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It#39;s that time again, when publishers reveal the word or words that they believe encapsulate the year.又到这个时候了,出版商们要发表他们认为能够概述这一整年的词汇(或词组)了。As many ers will know from previous years, we like to base our word on what our millions of users worldwide have been looking up over the course of the year.正如许多读者从往年所知的那样,我们喜欢在我们全球数百万用户这一整年所查找词汇的基础上确定我们的年度词汇。And what a year it#39;s been: in June, the ed Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, causing great uncertainty in the UK and across Europe (even now, the only certainty we have is that Brexit means Brexit); then, in November, after a vicious and divisive campaign, the people of the ed States elected businessman Donald Trump as President ahead of politician Hillary Clinton, in one of the most extraordinary political stories of modern times.而今年我们经历了:六月份,英国投票脱离欧盟,在英国和整个欧盟造成巨大的不确定性(即使是现在,我们唯一能够确定的是“脱欧”意味着英国脱离欧盟);然后十一月,在经历了一场凶狠和分裂的竞选之后,美国人民选出商人唐川普担任美国总统,而不是政治家希拉里,这是现代史上最不寻常的政治事件之一。Add to this the ongoing backdrop of a bloody civil war in Syria, several terrorist attacks around the world and numerous celebrity deaths, and there can be no denying that it has been an eventful and worrying year.此外,叙利亚血腥内战持续进行、全世界发生了多起恐怖袭击、数位名人死亡,不可否认2016是一个多事之秋、令人忧虑的一年。As ever, global events are reflected in the words you look up on our site. So what single word has had the biggest increase in searches over the whole year?正如以往一样,全球事件在你从我们网站查找词汇的过程中得到了体现。那么哪一个词汇在过去一整年中的搜索次数增加最多呢?Ladies and gentlemen, the Cambridge Dictionary Word of the Year for 2016 is paranoid.女士们先生们,剑桥词典2016年度词汇是…“多疑”。Why paranoid? Searches have risen hugely this year, over four times more than in 2015.为什么是多疑?今年这个词的搜索量大幅上升,比2015年多四倍。We cannot, of course, know exactly why users are searching for a particular word, but it suggests perhaps a feeling that the institutions that have kept us safe can no longer be trusted, that the world feels more uncertain than it did a year ago.当然,我们不能准确地知道为什么用户们搜索一个特定的词汇,但是那也许表明了这样一种感觉--那些曾经保障我们安全的机构不能够再被信任、这个世界比上一年更加不确定!When we look at other words that have shown similar increases, we can build a fuller picture: anxiety, chaos; a feeling that societies are breaking down; increases in prejudice, bigotry and bullying; and people feeling nostalgic for what are perceived as simpler times.当我们看到那些搜索量同样有所增长的词汇,我们可以构建一个更加完整的画面:焦虑、混乱;一种社会正在被打破的感觉;偏见、固执和欺凌在增加;人们对那些被视为“更简单的时代”感到怀念。But perhaps it#39;s not all doom and gloom: another word that has seen a big increase in searches is adorable – maybe our users are comforting themselves with s of cute animals, and trying to think happier thoughts?但是2016年也许并不完全是绝望和沮丧:另一个搜索量增长很大的词汇是“可爱的”--也许我们的用户正在用一些可爱动物的视频来安慰自己、或者试着想一些更加快乐的事情? /201612/482781

The first Giant Panda Festival will be held in Wenchuan, Sichuan province from Oct. 18 to 20, in an effort to promote protection of the national icon and stimulate the local economy.10月18日至20日,第一届大熊猫节将在四川省汶川县举行,以此来努力推进国家象征的保护工作,并刺激当地经济的发展。;Care for panda#39;s homeland, advance toward joint growth; is the theme for this year#39;s panda festival.今年熊猫节的主题是;心泊熊猫家园、迈向共生成长;。The festival aims to promote green development and the protection of giant pandas, as well as to create a ;panda brand; for local tourism, which will advance the economic, social and cultural development of Wenchuan, the local government explained at a press release in Chengdu on Sept. 29.9月29日,当地政府在成都的一次新闻发布会上解释道,该节日旨在促进绿色发展,保护大熊猫,并为当地的旅游业打造一个;熊猫品牌;,这将推动汶川的经济、社会和文化发展。During the festival, exhibitions will be held to showcase achievements in panda protection made by Wolong National Natural Reserve.在节日期间,将举办相关展览以展示卧龙国家级自然保护区在大熊猫保护方面取得的成果。Several international conferences will also be arranged to discuss the training of zoo pandas and the protection of pandas#39; natural habitats.一些国际会议也会将被安排其中,来讨论动物园大熊猫的训练和大熊猫自然栖息地的保护等议题。After the major earthquake in Wenchuan in 2008, local government put a great deal of effort into the restoration of the panda protection center and habitat.在2008年汶川大地震之后,当地政府投入大量精力到大熊猫保护中心和栖息地的恢复重建工作中。Currently, there are two natural reserves and a scenic zone in Wenchuan that stretch across 148,000 hectares and house 165 wild giant pandas.目前,汶川县有两个自然保护区和一个景区,占地148,000公顷,是165只野生大熊猫的家园。 /201610/470476

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