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Louis was victorious in war and lucky in love.路易战功卓著 爱情道路也一帆风顺And it made him grow over confident.这让他变得愈发自负In a grand personal gesture,他自以为是地he agreed to a peace deal with Austria.与奥地利缔结了和约One that handed back most of the territory将手下的将军刚为他掠来的his generals had just won for him.大片领土又归还了奥地利His ministers thought it was a terrible idea,他的朝臣们认为这很不明智and told him so.并如实地向他进谏The Peace is not a very good peace for France,和约对法国毫无益处because France gets absolutely nothing for it,因为法国不但因参战而欠下累累巨债except enormous debts from its participation in the war.而且几乎从中未获得丝毫好处The French public, having dispensed millions of livres,这场战争花掉了好几百万里弗and lost countless men dead,还牺牲了无数人的生命could not understand why their king民众难以理解为何他们的国王was giving up his conquests.要将胜利的果实拱手让人As a result, schoolchildren and fishwives因此 据说那时的学童和泼妇were said to be running around in Paris会在巴黎城中一边四处奔走with a line, ;You#39;re as stupid as the Peace.;一边叫骂着 ;你就像那和约一样蠢;Just as Louis#39;s popularity began to wane,正当民众对路易的喜爱之情开始减退his love affair with Madame Pompadour他与蓬帕杜夫人的婚外情was also drawing to a close.也逐渐告一段落His solution was a private harem为派遣内心的寂寞in the town of Versailles,他开始在凡尔赛镇金屋藏娇known as the Deer Park.这就是著名的鹿苑When Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour当路易十五和蓬帕杜夫人的ceased to have a sexual relationship,性关系不再延续后Louis XV didn#39;t really want路易十五也并不情愿to replace her with another mistress,让另一位情妇代替她的位置they got on too well for that,他们之间的感情很深 没有人能替代and from now on,因此从那以后his sexual appetite was catered for国王性生活的满足都是依靠by a series of young women一位接一位从巴黎who were brought out from Paris.被带到鹿苑的年轻女子Teenage nymphets, uneducated,她们大多是少女 没接受过教育often they had no idea who their powerful lover was.通常都不知道这位有权势的情人是谁 Article/201205/182036哈尔滨处女膜修补手术See how to work your TVA muscles to quickly get a flat stomach or flat abs in no time at all.本视频讲述了怎样对腹部的TVA肌肉进行锻炼,几乎不花费什么时间就可以让腹部迅速变平。Step 1: Understand why you don#39;t have a flat stoamch1.了解为何你的腹部不平One reason for not having flat abs or a flat belly is because You may have weak TVA muscles.腹部不平的其中一个原因是你的TVA肌肉不够发达。Your TVA or TransVerseAbdomiuns muscles are located behind your six-pack or rectus abdominus.你的TVA肌肉位于六块腹肌或直肌后面。The reason why people have flat midsections is NOT because they have strong abs (or a strong rectus abdominus or ;6-pack;)...People Have Flat Abs Because Their TVA muscles Are Strong...人们的腹部比较平的原因不是他们的腹肌比较发达,而是因为他们的TVA肌肉比较发达。And your TVA muscles don#39;t have to be super strong... You just have to exercise them every so often to keep your tummy flat.你的TVA肌肉不需要到达非常发达的程度,只要经常锻炼就可以使腹部保持平坦。A combination of weak TVA muscles and accumlation of belly fat leads to you having a pot belly or pooch insted of flat sexy absTVA肌肉不发达,再加上腹部脂肪就会导致你的腹部像水壶一样,而不是拥有扁平性感的腹肌。Step 2: How to work your TVA muscles for flat abs2.怎样锻炼TVA肌肉Place one of your fingers on your belly button将一个手指放在肚脐上Without taking in a deep breath. Try to move your belly button inward as far away from your finger as you can.不需要进行深呼吸。向内移动肚脐,尽最大可能的远离手指。(Basically all you#39;re doing is holding in your stomach while breathing normally) Hold your belly button in for 5 seconds working your way up to a minute or...(你所做的最基本的就是在正常呼吸的同时保持肚脐向内吸。)将肚脐向内吸5秒钟,坚持一分钟或更长时间。Instead of increasing the time... You can try to draw in your belly button further away from your finger.此后不需要增加锻炼的时间,只要增加肚脐与手指的距离就可以了。Step 3: A faster way to get a flat stomach3.锻炼出平坦的腹部更快速的方法Place one of your fingers on your belly button将一个手指放在肚脐上Without taking in a deep breath. Move your belly button inward just a little bit from your finger but not as far away as you did in the first TVA exercise -不需要进行深呼吸。将肚脐向内收紧一点,移动的距离不需要像第一次TVA肌肉锻炼时那样远。Tie a piece of string (or rope) not too tightly around your midsection.在腹肌周围绑上一根绳子,不要太紧。Every time you relax your TVA muscles... the rope will tighten up around your waist reminding you to tighten your TVA muscles.每次放松TVA肌肉的时候,腰部周围的绳子会绷紧,提醒你收紧TVA肌肉。You can do this exercise all day long if you want to. You can do it at work, home, or at the mall... It doesn#39;t matter and people won#39;t know you#39;re exercising because they wont see the rope tied around your belly under your shirt.如果你想的话,一整天都可以进行这项锻炼。工作的时候,在家中,或者在商场……这项锻炼无伤大雅,人们不会注意到你在锻炼,因为他们看不到你衬衫下面绑在腹部周围的绳子。And Everyday If you can stand it... Keep moving your belly button in a little further.你每天都可以进行这项锻炼。每天都增加肚脐向内移动的距离。Thanks for watching How To Get A Flat Stomach In Under 9 Minutes感谢收看“9分钟之内让腹部变平”视频节目。 Article/201209/198360哈尔滨做无痛人流去哪里You Will Need你需要Knowledge of your body type对自己体型的了解Jewelry (optional)首饰Strappy heels (optional)高跟鞋Steps步骤Step 1 Choose clothes that complement your chest选择合适的衣来衬托胸部Concentrate on details that draw the eye away from your chest if you#39;re large-busted. Look for pretty empire waists and sleek necklines that de-emphasize the bust. Also look for full, bra-friendly straps that offer additional support.如果你胸部过于丰满,就要选择能够引开视线的裙子。高腰或有曲线的领口都能弱化你的胸部。另外,宽肩带同样能为你的穿着加分。Tip: Coordinate your jewelry to your dress. Opt for a chunky necklace to highlight a maxidress, or wear pop-inspired earrings with a mod minidress. Classic bangles and gold chains also work well with most every dress.小贴士:佩带能搭配你裙子的首饰。用粗项链搭配长裙,或用时尚耳环来搭配迷你短裙。手镯和金链子是裙子的百搭饰品。Step 2 Choose clothes that complement your hips选择裙子修饰臀部Balance a pear shape with a fluid bottom to cover the hips, and play up your arms and neckline. Try a strapless or halter dress with an empire waist, or opt for an A-line tunic, which draws the eye upward.用裙子的流线型来掩盖梨形的臀部,突出你的手臂和领口部位。试一试裹胸或露背的高腰连衣裙,或能够将注意力移到脖颈的A字形连衣裙。Tip: Accessorize a pretty dress with strappy sandals. Try ladylike kitten heels or low-heeled slides. Espadrilles and mules are other summertime footwear favorites and work well with tropical-themed dresses.小贴士:高跟凉鞋是搭配裙子的最好选择了。中跟鞋或低跟凉鞋也是女士的最爱。帆布鞋和凉拖也是夏季的百搭鞋品,尤其是搭配热带风情的裙子效果最好。Step 3 Create curves营造动人曲线Create curves to soften a slim, boyish figure with a V-neck halter dress, or try layers of ruffles to create a soft shape. Look for vertical stitches and seams, which achieve the illusion of curves.用V字领吊带连衣裙营造身体曲线来柔化中性化的体型,或是选择分层有褶皱的裙子。选择垂直剪裁的连衣裙将能更好地营造柔美身形。Step 4 Don#39;t overwhelm a petite frame避免过度夸张Avoid overwhelming a petite frame. Try a bold, colorful dress, but keep it in proportion with neutral accessories — basic dress cuts flatter a smaller figure. Check out tunics, shifts, and tank dresses that elongate your frame.试试设计大胆,色艳丽的连衣裙。但你要避免穿着过度夸张,可以选择中性化的饰品来搭配夸张的裙子。基本款式的裙子会显得你体型娇小。选择那些有拉长效果,能体现你窈窕身姿的连衣裙。Step 5 De-emphasize apple shape苹果型身材慎选衣Skim your midsection if you have an apple shape. Look for dresses with a flattering neckline, such as an empire waist, that elongates the torso. Emphasize your lower half with fluid, A-line skirts.如果你是下肢纤长腰腹丰腴的苹果型身材,就要选择夸张领口设计的连衣裙,例如高腰裙子能在视觉效果上加长下身。你也可以选择A字裙来强调身体的流线型。Fact: Actress Debbie Reynolds owns the iconic white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch.你知道吗?演员Debbie Reynolds拥有巨星玛丽莲梦露在The Seven Year Itch中那条白色裙装。 Article/201208/197472哈尔滨哪家医院看妇科好

哈尔滨南岗区妇科疾病多少钱五常市中医医院网上预约挂号How do you treat bad breath?应该怎样处理口气不清新的问题呢?The treatment of bad breath has to be classified into the treatment of its causes. Bad breath can be caused by tooth problems such as tooth infection, and gum problems such as a gum infection - for example, thrush in the mouth, which is a yeast infection. Really it#39;s a matter for patients. First, extreme oral hygienic measures. The teeth need to be brushed regularly,the teeth need to be cleaned in between the teeth and the tongue needs to be brushed clean. If the patient cannot identify any of these as possible causes to their bad breath, maybe they ought to speak to their doctor, who might wish to either do some investigations, or possibly treat them with anti-fungal or anti-bacterial products to try to treat the underlying causeof the bad breath.对口气不清新的治疗根据原因而有所不同。口气不清新可能是由于牙齿问题,例如牙齿感染,或者牙龈问题,例如牙龈感染,比如口疮,这是口腔的感染。实际上这是病人自己要注意的问题。首先要注意口腔卫生。要经常刷牙,牙缝之间和舌头都要刷干净。如果病人认为这些都不是口气不清新的原因,他们应该对医生说明,医生或许要做一些调查,或者使用抗真菌或抗细菌的产品来治疗口气不清新的潜在问题。Thanks for watching How To Treat Bad Breath.感谢收看“怎样治疗口气不清新的问题”视频节目。 /201301/218643B大型纪录片,介绍英国的,想去英国的以及喜欢英国的朋友可以看一看哦,顺便还能锻炼一下听力。 8 The British Wars(1603——1649) 在国家统一之前,查尔斯一世相信君权神授能解决能够安定当时分崩离析的国家。从苏格兰的祈祷书开始蔓延到对税收抵制和议会的要求。在这场王权与议会、骑士与圆卢党、苏格兰威尔士以及爱尔兰的战争中,最终死亡了75万人。这场战争最终以英国的统一为结局,但统一后不再是联合王国,取而代之的是联合共和国。 Article/200906/75954哈医大二院妇科咨询哈市四院无痛人流

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