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济南齐鲁医院是私立的还是公立的莱芜中医院产妇做检查好吗滨州盆腔炎多少钱 Two friends and I moved into a house off campus when I was a junior at Iowa State University.在爱荷华州大学读大三时,我和两个朋友从宿舍搬出来,租了一间房子We were all a bit afraid of our landlord, a gruff middle aged man who was ;all business; when we signed the lease.房东是一个粗鲁的中年人,我们都有点怕他He gave us a lecture about paying the rent on time and maintaining the house and appliances. We werent really supposed to, but during the fall semester, my housemates and I threw a party.他交代我们要及时交房租,好好爱护房子和电器下半学期,我和室友举办了一个聚会We sent invitations to many friends and told everyone that we knew to come to our house on Friday night. We drew a large crowd and everyone had a great time. The last guests left in the wee hours of the morning.我们邀请许多朋友,让他们星期五晚上都到家里来玩我们一大群人玩得很尽兴,最后一个客人在天快要亮时才离开Exhausted, we decided to sleep in and clean the house and yard the next morning. Well, you guessed it!玩得筋疲力尽的我们决定先睡觉,第二天早上起来再清扫房子噢,你猜怎么着We were awakened about 700 a.m. by our landlord, who was knocking on the door. Sheepishly, we let him in, expecting to incur his wrath. Instead, he picked up a party invitation that had been laying on the sidewalk and asked, ;Why didnt you girls invite me?;早上七点时,房东的敲门声把我们吵醒,我们不好意思地让他进来,料想会遭他怒骂谁知,他捡起道边的一张宴会请柬,问道:“你们这些女孩子怎么不邀请我呢?”He came into the house, made a minor repair, and spent a few minutes helping us pick up trash from the yard. We werent quite sure what to make of our unexpected luck, but we were thrilled that our landlord had been so understanding.他走进屋子,简单清理了一下,又帮我们把院子里的垃圾清扫了我们也不知道怎么这么走运,兴奋地发现我们的房东竟如此通情达理A few months later, I made a mathematical error while balancing my checkbook and my bank soon notified me that I had bounced a check. I was mortified when I discovered that it was my rent check and that I had to notify my landlord.数月后,由于计算失误,账户上没有余额了很快给我发了退票我羞愧地发现那是我给房东的月租票,而我又不得不告诉房东.I figured that he viewed my housemates and I as irresponsible after the party incident and this would prove him right. I was certain that he would evict me. Somehow, I mustered the courage to call him and explained what had happened.He said, ;I have a daughter about your age, and the same thing happened to her once. Would you like to wait until next month and send a double payment then?; Ive never gotten our landlord kindness and understanding.那次聚会后,我想他一定以为我的室友们都是不负责任的人,现在更实了他的看法他一定会把我们赶出去的可不知为什么,当我鼓起勇气给他打电话解释时,他说:“我有一个女儿,跟你们差不多大,她曾经也干过同样的事你不想等级到下个月给我双份月租吗?”我永远都忘不了房东的善心和通情达理He also taught me an important lesson about not judging a book by its cover. Im proud to say that I have not bounced a check since (though I have thrown a few more parties)!他教给我一个重要的人生道理:不要以书皮来判断书的好坏(切勿以貌取人)我自豪地说,从那以后再也没给我发过退票(尽管我又举办过几次聚会) 0Rick was chosen US-British test pilot exchange program in 199.199年,里克被选入美国— 英国皇家空军试飞员交换项目We moved to the English countryside, where our marriage grew to a deeper level with no barriers standing between us.我们搬到了英国乡下在国外的那段时间我们的婚姻发展到了心心相印的水平,没有隔阂Later Rick applied a fourth time the space program and got the call from NASA.里克第四次申请参加航天项目,得到了国家航空航天局的征召In Huston, no matter how tired Rick was after a long day of NASA training, he was 0 percent involved in family at home.在休斯敦,国家航空航天局长长一天的训练之后,里克无论多么疲惫,还是百分之百地投入家庭生活之中There was no sweeter music to me than the sound of our kids laughing with their Dad.对我来说,孩子们和他们的父亲在一起的欢笑声比任何音乐都更加甜美动听I was anxious at Rick first shuttle mission, as pilot of the Discovery in 1999. The memory of the Challenger explosion was still clear.我对里克作为 1999 年“发现”号的航天员首次执行飞行任务感到不安“挑战者”爆炸事件在我脑海里记忆犹新The Discovery mission was a success so I was much at ease abut Rick next trip, as commander of the Columbia, even though the launch date got put off several times.“发现”号的飞行任务成功了,所以我对里克下一次的飞行——作为“哥伦比亚”号航天飞机的机长——放心多了,即使发射日期推后几次I peacefully watched the shuttle lift off last January .去年1月日,我平静地看着航天飞机起飞上天Then two weeks later as the Columbia entered the earth atmosphere it broke apart.两个星期之后,“哥伦比亚”号进入地球大气层时在得克萨斯上空破裂解体It was like watching my whole life break into pieces and fall from the sky.那情景就像眼看着我的一生破成碎片从空中掉下This February 7 would have been our 1 wedding anniversary. This last year has seemed very, very long.今年 月 7 日本该是我俩结婚 周年纪念日去年一年似乎非常漫长Grief seems to bring time to a halt. Yet love never stands still. Love is always going on.悲伤似乎让时间停止了然而爱从不静止,爱总是不停运转There was a voice deep inside me that assured me I would be OK, the same voice that had brought me comt during the other hard times in my life.在我的内心深处有个声音在安慰我,说我会没事的,这声音就是在我的经历生活中其它艰难时期时带给我慰藉的那同一个声音I knew I would have the strength to go on, and where that strength would come from. It was love that would save me now.我知道我会有力量生活下来,我也清楚那力量会从何而来现在会拯救我的正是这种爱 01959山东山大医院有人在那做过人流吗

肥城市妇幼保健院正规吗?怎么样Jordan:Excuse me, my girlfriend was brought into the hospital about two hours ago, but I cant find her.乔丹:劳驾,我的女朋友大约两个小时前被送进这里,但我找不到她Admissions Clerk:Why was she brought into the hospital?工作人员:为什么被送进这家医院?Jordan:Im not sure. I got a call from her coworker, but she didnt give me any details.乔丹:我不确定我是接到她同事的一个电话,但她没有给我任何细节Admissions Clerk:If it werent an accident, then she wouldnt be in the emergency room or the trauma .工作人员:如果不是意外,她就不会在急症或创伤病房Jordan:It may have been her heart. She has a heart condition.乔丹:可能是她的心脏问题她有心脏病Admissions Clerk:Then she might be in the cardiology department.工作人员:那她可能是在心脏病科If she is in severe condition, shell be in the ICU.如果情况严重,她此时应该在ICUJordan:It may also be the baby. She pregnant.乔丹:也可能是婴儿降生因为她怀了Admissions Clerk:Then she might be in the obstetrics and gynecology department.工作人员:那她可能在妇产科室And if the baby has been born, it would be in the neonatal .如果宝宝已经出生,这会儿应该在新生儿加护病房Jordan:Im just not sure where to go.乔丹:我就是丈二和尚摸不着头脑Maybe Ill start in the cardiology department.也许我可以从心脏病科开始找起Admissions Clerk:That fine. Go past the neurology and oncology departments and it on your right.工作人员:好吧经过神经内科、肿瘤科,它就在你的右侧If you see the burn , then youve gone too far.如果你看到烧伤病房,那你就走过了Jordan:You cant look her up me to see if she been admitted?乔丹:你就不能给我查查看我女朋友是否已经入院接受救治吗?Admissions Clerk:Im sorry, but our computer systems are down right now.工作人员:对不起,我们的电脑系统现在正处于瘫痪状态If you wait until theyre up again, I can try to find her you.如果你能等到它重启,我会试着帮你找找Jordan:And go out of my mind worrying?乔丹:你觉得我现在这么着急有这份耐心吗?No thanks. Im going to find her, even if I have to look behind every bedpan!不,谢谢即使我要看每个便盆的背后也要找到她! 673山东省中医药大学第二医院怎么样好吗 Jennifer: Oh. I just wanted you to shut up. You were off-key anyway. Let me see that! [Grabs the earphone] Billy: OK...just grab it right out of my hands... Jennifer: What a cool see-through blue! How do you wear this thing? Billy: That piece fits on to your ear. It hooks right on. And you just put the other one in your other ear. Jennifer: How do I turn it on?off key (a.)   走音的grab (v.)   抓取,强夺see-through (a.)   透明的fit (v.)   合(穿、戴)珍妮花:我只是要你闭嘴反正你也唱走音了让我看!(抢走了耳机) 比 利:好……你就这样把我耳机抢走…… 珍妮花:透明的蓝色,真酷!这玩意儿要怎么戴啊? 比 利:这个部份是设计戴在耳朵上的,用勾的固定住再把另一边放进另一只耳朵就行 珍妮花:我要怎么打开? 18长清区人流多少钱

市中区怀孕检测多少钱Michelle: Why did I get stuck with buying corporate gifts our clients this year? Just because Im a woman doesnt mean Im good at buying gifts.米歇尔:为什么今年偏偏选我为客户们买礼物?就因为我是女人吗?但这不意味着我擅长挑选礼物啊Rafiq: It not because youre a woman. It because youre the most junior employee of the company. I had the job three years ago when I started working here.克:不是因为你是女人,而是因为你是公司资历最浅的员工三年前我刚开始在这里工作时,也为客户买过礼物Michelle: Oh, so you know the drill. I was thinking of sending food baskets to McQ Corp.米歇尔:欧,那你肯定知道窍门我在想是不是送食品篮子给 McQ 公司Rafiq: I wouldnt advise doing that. Were bidding on a new contract with their company and the gift could be misconstrued as a bribe. Youll want to avoid any appearance of impropriety.克:我不建议你送那个我们正在竞标与 McQ 公司签订新的合同,这时候送礼物有可能被曲解为贿赂你要尽量避免出现不正当的表象Michelle: Then I shouldnt send anything at all?米歇尔:那么我根本不用送礼物?Rafiq: You could send a charitable donation in the company name. This way, we show our appreciation their business, and they get recognition the contribution to a worthy cause, without seeming like were trying to influence their decision.克:你能以公司的名义慈善捐款这样我们才能表达感激之情,并得到他们的认同让他们认为这次的贡献是有价值的,同时又不显得我们在影响他们的决策Michelle: That seems like a good way to go. What about the other companies were doing business with?米歇尔:似乎是个不错的选择那其他与我们有合作关系的公司怎么办?Rafiq: A food basket would be fine those companies. Just make sure there nothing perishable in them and send a hand-written note. That adds a nice touch.克:对于他们来说,送食品篮子就够了要确保不送容易腐烂的食品,还要附上一张手写的纸条这样更让人感动Michelle: I was also thinking of sending our smaller clients calendars and t-shirts with our company logo. What do you think?米歇尔:我也想过送带有我们公司商标的年历或者T恤给小客户你认为怎么样?Rafiq: I think theyd like gift certificates to stores or restaurants better.克:我想他们更愿意收到商场券和酒店券Michelle: What about a bottle of wine? Wouldnt that be a good gift?米歇尔:那么一瓶酒如何?那难道不是一个好礼物?Rafiq: You never know how a client feels about alcohol, so stick to something safer, like the food baskets or gift certificates.克:你绝不知道客户会怎么想,所以还是保险一点为好,像食品篮子或者礼品券就很好Michelle: You have all the answers. Youre an expert at corporate gift-giving!米歇尔:你什么都知道你真是一个送礼专家啊!Rafiq: Shh, dont say that too loudly. If the powers that be hear about it, I might get stuck with the job—permanently!克:嘘,不要说得太大声如果让领导们听到了,说不定会让我一直负责这件事Michelle: Your secret is safe with me.米歇尔:我会替你保密的原文译文属! 1968 It's hard to avoid traveling over the holidays but the experience I had last week really takes the cake. I flew back to Tucson, Arizona, to be with my wife's family, as we do every Christmas. I got to the airport an hour and a half bee my flight, which I thought would be plenty of time. When I got there, though, I saw that the security line was out the door. Because it was the holidays, people were traveling with a lot of extra packages. It took twice as long as it normally would to get to the front of the line. When I finally got to the gate, I found out that my flight had been oversold. The gate agent was looking people to voluntarily give up their seats a later flight in exchange a <牛人_句子> travel voucher. If she didn't get enough volunteers, she would have to bump people from the flight. Luckily, several people took her up on the offer and the rest of us boarded. What a hassle! I love the holidays but I don't love holiday travel. 背景链接:济南三院妇科检查怎么样山东省妇幼保健院好么




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