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新东方英语900句 Lesson 15:TimeCore Sentences1. Excuse me, what time do you have? I want set my watch.2. It's two o'clock Britsh summer time.3. My brother is aly seven years old, but he can't tell time yet.4. You watch is fast, and my watch is big slow.5. The clock keeps very good time.6. It's a few minutes after seven.7. You must have reset your watch.8. Excuse me, but do you have the correct time, please?9. Sure thing, it is nearly seven thirty.10. It is very important to be .11. I was late for school because my watch was broken yesterday.12. You need an alarm clock to wake you up tomorrow.13. ed fly number 7076 will take off at ten ten AM.14. The Cafe is open from ten AM to eleven PM.15. Come on, the train will leave in fifteen minutes.Dialog ExercisesNumber one What time is it?A. I'm hungery, it must super time.B. I could eat a horse. What time is it? I don't have a watch with me.A. It is only half past five.B. Is your watch slow?A. Oh, my watch stopped. I must have forgotten to it last night.B. Check you mobile phone.A. Ok, mine, it's aly six thirty.B. Is this the correct time?A. I think so, I set it by the radio last night.Number two Waiting for the bus.A. Have you a watch?B. Yes, it's six forty.A. Mine is six forty, too.B. Both watches are correct.A. I'm glad I'm early today. I don't want to be late again.B. We won't be late today, the bus will come in fifteen minutes.A. Our bus will be late.B. Why?A. His watch is twenty minutes late, I set it. /200604/5860

英语口语1+1:Great minds think alike【1+1英文】Angela: "I was just thinking to call you, then the phone rang and it was you calling me." Andy: "Great minds think alike."【1+1中文】安吉拉:我正要打电话给你,然后电话就响了,结果竟然是你。安 迪:英雄的观点总是一样的嘛!【1+1】"Great minds think alike" means that great people think about things in similar ways. 中文意思:英雄所见略同。 /200605/7005

And then with a bit of vine tied to each corner.然后用藤条 将各个角绑起来Then bunch it together.And that is what we#39;re gonna suspend it from.将蔓藤捆成一团 这就是我们的悬挂点I#39;m gonna try and get this vine up the tree over that branch.我要试着把藤条搭到 那条树枝上面And then I#39;m gonna use that to hoist the platform up.然后利用它 把平台升起来Th that over.Okay, that#39;s reaching the ground there.将藤条穿过去 好的 这样就能伸到地面了If I can just get down this thing.Oh, my word!我要爬下去 我的天呐I#39;ve made a sleeping platform high in the jungle of Guatemala.在危地马拉丛林中 我搭建了一个睡觉的平台Try and get this vine up the tree over that branch.试着把藤条 搭到那条树枝上去But whilst I#39;m up the tree,the jungle throws another surprise my way.但我爬树的同时 丛林又给了我一个惊喜Oh, my word!In the crook of this tree,there is the mother of all larvaes.我的天呐 在树干的弯曲部分 发现了幼虫的母体Check that out.That#39;s gonna turn a snack of larvae into a feast for me.Cool.仔细看看 这一下子把我的幼虫小菜 变成虫王盛宴了 真棒Let#39;s get down and get this platform hoisted up.让我们爬下去 将平台升起来Let#39;s see if this vine this vine holds.看看这条藤条 能不能承受住You know, nothing#39;s ever easy in the jungle, is it?热带丛林里什么都困难重重 有木有 Article/201609/466148

Do you feel honored to be getting this award from the French?你对从法国获了这个奖感到很荣幸么?Oh, it#39;s very lovely of them.哦,很感谢他们。It#39;s exciting.这让人感到兴奋。I don#39;t know why they#39;re doing it, frankly.Oh, come on, are you kidding?坦白说,我不明白他们干吗非要弄这个奖。哦,别开玩笑了。#39;Cause you live long enough to hang around? -Are you kidding?因为我活的太久了么?-哦,不是吧。Congratulations. -Oh, Daphne! Oh, child!祝贺啊!-嘿,Daphne。It#39;s you they should be honoring, not me.他们不该给我颁奖的,该给你颁。Merci.谢谢。It should be Jean Luc. He#39;s the one they should be honoring.Yes.他们应该把奖给Jean Luc,他应得的。是的。He doesn#39;t want to be honored.他不想被奖励。He doesn#39;t want anything.他什么都不想要。And I#39;m amazed he accepted tonight.他今晚接受了这个奖,我都觉得吃惊。He#39;s not only Chevalier, but directly Officer, which is exceptional.他被颁这个奖是很特殊的。Very deeply, I think he doesn#39;t believe he deserves it.我坚信,他觉得自己还不够拿这个奖。That#39;s why he deserves it...even more.他这样的态度也是他得奖的原因,甚至更多。I just think it#39;s so funny that you#39;re working at your own party.你在你自己的颁奖典礼上还在工作这太有趣了。 Article/201609/460805

But for the teachers, the real results are still to come.但是对于老师们来说,真正的成绩还未揭晓How have their 50 pupils performed against the rest of the year?他们的五十名学生和同年级其他学生相比如何How have their traditional Chinese methods done against the British system?他们的中式教学法和英国教育体制孰高孰低I feel very apprehensive with the science results.我对科学课的成绩很忧虑I do not feel we are standing in a very strong position to compete with Bohunt teachers.我不觉得这成绩能比过航特中学老师们的成绩In China, this is not my expectation.在中国的话,这不符合我的期望In my school, if you get a B in maths...在我的学校,如果你的数学拿了B等The students will not accept this result.学生们是无法接受这个成绩的Graduation - a chance to celebrate the end of school for the students.毕业典礼是学生们庆祝完成学业的机会For the Chinese and British teachers, it#39;s the moment of truth.而对中国和英国老师来说,这是揭晓的时刻Right, so this envelope could, of course, change the course of history.好了,当然了,这个信封可以改变历史的进程I don#39;t know if I want to open it, actually. I#39;m really quite nervous.我不知道我是不是想打开它,说实话,我真的挺紧张because there are a couple of philosophies that have clashed over this project.因为在这个项目中有一些理念轰然倒地And if Chinese school has won the day,如果今天中式学校赢了then it#39;s going to be quite interesting for us, I think, at Bohunt.我想我们在航特中学以后会十分有趣We need a drumroll. OK. So.来点前奏。好了,那么The Chinese school average mark for maths, 67.74%.中式学校的数学平均分是67.74分Bohunt year nine, 54.84. There is more.航特中学初三学生,54.84分。还没结束Bohunt year nine, average mark for Mandarin, 36.46.航特初三,普通话平均分36.46分Chinese school, 46.88.中式学校,46.88分For science, Chinese School, 58.33.科学课,中式学校,58.33分Bohunt year nine, 50.航特初三,50分I have to attempt to be gracious and say to Chinese School, very, very well done.我试图有风度一些,对中式学校说,你们表现得非常,非常好And yeah, the inquiry will commence.并且,之后的探索即将开始Thank you very much, and well done. And well done. Well done.非常感谢你们,非常,非常好We are here to bring you the unique Chinese-style teaching.我们来到这里,让你们感受独一无二的中式教育And we are very pleased to hear the result,听到这个结果,我们非常欣慰but still we would like to say, please try your best.但是我们仍然想说,请尽你所能And we wish you do all your best in the future, no matter what you do.衷心祝愿你们,将来无论你们从事什么,一切都能做到最好 Article/201606/451972

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