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哈尔滨哪家医院看乳腺病哈尔滨什么医院看不孕不育症好Maurice Cloutier has chronic heart failure. He and his doctor credit his regular attendance at a cardiac rehabilitation program with keeping him out of the hospital. 莫里斯·克卢捷(Maurice Cloutier)患有慢性心力衰竭。他和他的医生将其不用住院的原因归功于定期参加心脏康复计划。Such rehabilitation programs are opening up to more people with chronic heart failure, one of medicine#39;s most debilitating and costly illnesses, following a recent change in Medicare reimbursement rules. After nearly a decade of deliberation, Medicare officials decided to cover cardiac rehabilitation for these patients, clearing a big obstacle to supervised exercise and counseling programs for hundreds of thousands of people. 如何应对心力衰竭?慢性心力衰竭是医学中最易使人衰弱、治疗成本最高的疾病之一。在“医疗保险计划”(Medicare)报销规定近期发生变化之后,此类康复计划开始向更多这类患者开放。经过近10年的仔细考虑后,“医疗保险计划”官员决定为这些患者偿付心脏康复费用,从而清除了数十万人进行有看护的锻炼及加入咨询计划的一大障碍。#39;This takes the most disabled heart patients and gives them a chance to improve their functional capacity and quality of life,#39; said Philip Ades, medical director of cardiac rehabilitation at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vt., and Mr. Cloutier#39;s doctor. #39;Twenty years ago we told them to go sit in an arm chair. Now we can hand you back part of your life.#39; 佛蒙特州伯灵顿弗莱彻艾伦医疗中心(Fletcher Allen Health Care)心脏康复医务主任菲利普·埃兹(Philip Ades)说:“它囊括了行动最不便的心脏病患者,为他们提供了提高身体机能和改善生活质量的机会。在20年前我们会让他们在扶手椅中静坐,现在我们能让你恢复一部分正常生活。”Heart failure is a chronic condition in which the heart can#39;t pump a sufficient supply of blood to deliver oxygen to other organs in the body. It results in shortness of breath, fatigue and edema, a buildup of fluids in the lungs and extremities such as the ankles. Some 6.5 million Americans are living with heart failure. An additional 650,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, according to the American Heart Association, though Medicare data suggest the number is higher. Heart failure is the most common reason Medicare beneficiaries end up in the hospital. Though Medicare has long covered cardiac rehab for patients recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery, the burgeoning population of heart-failure patients has largely been left out. 心力衰竭是一种慢性疾病,病因是心脏无法泵出足够的血液为其他身体器官提供氧气。它会引发呼吸短促、疲劳和水肿(即液体积聚在肺部和脚踝等手足部位)等症状。美国约有650万人患有心力衰竭。美国心脏协会(American Heart Association,简称“AHA”)的数据显示,每年还有65万人被新诊断出患上该疾病。不过“医疗保险计划”的数据显示,新患者的数目比这个数字更高。心力衰竭是“医疗保险计划”受益者住院最常见的原因。尽管“医疗保险计划”早就为因心脏病发作或心脏病手术而实施心脏康复的患者偿付费用,但队伍不断壮大的心力衰竭患者中的多数人都被排除在外。A big factor in Medicare#39;s decision was a 2,300-patient study called HF-Action, published five years ago. It found three weekly exercise sessions over 12 weeks were associated, after certain adjustments, with a modest 11% reduction in death and hospitalizations among patients with heart failure. 美国“医疗保险计划”的官员之所以决定扩大偿付范围,一个重要因素是五年前发表的一项名为“HF-Action”的研究。它对2,300名患者展开了研究,结果发现经过某些调节后,每周三次、共持续12周的锻炼计划与心力衰竭患者的死亡率和住院率温和下降11%存在关联。Dr. Ades, who is also a professor at University of Vermont College of Medicine, and other experts for the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, the American College of Cardiology, AHA and the Heart Failure Society of America, used the HF-Action data and other recent research as the basis of their argument to Medicare to extend coverage for cardiac rehab. 埃兹医生也是佛蒙特大学(University of Vermont)医学院的教授,他与来自美国心血管与肺康复协会(American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation)、美国心脏病学会(American College of Cardiology)、AHA、美国心力衰竭学会(Heart Failure Society of America)的其他专家运用了HF-Action的数据及其他的最新研究,将它们作为说“医疗保险计划”官员扩大心脏康复报销范围的理据基础。Medicare officials were persuaded by the quality of the study, the benefit of a physician-supervised exercise program, and the counseling component to guide lifestyle and other changes. #39;When you look at the big picture, it was a positive step forward#39; to extend coverage, said Tamara Syrek-Jensen, acting director for the coverage and analysis group at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which administers the Medicare program. 医疗保险计划的官员被该研究的质量、医生看护锻炼计划的好处,以及指导生活方式及其他变化的咨询计划所说。医疗保险计划管理方——医疗保险与医疗救助务中心(Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)负责偿付与分析的代理主任塔玛拉·希赖克-詹森(Tamara Syrek-Jensen)说:“从全局来看,(扩大偿付范围)是个积极的进步。”Patients and clinicians hope increased access to a structured exercise program will not only improve and prolong patients#39; lives but reduce hospital admissions -- and missions. An estimated 17% of the 42 million elderly beneficiaries of Medicare have a heart-failure diagnosis and account for about 800,000 hospital admissions a year. 患者与医生希望,提供更多的机会供患者参加有组织的锻炼计划,不仅会改善患者的生活,延长他们的寿命,还能降低住院以及再次住院的数量。医疗保险计划的4,200万名早期受益者中估计有17%的人被诊断患有心力衰竭,每年因此住院的数量为80万人次。But patients with heart failure are often frailand much sicker than the type of patients most cardiac-rehab programs are used to working with. #39;They have low confidence in what they can do physically,#39; said Randal Thomas, preventive cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. #39;To convince people they can benefit is going to be a bit of a challenge.#39; 但是,心力衰竭患者往往比过去大多数心脏康复计划务的患者更虚弱,病情更严重。明尼苏达州罗彻斯特梅约医院(Mayo Clinic)的心脏病预防医生兰德尔·托马斯(Randal Thomas)说:“他们对自己能从事什么体力活动信心不足,让他们相信他们能从中获益会有一定难度。”Many heart-failure patients struggle to climb a flight of stairs, go grocery shopping or perform other routine daily activities. They commonly have other medical problems as well that complicate their treatment. Fifty percent of people diagnosed with heart failure die within five years. 许多心力衰竭患者爬一段楼梯、购买食品杂货或者做些其他日常活动时非常费力。他们通常还患有其他病症,这让他们的治疗变得更为复杂。被诊断患有心力衰竭的患者有50%的人在五年内去世。Although patients recovering from a heart attack or open heart surgery are routinely urged to get on their feet and exercise as soon as they are stable, patients and doctors alike have been skeptical that it would be safe for people with heart failure to engage in strenuous activity. But #39;the safety in the HF-Action trial was very significant,#39; said Nancy Houston Miller, associate director of the Stanford Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Palo Alto, Calif., and an investigator on the study. 心脏病发作或接受心脏手术的患者在恢复过程中常被敦促要站起来,一旦病情稳定就要马上开始锻炼,但患者与医生一直对心力衰竭患者参与激烈活动是否安全均持怀疑态度。加州帕洛阿托斯坦福(Stanford)心脏康复计划的副主任南希·休斯顿·米勒(Nancy Houston Miller)说:“HF-Action实验中的安全性是非常显著的。”她也是HF-Action研究的调研者之一。Mr. Cloutier, a 77-year-old retiree who says heart problems run in his family, has been in a cardiac-rehab program off and on since he suffered a heart attack in 1985 at age 48. Lately he has been paying about 0 every three months for exercise sessions but now it is possible he will be covered for a course of treatment under Medicare. 今年77岁的克卢捷是一名退休人员,他说他的家族有心脏病史。自从在1985年48岁心脏病发作以来,他断断续续参加过心脏康复计划。不久之前他每三个月为锻炼计划付约100美元,现在他的疗程费用有可能在“医疗保险计划”下得到报销。Mr. Cloutier had quadruple bypass surgery in 2000. He also had a defibrillator implanted in 2003 and a pacemaker put in three years ago. Since then, he has avoided being admitted to the hospital, an accomplishment he and Dr. Ades attribute to his regular physical activity. Until recently, Mr. Cloutier, a nonsmoker, organized regular 20-to-40-mile bicycle trips in the Vermont countryside. Last year, though, his heart-failure symptoms caught up with him and he said he was able to ride only 3 miles. He#39;s hoping to get that to 5 to 10 miles weekly this summer. And he keeps up his rehab regimen, currently 20-minute tmill sessions at 3 miles an hour and using a weight machine two to three times a week. On other days, he goes on 1 mile walks. 克卢捷在2000年实施了冠状动脉搭桥术,后在2003年植入了一个心脏除颤器,三年前他又安了一个心脏起搏器。自那以后,他一直没有住过院,他和埃兹医生将这一成绩归功于定期的体育锻炼。直到不久前,不吸烟的克卢捷还一直定期组织在佛蒙特乡村骑自行车,每次骑20至40英里。然而,去年他出现了心力衰竭症状,他说他只能骑三英里了。他希望在今年夏天实现每周骑行五至10英里的目标。此外,他还坚持进行心脏康复治疗,目前是以每小时三英里的速度在跑步机上跑20分钟,并使用力量训练器械进行锻炼,频率为每周两到三次。在其他日子里,他会散一英里的步。#39;The heart is a muscle,#39; he said. #39;If you don#39;t exercise it and keep it in reasonable shape then it#39;s going to deteriorate and give you problems. That#39;s why I keep going back.#39; 克卢捷说:“心脏是一团肌肉,如果你不锻炼它,使它一直处于良好的状况,接下来它就会变衰弱,给你带来麻烦。那就是我一直参加锻炼的原因。”The Medicare decision extends coverage to patients whose heart-pumping function is compromised to a specific level and who have certain heart-failure symptoms despite being on an optimal drug therapy for at least six weeks. It offers one course of 36 sessions for up to 36 weeks, though two- or three-times-a-week sessions are optimal. Patients could apply for a second course of rehab, but generally, they would have to pay out of pocket after completing the first course. “医疗保险计划”的新规定将偿付范围扩大到心脏泵血功能减弱到某个水平,在进行了至少六周最佳药物治疗后仍出现某些心力衰竭症状的患者。它提供一个包含36次康复训练的疗程,最长可持续36周,但每周两到三次训练的疗程最佳。患者可申请报销第二个康复疗程的费用,但一般说来在完成第一个疗程后他们得自己掏腰包。The new decision affects about 50% of patients with chronic heart failure. Medicare officials said more data are need to determine whether cardiac rehab will benefit the others, who have a different form of the condition. 新规定影响了50%左右的心力衰竭患者。“医疗保险计划”官员称,其余的患者病症不同,要确定心脏康复是否有利于这些患者,还需研究更多数据。Doctors expect the trigger for coverage for many patients will be their first hospital admission for heart failure. At that time, doctors would discuss starting an exercise program with a patient after six weeks on medications. 医生预计,许多患者因心力衰竭第一次住院治疗时,就有可能纳入康复报销计划。在那时,医生会在六周的药物治疗后与患者讨论开始锻炼计划。The first episode #39;is your teachable moment,#39; said Mariell Jessup, a heart failure doctor at University of Pennsylvania and president of the American Heart Association. Upon hearing the diagnosis, people think it is a death sentence. #39;We say, #39;you#39;re not going to die. We#39;re going to work on you living.#39; 宾夕法尼亚大学(University of Pennsylvania)心力衰竭医生、AHA主席玛丽埃尔·杰瑟普(Mariell Jessup)称,第一阶段“是你可施教的时机。”一听到诊断结果后,人们就会觉得自己被判了死刑。杰瑟普说:“我们会告诉他们,‘你不会死的,我们会努力让你活下去。” /201404/289873哈尔滨市红十字中心医院妇科咨询 What’s the best alcohol choice to drink?如何选择饮料?Experts recommend liquor-based drinks with low-cal mixers. Rum and diet soda or vodka and Sprite Zero all run around 100 calories. Wine is a good option too—lighter glasses have around 100 to 120 calories—but experts caution that it’s easy to overdo the portion. “The real diet danger with drinking isn’t just the calories in your glass. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, which can cause you to make poor food choices. Plus, it can interfere with how your body metabolizes other foods, making you more likely to store fat.” To avoid post-party regret, stick to one drink. Sip, savor; and then switch to water.专家建议大家选择低卡路里饮料调配的酒精饮品,比如朗姆酒加低卡苏打水、或者伏特加配零度雪碧,它们的热量都在100卡路里左右。葡萄酒也是不错的选择,一杯的卡路里大约在100--120之间。但专家也警告我们,通常喝酒不会只喝一杯。“真正会影响减肥的还不止是你杯子里的卡路里。酒精会降低你的自制力,从而让你选择热量高的食物。它还会影响你身体对其他食物的新城代谢,让你变得更容易储存脂肪。”要想避免酒后后悔,记得只能喝一杯酒。小口缀饮、品尝它的香味。然后就转喝水吧!When I’m going to a party, what should I eat the rest of the day?如果我要去参加新年趴,那一天的其他几顿我要怎么吃?Here’s what you shouldn’t eat: nothing. “If you walk in to a party famished, it’s setting you up for disaster,” says the expert. “Maybe eat slightly fewer calories than usual, and focus on veggies and lean protein.” For breakfast, she recommends an egg-white omelet with veggies and cheese ,and a slice of whole-grain toast. For lunch, have a salad piled with non-starchy veggies (think broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes) and a protein like turkey, tuna, or chicken. Then nosh on a nutritious snack about 30 to 60 minutes before your party—a combo of fiber and protein.你最不应该做的,就是什么都不吃。“如果你什么都不吃就去参加派对,那简直是对自己的灾难。” 专家称,“你可以比平常少吃一点,多吃蔬菜和瘦肉。” 比如早饭,专家建议吃一个纯蛋白的蛋饼,加蔬菜和芝士,再加一片全麦吐司。中饭可以吃无淀粉类的色拉(比如西兰花、甜椒、蘑菇和番茄)和一份蛋白质,比如火鸡、金鱼或是鸡肉。派对开始前30-60分钟,可以再多吃一个减肥能量棒,富含纤维和蛋白质那种。What should I eat at a holiday dinner?假日的晚宴我应该怎么吃?If there’s one simple rule to follow, it’s this: Fill half your plate with veggies, provided they’re not smothered in butter or cheese. This will help you fill up and avoid eating more higher-calorie carb or protein options. For the rest of your dish, split it between whole grains and lean protein. If there’s an indulgent-looking recipe you have to try, take a tablespoon or small scoop. “People overestimate how much they need to eat to feel satisfied,” says experts.有一条简单的小规则可以遵守:保晚宴里吃下的一半都是蔬菜。当然前提是这些蔬菜不是浸满了黄油或芝士。这个办法能先填饱你的肚子,并且避免你选择高热量、高蛋白的食物。剩下的时间里,你可以多吃一些谷物和瘦肉蛋白。如果有一道高热量的菜你特别喜欢,那就控制自己只尝一小勺。对此专家解释说:“人们总是高估食物带来的满足感。”How do I say “no” to friends and family who offer unhealthy food?如果家人朋友给我不健康的食物,我怎么拒绝?People feel so guilty saying no out of fear of offending someone. But chances are you’re overestimating how much your response bothers them. Don’t worry about making excuses—just start with a simple, “No thanks” or “That looks great; I’ll try some later.” If you want to ensure you have something healthy to eat, ask the host in advance if you can contribute to the festivities.对于拒绝别人,人们总是会内疚担心。但事实是,你真心高估了自己的拒绝能有多伤人。不要怕找借口——就简单回答“不用了谢谢”或者“看起来真好吃,我待会儿再试试”。如果你要确保自己在派对上有健康的食物可以吃,那不妨提早问问组织聚会的人,说不定还可以帮点儿忙呢。Janet Yellen belongs in a different category. Her rise was slow but implacable, and this year, at the age of 67, she overcame the president’s preference for his former adviser Summers to win the most powerful economic job of all: chair of the US Federal Reserve.但珍妮特#8226;耶伦(Janet Yellen)属于另一种人。她的事业上升速度缓慢,但势不可挡。今年,67岁的她力克奥巴马总统对前经济顾问萨默斯的偏爱,赢得了代表经济领域权力巅峰的职位:美联储(Fed)主席。Accepting the nomination from Obama with the broadest of smiles, in her Brooklyn accent, the first woman to hold the post showed the determination to tackle high unemployment that has been her calling card as Fed vice-chair.在接受奥巴马总统提名时,笑容舒展的耶伦操持着她的布鲁克林口音,表达了自己解决失业率高居不下问题的决心——这是她担任美联储副主席期间广为人知的一张名片。耶伦是美联储的首位女性掌门人。“While we have made progress, we have further to go,” she said. “Too many Americans still can’t find a job and worry about how they will pay their bills and provide for their families.”“尽管我们取得了一些进展,但前面还有一段路要走。”她说,“还有太多的美国人仍没有找到工作,仍愁着如何才能付掉各种账单、才能供养家庭。”Yellen grew up in a working-class area of New York but her family was well-provided for: her father was a doctor who worked from the ground floor of their terraced house. Academically, she excelled. It was traditional for the editor of the school newspaper to interview the student graduating top of the year so Yellen ended up interviewing herself.耶伦在纽约一个工薪阶层社区长大,但她的家庭条件不错:她父亲是医生,工作地点就设在他们家所住的排屋一楼。耶伦学业出众。她是校报的主编,按照校报的传统,主编要采访当年毕业生中的第一名,结果耶伦自己采访了自己。She went to Brown University and then on to Yale for a doctorate. Her professor was James Tobin, the future Nobel laureate who refined Keynesian economics in the 1950s and 1960s but was also intensely interested in the real world of policy. “He encouraged his students to do work that was about something,” Yellen said of Tobin after he died. “Work that would not only meet a high intellectual standard but would improve the wellbeing of mankind.”她先是就读于布朗大学(Brown University),后来又赴耶鲁(Yale)攻读士学位,师从后获得诺贝尔经济学奖的詹姆斯#8226;托宾(James Tobin)。托宾于上世纪五六十年代改良了凯恩斯的经济学理论,同时也极为关注现实世界的政策。“他鼓励自己的学生做点实事,”耶伦在托宾去世后说,“这些事不仅要在学术上达到高标准,而且要有助于增进人类的福祉。”Her first tour at the Fed, working as an economist, came in 1977 where she also met her husband-to-be, George Akerlof, in the central bank’s cafeteria. “We liked each other immediately and decided to get married,” wrote Akerlof after he won the 2001 Nobel Prize in economics. “Not only did our personalities mesh perfectly but we have also always been in all but perfect agreement about macroeconomics.”耶伦第一次加入美联储是在1977年,担任经济学家。也是在美联储的咖啡厅里,她遇到了未来的丈夫乔治#8226;阿克洛夫(George Akerlof)。“我们一见钟情,然后决定结婚,”阿克洛夫在获得2001年诺贝尔经济学奖后写道,“我们不仅性格非常契合,而且在宏观经济学上也一直能达成几乎完美的共识。”A successful, but not stellar, career in academia followed at the University of California, Berkeley. The couple collaborated on research and Yellen was a popular teacher at the university’s Haas School of Business.这对夫妇随后在加州大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)开始了一段成功的执教生涯,但彼时他们的成就还不太耀眼。耶伦与丈夫在研究上相互协助,而她也是该校哈斯商学院(Haas School of Business)颇具人气的教师。Her destiny seemed to be that of any other university professor. But Yellen’s qualities – her interest in policy, the meticulous way she prepared and thought about problems and her social skills – had been noted by colleagues, some of whom were close to, or part of, the Clinton administration.那时,等待耶伦的命运看上去与其他大学教授没什么两样。但在那时,她的才干——对政策的兴趣、预备和思考问题时的一丝不苟、以及社交能力——已经引起了一些同事的注意。他们中的一些人跟克林顿政府关系密切、或就在克林顿政府内任职。In 1994, aged 48, Yellen became a Fed governor and over the next 20 years there followed a succession of policy jobs: chairman of President Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers, president of the San Francisco Fed and, finally, vice-chair of the Fed itself.1994年,当时48岁的耶伦成为美国联邦储备委员会委员。在接下来的20年里,她又相继担任了若干与政策相关的职务,包括克林顿总统时期的白宫经济顾问委员会(Council of Economic Advisers)主席,旧金山联邦储备(San Francisco Fed)行长,以及美联储副主席。Her ascent has not been entirely smooth. The period in the White House was difficult, say colleagues from that time, as she ran up against political operators. But that experience also taught her steeliness. Good luck to any official who “forgot” to invite her to an important meeting.耶伦的升迁之路并非一帆风顺。据她过去在白宫的同事讲,耶伦那时的日子并不好过,她经常在操纵政治的人那里碰钉子。但那段经历也让她炼成了钢铁般的意志。那些曾“忘记”邀请她参加某个重要会议的官员,祝你们好运。Yellen’s arrival will improve the Obama administration’s dismal record of appointing women to top economic jobs. She will join Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, at the helm of the global economy. The two are friends and can be spotted sitting next to each other at events such as the annual Kansas City Fed conference.耶伦出任美联储主席,将改善奥巴马政府在任命女性担任经济领域重要职务方面的糟糕记录。她将跟随国际货币基金组织(IMF)主席克里斯蒂娜#8226;拉加德(Christine Lagarde)的脚步,加入世界经济掌舵者的行列。她们俩是朋友,在堪萨斯城联邦储备的年度会议等活动中,可以看到两人坐在一起。“I’m overjoyed,” said Lagarde, when asked about the selection of Yellen. The new Fed chair, she added, is “as good as you can get”.当被问及对耶伦被选中的感想时,拉加德说:“我非常高兴。”她补充道,这位新任美联储主席是“现有的最佳人选”。 /201312/269421宾县妇幼保健院预约挂号平台

哈尔滨医院有无痛人流吗哈尔滨市维多利亚妇产医院就诊怎么样 Singer and ;Voice; judge Christina Aguilera has come a long way from her disastrous red carpet look at last year#39;s American Music Awards. In a stunning white gown with a plunging neckline, Aguilera completely redeemed herself with this year#39;s carpet sashay.身为流行歌手并兼任美国版“好声音”评委的克里斯蒂娜·阿奎莱拉,在今年全美音乐奖上的表现是大大超越她去年灾难性的红毯形象。惊艳的白色礼配上深V领口,阿奎莱拉在今年的红毯上摇曳生姿赚足了风头,也完完全全地打了个翻身仗。Last year#39;s fashion tragedy featured Aguilera in a cinched lavender Pamella Roland dress and platinum bob. The ensemble could#39;ve been a ;yes; look for the singer, but it was run off the tracks when paired with her profoundly orange tragi-tan.在去年的全美音乐奖上,阿奎莱拉的淡紫色的罗兰收腰礼和铂金色波波头可谓是去年的时尚界悲剧。她的团队本可以为她设计一套看起来很棒的衣着,但在配上她晒成深橘色的皮肤之后,意外地跑偏了。The singer also appeared at her all time highest weight (which by the way, she said she loved. You go girl!), forcing her to take a different but ultimately unsuccessful attempt at prepping for the red carpet.那次全美音乐奖也是阿奎莱拉有史以来最胖的时候(顺带说一句,阿奎莱拉说自己喜欢这样的体重。姑娘你可以了!),这样的体重也迫使她采取不同战术,但最终却导致了红毯秀的失败尝试。But thank goddess, Xtina is back to a natural hue this year, looking classically glamorous in a white Maria Lucia Hohan dress. With cut out panels to accentuate her once again svelte waist, and a slit to show off her fit legs, Aguilera dazzled in the elegant dress accentuated with blinged-out Christian Louboutin peep-toe heels, pave rings and bedazzled clutch.但不过谢天谢地,克里斯蒂娜今年终于让自己的皮肤回到了自然的色调,身着白色的玛丽亚·露西亚合欢礼,显得古典大方而又魅力四射。礼上开出的侧面突显出她重回苗条的腰部,裙部的开襟与腿相称得完美无瑕,配上Christian Louboutin的露趾高跟鞋,镶满钻的戒指和耀眼的鸽子蛋,这套优雅的礼使阿奎莱拉显得相当惊艳。Unfortunately for Aguilera, actress Eva Longoria was spotted in an almost identical dress over a year ago at the 2012 Padres Contra El Cancer’s El Sueno De Esperanza Benefit Gala. The only difference being that Longoria#39;s dress had a mermaid bottom instead of a slit.不过对于阿奎莱拉来说不幸的是,有人发现,在一年多前的2012年Padres Contra El Cancer’s El Sueno De Esperanza Benefit联欢晚会上,女星伊娃·朗格利亚身着一件几乎相同的礼。唯一的区别在于朗格利亚的礼有人鱼底部,而阿奎莱拉的则是开了狭缝。Regardless of who wore what and when, we#39;re thrilled to have Christina Aguilera is back to her amazing self, hopefully ditching her awful spray tan days for good!无论是谁在什么时候穿什么衣,我们都很高兴能看到克里斯蒂娜·阿奎莱拉回到了那个让人惊艳的女神,也希望她能永远摆脱晒成棕色的糟糕肤色! /201311/266353黑龙江省哈尔滨市第七医院是不是公立医院

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