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unit 319 购买运动鞋dialogue英语情景对话A:Welcome to Jinyuan Shoe Town. What can I do for you?A:欢迎光临金源鞋城。你要买什么?B:Im looking for a pair of white sports shoes to go with mv jeans.B:我想买一双白色的运动鞋来配我的牛仔裤。A:White? What make do you want? Arid what size?A:白色?你要什么牌子的?要几码?B:Adidas. Size 38.B:阿迪达斯,38码。A:Adidas? They wear well. Try this pair, Size 38 , please.A:阿迪达斯?嗅,它们很耐穿的,试试这双吧,38码的。B:Yes. ( After trying) A bit tight actually, they pinch my toes. Have you got a larger pair. Size 39?B:好的。(试穿后)好像太紧了点儿,有点夹脚。有没有大点的,比如说39码的?A:Okay. What about this one?A:有。这双怎样?B:(After trying) Mm, this pair fits me well. Ill take it. How much is it?B:试穿后)嗯,这双正合脚。就这双多少钱?A:You are so lucky. They are on sale today. It costs only 250 yuan. Pay at the counter over there.A:你真走运,今天正好在促销,只需250元。请到那边柜台去付款。B:OK. Thank you.B:好,谢谢。 /201601/423576Language PointsThe lasagna is delicious.This soup is very tasty.You’re a fantastic cook.Did you make this from scratch?You’ve got to give me the recipe for this chicken dish!The cherry pie is out of this world.That was delicious. My compliments to the chef! /201605/440697经典句型:Im tired of breathing the polluted air every day. 我厌倦了每天呼吸被污染了的空气。A:The air in the city is not fresh.甲:城里的空气不新鲜。B:Im tired of breathing the polluted air every day.乙:我厌倦了每天呼吸被污染了的空气。A:So am I.It makes me choked.甲:我也是,让我感到窒息。B:Look at the dark smoke from that car!乙:看那辆车冒出的黑烟。A:This kind of automobile should have been forbidden in the city.甲:这种车应该禁止在城市里通行。经典句型:Because that factory produces so many wastes. 因为那家工厂排放出大量的废弃物。A:Look,the sky is grey.甲:看,天空灰蒙蒙的。B:Because that factory produces so many wastes.乙:因为那家工厂排放出大量的废弃物。A:And the river is polluted.甲:河水也被污染了。句型讲解:Be tired of的意思是“对…感到厌倦”,也可以说be bored of或者be sick of。 /201503/367147

Whats making Rob so angry? Hes been shouting at someone but theyre not listening to him. Its time to learn a phrase about the colour of his face.什么事让罗布这么生气?他一直在对别人大喊,可是他们根本不听他的。现在是时候学习有关他脸部颜色的词组了。Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Feifei and joining me today is Rob.... Errr Rob, wake up!菲菲:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是菲菲,今天和我一起主持节目的是罗布。额……罗布,醒醒!Rob: Oh yeah hi everyone.罗布:哦,大家好。Feifei: Whats wrong Rob?菲菲:罗布,你怎么了?Rob: Its the kids. My house is a mess — toys, pencils, paints everywhere — and Ive been trying to get them to clear everything up.罗布:都是孩子们闹的。我们家一片混乱,到处都是玩具、铅笔和颜料,我一直试图让他们清理干净。Feifei: And I guess you havent been successful?菲菲:我猜你并没说动他们吧?Rob: Thats right. I shouted at them until I was blue in the face — but the house is still a mess.罗布:没错。我一直对他们大喊,可是我嘴皮子磨破了都没用,房子还是一团糟。Feifei: Rob, you dont look blue to me — just your normal colour.菲菲:罗布,在我看来你的脸并没有变成蓝色,还是正常的肤色。Rob: I know that — what I mean is, Im wasting my time because it wont happen — whatever I say I wont get the result I want...罗布:我知道,我的意思是我一直在浪费时间,因为不管我说什么,我都不会得到我想要的结果……Feifei: ...which is a tidy house. Hmm, so saying something until youre blue in the face means telling someone something is a waste of time because nothing will happen or change. Oh dear Rob, it sounds like you have no control over your kids.菲菲:整洁的房子。嗯,所以until youre blue in the face这个短语的意思是让某人做某事就是在浪费时间,因为什么都不会发生,什么都不会改变。天哪,罗布,听起来你管不了你的孩子。Rob: Youre probably right. But Im not alone — lets hear some other people who are blue in the face...罗布:你可能是对的。不过不是我一个人这样,我们听听还有谁磨破嘴皮子也没用吧。Examples例句Ive told him to get here on time until Im blue in the face but still he continues to arrive late.我告诉他准时到这里来,可是我嘴皮子磨破了也没用,他还是迟到了。He told her not to break the speed limit on the motorway until he was blue in the face but she still did it and guess what? She got a speeding ticket!他让她在高速公路上不要超速,可是就算他嘴皮子磨破脸色发青也没用,她还是超速了,你猜最后怎么着?她收到了一张超速罚单!Feifei: So saying until Im blue in the face means even though you keep saying something, nobody will listen to you. I know what thats like Rob.菲菲:所以这个短语的意思是虽然你一直在说某件事,可是没有人听你的。罗布,我知道那种感觉。Rob: Really?罗布:真的吗?Feifei: Yes. Every time you make me a coffee I always ask you to put two sugars in it — but you never do!菲菲:嗯。每次你给我冲咖啡,我都让你给我加两块糖,可是你从来没这么做过!Rob: Err, pardon Feifei? Sorry I wasnt listening. Im so tired.罗布:额,菲菲,你刚才说什么?抱歉,我刚才没听清你说什么。我实在太累了。Feifei: Why are you so tired Rob? All you did was ask the kids to tidy up.菲菲:罗布,你为什么这么累?你只是让孩子们整理房子而已。Rob: Yes but because they didnt listen to me, I had to tidy everything up.罗布:是,可是他们不听我的话,所以我不得不自己整理房子。Feifei: Actually I can see that... you really are blue in the face — look youve got blue paint there... and there... and there...菲菲:实际上,我可以看出来,你的脸上的确有蓝色,你脸上那里有蓝色的颜料,那里也有,那里也有……Rob: Arghhh! Those damn kids!罗布:啊!这些可恶的孩子们!Feiefi: Calm down Rob. Your face is turning red!菲菲:冷静,罗布。你的脸已经变红了!Both: Bye!罗布:再见! 译文属 /201606/450343

讲解文本:hangover 宿醉,high过后的松垮感,后遗症I have a hangover this morning.我早上起来,觉得还是有点宿醉。Hes still sleeping off yesterdays hangover.他还在睡觉,在消除昨天的宿醉呢。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201606/4475369. Calling to Report a Cockroach Problem (2) 9.打电话报告问题(2)A: Therere a few problems with room 217, and Id liked to be moved.A:217房间有一些问题,我想搬出去。B: Maybe its a problem we can fix without moving you.B:或许这个问题不用你搬走我们就可以解决。A: If you can kill the 8 cockroaches Ive seen this morning.A:如果你能杀死我今天早上见过的8只。B: Did you say 8 cockroaches? Are you exaggerating just a little?B:你说有8只?你是不是有点夸张了?A: I know how to count and I took pictures and with my cell phone.A:我知道如何数而且我还用我的手机拍了照片录了视频。B: We can call an exterminator and send him to your room.B:我们可以叫一个职业的消灭害虫者,让他去你的房间。A: Great, and then Im supposed to breathe in toxins after that?A:很好,那么在那之后我得呼吸药物空气吧?B: At least you wont have any more roaches.B:至少你不会再有了。A: You cant be serious right now. Can I speak to your supervisor?A:我是认真的。我可以和你的领导讲话吗?B: I can transfer your call right now.B:我可以马上把你的电话转过去。A: Can you also transfer my room?A:你可以帮我换房间吗?B: Ill check to see if we have any vacant rooms we can move you to.B:我要检查一下看我们是否有空房可以让你搬进去。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/431921

unit 251 家中用餐dialogue 英语情景对话A:Its very nice of you to invite me.A:你真是太好了,请我来做客。B:Im very glad you could come, Mr. Liu. Will you take a seat at the head of the table? lts an informal dinner, please dont stand on ceremony... Mr. Liu, would you like to have some chicken?B:刘先生,您能来我很高兴,请上坐。这是一次家常便饭,请大家别客气。刘先生,要吃点鸡肉吗?A:Thank you. This is my first time to come to a Chinese restaurant. Could you tell me the different features of Chinese food?A:谳谢,这是我第一次来中餐馆,请给我讲讲中国菜的不同特色好吗?B:Generally speaking, Cantonese food is a bit light; Shanghai food is rather oily; and Hunan dishes are very spicy, having a strong and hot taste.B:一般来讲,广东菜清淡一些;上海菜比较油腻:湖南菜香味浓,辣味很重。A:Chinese dishes are exquisitely prepared, delicious, and very palatable. They are very good in colour,flavour,and taste.A:中国菜做得很精细,色、香、味俱全。B:Mr. liu, would you care for another helping?B:刘先生,再来一点吧?A:No more, thank you. Im quite full.A:不啦,谢谢。我已经够饱了。B:Did you enjoy the meal?B:您吃得怎么样?A:Its the most delicious dinner Ive had for a long time. its such a rich dinner.A:妤久没有吃过这样美味的饭莱了。这顿饭莱太丰盛了。B:Im so glad you like it.B:你能喜欢,我不胜荣幸。A:Thank you very much for your hospitality.A:谢谢你的盛情款待。 /201511/410852

unit 201 打听情况dialogue 英语情景对话A:May I ask what the name is the girl?A:我可以问一下那个女孩的名字吗?B:Which one?B:哪一位?A:The tallest one.A:那个最高的。B:She is Xiao Li. Shes come here to see her brother.B:她叫小莉,来这儿看望她哥哥。A:Oh, its so. She looks very lovely. Could you give me some else information on her?A:哦,是这样。她看起来挺可爱的。你能告诉我关于她其他的消息吗?B:OK. Shes a costume designer and works in a garment mill.B:可以,她是一个装设计师,在一家装厂工作。A:How do you think about her?A:你觉得她怎么样?B:She looks very beautiful. She is a nice girl.B:看上去很漂亮,是个不错的女孩。A:Im wondering if she has boyfriend.A:不知她有没有男朋友。B:No,she hasnt.B:没有。A:Great! Thank you very much.A:好极了!谢谢你。 /201509/400239

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