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  • Trying, I think, to clear the path to the oval.I think thats Mellie long term goal.我在试图为我入驻白宫清扫障碍 我觉得那是麦莉的长期目标Do you think, I mean, do you know,You dont know whats happening?你觉得 我是说 你知道吗 你根本不知道发生了什么事I dont know whats happening that week.Cause you dont know week to week.下周剧情是什么我都不知道 直到一周前你们都是不知道的No. We are trying to keep everything very close to the vest,And we are happy with that. Cause she is a genius.对 我们尽量把事情做得小心谨慎 我们对此很高兴 因为她是个天才But, yeah, I think it feels like Mellie is planting little seeds,我觉得就好像麦莉种下了一颗种子And kind of getting things that she has been very frustrated in an ornamental role.然后终于有所收获了 她感到十分沮丧 自己是个花瓶的角色So, I think she is gonna hopefully have a change to flourish.我觉得她很希望能得到机会大展身手I am sure she will fail miserably, because you know,Mellies things arent always going so well.但是肯定会输得一塌糊涂 因为 你知道的 麦莉的剧情发展得都不是很好You straightened up real fast,cause you were drinking for a while.你很快就振作起来了 有一阵你酗酒And then you just clean up, like just do, just quit like that.然后你就彻底戒掉了 干净利落Thats just a shower, thats not neceesorily, not drinking.I see, I see, youre still drinking out on the balcony.那只是个小打击 并不重要 又不是酗酒 我懂 我懂 你还是会在阳台上喝酒And so, you and Portias character, Lizzie,Seem like you are in cahoots to do something also, right?你和波西亚演的角色 利兹 看起来你们两个在共同谋划些什么 对吧How wonderful is it? You get to see her all the time.多么美妙啊 你经常能见到她But now we get to go to work to see the Portia,She is the best grown in the world.但是现在我们能在拍戏时见到波西亚 她是世界上最棒的人Yes. - We are super protective of our little family.对啊 -我们都对自己的家庭有着超强的保护欲We are very welcoming group,but, like, its a nice bunch of people我们是特别受欢迎的组合 但是就像在一堆友好的人里面And you are like one sort of mean-spirited person away from it And all kind of fallen away.你是那个格格不入的小心眼的人 然后大家慢慢疏远 /201602/427408。
  • The whim of the noble elite in Guge to dress well goes beyond our bounds in the modern period.在权力及生活无虞下王族继续过着养尊处优的生活。These were people who wore their clothes and their jewels with absolutely no sense of guilt or regret.试想古格的皇室成员,在当时穿着奢华的程度,远远超过现代人所想像的,这些人不会因为身着华,穿金带银而有任何罪恶感。They reveled in beauty, the reveled in opulence. Not only did they wear their beauty, they lived amidst it too, in their houses, the way they decorated them with the greatest artwork of the time.他们沉迷于美艳与坐拥大笔的财富,他们不只是穿着华丽,也住在顶级的华厦当中,屋子里头利用当时最顶极的艺术来装璜。In this banquet room, Shidekpo and his queen would have enjoyed many social occasions, entertained by song and dance. Guge’s armory held the finest weaponry of the time.在这间宴会厅内,赤扎西扎巴德及他的皇后纵情于歌舞笙歌,古格王朝的军械库存放着当时最好的武器。Its sword smith used sophisticated techniques to craft superior steel alloys, making their swords much sold after.刀匠使用复杂的技术炼钢制作出评价极高的刀剑。But Guge’s wealth and power also attracted the attention of envious neighbors who launched frequent attacks on the kingdom.但古格王朝的财富及威望吸引善妒邻国的注意,常常派兵攻打古格王朝。Eventually one such neighbor would discover a weakness to capitalize on.最后一个邻国终于发现弱点。And Guge’s fate would be sealed forever.宣告古格王朝灭亡的命运。Just 30 km away down the valley from the palace at Tsaparang is the monastery of the Tholing.托林寺距离札布让三十公里远。Today it is a modest structure underneath of its original size, but at its peak Tholing held more than 900 monks, and was the largest of Guge’s monasteries, both in size and influence, a power base, akin to the Vatican.今日的托林寺规模只有原来的八分之一,在极盛时期托林寺内有九百多位僧侣,是古格王朝最大的寺院,相当于梵蒂冈。Pilgrims flocked to Tholing, and with them came wealth which they gave to the monastery.朝圣者涌入托林寺捐给寺院大笔财富。At the center of the spiritual power base, was the chief abbot, king Shidekpo’s brother.这座精神堡垒的领袖正是国王的胞弟。 译文属201602/428499。
  • The elderly and the state政府与老人Golden oldies老人的黄金时代The government makes rich pensioners richer still政府让原本富有的退休老人越来越富有BRITAINS pensioners are a cosseted lot. Since 2011 their state pensions have been protected by the “triple lock”, which ensures they rise along with prices, earnings or 2.5%, whichever is higher. Perks for the old such as free TV licences and bus passes and an annual winter handout to help with heating have all survived austerity. Government bonds paying well above the market rate of interest have just been made available exclusively to those aged 65 and over. Is all this generosity justified?英国的退休老人可谓是集万千宠爱于一身。从2011年开始,国家养老金就受到“三重保护”,保养老金随物价、收益上涨或者二者之中最高者的2.5%的利率上涨。给老人们的其他福利,比如免费电视许可、巴士通行以及每年发放的保暖健康手册在财政紧缩的当下统统保留了下来。领先市场利率的养老金债券在不久前也是仅仅提供给65岁以上的人群。所有的这些福利都是公平合理的吗?Pensioners are poorer than working-age people—almost all have incomes below the national average. But they are treated better by the state. For any given private income, retirees equivalised disposable income—that is, money available to spend after the deduction of taxes and payment of benefits, and adjusted to account for household size—is higher than that of younger people (see chart 1).退休老人的收入低于正在工作的人们——大多数老人只能拿到低于国家平均工资水平的退休金。但是国家更优待他们。对于任何有固定收入的个人,退休人员的可配收入——在交税和付福利后并按照家庭收入比例作出调整的可配金额——比年轻人的收入要高得多(见表1)。The state pension, currently worth about £6,000 (around ,000) a year, accounts for much of the discrepancy. It is often seen as a reward for past contributions, not as a pure benefit, but this is dubious: pensions are funded by todays taxpayers. Even if pensions are counted as private income, the richest pensioners still do well from the state (see chart 2). They do not pay national insurance (a tax levied only on earned income) on their private pensions, leaving more money for cruises and conservatories.国家养老金,目前每人每年为6000英镑(约9000美元),是造成这些差异的主要原因。退休金被看做是对过去对社会贡献的回报,而不是单纯的福利,但是这似乎很矛盾:养老金是由现在的纳税人缴纳的。即使养老金被视作个人收入,最富裕的退休老人依然从国家得到了许多好处(见表2)。他们不需要为自己的养老金付国民保险(仅针对自营收入征收的税种),这样就有了更多的钱去旅游和听音乐会。On January 27th, in an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper, David Cameron promised that a future Conservative government would remove housing benefit from 18- to 21-year-olds—a group that suffers from higher-than-average unemployment and aly receives less generous welfare payments. Meanwhile, the silver-haired who will benefit most from the governments new bonds are those who can afford to stash away the full £20,000 limit—more than a years income for most pensioners. Its a good time to be rich and old.1月27日,在接受《每日电讯报》的采访时,卡梅伦承诺未来的保守党政府将会减掉18至20岁群体的住房补贴,这个群体有着高于平均水平的失业率并且得到较少的福利补贴。同时,那些从政府的新债券中获利颇多的老人,能够存下2万英镑限额之内的金额—这比大多数老人年退休金还要多。这是老年人致富的黄金时代。译者:胡雅琳 校对:陈思思译文属译生译世 /201502/359306。
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