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  The Sadness of the FIFA World Cup FinalWhen I wake up in a few hours time, it will be over.It is over now, but the commentary is still on television, the jubilant scenes of a bouncing Spain smothered in confetti are still beaming around the world. You still have something to think about, to talk about, after four weeks of watching the FIFA World Cup.But by Monday morning, our infant son will say, 'Watch football,' and we'll have to tell him there's none on. By Tuesday, the caller tune download of Shakira's Waka Waka will sound as distant as a rock anthem from the 1980s, and as annoying I'm sure. Before too long, it will all start again from scratch with the qualifying rounds for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.There really is nothing like the World Cup. The Olympics are what most people who contest that point latch onto. But the Olympics doesn't build to a climax and they don't involve all the countries involved playing one sport. Global they may be, but they don't feel like they reflect the world the way the World Cup does.Of course, the Olympics have moments of individual brilliance and some memorable team matchups, as do the English Premiership, the National Football League, the T20 cricket World Cup.But, to the extent that all spectator sports offer us the chance to extend ourselves, to live outside our lives, to be in other countries we don't know, to see how countries we know nothing about play a sport we recognize, then the World Cup is unchallenged.Where else do Algeria and the U.S. meet on a level playing field? Uruguay and Ghana? North Korea and Brazil? Japan and Cameroon? What other sporting competition generates front-page headlines in countries, like India, that aren't playing and have little prospect of reaching the finals anytime soon?So what if all four teams in the last two finals have been European? That wasn't the story of this World Cup. This was as much about three mighty European footballing nations - France, Italy, and England - being dispatched in the first round. It was about the surprising teams who surfaced to get to the second round and even the rounds of 16 and eight.It was about the Goliaths of Brazil and Argentina not getting to the semi-finals. It was about poor goalkeeping and poorer refereeing. It was about South Africa hosting it for the first time and defying the critics with a successful tournament.It's a shame, even if it is inevitable, to have all this boil down to one final. Especially a final that was as underwhelming as that.The Netherlands did a better job than any other team of disrupting Spain's devastating game of possessing and passing. But it meant that neither team got to shine. Frustration, over-anxiety, a primal fear of being 'the one' who makes the mistake that leads to 'the goal' delivered us a hackers' game and almost a full deck of yellow cards (as well as one red.)It was not a classic. It was another final that resulted in no goals in regulation time - hardly the sport you would design for a mass audience glued to their sets around the world.But in the end, Spain won 1-0 by being the team that successfully converted a good chance, compared with all the others both sides had squandered during the course of the game. There wasn't much more to the victory than that.Yes, personally, I would have liked to see the Netherlands win, if for no other reason than to vanquish the demons that linger from losing in two finals in the 1970s. Now, instead, the demons will roar back, with a third final defeat and no victory.But that's not why I'm sad. I am sad because now life returns to normal. The world will shrink. The national rivalries we are used to ing about will surface again. The geopolitical order, temporarily upended by the unique dynamics of football, will restore itself. /201007/108841

  China#39;s top medical and food quality watchdog has warned customers about the consumption of so-called brain-care food, the Beijing Times reported.《京华时报》报道,国家食品药品监督提醒消费者谨慎使用所谓的“补脑”食品。Amid the approaching senior high school and college entrance exams, China#39;s State Food and Drug Administration said on Thursday that the country has never approved any health food with the self-alleged function to boost the consumer#39;s brainpower or to raise his intelligence. It added that those of authorized availability, are mainly used to improve the consumers#39; memory, reduce physical fatigue and boost the immune system. They, do not stimulate, let alone increase, brainpower.在中考、高考即将来临之际,国家食药监局周四表示,我国从未批准过补脑、提高智商等功能的保健食品,并称国家批准的改善记忆、缓解体力疲劳、增强免疫力等功能的保健食品不适用于补脑或者提高智商。The SFDA cautioned consumers, especially the younger generations, against health care foodstuff, for these sometimes contain materials unfit for adolescents.国家食药监局提醒消费者,特别是青少年,要谨慎对待保健食品,有些保健食品原料不太适合年轻人使用。The watchdog also emphasized that health food should by no means be a replacement for any type of medical treatment.食药监局还强调,保健品从任何角度都不能替代医药治疗。 /201205/182013How would you react if you were approached on the street and handed an envelope filled with money? No seeming rhyme nor reason.若你走在大街上,有陌生人莫名其妙地凑过来递给你一个装着钱的信封,你会作何反应?;You are lucky,; you are told. But with this luck comes a responsibility: that you promise to do something good with it.;你是幸运儿,;那人这样告诉你。但与这份幸运随之而来的还有一份责任:你要承诺用这些钱做些善事。An anonymous millionaire is currently putting people to the test by handing out pound;1,000 to those he randomly encounters. The Sunday Telegraph spent the day with him whilst he paced the streets of London hunting for 10 lucky recipients.英国一位不愿透露姓名的富翁正在当街考验人们,将1000英镑送给他随机碰到的人。英国《星期日电讯报》用一天时间对他贴身采访,见了他如何在伦敦的大街小巷寻找10名幸运;者;。The reactions were varied, from the stunned to the suspicious to the simply delighted.面对;飞来横财;,人们的反应或惊讶、或疑惑、或欣喜。He has given away close to pound;100,000 to people he has met around the world. He hands those that he chooses a sleek card explaining his project and allows them 48 hours to get in touch. Sometimes he adds in a treasure hunt for extra entertainment and leaves the invites hidden in bookshops or landmarks and sends clues out from his Twitter account.这位富翁已向他在世界各地遇到的人们送出将近10万英镑。选中目标后,他会交给对方一张精美卡片,上面解释了他的项目,并要求对方在48小时内与他联系。有时为了让项目变得更加有趣,他不把钱直接给对方,而是采用;寻宝游戏;的手法,将卡片藏在书店里或地标处,然后用他的推特账户向;幸运儿;发送;寻宝;提示,让对方去找。;Mr Lucky; is from London, in his late thirties, with dishevelled hair and appeared wearing rolled-up jeans, high-top trainers and with a camera slung around his neck. He earned his fortune working for an insurance company abroad and resigned last year having realised he had more money than he knew what to do with.;幸运先生;来自伦敦,年龄在35岁至40岁之间,头发乱蓬蓬,常穿着裤管卷起的牛仔裤和高帮运动鞋,脖子上挂着部相机。他先前在国外一家保险公司工作,挣了大钱,去年辞职后,突然发现自己拥有的钱多得自己都不知道怎么花才好。;I booked myself a flight into space, I thought I#39;d fulfil that childhood dream. Then I told my friends and when the conversation changed, as it inevitably does, to what they would do if they had that amount of money I felt embarrassed.;我预定了一次太空旅游,我本来想用这些钱实现儿时的梦想。然后我把这件事告诉了朋友们,聊着聊着,很自然地聊到他们如果有这么多钱,会干些什么。他们让我觉得很汗颜。;;Their ideas were much more generous, interesting and responsible than mine.;;他们的想法远比我的更慷慨、更有趣、更富责任感。;After cancelling his space flight and struggling to choose a worthy cause for his cash, he decided to set up the WeAreLucky project.那次聊天后,;幸运先生;取消了太空旅游,尽心为他的钱选择了一项崇高事业,并决定设立;我们走运;项目。;I didn#39;t want to just pass on my luck, I also wanted to share the responsibility. I decided to give away pound;1,000 every day. All I#39;d ask is that they#39;d do something positive with the cash. I#39;d take their picture and ask them to fill a brief questionnaire with their hopes and intentions for the money.;;我想要的不只是传递我的幸运,还要跟大家分享责任。我决定每天派发1000英镑。我所要求的全部就是得到钱的人必须用它做些积极的事。我会给他们拍照,让他们填一个简单问卷,以了解他们的愿望和对这笔钱的打算。;But is handing over the responsibility to others, really the responsible thing to do? How does he know the money will be put to good use? ;I don#39;t,; he shrugged. ;I leave it to them. I#39;m not going to judge or start checking up on them. Sometimes you have to just believe in people,; he said with almost child-like enthusiasm.但将责任传递给别人真的是负责任的做法吗?这位;幸运先生;又如何得知得到钱的人的确用它做了善事?;我无从得知,;他耸耸肩说,;我只是把钱留给他们看着办。我不会去评判或是开始检查他们对这笔钱的用途。有时你只需去相信别人。;说这话时他带着孩童般的热忱。 /201207/189680

  Dennis Tito, a billionaire financier who in 2001 became the first space tourist, has launched a project to send two civilians on “an historic journey” to the Red Planet in January 2018.美国亿万富翁金融家丹尼斯-蒂托正在筹划一次“历史性的旅程”,在2018年1月将两位平民送上火星。蒂托在2001年成为首位太空游客。“We have not sent humans beyond the moon in more than 40 years,” Mr Tito said at a press conference in Washington on Wednesday. “I’ve been waiting, and a lot of people my age, have been waiting. And I think it’s time to put an end to that lapse”.蒂托本周三在华盛顿一次记者招待会上说:“40多年来,我们一直没能把人类送往比月球更远的地方。我和很多同龄人一直在等待。我觉得不能再这样等下去了。”The mission, a “return fly-by”, in which the spacecraft would fly around Mars rather than land, would last for 500 days. It is expected to cost between billion and billion, which Mr Tito is hoping to fund partly through television rights and by selling data to Nasa.此次长达500天的飞行将是一次“往返飞越”,航天器将环绕火星飞行,但不着陆。据称此次火星任务将需要10亿美元到20亿美元。蒂托希望可以与电视台合作,或将数据出售给美国宇航局来筹集部分资金。His organisation, Inspiration Mars, is planning to select a middle-aged couple who may have aly had children and would be willing to risk the potential risk to their fertility of being exposed to radiation for a prolonged period.这一“灵感火星”计划将挑选一对已经生养子女,并愿意冒损害生育能力风险的中年夫妇来完成。长期接受宇宙辐射将损害人的生育能力。They would be forced to spend a year and a half together in a 14ft x 12 ft Dragon space craft, accompanied by supplies ranging from more than a tonne of dehydrated food to 28kg of lavatory paper.宇航乘客将被迫在14英尺乘12英尺的“龙”飞船里呆上一年半,舱里还挤满了供给,包括一吨多脱水食品和28公斤厕纸等等。As for why they were specifically seeking a couple to make the flight, “this is very symbolic, and we really need it to represent humanity with a man and a woman,” Taber MacCallum , chief technical officer and potential crew member told the media.那么为什么专门挑选一对夫妇来完成旅行呢?技术主任泰伯尔-麦克卡勒姆告诉媒体:“这很有象征意义,而且我们确实需要一位男士和一位女士来代表人类。”他也可能成为未来的宇航成员。He said if it is a man and a woman on such a long, cramped voyage, it makes sense for them to be married so that they can give each other the emotional support that will probably need when they look out the window and see Earth get smaller and more distant, adding: “If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.”他说,如果一位男士和一位女士在长期旅行中在狭小的空间内共处一室,那么挑选一对已婚夫妇就很重要,这样他们就能给彼此情感持,当他们望向窗外,看到地球越来越小越远时,很需要相互持。他补充说:“我只能说那很吓人。”The mission has been scheduled for 5 January, 2018, in order to take advantage of an alignment in the planets that occurs once every 15 years.此次飞行任务预计在2018年1月5日实行,目的是利用每15年才出现一次的行星连成一线的机会。Mr Tito, 72, said he was determined to complete the mission because he feared not being around for the first manned mission to Mars being planned by the US government for the mid 2030s.72岁的蒂托说,他决心完成此次飞行,因为他担心首次载人火星飞行时自己就不在了。美国政府计划在21世纪30年代中期完成首次载人火星飞行。He said that one of the questions he hoped to help answer was: “How do humans behave when they look out and see this pale blue dot that they can barely differentiate from a star?”他说自己希望帮助解答的一个问题是:“当向窗外望去,看到地球这个淡蓝色的星球与其他行星毫无区别时,人们会作何反应?” /201303/227710Chinese police detained two teachers in China#39;s coastal Zhejiang province after photos in which the pair appeared to have physically abused students were posted online amid aly simmering anger over child abuse in schools.中国警方拘留了中国浙江省的两名教师。此前,两人对学生进行身体虐待的照片被传到了网上,令公众对学校虐童行为的愤怒进一步升级。 China#39;s state-run Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday that officials detained one of the teachers, surnamed Yan, on suspicion of causing a public disturbance after a photo posted online showed her smiling as she lifted a child off the ground by his ears.Xinhua该网页截图显示的是导致两名浙江教师被拘留的照片之一。中国国有媒体新华社周四报道说,其中一名教师颜艳红已经因涉嫌寻衅滋事被刑拘。此前,这名教师面带笑容拎着一个孩子双耳将孩子提离地面的照片在网上传播。 The other teacher, accused of taking and uploading the picture, has been put under seven-day administrative detention, Xinhua said.新华社报道说,另一名被指拍摄和上传了这些照片的教师被行政拘留七日。 Education officials in Wenling, a city within Zhejiang province, said they plan to launch an investigation of the incident and will ensure that child abuse is not widesp in the local school system, according to a statement from the Wenling Board of Education.根据温岭市教育委员会的一份声明,温岭市教育局的官员表示,他们计划对此事进行调查,将确保虐童事件在当地学校系统不会普遍存在。Photos of the teacher lifting the child by his ears, and additional photos showing children stuffed into trash cans and with taped mouths and hands, were reposted thousands of times on China#39;s most popular social media site Sina Weibo, triggering widesp public anger and discussion about corporal punishment in the country#39;s classrooms.这名教师“拎耳朵”的照片以及其他的儿童被头朝下塞进垃圾桶、用胶带封嘴和粘住手臂的照片在新浪微上被大量转发,引发了网民对中国学校体罚学生现象的广泛愤怒和热烈讨论。 #39;The quality of teachers is eroding,#39; wrote Ji Mo, a Sina Weibo user in the northeastern city of Qingdao. #39;I still remember the humiliation of corporal punishment in my first grade math class; I never liked math.#39;青岛的一名新浪微用户说,老师队伍的质量在下降,我还记得一年级上数学课时受到体罚的屈辱感觉,我一直讨厌数学。The incident is only one in a spate of recent acts of classroom violence against children. Earlier this week, officials in China#39;s northern Shanxi province detained a teacher who had ignited a similar uproar after she was captured on surveillance camera repeatedly slapping a five-year old on the face, according to a separate report from Xinhua.这起事件只是最近爆出的一系列教室暴力事件之一。新华社的另一则报道称,本周早些时候,中国山西省的相关部门拘留了一名引发类似轩然的教师,监控摄像头发现,这名教师狂扇一名五岁儿童耳光。 There is scarce current data on the prevalence of corporal punishment in China#39;s education system. A 2004 survey of 528 Chinese students found that 58% had received corporal punishment, according to the ed Nations Children#39;s Fund. The survey ( pdf) noted that the students reported having been kicked, hit and beaten with objects.目前有关中国的教育体系中体罚现象的普遍程度的数据非常稀少。据联合国儿童基金会(ed Nations Children#39;s Fund, 简称: UNICEF)说,2004年对528名中国学生的调查显示,58%的学生遭受过体罚。这份调查指出,有学生说自己被老师踢打,或是被老师用什么东西殴打。 An increase in the number of violent incidents against school children prompted China#39;s Ministry of Education in June to propose a national ban against corporal punishment, Xinhua said, adding that the proposal should guarantee students#39; rights and avoid restrictions on personal freedom.新华社报道说,由于虐童事件的增多,中国教育部6月提议在全国禁止体罚学生,并补充说,应该保障学生的各种权利不受到非法侵害,杜绝限制学生人身自由的行为。 An existing law known as the #39;Law on the Protection of Minors,#39; aly prohibits corporal punishment in Chinese schools, though not in private homes, according to UNICEF.联合国儿童基金会指出,中国当前的《未成年人保护法》已经禁止学校体罚学生,不过对发生在家庭中的体罚没有做出规定。 /201210/206192

  1. Apply Full Make-Up Okay, look. Refreshing your lip gloss after a meal is one thing, but putting your whole face on while riding the bus or subway (where no one should do any proposing!) is so not cool. Set your alarm ten minutes earlier, and do your makeup before you leave your apartment. A woman has to retain a little mystique, you know. 化妆。饭后给自己涂口红,在公交车上化妆,都是不文雅的行为,最好每天早起10分钟,在家里化好妆再出门。 /201001/94091




  More Americans are in favor of gay marriage, and more place the importance of gun owner rights above gun control, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.皮尤调查中心的投票结果显示,越来越多的美国人持同性恋婚姻,同时,越来越多的美国人认为持权利比械管制重要。The poll’s findings indicate landmark shifts in opinion for both issues, marking the culmination of trends that have built up over the past several years.此次投票结果表明,在这两个问题上民众意见有了重大转变,这标志着近年来形成的两种潮流达到了顶峰。Currently, 49% of Americans believe it’s more important to protect the rights of gun owners, and 47% are in favor of legalizing gay marriage. Though neither are amajority, those in favor of both policies outnumber those against, with 45% placing gun control above gun ownership and 43% in opposition to gay marriage.目前,49%的美国人认为保护民众持权利更为重要,同时47%的美国人持同性婚姻合法化。虽然两项投票结果都没有占多数,但是持这两项政策的人数超过了反对的人数。其中仅45%的美国人认为械管制更重要,43%的人反对同性婚姻。Including data since 2003, opposition to gay marriage reached its peak in 2004, as the topic reached the forefront of the year’s campaigns, with state amendments and the possibility of constitutional prohibition building steam. But public opinion has shifted significantly, most particularly in regard to those strongly in favor and against gay marriage.该调查收集了自2003年以来的数据,调查发现人们对同性恋婚姻的反对在2004年达到了高潮。这个话题与各州修正案以及宪法可能禁止修建蒸汽设备的话题,一起成为当年各类游行的主题。但是,公众的意见已发生重大转变,尤其是那些强烈持和反对同性婚姻的人。Strong opposition, ever since its peak of 38% in December 2004, had fluctuated around 30% until 2010, when it began its slow descent to its current22%. Strong support, which was as low as 8% in 2004, has risen to equal the opposition at 22%.在2004年12月,同性婚姻的反对率达到38%的顶峰后,一直徘徊在30%左右,直到2010年,反对率开始下降至目前的22%。在2004年,坚决持同性婚姻的比例只有8%,而目前则升至22%,与反对者人数相当。The percentage drop in the opposition of gay marriage was conveniently equal in both those under the age of 30 and those at or above the age of 65, at 18%, though 56% of the older generation still are against it, compared to just 30% of their younger counterparts.在年龄小于30和大于65的年龄层中,同性婚姻反对率均降低了18%,尽管56%的年长一代仍然持反对态度。相较之下,年轻人群的反对率仅为30%。Stretching back to 1993, Pew has found a consistently sizeable plurality, if notmajority, of Americans placed more importance on gun ownership, peaking at 66% in 2000. Since then, that number has seen a steady decline, hitting 49% both in 2012 and 2011.追溯至1993年,皮尤调查发现,即便不是大多数,也有相当数量的美国人一直持持权利,这个数字在2000年达到了顶峰,为66%。自此,这项数字一直持续降低,在2012和2011年的时候降到了49%。That said, what does this shift mean for the upcoming elections? Obviously the sentiments of Americans are changing, but the implications of those changes look to be incremental in influencing the electoral results.那么,这种转变对即将到来的总统大选意味着什么呢?显然,美国人的观点在转变,而这些转变中隐含的意义将越来越多地对选举结果产生影响。An earlier Pew poll found that 28% place gay marriage as “very important” to their vote, and 47% gave gun control the same weight. As has been said before, and will be said again before the polls close, it’s economy that trumps all matters, regardless of the changing tides toward gun-owning gay couples.皮尤早前的一次投票显示28%的人认为同性恋婚姻的问题会很大程度影响他们的投票,47%的人则认为械管制是同样重要的影响因素。但正如之前所说,而且在调查末尾还将再次提到的,经济因素盖过一切,无论人们对持权利或同性恋婚姻的态度发生了怎样的变化。Pew’s survey was conducted via telephone interviews among 3,0008 adults nationwide between April 4-15, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.9-3.0%.皮尤这次的调查是在4月4日至15日,通过电话采访了30008名美国各地的成人,误差范围为正负2.9-3.0%。 /201206/185611

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