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2019年09月19日 10:58:16 | 作者:最新优惠 | 来源:新华社
German officials reacted ominously Monday to the latest allegations of U.S. spying, saying that the affair threatened to make a return to ‘business as usualimpossible.德国官员周一就美国在德国从事间谍活动的最新指控表现出的反应给人以不祥之感。他们表示,这起事件可能将导致德美关系再无可能回归“一切如常”的轨道。The air over Germany has been thick with moral outrage over the weekend after revelations that an employee of Germany’s secret service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND, had been arrested on suspicion of passing information to the CIA in return for cash payments.上周末,一位供职于德国联邦情报局(BND)的雇员因为涉嫌向美国中央情报局(CIA)传递情报以获取现金报酬而被捕。消息一经披露,德国上下一片哗然,群情激奋。Reports citing political and diplomatic sources said the employee had passed information to the CIA from the very parliamentary committee that Germany set up last year to look into allegations made by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden.相关报道援引政治和外交消息源称,这位雇员是从一个议会委员会向中情局传递情报的,而德国去年成立这个委员会正是为了审查美国国家安全局(NSA)前分析师爱德华o斯诺登曝光的美国间谍活动。According to the newspaper Bild-Zeitung, officials swooped when the man tried to sell information to Russia. But as they made the arrest, he admitted “I’ve been selling to the Americans for two years aly!”据德国《图片报Bild-Zeitung)报道,就在这名男子试图向俄罗斯出售情报那一刻,他被执法官员一举捕获。但他在被捕后承认,“我一直在向美国人出卖情报,已经两年了!”The furore over Snowden’s disclosures–including accusations that the U.S. had tapped the mobile phone of Chancellor Angela Merkel–has never really died down.斯诺登此前披露称,美国曾经窃听德国总理默克尔的手机。这些指控引发的怒火从未真正平息过。Currently on an official visit to China, Merkel told a press conference that, if confirmed, the “seriousallegations “would be for me a clear contradiction of what I consider to be trusting cooperation between agencies and partners.”目前正在中国进行国事访问的默克尔在一个记者招待会上表示,如果得到实,这些“严重”指控“显然跟我所认为的两国机构的互信合作关系背道而驰。”Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier also weighed in, saying that if it’s confirmed that U.S. services are involved, “it will become a political issue and we can’t just get back to business as usual,Reuters reported.路透社(Reuters)报道称,德国外交部长弗兰瓦尔特o施泰因迈尔也发表了自己的看法。他说,如果实美国情报机构参与了这起事件,“它将成为一个政治问题,我们根本无法重建正常关系。”Lower-ranking officials have been less restrained, with senior Bundestag members calling for the expulsion of the BND agent’s U.S. handlers from Germany.低级别官员就没这么克制了,一部分联邦议院的资深议员甚至呼吁德国政府将这位BND雇员的美国联络人驱逐出境。The newspaper Bild-Zeitung, meanwhile, reported Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere as telling colleagues that they should be prepared to get themselves “a 360-degree viewby spying back on Germany’s western allies such as U.S., U.K. and France.《图片报》同时报道称,内政部长托马斯o德迈齐埃告知同事,他们应该做好万全准备,让自己获得“一60度的视角”,对美英法等德国西方盟友进行反刺探。The Interior Ministry didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but any such step would represent a dramatic watershed in post-war German policy. Acutely conscious of the excesses of the Nazi-era Gestapo and the communist East German Stasi, spying is something the Federal Republic would still rather pretend it didn’t have to do–especially if by doing so it casts doubt on its anchoring in the Atlantic alliance.内政部没有立即回应记者的置评请求,但任何此类动作都将成为德国战后政策一道颇具戏剧性的分水岭。德意志联邦共和国一直对纳粹时期的盖世太保和东德秘密警察的猖獗活动十分敏感,一直假装自己没必要从事间谍活动——特别是,如果德国搞这一套,外界对德国在大西洋联盟中的柱作用产生怀疑。Attempts by Merkel to agree a mutual “no spyingarrangement with the U.S. were rejected by Washington last year.默克尔去年曾试图与美国签署“互不刺探”协定,但遭到华盛顿拒绝。Snowden’s disclosures have aly encouraged some in Germany to hold back in the new free trade initiative between the E.U. and the U.S., known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP. U.S. internet and digital giants are set to be among the biggest beneficiaries of those talks.斯诺登曝光的间谍活动已经鼓励一些德国官员阻止欧盟和美国签订新的自由贸易协定——跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴协议(Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership,简称TTIP)。美国互联网和数字巨头将是这些贸易谈判的最大受益者之一。“Free trade and spying don’t mix,said Ralf Stegner, a deputy head of the Social Democratic Party (Merkel’s coalition partners), told the newspaper Handelsblatt.社会民主党(默克尔执政联盟伙伴)副党魁拉尔夫o斯特格纳对德囀?商报Handelsblatt)说:“自由贸易和间谍活动不可调和。 /201407/310986Bombing Isis oil infrastructure will not be enough to cripple the financing of the jihadi war machine, western intelligence assessments indicate, as the scale and intricacy of the economy it runs becomes clear.西方情报评估显示,轰炸“伊斯兰国”组ISIS)的石油基础设施将不足以削弱圣战分子战争机器的资金来源。ISIS经济的规模和复杂细节正变得清晰起来。The US-led coalition against Isis last week celebrated having killed the head of its financial affairs, Abu Salah. President Barack Obama hailed the killing on Monday as part of a concerted effort to strike the jihadi group and its leadership “harder than ever以美国为首的联军上周欢呼打死ISIS财务主管阿布萨拉Abu Salah)。美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)周一称赞打死萨拉赫的行动,称其为协同努力的一部分,这种协同努力的目的是“比以往任何时候都更狠地”打击这个圣战集团及其领导层。But in a Financial Times investigation into Isis finances, several senior intelligence officials and diplomats have said that without a ground campaign it will be hard to stop Isis from financing its core operations and paying the more than 30,000 fighters who make up the backbone of its military force.但在英国《金融时报》对ISIS财政展开的调查中,多名高级情报官员和外交官都表示,在无意卷入地面作战的情况下,很难阻止ISIS向其核心行动输送资金,以及向构成其军事力量主体的万名作战人员付薪水。One coalition intelligence official said that Isis was estimated to possess sufficient reserves and a viable income stream to keep its military operations running at their current level for three years. When the coalition began its bombing campaign in October 2014, the official said, the assessment had been that Isis would begin to feel a squeeze on its finances within 12 months.联军的一名情报官员表示,据估计,ISIS拥有足够储备和靠得住的收入来源,可在目前水平上维持三年的军事行动。这名官员承认,当联军在20140月开始轰炸时,相关评估是ISIS将在12个月内开始感受到财政紧张。Based on documents and dozens of interviews with former Isis commanders, Iraqi and Syrian officials in Isis territory, and coalition diplomats, the FT has produced its own assessment of the Isis balance sheet.根据文件和对数十名ISIS前指挥官、ISIS地盘内的伊拉克和叙利亚官员,以及联军外交官的采访,英囀?金融时报》对ISIS的资产负债表作出了自己的评估。In the past year, the jihadi terror group has raked in almost as much revenue from looting, confiscations often thinly veiled in religious rhetoric and taxation as it has from oil, its primary funding resource, the investigation found. Before the coalition started targeting Isis oil wells last month, the group was estimated to earn as much as 0m a year from oil.调查发现,在过去一年里,这个圣战恐怖组织从掠夺、没收(往往以牵强的宗教说辞为借口)和税收获得的财政收入,几乎和石油(其主要资金来源)一样多。在联军上月开始空中打击ISIS油井之前,该组织估计每年从石油赚取高.5亿美元。In total, Isis makes close to 0m a year, the FT’s analysis indicates, with about two-thirds of that ploughed back into its war machine.英国《金融时报》的分析显示,ISIS每年的总收入接亿美元,其中约三分之二被投入它的战争机器。But its core fighting force, comprising principally foreign recruits to the “caliphate costs just 0m-0m annually, underlining how the jihadis could weather a big hit to their revenue.但其核心战斗力量——主要由“哈里发”的外国应召者组成——每年仅耗资2亿至2.5亿美元,突显这个圣战恐怖分子能够承受对其财政收入的沉重打击。About m is spent every month to pay for the core fighters. A further m-m is spent on local fighters and auxiliaries. Estimates from coalition intelligence officials vary, but most agree that the core force is at least 30,000-strong, with 50,000-70,000 more split between local members, auxiliary and part-time forces.ISIS每月要向核心作战人员付大约2000万美元,还要向当地作战人员和辅助人员付1500万至2000万美元。联军情报官员的估算各不相同,但多数都认为,核心力量的人数至少有3万,还有共计5万至7万的当地成员、辅助人员和兼职力量。Via looting and confiscations of the towns they have overrun in Iraq and Syria, the jihadis have amassed reserves of more than bn, according to US and European intelligence officials.据美国和欧洲情报官员分析,通过掠夺和洗劫他们在伊拉克和叙利亚攻占的城镇,圣战者积累了0亿美元储备。Much of the income in recent months has come from sources which will be hard for the coalition to disrupt without risk of civilian casualties or even humanitarian disaster.近几个月有很大一部分收入来自联军很难在避免平民伤亡甚至人道主义灾难的情况下进行破坏的来源。A foreign fighter for Isis receives a base salary of up to 0 a month topped up with benefits, ranging from 0 a month as an emigration bonus, war spoils and allowances for wives and enslaved women.ISIS的外国作战人员每月获得至50美元的基本工资,外加各种福利——从每月200美元的移民奖金、战利品,到妻子和奴役女性的津贴。On average, it amounts to around 0, according to fighters from Isis territory.据ISIS地盘上的作战人员介绍,平均而言,这相当于每月收入约800美元。Other priority areas of Isis spending include its internal security apparatus, comprising the morality police, the hisba, and the secret police, the amniyat. The FT investigation indicates that Isis spends as much as m a month on internal security.ISIS的其他优先出领域包括其内部安全机器,主要是道德警察hisba和秘密警察amniyat。英囀?金融时报》调查显示,ISIS在内部保卫上每月出高达1500万美元。Other areas of government, such as healthcare and education, receive less than m a month between them.其它政府职能领域,如医疗和教育,每月总共得到的经费不000万美元。来 /201512/416538

The French government said it would deploy 10,000 troops to bolster security at vulnerable sites and take other measures to combat Islamist extremism as the political unity displayed since last week’s terrorist attacks began to fray.法国政府宣布将部万兵力的部队加强脆弱地点的保安,并采取其它措施打击伊斯兰主义极端分子。与此同时,上周恐怖袭击之后呈现的政治团结开始出现裂痕。Jean-Yves Le Drian, defence minister, said the troops would be sent to unspecified points by this evening in a mobilisation he described as unique in scale for domestic duties. The authorities also sent 5,000 police officers to protect Jewish schools and synagogues.法国国防部长伊夫#8226;勒德里昂(Jean-Yves Le Drian)表示,部队将最迟在周二晚间部署到位。他表示,以这样的规模调动军队执行国内任务是独特的。有关部门还将调000警力保护犹太学校和犹太教堂。The government is also looking to boost resources for the intelligence agencies, to improve their electronic surveillance capabilities and stop Islamist extremists from radicalising other Muslims in prison, said Manuel Valls, the prime minister. The justice ministry said 152 Islamist extremists were behind bars.法国总理马努埃尔#8226;瓦尔Manuel Valls)表示,政府还将设法增加情报机构的资源,提高他们的电子监视能力,并阻止伊斯兰主义极端分子在监狱里对其他穆斯林灌输激进理念。司法部称,目前52名伊斯兰主义极端分子在押。Mr Valls, a former interior minister, was the first to acknowledge “failingsof the intelligence services on Friday after the bloody end to a double hostage crisis in which three homegrown jihadis were killed by special forces.曾担任内政部长的瓦尔斯,是上周五危机结束后首个承认情报机构存在“不足之处”的高官。这场两次有人质被劫持的危机以血腥收尾,特种部队击毙了三名土生土长的圣战分子。But cracks are beginning to appear in the united political front displayed by France’s political leaders in huge rallies in Paris and other cities on Sunday, as further evidence of the attackersactivities and links to other extremists emerge.但是,随着有关袭击者活动及其与其他极端分子联系的进一步据浮出水面,法国领导人周日在巴黎和其他城市举行的大规模集会中展现的团结政治立场开始出现裂缝。Cherif Kouachi, one of the two gunmen who attacked Charlie Hebdo, was thought to have been radicalised during a spell in prison by a fellow inmate Djamel Beghal, an Islamist who plotted to bomb the US embassy in Paris in 2001.袭击《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo)的两名手之一谢里#8226;库阿Cherif Kouachi),据信是在监狱刑期间被伊斯兰主义狱友Djamel Beghal灌输激进理念的,后者曾001年策划要炸巴黎的美国大使馆。Cherif Kouachi and Amedy Coulibaly, who killed four people in a Jewish supermarket and a police woman, visited Mr Beghal in rural Auvergne where he was under house arrest.谢里#8226;库阿奇以及打死一名女警察、后来又在一家犹太超市打死四人的阿米#8226;库利巴利(Amedy Coulibaly),曾到奥弗涅的农村地区拜访软禁中的Beghal。Kouachi was under surveillance by the intelligence services from November 2011 until December 2013, and his brother, Said, the other Charlie Hebdo attacker, until June 2014, Le Monde newspaper reported.据法囀?世界报Le Monde)报道,谢里夫#8226;库阿奇曾0111月至20132月期间受到情报机构的监视,而他的哥哥萨伊德#8226;库阿Said Kouachi)——袭击《查理周刊》的另一名手——在2014月之前受到监视。Opposition politicians are pressing for a commission of inquiry to investigate the attacks and authoritiesfailure to prevent them. Some are also calling for a French equivalent of the US Patriot Act, which, on a renewable basis, strengthened powers of surveillance and detention and weakened judicial protection of defendants.反对党人士纷纷要求成立一个正式的调查委员会,对上周恐怖袭击和有关部门未能防止袭击展开调查。一些人还呼吁仿照美国的《爱国者法Patriot Act)出台新法律,在定期更新的基础上加强监视和拘留的权力,并削弱对被告人的司法保护。“y should not prevent lucidity,Nicolas Sarkozy, leader of the conservative UMP party, told RTL radio yesterday. “Questions need to be answered: What exactly happened? How could it have been averted? How to make sure the same causes do not lead to the same consequences.”“团结不应阻止事情明朗化,”保守派政党人民运动联盟UMP)的领袖尼古拉#8226;萨科Nicolas Sarkozy)昨日对RTL电台表示。“有一些问题需要回答:究竟发生了什么?这事怎么才能避免?如何确保相同的原因不导致相同的后果?”Only hours after he stood with President Fran#231;ois Hollande and more than 50 foreign leaders in an antiterrorism rally in the capital, Mr Sarkozy dived into the delicate topics of immigration and Islam.与弗朗索#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)总统0余位外国领导人并肩参加巴黎的反恐大游行仅仅数小时后,萨科齐就谈到了有关移民和伊斯兰教的敏感话题。Tensions within French society are “strongand the country is close to descending “from national unity into national confrontation he said.他说,法国社会内部的紧张是“强烈的”,国家正接近“从举国团结陷入国内对抗”。“Immigration is not linked to terrorism, but it complicates things,Mr Sarkozy added.“移民与恐怖主义并无关联,但它使情况复杂化,”萨科齐补充说。“We can’t go on like that. Immigration, which we have so much difficulty in limiting, makes integration more difficult, which then fuels ghettoisation,which then allows individuals such as the Charlie Hebdo terrorists to “sneak in“我们不能再这样下去了。我们很难限制的移民,加大了社会融合的难度,助长了贫民区化,”进而让诸如袭击《查理周刊》的恐怖分子之类的一些人“混杂其中”。Mr Sarkozy’s comments highlight concerns among the French political establishment that the anti-immigration National Front party may gain from or seek to exploit the tragedy that left 17 dead at the hands of three Islamist extremists.萨科齐的言论凸显了法国政界人士的担忧,即反移民的国民阵National Front)可能会受益于——或寻求利用——导7名无辜者死于三个伊斯兰主义极端分子之手的惨剧。The former president, who is intent on wooing back National Front voters, was quick to offer ideas. He suggested the creation of a bipartisan parliamentary committee to look at possible intelligence lapses and an increase in the number of armed policemen on the streets. He said France should expel any imam who expressed ideas that were not in line with the interests of the Republic, and urged the Muslim community to help tackle the problem of religious extremism.有意从国民阵线夺回选民的这位前总统,很快提供了思路。他提议成立一个两党议会委员会以调查可能存在的情报失误,并增加在街头执勤的佩警察的数量。他表示,若有任何伊斯兰教领袖散布不符合共和国利益的观念,法国就应将其驱逐出境,他还敦促穆斯林社区帮助对付宗教极端主义问题。Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right populist party that came first in last year’s European elections, complained yesterday that the government, by not formally inviting her to the march in Paris, had chosen to “exclude 25 per cent of Frenchvoters.极右翼的民粹主义政党国民阵线在去年的欧洲议会选举中得票率领先,该党领袖马#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)昨日抱怨,政府没有正式邀请她参加巴黎大游行,此举相当于“排除了25%的法国”选民。来 /201501/354175

Yemen’s violent conflict has intensified in the run up to a five-day ceasefire scheduled to start on Tuesday as aid experts warn that the war-ravaged country is close to a “humanitarian catastrophe在定于周二开始的为期5天的停火开始之前,也门的暴力冲突已大大升级。救援专家警告说,这一饱受战火蹂躏的国家已接近一场“人道主义灾难”。The Saudi-led coalition, which launched an aerial bombing campaign in March to dislodge Houthi rebels who had seized control of the capital, struck the northern city of Saada at the weekend after proposing the ceasefire. Reports also emerged that Saudi warplanes had bombed the Sana’a home of the Houthisally, former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who later spoke to news channels outside the damaged building.今年3月,以沙特为首的多国联盟向也门发动了空袭,以赶走已控制也门首都的胡塞(Houthi)叛军。周末,该同盟轰炸了也门北部城市萨达,并宣布了将于周二开始停火的消息。还有报道称,沙特战机轰炸了胡塞武装盟友、也门前总统阿卜杜拉#8226;萨利Ali Abdullah Saleh)位于萨那的住宅。萨利赫后来在被这栋被毁坏的建筑前,向新闻媒体发表了讲话。In spite of the renewed strikes on the Houthisheartland, the group said it would accept “any truce that will service the nation’s welfare尽管胡塞武装的核心地带遭遇了新一轮空袭,该组织已表示会接受“任何有利也门国家利益的停火协议”。But the UN’s humanitarian co-ordinator for Yemen said on Saturday that the “indiscriminate bombing which came after a four-hour warning, contravened international humanitarian law.不过,联合国也门人道主义协调员约翰内#8226;范德库拉Johannes van der Klaauw)周六表示,在警告四小时就后发动“狂轰滥炸”的行为,违反了国际人道主义法律。“Many civilians are effectively trapped in Saada, as they are unable to access transport because of fuel shortages,Johannes van der Klaauw said in a statement.他在一份声明中表示:“由于燃料紧缺导致无法搭乘交通工具,许多市民实际上被困在了萨达。”A Saudi-led blockade of the country has been in place since late March and has nearly exhausted Yemen’s dwindling supplies of fuel and food.月底以来,沙特已带头对也门实施了封锁。这一举措令也门日渐减少的燃料及食品供应接近枯竭。Petrol stations have aly run dry in the capital, Sana’a, residents say, while supplies are so scarce in north Yemen that prices have risen as much as tenfold, according to charity Oxfam.萨那居民表示,该市各加油站的油料早已用光。同时,根据慈善机构乐施Oxfam)的说法,由于也门北部物资供应匮乏,当地物价已升至原来的十倍。Supplies of staples such as rice as well as medicines and other basic goods are also running out and cannot be transported because of fuel shortages, aid officials say, with one government economist estimating that northwest Yemen could run out of basic goods within two weeks.此外,救援官员表示,大米等主食、药品及其他基本物资也已耗尽,而燃料短缺则导致这些物资无法运抵当地。一名政府经济学家估计,也门西北部的基本物资或许会在两周内耗尽。Aid workers and government officials also warn that fuel shortages pose a grave threat to Yemen’s water and electricity supplies, as well as to its transport network, amid predictions that the country of 24m people will grind to a halt.救援人员及政府官员还警告说,除了运输网络,燃油紧缺还严重威胁到也门的水电供应。同时,多方预计这个2400万人的国家将陷入停顿。“The idea that the country will come to a complete standstill is very real,Mr van der Klaauw told the FT last week.上周,范德库拉乌告诉英国《金融时报》:“那种认为也门将陷入彻底停顿的想法非常现实。”“It’s very, very alarming we need to address the humanitarian crisis before it is too late.”“我们需在一切都已太晚之前,解决这场人道主义危机——这一点非常非常令人担心。”来 /201505/374628

Moscow (AFP) - Russia responded angrily onSaturday to news that US senators had passed a bill calling for fresh sanctions against Moscow and the supply of lethal military aid to Ukraine.莫斯科(法新社)——美国参议院通过了一项法案要求对俄罗斯实施新的制裁并向乌克兰提供军事援助,俄罗斯周六对此做出了愤怒的回应;Undoubtedly, we will not be able toleave this without a response,; deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov told Interfax news agency ahead of a meeting between the Russian and US foreign ministers.“毫无疑问,在这种情况下,我们肯定得做出回应,”在美俄外交部长会面之前,俄罗斯副外交部长如是说。The Senate bill -- dubbed the Ukraine Freedom Support Act -- must still be approved by the White House, which has so far been reluctant to provide direct military assistance to Ukraine for fear of being drawn into a proxy war with Russia.这项叫做《乌克兰自由持法案》的参议院法案仍然需要经由白宫审批。由于担心与俄罗斯发生代理人战争,白宫目前为止还没有向乌克兰直接提供军事援助。Ryabkov blamed ;anti-Russian moods; in the ed States for the bill passed on Friday, which calls foradditional sanctions against Russia and the delivery of up to 0 million (280 million euros) worth of US military hardware to Ukraine.俄罗斯副外长认为美国“反俄的情绪”才使得这项法案在周五得以通过,该法案要求对俄罗斯实施新的制裁,并向乌克兰提供最5000万美元价值的军备援助。The eight-month conflict between government forces and pro-Russian separatists has left at least 4,634 dead and 10,243 wounded, while displacing more than 1.1 million people, according to new figures released by the ed Nations.乌克兰政府军与倾俄叛军8个月以来的战斗至少已经导634人死亡和10243人受伤,并使10万人无家可归,这是联合国的数据。来 /201412/348490

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