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Terminally ill with lung cancer, Lisa Russell vowed to give her two daughters the best year of their lives. The 37-year-old dinner lady and her partner Anthony got married and blew their savings on luxury family holidays.英国母亲莉萨·拉塞尔3年前被诊断为肺癌晚期,得知自己的病情后,她决定给女儿留下最美好的回忆。这位37岁的食堂女职工和男友安东尼结婚,花光所有的积蓄和家人一起进行豪华旅行。Lisa even planned her own funeral and wrote goodbye letters for her daughters to open after she died. But three years after the diagnosis, Lisa#39;s death sentence was lifted — as her tumor unexpectedly disappeared.莉萨甚至已经安排好了葬礼,给两个女儿留下了临终遗言。但离病情诊断三年后,莉萨的“死刑判决”却解除了:因为她体内的肿瘤神奇地消失了。The mother, who had aly undergone a hysterectomy to beat cervical cancer, said: #39;I’d been saying goodbye and preparing for the end. It was heartbreaking to tell my daughters Mummy was going to die.莉萨先前因患宫颈癌而进行过子宫切除手术,她说:“我已经在跟我的孩子道别了,准备迎接最后的时刻。让我自己告诉女儿妈妈就要死了,这太让人心碎了。”#39;I was very young when I lost mother. The thought of them growing up without me was devastating. Telling them I wasn#39;t going anywhere was the best moment of my life.#39;“我自己在很小的时候母亲就去世了,想到她们的成长过程中没有我,我真的非常难过。而现在可以告诉他们,妈妈哪儿也不去就在这里,这是我生命里最好的时刻。”She was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer (SCLC) — unrelated to her earlier illness and rare in a woman her age. It#39;s 94 per cent death rate is one of cancer#39;s highest.莉萨被确诊为小细胞肺癌,这种病在同年龄段的女性中非常少见,也跟她之前得过的癌症无关。小细胞肺癌死亡率高达74%,属于癌症中死亡率非常高的一种。Lisa was told her cancer was inoperable — but that chemotherapy could give her another 18 months with her family. Lisa#39;s biggest fear was that her girls, Chloe and Georgia — then 13 and eight — would not remember her.医生告诉莉萨她的癌症没法开刀,但是化疗可以让她多活18个月。莉萨最大的担心就是两个女儿会忘记她,女儿克洛伊和乔治娅当时分别只有13岁和8岁。She vowed to spend her money on creating happy memories for her daughters with her partner Anthony, spending pound;2,000 on a holiday to Lanzarote, pound;3,000 on a break in Bulgaria and pound;6,000 on a luxurious trip to Turkey.她决定要把自己的积蓄都用来为女儿还有丈夫安东尼创造美好回忆。一家人陆续前往西班牙兰萨罗特岛、保加利亚和土耳其进行了三次旅行,一共花费了1.1万英镑。#39;It was impossible to forget about the cancer but seeing the girls play in the sea and play on the beach was fantastic. Again, I knew they were memories they would never forget and I wanted to create more.#39;“在旅行的过程中,想要忘记癌症不可能,但看到我的女儿在海里和沙滩上嬉戏,感觉真的非常棒。我知道这些旅行会给他们留下难忘的记忆,我还想制造更多。”With Anthony working as an electrician and Lisa unable to work, money was tight. But the couple vowed to blow what little they had left making memories for the girls.安东尼是名电工,莉萨又因为生病的缘故无法工作,他们家的经济状态其实比较拮据。但他们还是决定花光所有积蓄,只为给两个孩子留下美好回忆。Lisa says: #39;You don’t care about money when you are dying, just your family spending time together. I didn#39;t want their memories of me to be in hospital. I wanted them to be happy, carefree memories.#39;莉萨说:“当你要死的时候,你就不会再在意钱了,你只会想跟家人在一起。我不想她们以后想起我,都是我在医院的样子,我想留给她们无忧无虑的欢乐回忆。”By the time she returned home, Lisa had aly lived past the 18-month prognosis. She continued to have check-ups every three months without any change in the outlook.旅行归来,莉萨已经活过了18个月,她继续三个月去做一次检查,但情况并没有好转。In April last year — three years after her original diagnosis — she went for a routine biopsy — and was given the astonishing news that her tumour had shrunk so much the doctors couldn’t find it.去年四月也就是她最初诊断的三年后,她去做例行的活组织检查,却从医生那里得到了一个惊人的消息:她体内的肿瘤萎缩到医生都找不到了。#39;My mouth fell wide open,#39; she recalls. #39;I couldn’t believe it. The doctors couldn’t either. My death sentence had been lifted. Nobody could predict this would happen. Everyone at The Christie Hospital was amazing. I can’t thank them enough.#39;她回忆起当时的情况说道:“我的嘴巴张得老大,我真的不敢相信,医生也觉得不可思议。我的死刑判决被解除了,谁也没料到会发生这样的事情,克里斯蒂医院的医护人员觉得这非常棒,我非常感谢他们。”A spokesperson for the Christie Hospital said: #39;Lisa has done incredibly well. Everybody here at Christie#39;s is delighted for her. There is of course always a risk that the cancer could come back so we are keeping a very close eye on her.#39;该医院的发言人表示:“莉萨的状况非常好,我们医院都为她高兴。不过癌症也可能有复发的危险,我们会持续观察。” /201301/220208。

1. Plan ahead1.购物前规划There#39;s always the risk of buying something you don#39;t really love just because it#39;s a bargain. It#39;s much better to buy something you love and spend that bit more. It#39;s a good idea to plan ahead - decide what your budget is beforehand to avoid post-sales-shopping guilt, and also think about which pieces you might want. Are they something you can wear now and next season? Key trends stick around, so a sale is a good way to snap them up. Right now, look out for coloured leather, think sharp jackets with cigarette pants.许多时候你买到的东西并不是你喜欢的,而是因为它便宜你才去买。与其这样不如多花点钱买自己喜欢的东西。提前规划是明智的做法,做好预算和想好要买的东西,以免买了又后悔。你这个和下个季度的衣都有了吗?紧跟时尚潮流,参加促销活动是很好的选择。这个季节可以买色的皮革,因为皮夹克和直筒裤是很搭的。2. Be open to ideas2.广泛搜罗Have a general idea of what you#39;d like, for example, a jacket or a coat, but be open-minded about the brand or style. The great thing about sales shopping is you might discover brands that you previously didn#39;t know about.清楚自己要买什么,比如夹克或者外套,但对牌子和款式不要斤斤计较。参加促销活动的一大好处就是你能找到一些你以前没有听过的牌子。3. Get in there quickly3.下手要快Bags, jewellery and small leather goods are the first things to go in a sale as they are sizeless, and due to the nature of sales shopping, sizes are always limited. If you see a bag or shoes you love and they are on sale, go for it.一进商场先去买包、珠宝和小的皮革制品,因为这些商品的每个尺码都是有限的。所以如果你看到了喜欢的包或鞋子,那就买吧。4. Buy classic and statement4.买品牌经典If you#39;re looking at designer labels, definitely go for items that are the signature pieces for that brand. So, anything leather from Helmut Lang, red from Valentino. But, as well as the classics, sales are also a good opportunity to buy something like a really amazing evening gown that you couldn#39;t quite justify at full price.如果你想买品牌衣,那么一定要买这个牌子有代表性的东西,比如买皮革就要买海尔姆特朗的,红色的东西就要买华伦天奴的。促销活动上能够买到经典的衣,同样也可以买到那些原价很贵的打折晚礼。5. If the dress fits…5.衣尺码不对怎么办If you#39;re shopping online, shop by size. A lot of websites have size filters so you aren#39;t tempted to buy something that#39;s way too big or too small simply because it#39;s a good deal. Having said that, if you completely fall in love with a piece of clothing that#39;s the wrong size, you could always look into getting it tailored.如果你在网上买衣,一定要按自己穿衣的尺码买。很多网站都会给出尺码对比表,所以你不会因为价格便宜而买那些号太大或太小的衣。但如果在促销活动上你实在很喜欢那件尺码不适合你的衣,买吧,然后让裁缝修改。6. Time for an upgrade6.提升衣柜档次Buying from the sales is an opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe, if you think it#39;s time you invested in better fabrics. For instance, beautiful cashmere is timeless and great to buy when you can.如果你想买好衣,促销活动是你提升自己衣柜档次的时候。在促销活动上可以买那些永远不会过时的东西,比如羊绒衫。 /201301/218101。