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  • The winner of a toilet paper wedding dress contest shows how cheap can be chic with her dress made out of jumbo rolls of bathroom tissue.一个厕纸婚纱比赛的获胜者用卷厕纸制成的婚纱向我们表明:时尚竟可以如此便宜Finalists in the contest showed how to reduce wedding costs, while showcasing the versatility of the material in New York on Wednesday.周三,进入决赛的参赛者在纽约向人们展示了如何节约婚礼开,同时也展现了厕纸的多样化用途Among the entrants were gowns embroidered with pearls and crystals with figure-hugging designs.入选决赛的婚纱当中有缀着珍珠和水晶的贴身裙装Susan Brennan from Orchard Lake, Michigan was crowned the winner the second year in a row, scooping the prize money of $,0 (pound;1,93).来自密歇根州果园湖的苏珊#86;布蕾南连续第二年成为获胜者,赢得美元(合93英镑)的奖金Ms Brennan dress was constructed out of rolls of toilet paper, which she managed to make in just a week.布蕾南的婚纱是用卷厕纸制成的,她只花了一个星期就做出了这条裙子;I wanted something really original, something young brides would want to wear,; the 6-year-old designer said.这位6岁的装设计师说:;我想做出那种很别致的婚纱,那种年轻新娘会想穿的婚纱;;It has the high-low hems, so your shoes can show, really fun back. So really fun with the cutouts very modern and it my little bohemian cupcake.;;这件婚纱有高低裙摆,这样你的鞋就能露出来背部设计也很有意思花样极具现代感,很有趣,还有,我的婚纱是略带波西米亚风格的杯形设计;The contest, which is in its eighth year, was created by Cheap-Chic-Weddings.com which operates a money-saving website prospective brides.这一比赛已经连续举办了八年,创办这一比赛的是;便宜#86;时尚#86;婚礼;网站,这是一家为准新娘们省钱出谋划策的网站 1886。
  • Bee House of Cards second season arrived streaming in China, the show got the type of free publicity that Hollywood producers can only dream of.早在《纸牌屋(House of Cards)第二季登陆中国之前,这部美剧就获得了一波好莱坞制片人做梦都不敢想的免费宣传A Hong Kong magazine reported that China anti-corruption tsar, a member of China powerful seven-man Politburo Standing Committee, was a big fan of the Netflix (NFLX) drama. The tsar was particularly impressed with the main character role in ensuring party discipline as Majority Whip in the U.S. House of Representatives.香港某周刊报道称,中共中央政治局七大常委之一、中纪委书记王岐山非常喜欢看这部由奈飞公司(Netflix)制作的剧集担任美国众议院多数党党鞭的主人公在确保党的纪律性方面发挥的作用给这位铁腕反腐的政府官员留下了尤为深刻的印象The story sp like wildfire across China social networks Sina Weibo, WeChat, and others. When the show finally became available two months later on Sohu.com, China third-largest content site and a scrappy underdog to Youku and Baidu site, stories in the U.S. press labeled it a huge hit and immensely popular with the Chinese, especially the realistic storyline involving a Sino billionaire fleeing corruption charges and growing diplomatic tensions between China and Japan.这段轶事在新浪微、微信等中国社交网络犹如野火一般迅速蔓延开来《纸牌屋终于在两个月后登陆中国第三大视频内容网站搜狐网(Sohu.com)【相较于优酷(Youku)和百度(Baidu)旗下的视频网站,生机勃勃的搜狐视频目前尚处于弱势地位】的时候,美国媒体纷纷报道称,这部剧集在中国大获成功,引发轰动效应,中国观众尤其喜欢该剧极具现实感的故事情节——一位中国亿万富豪逃离腐败指控,最终导致中美两国爆发外交争端But media hype and popularity are different beasts, and all the goodwill House of Cards gets in China, viewership numbers dont tell the story of a mega-hit. The show is like artisanal cheese made in Brooklyn -- the influential love it, but that doesnt make it a phenomenon across the U.S.但媒体炒作和人气终究不是一回事尽管《纸牌屋在中国备受好评,但收视数字显示,它并不是一部万人空巷、人人追看的超级剧集《纸牌屋就像布鲁克林区制作的手工奶酪:有影响力的人士都爱吃,但这并没有让它成为风靡全美的美味佳肴According to Sohu figures, House of Cards second season has 9 million views, which works out to . million views per episode. a eign show with plotlines that are difficult to follow even if you know U.S. Senate procedures, that impressive. But a hit? Country Love, a comedy about rural life in China northeast, recorded 360 million views in its latest season on Sohu, roughly 6 million per episode.根据搜狐提供的数字,《纸牌屋第二季目前累计获得了,900万的点击量,每一集的点击量大约为万次对于一部观众很难跟上情节主线(哪怕你了解美国参议院的议事程序)的外国电视剧来说,这样的收视成绩相当不错但说它是一部收视爆红的神剧就很牵强了《乡村爱情7,一部讲述中国东北地区农村生活的喜剧,在搜狐视频上获得了3.6亿次的点击量,每一集的点击量大约为600万次;The numbers dont support the argument that House of Cards is super important,; says Jeremy Goldkorn, a consultant in Beijing who tracks Chinese media his firm Danwei and recently binge watched House of Cards new season. He says the show is, however, ;popular amongst a demographic that is influential and significant -- urban white collars, intellectuals, journalists, and apparently government officials.;“这些数字并不持《纸牌屋的收视率超高这种论断,”常驻北京的咨询师金玉米这样说道金玉米一直为他的公司单位网(Danwei)追踪中国传媒动态,他本人最近也如痴如醉地看完了《纸牌屋最新一季然而,他说,这部美剧“深受有影响力的受众欢迎,比如说都市白领、知识分子、记者,显然还包括政府官员”In the U.S., a similar pattern has emerged. The Atlantic website threw cold water on the idea ofHouse of Cards being a conventional TV hit. The writer, Derek Thompson, has it right:美国也出现了类似的情形《大西洋月刊(The Atlantic)网站给《纸牌屋是一部传统的热播剧集这种说法泼了一瓢冷水作者德里克#86;汤普森点出了问题的要害:;It no coincidence that the programs selected to please a small, educated audiences are celebrated by the small, educated TV writers who ignore what everybody else is watching.;“有些电视节目专门用来取悦少数文化程度高的观众,它们能得到到少数文化程度高、无视别人收视喜好的电视人的喝,这种现象其实并不是什么巧合”In China, what everybody else is watching is the same kind of easy-to-follow fare that works in the U.S. Although tracking what popular here can be tough because China government doesnt allow top lists of movies and television, partly to discourage producers from endlessly copying the most popular shows in lieu of creating new ones, Sohu does release a list of its most popular streaming content. Its top seven TV shows: Diors Man, Village Love, Real Man, Heros of Sui, andTang Dynasties, The Heroes, The Ladybros, Love of Parents.与美国一样,绝大多数中国观众正在收看那些容易跟上故事情节的剧集由于中国政府不允许发布电影和电视剧收视率前名榜单(部分目的是为了阻止制作公司无休止地模仿最受欢迎的节目,而不是潜心创作新节目),局外人很难追踪中国的热播影视动态尽管如此,我们依然可以从搜狐视频发布的流媒体内容收视榜单中看出一些端倪排名前7位的电视剧分别是:《屌丝男士、《乡村爱情、《大丈夫、《隋唐英雄、《封神英雄榜、《新闺蜜时代和《父母爱情All those generate many multiples more viewers than House of Cards, but get little press in the West. Goldkorn says CBS Big Bang Theory is the show to compare to House of Cards in China. Both are eign and widely available. Unlike House of Cards, Big Bang doesnt get loads of press its popularity in China. But Big Bang is easily more popular -- the latest season alone recorded 1 million views, according to Sohu, or 7 million per episode.这些剧集吸引的观众数量数倍于《纸牌屋的粉丝,但并没有受到西方媒体关注金玉米说,CBS(哥伦比亚广播公司)的剧集《生活大爆炸(Big Bang Theory)与《纸牌屋具有一定的可比性两者都是在中国很方便收看的美剧与《纸牌屋不同,《生活大爆炸并没有因为它在中国备受欢迎而受到媒体连篇累牍的报道但《生活大爆炸显然更受青睐——根据搜狐的数据,这部剧集单是最新一季就斩获了1.亿次的点击量,每一集的点击量大约为700万次Most of my Chinese friends have at some point mentioned Big Bang to me; I havent yet talked about House of Cards. But in the press, you rarely this. ;Big Bang doesnt seem to push the same buttons,; says Goldkorn.我的大部分中国朋友都曾经向我提起过《生活大爆炸;我还没有跟他们讨论过《纸牌屋但在媒体上,你几乎看不到这一点金玉米说:“《生活大爆炸似乎没有获得同等的关注”Writers often equate popularity in Beijing and Shanghai, China biggest cities and where manyHouse of Cards viewers live, popularity in China. It an easy error to make. They are the Mainland richest cities, but their populations amount to just 3% of the country as a whole. That the equivalent of using New York City and half of Chicago to describe America.电视人往往把一部剧集在北京和上海的人气等同于它在整个中国的受欢迎程度这是一个很容易犯的错误北京和上海是中国内地最大、最富裕的城市,拥有许多《纸牌屋粉丝,但这两座城市的居民人数仅占中国全国总人口的3%电视人这样做,其实就相当于用纽约市和半个芝加哥来描绘整个美国You cant say House of Cards hasnt piqued interest in the Middle Kingdom. The prospect of a Washington political drama, distributed exclusively online in the U.S., being released simultaneously in China, and gaining millions of viewers in the process, was unfathomable a few years ago. But in China, perception and reality are often different in a country of 1.3 billion consumers.不过,不能说《纸牌屋并没有激起中国观众的收看热情仅仅几年前,我们还难以想象一部在美国网络独播、以华府政治斗争为主题的情节剧竟然能够在中国同步播出,而且还能受到数百万观众的垂青但在中国这样一个拥有亿消费者的国家,感觉和现实往往是两码事 00。
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