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山东省一院的具体地址枣庄地区市立医院丰胸多少钱plow耕地,gallop飞奔,veterianarian兽医A Smart HorseThere was a farmer who fell and broke his hip while he was plowing, and his horse immediately galloped five miles to the nearest town and returned, carrying a doctor on his back."That’s a pretty smart horse," the farmer’s friend later observed."Well, he’s not really so smart," the farmer said. "The doctor he brought back was a veterinarian!"没有那么聪明一位农夫在犁田时,不慎跌倒摔伤了屁股,他的马立即飞奔到五里外最近的小镇,载了一位医生回来一个朋友看到后便夸赞说:“你这匹马真是聪明!”农夫说:“也没有你想的那么聪明啦!它带来的是一位兽医!”1.hip臀部on the hip处于不利地位 .plow耕地名词指“犁”3.observe也可以指“看到”:We observed that it had turned cloudy.我们注意到天已经变阴了 .gallop飞奔Prices galloped.物价飞涨5. veterinarian 兽医He is a veterinarian; he is very kind to animals.他是位兽医,他对动物们可好了 19青岛孕妇脸上长斑怎么办 A:It is estimated that on any given morning, the average person uses up to cosmetic products bee they leave the home. But is it possible that we are exposing ourselves to harmful chemicals that can affect our health? Author and self-proclaimed make-up addict Stacy Malkan is challenging the cosmetics industry by releasing her book, Not Just a Pretty Face, the ugly side of the beauty industry. And she joins us in our studio with more. A:Welcome! (Hello, thank you.) This is alarming Because everybody, men and women, we use all kind of products. Let's take a look at this list that we put together from your book, some of the problems that we will find. We're talking lead in lipstick, some of the other things you have as phthalates in lotions, neurotoxins in the mascara we use and coal tar in shampoo. First of all, why is this in there and how bad is this? B:Well, many products, untunately, and we are talking about shampoos, deodorants, lotion, make-up, even baby shampoos, contain carcinogens, hormone-disrupting chemicals, chemicals that have never been tested health effects. And we're putting these chemicals on our bodies, in our hair, on our babies, day after day, and the toxic exposures are adding up. A:Ok, and what it will do in to us? B:Well, we see, untunately as we know, many increases in er, certain types of cancer, infertility, learning disabilities, there's a lot of evidence showing that chemical pollutants are contributing to those increases in chronic diseases. So we think that it's a good idea to reduce toxic exposures wherever we can, you know, starting with the products we are putting on our bodies. A:OK, now let's talk about some of the things that you brought. (Yeah.) Because, you know, here's the, that shampoo there (Yes.) that we probably all used at one time or another. B:Yes, we analyzed a dozen popular baby shampoos and children's bubble baths and found that found all of them contained one,four-dioxin which is a probable human carcinogen according to the EPA, was not listed on the labels. Companies don't have to tell us about contaminants or fragrance chemicals. So often toxins that aren't on the label are in the products. This is a very cute product, you know, obviously meant to appeal to children, (bubble bath, ah-ha. ) has a warning label right on it that says prolonged exposure may cause urinary tract irritation. (Let me turn this around, yeah, I haven't seen that bee.) and actually many children's products have that. (Really?) You dont really want kids sitting in the tub a long period of time with these chemicals. A:OK, you know, I'm looking at this choking hazard warning sign, I don't think I would even notice there's the other one. OK. B:And I found this, you know, at ground level, where a child will find it and grab it not let go of it.A:Ok, lipstick, we wear it every day! B:Well, lipstick, yes, we found 61% of lipsticks contain lead, including some high-end brands, this is a $. tube of lipstick that definitely does not need to contain lead, (Ok, and finally these products) er, some of the more toxic products, very disturbingly, are targeted at women of color. We see skin whitening creams, this has hydroquinone, highly toxic, banned in Europe, legal, er, in the US. And then, here's another example of a product hair relaxer, targeting children. You know, that's a five-year-old on the cover. A: Now I have to ask you have there been scientific studies to prove to us that these are harmful to us because, we are, were just going to take your word this, but I'm sure there are some people who would say this is not true. B:Yeah, well, what we know is that some of these chemicals are unknown to cause cancer, health effects. You know, the companies will say it's just a little bit of toxin (Right.) in the baby shampoo. Yes, it's true but we're using these products everyday and then the exposures are adding up. A:Well, what about the FDA? what about the EPA? Isn't somebody regulating this industry? B:Well, most people are surprised to find out NO. Companies can put any chemical nearly into personal care products, no safety testing, without telling us everything that's on the label. So, this industry needs to be regulated. And that's what we're working toward. A:All right, raising awareness. OK, what can we do if we don't want to use any of these. I mean if you want to use the right stuff? What do you do? B:Ok, simplify. Looking , er, look at product labels, look fewer chemicals, try to avoid synthetic fragrance, we also have a database where you can look up products called "Skin-deep free database" at safecosmetics.org. So, you know, there are tocsin resources us to do our own research and until the industry is regulated, that's what we have to do. A:Ok, I know you're wearing a little foundation, I don't see your lipstick on it. Is that on purpose? B:Well, I do wear makeup, I love makeup. I believe all makeup can and should be safe. A:OK, Malkan, and you, we have some help now. So, if you'd like to know more about all of this, you can go to our website abc7chicago.com, click on "see it on TV" and the website you mentioned will be there too? Thank you very much. B:Yes, safecosmetics.org.A:And you were speaking of the Sunday event, which is also on our site.B:Yes, Sunday at the Green Festival, check out the Green Festival Sunday at noon. A:OK, thank you so much joining us today. B:Thank you.【词汇注释】make-up n.构成ugly a.丑陋的phthalate:【化】邻苯二甲酸盐neurotoxin:【化】 神经毒素deodorant:【化】 除臭剂; 芳香剂carcinogen:n. 致癌物质urinary tract:【医】 泌尿道 hydroquinone:【化】 氢醌; 对苯二酚 65青岛颧骨整形

青岛怎样除去眼袋大家对名人感兴趣吗?我想大家在提及自己的偶像时一定会滔滔不绝,你们想听听你们的偶像是如何用英语表述自己的吗?那么,还等什么?快快随我一起来倾听他们的声音吧!~ 578山东省青岛市儿童医院体检 Cairo开罗Few other countries are so dominated by their capital: Egyptians to speak of one is to speak of the other. The ;Mother of the World; nurtures more than million Egyptians, Arabs, Africans and sundry international hangers-on in a collision of East and West, old and new, African and Arabic.很少有其他国家的首都是像开罗这样占据着国家大部分的资本:开罗就是埃及的代名词对于埃及人来说,两者的意义是等同的有“世界母亲”之称的埃及培育了超过1,600万人口,包括埃及人、阿拉伯人、非洲人和其他人种各种各样的碰撞在这里发生,东与西,新与旧,非洲和阿拉伯She overburdened with one of the world highest population densities, which makes a seething mass of people, buildings and cacophonous traffic.作为世界上人口密度最高的国家,埃及不堪重负,这些造就了这里复杂的人口、建筑以及嘈杂的交通环境Cairo has been the heart of Egypt more than 1,000 years. Here the medieval world and the contemporary Western world clash in a confusion of mud-brick houses and towering modern office buildings, of flashy cars and donkey-drawn carts.开罗成为埃及的心脏已经超过1,000年这里是中世纪世界和当代西方世界冲突的集中体现泥砖屋的混乱和高耸的现代化办公大楼、迟钝的驴车和浮华小车都形成鲜明的对比Cairenes see nothing strange in this. They arent driven by the Western obsession to update and upgrade. The resulting pervasive sense of timelessness is one of the city great charms. At the end of the day, it a city travelers either love or hate; few come away indifferent.但在开罗人眼里,这些都不足为奇他们不是痴迷于西方世界的更新和升级由此普遍产生的永恒感是这个城市的巨大魅力之一一天下来,要么喜欢这里要么讨厌这里,很少有旅客对这里的一切无动于衷Finding your way about Cairo vast sprawl is not as difficult as it may seem. Midan Tahrir is at the center. Northeast of Tahrir and centered on Sharia Talaat Harb is Downtown, a bustling commercial district.寻找你对开罗的巨大张力的方式并不是像看起来那么困难塔利尔是在中心东北塔利尔和沙里亚·塔拉特·哈布为中心城区,是一个繁华的商业区The city main train station at Midan Ramses marks Downtown northernmost extent. Heading east, Downtown ends at Midan Ataba and the old medieval heart of the city known as Islamic Cairo takes over.米丹·拉美西斯火车站是市区的最北端向东,市区结束于米丹·阿塔巴,这里是中世界的中心,之后被伊斯兰开罗接管Bordering Downtown to the west is the Nile River, which is obstructed by two sizeable islands. The more central of these, connected directly to Downtown by three bridges, is Gezira, home to the Cairo Tower and the Opera House complex.市区的西面是尼罗河,它被两个相当大的岛阻碍着这里是更加中央的位置,其中三座桥直接连接到市中心,是吉齐拉,也是开罗塔河复杂的开罗歌剧院的地址所在The west bank of the Nile is less historical and much more residential. The primary districts are Mohandiseen, Agouza, Doqqi and Giza, all of which are light on charm and heavy on concrete. Giza covers by far the largest area of the four, stretching some km (.mi) west on either side of the long, straight road that ends at the foot of the Pyramids.尼罗河西岸有着更短的和少得多的住宅主要地区是Mohandiseen, Agouza, Doqqi和吉萨,所有这些都带着明亮、深层的魅力吉萨到目前为止,包括四大领域,在长直路的两侧向西延伸千米,一直伸展到金字塔的脚下青岛电波拉皮除皱费用

青岛市第八人民医院皮肤科Part . Network and networking.A. keywords. connection, systems, broadcasting, television, computers, relations,Vocabulary. costly.A1. Listen to a report about the word ;network;.Supply the explanation the word.New things in this world changed as fast as languages.Everyday, new words are created to deal with new ideas or new technology.New meanings also are added to existing words.A dictionary published years ago may show one or two meanings a word.A dictionary published today may list several more meanings the same word.;Network; is one such word.It combine two words: the first is ;net;, it means materials that are connected; the second is ;work;, one meaning of ;work; is a system.;Network; means a connection of systems that work together.The systems that networks connected can be very different. example, radio and television stations can be connected in the network, so can computers, and even people.Word expert Mild Matthew found written uses of the word ;network; in the late 1800.The word then was used as a verb, a word that shows action.At that time, ;network; meant the connection of real roads or other vehicles used travel.One publication said it is only a question of time when the railroads will network an area of the American West called the ;Pan Handle;.Another publication of the time said complete areas are network by trolley cars, which are a kind of electric train.Now we often hear network used in connections with broadcasting.The Barnhart Dictionary of New English says that as early as 19, people used it to mean a connected system of radio stations.This meaning continues to be popular.A more modern use of the word ;network; is linking to computers.A network is a system that links a number of computers together.Network make it possible people who use computers to share inmation in costly equipment.Many companies and government agencies share the same computer network.The computers are linked through a main computer or through special lines.Some people are able to do their jobs from their home computers.Computer network also permit an exchange of unofficial inmation and discussions between computer users.By linking their computers to telephones, people can buy goods through their computers.They can send messages to friends in many countries.Another modern use of the word ;network; concerns relations between people.Ideas and inmation are exchanged by people who network to share interests and goals.Many Americans network to get better jobs or to meet new friends.Meeting new friends by networking is not work though is fun.A. Now listen again, focus on the original use and modern use of the word ;network;.Supply the missing inmation.B. Keywords. wire, dormitories, high-speed Internet access, a top priority.Vocabulary. merger, pipeline, envision, priority, meager, budget, fraction,bulk, toll, mow down, simultaneously, antiquated.B1. Listen to a report about the Internet.Focus on the areas and examples that the Internet will bring changes in.Supply the missing inmation.The proposed merger of America Online and Time Warner anticipates an age when high-speed Internet access is everything.It will be a pipeline almost all the entertainment, communications and inmation that people consume.It is an era so distant to most Americans that they can hardly envision it.And yet it aly exists.In fact, it the only world today college students know.Colleges across the ed States have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years wiring dormitories high-speed Internet access.When admissions people go out and talk to students these days, the students always ask: ;Do you have a high-speed network? ;Indeed, today students, having high-speed Internet access is top priority.They base their housing decisions on it, and restructure their meager student budgets to afd it.College administrators acknowledge that academic pursuits are just a fraction of the activity on their campus networks.The bulk of the traffic consist of data containing music files, instant messages, toll-free phone calls, e-commerce orders, online games and just about anything.At a high-rise dorm at the university of Southern Calinia, walking down the hallway on the eighth floor almost any time of the day, youre likely to hear students in seperate rooms shouting at each other: ;you killed me.;As they mow each other down in online games played over the network.Friends from the opposite ends of the floor simultaneously make the elevators.Theyve just messaged each other by computer that ;it time to head off to the dining commons.;To them, knocking on someone door is a antiquated th century tradition.Today students register classes, get the homework assignments, research papers and attend professors ;virtual office hours; on line.Some universities even post course lectures on the net, so that students can review them any time they wish.Just as one of the students put it: ;We live our lives over the Internet.;B. Now discuss the following questions after youve heard the report.1. When you choose a university, will you consider high-speed Internet access a top priority? Why or Why not?. What facilities do you think are a must that a university should offer in the future?3. What do you think of attending professors ;virtual office hours; on line? It is better than the traditional way? 1836 青岛太阳穴可以打玻尿酸吗山东省青岛诺德美容是大医院还是小医院?



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