乘喷气客机到世界各地的高尔夫球场赢得备受注目的锦标赛,并赚进大把的钞票。很难相信如今这个价值高达数百万美元的国际性工业,是从随便拿根棍子,在沙丘上挥打鹅卵石这种微不足道的运动发展起来的。 普遍认为高尔夫的第一场比赛是15世纪时在苏格兰举行的。它从16世纪开始普及起来,首场国际性高尔夫球赛就是在1682年举行的,选手均来自英格兰及苏格兰。不久,高尔夫俱乐部开始成立,同时也确立了具体的比赛规则。 工业革命为高尔夫运动带来了一段变革时期。突然间,随着高尔夫球杆及高尔夫球的大量生产,普通百姓也可以玩这项运动。到郊区的新火车路线使人们可以在比赛当天往返,因此每个周末可以在不同的球场打球。 1900年,高尔夫球正式成为奥林匹克的运动项目,那时美国已有上千个高尔夫球场。著名的职业高尔夫球员联盟于1916年成立;到1944年,同享盛名的职业高尔夫球员联盟巡回比赛,在1年内会举行22项比赛。 高尔夫球界的传奇人物──杰克·尼克芬斯,阿诺德·帕尔默,及加里·普莱耶一直称霸于60到70年代的高尔夫球坛。他们几乎囊括了所有的比赛奖项,使球迷们大为赞叹。尼克芬斯至今仍保持数项无人能破的辉煌记录:5座美国职业高尔夫锦标赛冠军、6次美国高尔夫精英赛冠军,及4个美国公开赛冠军头衔。现在,高尔夫则靠当红球星泰格·伍兹和大卫·杜瓦的魅力吸引球迷通过电视观看比赛。即使你不是头号球迷,为什么不前往高尔夫球练习场挥一挥杆,尝试一下?仅仅在美国就有两千三百万人从事高尔夫运动,对于高尔夫,他们可能会异口同声说:“没有比它更好的运动了!” Article/200803/28866

有声名著之少年维特的烦恼 Chapter10《少年维特的烦恼》小说的情节十分简单,年轻的维特来到一个小镇,这里的自然风光、淳朴的民风、天真快乐的儿童给予他极大的快乐。一次舞会上他认识了一个叫绿蒂的少女,她的一颦一笑、一举一动都让他倾倒;绿蒂也喜欢他,却不能予以爱的回报,她已与维特好友订婚。维特陷入了尴尬和痛苦,他毅然离开此地,力图从事业上得到解脱,有所成就,然而鄙陋的环境、污浊的人际关系、压抑个性窒息自由的现存秩序,都使他无法忍受,当他怀才不遇地重返绿蒂身边时,发现绿蒂已结婚,决定以死殉情,遂用一手结束了自己的生命。英文原著:少年维特的烦恼PDF文本下载 Article/200912/93170

Elizabeth lifted up her eyes in amazement, but was too much oppressed to make any reply. Mary, however, continued to console herself with such kind of moral extractions from the evil before them.伊丽莎白抬起眼睛来,神情很是诧异;她心里实在太郁闷,所以一句话也答不上来。可是曼丽还在往下说,她要从这件不幸的事例中阐明道德的精义,以便聊以自慰。In the afternoon, the two elder Miss Bennets were able to be for half-an-hour by themselves; and Elizabeth instantly availed herself of the opportunity of making any inquiries, which Jane was equally eager to satisfy. After joining in general lamentations over the dful sequel of this event, which Elizabeth considered as all but certain, and Miss Bennet could not assert to be wholly impossible, the former continued the subject, by saying, ;But tell me all and everything about it which I have not aly heard. Give me further particulars. What did Colonel Forster say? Had they no apprehension of anything before the elopement took place? They must have seen them together for ever. ;到了下午,两位年纪最大的有了半个钟头的时间可以在一起谈谈心。伊丽莎白不肯错过机会,连忙向吉英问东问西,吉英也连忙一一加以回答,好让放心。两先把这件事的不幸的后果共同叹息了一番。伊丽莎白认为一定会发生不幸的后果,吉英也认为难免。于是伊丽莎白继续说道:“凡是我不知道的情节,请你全部说给我听。请你谈得再详细一些。弗斯脱上校怎么说的?他们俩私奔之前,难道看不出一点形迹可疑的地方吗?照理应该常常看到他们两人在一起呀。”;Colonel Forster did own that he had often suspected some partiality, especially on Lydia#39;s side, but nothing to give him any alarm. I am so grieved for him! His behaviour was attentive and kind to the utmost. He WAS coming to us, in order to assure us of his concern, before he had any idea of their not being gone to Scotland: when that apprehension first got abroad, it hastened his journey. ;“弗斯脱上校说,他也曾怀疑过他们俩有情感,特别是怀疑丽迪雅,可是他并没有看出什么形迹,因此没有及时留意。我真为他难受。他为人极其殷勤善良。远在他想到他们两人并没有到苏格兰去的时候,他就打算上我们这儿来慰问我们。等到人心惶惶的时候,他连忙便赶来了。” ;And was Denny convinced that Wickham would not marry? Did he know of their intending to go off? Had Colonel Forster seen Denny himself?;“丹尼认为韦翰不会跟她结婚吗?他是否知道他们存心私奔?弗斯脱上校有没有见到丹尼本人?”;Yes; but, when questioned by HIM, Denny denied knowing anything of their plans, and would not give his real opinion about it. He did not repeat his persuasion of their not marrying--and from THAT, I am inclined to hope, he might have been misunderstood before. ;“见到的,不过他回到丹尼的时候,丹尼绝口否认,说是根本不知道他们私奔的打算,也不肯说出他自己对这件事究竟怎样看法。丹尼以后便没有再提起他们俩不会结婚之类的话。照这样看来,但愿上一次是我听错了他的话。”;And till Colonel Forster came himself, not one of you entertained a doubt, I suppose, of their being really married?;“我想弗斯脱上校没有到这儿以前,你们谁都没有怀疑到他们不会正式结婚吧?” Article/201204/178145

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