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;THE freedom to marry;, wrote Earl Warren, chief justice of the ed States Supreme Court,;has long been recognised as one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men.; Warren wrotethat sentence in 1967, by way of explaining why he and his colleagues unanimously ruled that laws banning interracial marriages violated both theequal protection and due process clauses of the fourteenth amendment. Supporters of gay marriage would like to see that same court apply that same reasoning to their cause. On February 7th a federal court in California brought them one step closer.;婚姻自由,长久以来都乃自由之人追求幸福不可或缺之至高无上人权之一。;美国最高法院的首席大法官Earl Warren在1967年时和他的同僚们一致通过裁定,认为禁止不同种族通婚的禁令违反了第十四修正案的平等保护条款和正当程序条款,为了解释这一裁定,他写下了上面这句话。同性恋婚姻的持者们希望看到这同一法庭也将同一理由适用于他们的案件。而加州联邦法庭在2月7日的判决让他们离自己的目标更近了一步。The ed States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that Proposition 8, a ballot initiative passed by Californiarsquo;s voters in November 2008 amending the constitution to prohibit gay marriage, was unconstitutional. That initiative passed fivemonths after Californiarsquo;s Supreme Court overturned an earlier ban on gaymarriage; during that time, California granted marriage licences to some 18,000 gay couples.美国第九巡回上诉法院裁定8号提案违宪。8号提案最早在2008年11月在加州投票通过,修改宪法以禁止同性婚姻。而在8号提案通过的五个月之前,加州最高法院推翻了之前一项关于同性婚姻的禁令;在此期间内(原:就在这五个月期间内),加州为大约18,000对同性;夫妻;颁发了结婚书。The appeals court upheld a lower courtrsquo;s ruling in 2010 that Proposition 8 violated the fourteenth amendment, but did so on far narrower grounds, leaving unanswered the broad question of whether states could ever restrict marriage to heterosexual couples, and finding instead that Californiarsquo;s measure visited a unique harm upon gays and lesbians by stripping them of a right they once enjoyed. Under California law, gays retained the rights to adopt children,file taxes jointly and share bank accounts. Proposition 8 simply denied them the ;official, cherished status; of marriage,leading the court to conclude that its sole purpose was ;to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California;.虽然巡回上诉法院持初级法院在2010年做出的关于8号提案违反第十四修正案的裁定,但它基于的理由却极为狭隘,它回避了一个更广泛的悬而未决的问题;;美国各州是否会将婚姻仅限定于异性夫妻之间;相反地,却只针对;由于加州的做法剥夺了一项同性恋者们曾经享有的权利,反而对他们造成了特定伤害;这一点做文章。加州的法律规定,同性恋(伴侣)享有领养孩子,共同纳税以及共享账户的权利。8号提案只是否决了他们婚姻的;合法的,崇高的地位;,这使法庭断定8号提案唯一的目的就是要;降低加州同性恋者的地位并剥夺他们的尊严;。The case now seems certain to be appealed to the ed States Supreme Court, though other states are simply pushing ahead with allowing gay marriage: on February 8th Washingtonrsquo;s state legislature voted to allow it, though the decision could yet require approval at a referendum. Marriage, far beyond such mundane matters aspensions and bank accounts, is of course a hugely emotive subject. As the Ninth Circuit noted in handing down its judgment, ;Had Marilyn Monroersquo;s film been called lsquo;How to Register a Domestic Partnership with a Millionairersquo;, it would not have conveyed the same meaning.;尽管其他州都在推动允许同性婚姻的进程;;2月8日,华盛顿州众议院投票通过允许同性婚姻的提案,当然决议的最终批准还需公民投票表决;;但现在看来,此案(8号提案违宪一案)一定会上诉至美国最高法院。婚姻,是与情感高度相关之事,远不同于养老金,账户等一般俗务。就像第九巡回上诉法院在宣布其裁决时所指出的那样:;如果玛丽莲梦露的电影叫《如何与百万富翁签订一纸家庭伴侣关系》(而不叫《如何嫁个百万富翁》),意思就大相径庭了。;201203/173766The Bulls lost another game, and would have to go the full seven in a series for the first time in years. By the end of game six, doubters were saying that Michael was finally running on empty.公牛队又输了另一场比赛,就得在这一年内第一次在7场比赛中不能丢分。在第六场比赛的最后,持怀疑态度的人都说迈克尔好像形同梦游一般。Bulls trail by two. Here we go. MJ one-on-one with McKey. Michael a drive, tripped off his feet, and McKey stole the ball, and thats gonna do it. That will do it. Indianas gonna win it.公牛队落后两分。现在我们可以开始了。乔丹与米基正针锋相对,后者偷球得手。这就行了。印地安那州会赢的。He may have been devastated that night, and I assume he was, but he had the ability to believe that we were going to win. And he was going to do well. Probably one of the most remarkable shots that everybody remembers is the shot he made against Cleveland.那晚他可能已经被摧毁,我假定他已经如此,但他有能力力挽狂澜,他相信我们会赢。他要做得很好。可能每个人都记得他技惊四座的一次投篮是对克里夫兰的那场比赛。The in-bounds pass comes in to Jordan. Heres Michael at the foul line. A shot on Ehlo. Good! The Bulls win! They win it!乔丹掌控球权。现在迈克尔站在罚球线上。在Ehlo面前投中了球。太漂亮了!公牛队赢了!他们赢了!注:听力文本来源于51VOA201201/168819The Bulls won game two, and now the series would move to Chicago, tied at one.公牛队赢得了第二场比赛,现在战场转移到了芝加哥,这注定是一场硬仗。I have to see someone beat Michael Jordan four times, because I said to do that youre gonna have to dismember him. Youre gonna have to take an arm and leg, and youre gonna have to drag him off the floor. Hes not gonna go easily.我曾经看到有人击败迈克尔bull;乔丹四次,因为我想说这样你就必须十分了解他。如果你有要打败迈克尔的信念,请问迈克尔是那么容易被击垮的吗?These would be Michaels last games in Chicago. And game three played out like a thankyou note to the fans.这会是迈克尔在芝加哥的最后一次比赛。第3节比赛就像是对球迷的致谢一样。Welcome to my world, where I feel most at home. Reasons will always change but the meaning still stays the same.欢迎来到我的世界,在那里,我感到像在家中一样。原因总是会变化,但意义永远不变。Chicagos 96-54 win in game three was the biggest rout in NBA Finals history. The Bulls were two games away from the title.芝加哥以96比54赢得比赛,这成了NBA总决赛的历史。公牛队离登顶只差2场比赛。People have said a lot of things about our physical tiredness, but our mental toughness is there, and I dont think that should ever be overlooked.人们曾说很多东西,包括我们的身体疲劳,但我们的精神状态就在那里,我不认为会被忽略。After dominating game three, the Bulls physical resilience would be tested in game four.在第3节比赛占据统治地位后,公牛的体质韧性将在第4节比赛被测试。Scottie, looks. Jumps it to Michael. MJ, and turns base line. Fall away jumper. Good! What a great ball that was. Kukoc drops to Michael. MJ spins along the base line, and he goes up and scores. And Kukoc looking, looking, looking, look to Michael. He catches, two dribbles, spins in, scoops and scores!斯克特,看着妙传给了迈克尔。后者杀到底线。跳投,漂亮!这是一个伟大的球。乔丹在扣篮得分。库科奇,看着,看着,看看迈克尔。他接住球,运球、上篮得分!Another win for the Bulls. The countdown to the championship had reached one.这是公牛队的另一场胜利。他们的总冠军已经进入了倒计时。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/170289

Ive got about a quarter of a bottle now for later reserve. Urine is actually 95 percent water. And its sterile when fresh. But only drink it when you are hydrated. And drink it sooner rather than later as its a breeding ground for bacteria. The people who stand the best chances of survival are the ones prepared to push the limits. In 2006, three Mexican fishermen were rescued after a 9-month ordeal adrift on a Pacific ocean. They drank turtle blood and their own urine. So its only because they were prepared to go to these extremes that they are alive today. But urine alone is not gonna be enough in this heat. Youve got to find water and fast. Just at rest, you should be drinking two percent of your body weight in water every day. That means about one and a half litre minimum. But in these conditions, youll need that much just every hour.我留了1/4壶,过会再喝。尿液里有95%是水分,刚排除体外时无菌,最好尽快饮用,否则容易滋生细菌。最有可能逃出生天的人,是那些准备好挑战极限的人。2006年3名墨西哥渔民在太平洋上遇难,漫无目标地漂流了9个月后才获得营救。他们喝的是海龟血和自己的尿液。正因为他们准备好接受这些极限挑战,所以才活到今天。但是光凭尿液不足以在如此酷热的条件下维生,你必须尽快找到水源。就算歇着不动,我每天也得喝相当于自己体重2%的饮用水。也就是说至少要喝1.5升左右。但在这种条件下,我每小时都需要喝那么多水。Look at the scale of this. The combination of searing heat and high humidity will take their toll. Your sweat wont cool you down. And if you cant find enough fluids in this heat, youll die. Im walking through these baobab trees now. These are really typical of the whole Kimberley region. But what they do for me is offer me a little bit of this precious shade. Finding shades like this can be a life saver, as its up to 30 degrees cooler than when you are in the sun. The people who know how to cope best in this environment, though, are the native Australians, the Aborigines. The Aborigines have a very distinct attitude towards the land. And they dont see themselves as owners of the land, rather that the land owns them as if they are kind of custodians of it. And its this sort of respect and understanding that are so vital for staying alive in this sort of harsh environment.你看这个地方多大。灼热的高温再加上高湿度会逐渐影响到你。流汗无法帮我降温。在这样炎热的天气下,如果找不到饮用水,你就死定了。现在我正穿过猴面包树林。这种树是整个金伯利地区最典型的植物,它们能够给我提供一点点宝贵的阴凉。找到这样的阴凉可以救我一命,因为这里比骄阳下要凉快30多度。最懂得应付这种恶劣环境的人是澳洲土著。澳洲土著对待这片土地有一种特别的态度。他们不把自己当作土地的主人,而是土地的仆人,充当着土地护卫的角色。要在这么恶劣的环境生存,这样的尊重和理解绝对是至关重要的。201206/186577

Hes sure he is going to get the Noble Price,他肯定自己会赢得诺贝尔奖,Mileva is not quite sure she is a scientist,米列娃不太确定,因为她是一名科学家,she calculate the eyes, she can thought with Harbor,她算计着,她想到了之后的日子,she decided to take the bet.她决定接受这一赌注。Mileva takes the two young boys and Einstein companies her, alone with.米列娃带着两个小男孩而爱因斯坦独自一人陪伴她。Einstein has to go to the train station, saying goodbye to his boys.爱因斯坦不得不去火车站,向他的孩子们告别。They start crying, how was before.他们开始哭,就像之前一样。And this is a really quite devastation moment for him,这是一个彻底使他崩溃的时刻,upper with man he with holding him through this moment.在这一时刻那个人与他在一起。Einstein has state his childrens future on willing the Noble Price by no means the sure back.爱因斯坦将他孩子的未来倾注于不惜一切赢得诺贝尔奖上。He is dependent on Eirn Frendic and William Campbell to bring him photos of the total solar eclipse,他对厄尔尼·弗雷奇和威廉·坎贝尔带给他可以观察到日全食的照片非常自信,so he can see how the star seen to move.所以他可以看到行星如何运动。Surly before saying goodbye to Mileva and boys,在对米列娃和孩子们说再见前,Einstein has another farewell at Berlin Train Station.爱因斯坦在柏林火车站有另一个告别。注:听力文本来源于普特201204/179217

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