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英国公主扎拉·菲利浦斯:热爱马术British Princess Zara Phillips: Equestrian expert 88593

Nicolas Cage has split from his third wife. The actor and Alice Kim have been separated since January th, according to his representative.尼古拉斯·凯奇第三次离婚了据尼古拉斯·凯奇的经纪人实,这位演员和妻子爱丽丝·金自今年1月日就分开了The couple, which shares a -year-old son, would have celebrated its th wedding anniversary in August th.这对夫妻有一个岁的儿子到今年8月日他们就结婚周年了Kim, who is years younger than 5-year-old Cage, met the Con Air star in while working as a waitress in a Los Angeles restaurant. They were engaged two months later after a whirlwind courtship.爱丽丝·金比5岁的凯奇小岁她是于年在洛杉矶一家餐厅当务员时与这位《空中监狱的主角结缘的在疯狂的恋爱个月后,二人订婚了Cage told The Guardian in that he and Kim married quickly so she could travel with him to South Africa while he made movie Lord of War, stating, ;We did it because we loved each other.;年,凯奇接受《卫报采访时表示,二人闪婚是因为年他正在南非拍摄《军火之王,结婚可以方便爱丽丝同行他当时表示:“我们结婚是因为我们深爱着彼此”The couple hit the headlines in April, , following an alleged altercation in New Orleans, Louisiana. The actor was taken into police custody but quickly freed on bail, and soon after local officials decided to close their investigation into the incident.年月,夫妻二人曾因在路易斯安那州新奥尔良大打出手而轰动一时,登上各大媒体头条凯奇被带到拘留所不过很快就被保释之后,当地警方也中止了对此案的调查Cage representative said at the time, ;The New Orleans District Attorney has confirmed that no charges of any kind will be pursued against him. After their investigation, the DAs refused all charges against Nic and the matter has been closed. We are pleased that the process led to the correct result, despite inaccurate media reports, and that Nick has been cleared and all charges have been dropped.;凯奇的经纪人当时表示:“新奥尔良地方检察官确认不会指控凯奇经过调查,他们驳回了所有上诉,这个事情终于了结了尽管媒体有不实报道,但我们很高兴看到这个过程带来了正确的结果,还了凯奇的清白,所有的指控都得以撤诉”He was previously married to Lisa Marie Presley almost four months in , and to Patricia Arquette five years. The movie star also has a 5-year-old son, named Weston, from a relationship with model Christina Fulton.年,凯奇曾和丽莎·玛丽·普雷斯利有过一段短暂的四个月的婚姻,还和帕特丽夏·阿奎特经历了一段长达5年的婚姻此外,这位电影明星还跟超模克里斯蒂娜·富尔顿有过一段情,两人的儿子韦斯顿现在都已经5岁了 5


  Women from around the world competed at the 61st annual Miss Universe pageant last week, where each contestant was asked to model an outfit representative of their own nation. From orange oysters to banana bras, coral reef wings and dresses made from chocolate, the 88 beauty queens that competed during the two-hour competition in Las Vegas, showed of the most bizarre national costumes yet.第61届环球大赛上周举行,大会要求每位佳丽要展示能代表本国特色的饰从橘黄色的牡蛎到香蕉叶,从珊瑚礁到巧克力,在 为期两小时的比赛中,88位选手展示了迄今为止最怪异的“国”Miss Venezuela: Irene Sofia Esser Quintero wore a box of chocolate on her head, with her boots, skirt and shoulders all made out of delicious chocolate pieces.委内瑞拉:Irene Sofia Esser Quintero除了头顶一盒巧克力,靴子,裙子和肩膀上都点缀着可口的巧克力Miss China: honored the Ching dynasty with its embroidered lotus flowers and dragons.中国:以绣着莲花和龙图腾的清朝饰亮相Miss Israel: Lina Makhuli marked her Jewish identity with an oversized Star of David resting on her cleavage and some interesting gold drapery hanging from her arms.以色列:Lina Makhuli通过乳沟处巨大的大卫之星(犹太教标志)和手上非常飘逸的金条布料来展示犹太人的特色Miss Nigeria (left) appeared in a colorful yellow and lime number, while Miss Peru (right) vaguely looked to the mountains and ests of her country inspiration her regal outfit.尼日利亚(左):身着以黄色和绿黄色为主的多装秘鲁(右):豪华的饰让人不觉联想到秘鲁茂密的大山和森林Under the sea: Miss Guam (left) used her country rare orange oysters to make a skimpy bikini bottom, and Miss Denmark (right) chose her country claim to fame, The Little Mermaid, her national outfit inspiration.海岛国家:关岛(左):利用关岛特有的黄色牡蛎来装饰比基尼;丹麦(右):以丹麦著称的美人鱼为装的灵感来源Miss Netherlands (left) showed off Holland famous windmills with pinwheels on her shoulders, while invoking the colours of the Dutch flag; and Miss USA (right) dressed up as the Statue of Liberty.荷兰(左):装展示了荷兰著名的风车和荷兰国旗;美国(右):模仿自由女神Miss Mexico: Karina Gonzalez invoked her country’s Aztec past with massive ancient symbols crafted from peacock feathers, rhinestones, sequins and silver.墨西哥:Karina Gonzalez通过一系列的古老象征比如孔雀羽毛,人造钻石,亮片和银来展示阿芝特克人的历史 55。

  Best friends: the day they met is a day which will live in infamy. 最好的朋友:自打相见,就成了死党 Infamy声名狼藉,臭名,丑恶 76

  1.Think of a hobby that might interest you. It might be an interest that you always wished you had time to explore, but never had the time or money required to pursue your interest.找出自己可能吸引自己的事情如果你希望自己可以花一些时间在上面,就可以发展成自己的爱好 019371

  YouTube has launched a -a-month TV subscription service that will rival US cable networks.YouTube已于日前推出了一项每月只需花费35美元的电视订阅务,从而和美国有线电视节目供应商进行竞争The live TV service will carry more than 0 channels, including some of the country biggest networks including A, CBS, Fox, N and ESPN.YouTube TV将提供包括A、CBS、福克斯、N及迪士尼旗下ESPN在内的超过0个网络电视频道The service will also include a ;cloud DVR; that will let users record and store programming.该务还包括一个DVR云务,帮助用户记录和储存节目内容One analyst told the B that YouTube posed a real threat to traditional cable companies.一位分析人士再接受B采访时表示,YouTube对传统的有线电视公司构成了很大的威胁YouTube is aly an extremely well established brand, and its apps are virtually everywhere, said Paul Verna of eMarketer.eMarketer的保罗·弗尔纳说道:“YouTube在视频品牌方面树立了良好的口碑,它的应用程序无处不在”It live TV designed the YouTube generation, those who want to watch what they want, when they want, how they want, without commitments, wrote Christian Oestlien, Product Management Director YouTube.“该务是为在线视频的年轻粉丝量身定制的” YouTube产品管理总监克里斯蒂安·奥斯特林写道One notable drawback, however, will be the absence of major channels such as HBO, CNN and AMC, home of the Walking Dead series.不过一个明显的缺点是,该订阅务还是没有囊括一些主要的电视台,例如HBO、美国有线电视新闻网以及《行尸走肉系列的主播电视台AMCThere were no plans a similar service outside the US.此外,YouTube目前并没有在美国以外的地区提供类似务的计划 6655Hollywood is full of lies. Believe it or not, the movie-making industry isnt terribly concerned with truth telling.好莱坞电影里充满了谎言信不信由你,电影制作行业并不那么在乎遵循事实Instead, directors and producers pump their films full of over-the-top special effects, unrealistic dialogue and scientific flaws.相反,导演和制片人在电影中注入大量夸大其词的特效,满满都是不切实际的对话和科学漏洞When it comes to science, Hollywood is notoriously fuzzy with details. Monsters and superheroes sprout from seeds of the thinnest of genetic reasoning. Widesp natural disasters appear out of nowhere. Action heroes, even those lacking super powers, somehow defy even the most basic laws of physics.提及科学,好莱坞模糊细节是众所周知的怪物和超级英雄的来源从遗传学的角度最经不起推敲在电影中广泛的自然灾害频发而那些超级英雄即使是那些没有超能力,也是违反基本物理定律的So perhaps it no surprise that filmmakers sometimes base entire movies on a series of scientific falsehoods.有时电影制片人创作的整部电影都基于一系列不成立的科学依据,这点不足为奇After all, if youre going to break a few laws of the universe, you may as well go all the way.但话说回来,你如果非要打破一些宇宙定律,那可能也会错的一塌糊涂Action and disaster genres are generally the most notable offenders.动作片和灾难片往往就会犯这种错,They take a grain of scientific truth, snowball it into ridiculous proportions and then try to sell their ludicrous premises to the public as entertainment.他们把微小的某些科学放大到荒唐的地步,然后作为产品试图向大众推销这种荒谬说法Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesnt. As with all movies, the casting and acting matters, too, and when theyre done well they provide cover scientific illusions that would otherwise be too glaring to overlook.这种办法有时候可行,有时候不可行和所有电影一样,角色分配和演技问题也很重要,当他们做好的时候,就能为科学幻想提供掩护,否则科学纰漏藏都藏不住Other times, the science is so bad it makes you want to exit the theater in great haste.其他时候,科学BUG甚至会让你恶心得连影院都呆不下去Without further ado, let review movies that rely on scientific falsehoods as the underpinnings their plots. Youll see that in Hollywood, science frequently takes a backseat to fun.事不宜迟,我们来回顾一下部以不成立的科学依据为情节基础的电影你会发现,在好莱坞,科学经常退居之后.Jurassic Park.侏罗纪公园Everyone wants a pet dinosaur. Thanks to ;Jurassic Park,; some people think we could feasibly extract preserved dino DNA, reconstitute it in a lab and then, presto, manufacture a velociraptor or tyrannosaurus rex.每个人都想拥有一只宠物恐龙吧多亏了 “侏罗纪公园”,有些人认为我们提取保存恐龙DNA是切实可行的,只需在实验室里捣鼓捣鼓,很快就能制造一个迅猛龙或霸王龙It would be an expensive endeavor, of course, but the payoff would be amazing. After all a scaly, toothy ancient reptile friend would make you the life of every party. Sadly, this fantasy is an impossibility.毋庸置疑,这个尝试会非常昂贵,但它的回报也很惊人毕竟拥有一个长着鳞片、张牙舞爪的古代爬行动物朋友会让你的生活多姿多可惜,这个幻想太不切实际了The recipe rebuilding a dinosaur is long and complicated. Youd have to start by locating undamaged dinosaur DNA. That not happening.复活恐龙的方法是冗长而复杂的首先你要找到完好的恐龙DNA,但是这根本不可能No matter how well it preserved, DNA begins degrading after a few hundred years.不管它被保存得多好,几百年后也会开始降解Then you would need to sequence the DNA into a complete genome one species, essentially recreating a puzzle made of billions of tiny pieces.然后你需要将该DNA插入到一个完整的基因组中,本质上就是把数以亿计的小碎片拼成一副完整的图Next, youd use the genome to make chromosomes. The chromosomes would then be transferred into an egg from a modern species that somehow compatible enough to carry genetic material from a long-extinct species. Good luck with all of those processes.接下来,你需要用基因组来制造染色体染色体将被转移到一个来自现代物种的卵子中,某种程度上的兼容性足以让一个灭绝已久的物种从中获取遗传物质上帝保佑这些步骤都能一帆风顺It been 65 million years since dinosaurs roamed the world en masse. There a reason that. And even our most innovative geneticists wont be resurrecting dinosaurs anytime soon.距离恐龙成群结队的时代已经有6500万年了这一切都是有原因的:即使是我们思维最为先进的遗传学家也不能在短期内复活恐龙9.Lucy9.超体At some point in your school career, a teacher may have lectured about the fact that humans use only percent of their brains.学生时代时你老师可能告诉过你,人类只开发了大脑的百分之十During those classes, you daydreamed about unlocking your whole brain and becoming a superhuman capable of almost anything. That the premise behind, ;Lucy,; starring Scarlett Johansson.当时你曾幻想解锁你整个大脑,成为一个几乎无所不能的超人但开发整个大脑是前提条件影片“超体”由斯嘉丽·约翰逊主演It the film, Johansson ingests drugs that jimmy the locks in her brain, unleashing fantastic new capabilities. She masters languages with ease. She develops telepathy and telekinesis. She punches bad guys in the face.电影中,约翰逊因食了某种药物冲破了大脑的桎梏,激发了一些惊奇新能力:轻松掌握一门新语言、心灵感应和隔空取物拥有了“超能力”的她把坏人狠狠地教训了一顿No one is precisely sure where the percent myth originated, but sadly, it not true.没有人确切地知道百分之十这个传说源于何处,不幸的是此言纯属空穴来风You actually do use most your brain capacity. Brain scans prove that your entire hunk of gray matter is continually pulsing with electrical activity.你确实调动了你大脑大部分的能力脑部扫描明你的整个大块灰质持续进行着脉电冲活动Furthermore, if you had a lot of brain power to spare, your noggin would be able to absorb a lot more abuse. As it stands, just a minor blow in just the wrong way can cause debilitating brain damage.此外,如果你闲置的脑力过多,大脑就会吸收过多的无用信息这种情况来看,只要一个小小的打击,都会导致大脑毁灭性损伤That not to discourage you from trying to tap into your brain full potential. You can always learn new skills and master old ones. Just dont expect to overhaul your mind with a miracle drug.我们不是要劝你放弃挖掘大脑的潜能,你当然可以温故知新,但请不要指望用一种神奇的药物来彻底改变你的头脑8.Looper8.环形使者If youre a criminal and you want to whack someone, why not just send an assassin into the past and kill them bee they become a problem?如果你是个罪犯,并且想解决掉某个人,那你为什么不派一名刺客穿越到过去趁他们还未成为一个麻烦之前杀掉他们呢?That especially true in , when ultra-modern ensics make it just about impossible to hide dead bodies.到了年这些都能成真,那时的超现代化法医技术,几乎不可能藏匿尸体That the two-sentence synopsis of Rian Johnson ;Looper,; which relies heavily on imaginary elements of time travel. It also a pretty unlikely story.以上是对由莱恩·约翰逊出演的电影《环形使者的两句话概要这部电影在很大程度上基于时空旅行的想象It not that every physicist believes that time travel is impossible.并非所有的物理学家都否认时空旅行存在的可能性Based in Einstein theories of the nature of our universe, time allows some pretty bizarre twists and turns, and with the right insights, maybe humans could jump around in history, visiting ancient Aztecs and saddling up the dinosaurs (which as you aly know, youll never be able to recreate ;Jurassic Park;-style).根据爱因斯坦的时空本质论,空间和时间会发生弯曲,只要时机恰当,人类就可能跳入历史中,参观古时候的阿芝特克人恐龙备鞍(正如你所知,你没法创造一个侏罗纪公园)However, even if we somehow figure out a way to zoom back into the past, we may not be able to interact with or alter anything or anyone there.然而,即使我们发现了某种能穿越到过去的方法,也不能与任何人互动或改变那里的任何事情That because of the so-called ;grandfather paradox.; This idea based on the argument that if you traveled into the past and killed your grandfather, you simply would never exist. That a pretty profound paradox.这是由于所谓的祖父悖论,该悖论认为如果你回到过去并杀死了你的祖父,你也将不复存在这是一个非常有意义的悖论There also the notion of a causal loop. If a person travels back in time to effect an event, the time traveler eventually reaches a point in the timeline where she originally fired up the time machine...resulting in a cycle that repeats itself endlessly.这也是一个具有因果关系的回路概念如果一个人通过时空旅行回到过去,影响了一件事的发展趋势,那这个人将最终回到时间轴上他触发时光机的那个时间点,永无止境地循环So although ;Looper; makes some fun banter, it by no means a realistic portrayal of our multi-dimensional universe.,虽然影片《环形使者开了几个无恶意的玩笑,但它并不是对于我们多重宇宙的真实描述 61

  今天我们来学习美国的街头英语大家先仔细看看每个公告牌要传达的信息,可以看懂吗?如果有疑问,可可为大家准备了注释图1这是一个健身中心名字叫做“让我变得健康!”coach n. 教练 v.训练, 指导; fit adj. 健康的健身中心可以为你提供的包括:1.个人训练,即器械训练.训练课程3.营养咨询 906

  The ers have spoken — and they’re telling author Ivanka Trump: “You’re fired!”读者有话说,他们要告诉伊万卡?特朗普:“你被解雇了!”Trump’s “Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules Success” debuted Tuesday and has earned a whole two stars — out of five — thanks to more than a hundred scathing reviews on Amazon that pan the tome as “vapid,” “derivative” and plain old out of touch.特朗普女士的新书《职业女性:重书成功法则,自周二面世以来只得到了颗星(满分是5颗星),在亚马逊上有超过0条辛辣类似:“乏味无聊、非原创、泛泛而谈,不切实际”One tongue-in-cheek reviewer wrote that “Ivanka explains just how hard it is to get hired when you are born rich.“ example, I learned that the only way rich women can get jobs is through nepotism. In addition, if you’re rich, people will sue you when you steal their shoe designs!”其中一条挖苦的写道:“伊万卡想要表达的是:出身富家,想找到一份工作是多么的难,比如说一个贵妇要找到工作的唯一途径是裙带关系!此外,有人会控告你抄袭他们的鞋品设计,而这是因为你有钱!”“Throughout the book, Ivanka emphasizes that she is a real feminist, something she proved by getting her father to give her a job she wasn’t qualified , along with a desk and staff equal to the size of her husband’s White House desk and staff! Nepotism isn’t just sons anymore.”“在书中伊万卡强调自己是个女权主义者,体现在其父亲给了她超出其能力范围的白宫工作,还给她配了办公桌和手下,而且她的丈夫也享受了同等待遇用来说明裙带关系不再是儿子的专利“Trump billed her second book as a “manual architecting the life you want to live” and discusses juggling her life as a mother of three, operating her fashion empire and jet-setting with her father on the campaign trail.特朗普女士标榜自己的第二本书的中心思想在于“自己动手,丰衣足食”同时在书中赘述了:自己作为3个孩子的母亲,还要经营自己的时尚帝国,以及要帮助父亲竞选,是多么的不易“After appearing on ‘The Apprentice’ years ago and receiving a flood of letters from young women asking guidance, I realized the need more female leaders to speak out publicly in order to change the way society thinks and talks about ‘women who work.’ So I created a um to do just that,” she said about the book. But most reviewers slammed the as patronizing and unrealistic.关于她的书,她说:“多年前参加了美国真人秀“飞黄腾达“以后,女性读者的来信像洪水一般,都是来讨教经验我觉得越来越多的女性领导需要在公众平台发声,来改变社会和舆论对于‘职业女性’的看法于是我为此创造了一个论坛”但是大多数书评都觉得这本书充斥着有钱人的优越感,而且不接地气“Vapid, derivative, and not reflective of most working women’s lives. Grocery shopping isn’t important. Life was hard on the campaign trail because she didn’t have time massages,” wrote one reviewer, who left one star.“空虚乏味,没有真实再现职业女性的生活柴米油盐、生活琐碎在里面都不重要生活艰难是因为帮助(父亲)竞选而没有时间去做”一个给一星书评的读者写道“The only way Trump could live the life she does is to have a full time nanny. That’s the ‘rules success’ that she tries to hide even though it’s everywhere evident in the book“之所以特朗普大能够过着她的小日子是因为她有全职保姆(帮她带孩子),这就是成功的法则,虽然显而易,见但是她的书中却丝毫没有提到”But the review quipped at the end: “…what? What do you want? …what do you mean this isn’t satire? That’s ridiculous. That…isn’t possible … folks, we’ll be back after a short break.”绝大多数都以这样揶揄的口气结尾:“什么? 你想要什么? 你确定这不是一本讽刺作品?这本书太荒谬可笑了这简直是不可思议群众们,我们休息一会儿,马上回来” 5956。

  You’re young once only. How do you make the most out of it instead of wasting time only on the unnecessary parties and drinks all the time? Feross Aboukhadijeh, a web developer, designer, and Stand computer science graduate, who has a company StudyNotes that helps students learn faster and better, shared on Quora what a young person should do to life.你只会年轻一次你该如何追求理想的生活而不总是把时间都浪费在无聊的聚会和酒宴上呢?费罗斯·阿巴克哈迪贾是一名网站开发师、设计师,毕业于斯坦福大学计算机科学专业他创立了StudyNotes公司,致力于帮助学生更快更好地学习他在Quora上分享了年轻人应该如何生活1. Prioritize learning.把学习放在首位Learn the ,000 hour rule.不要忘记一万小时定律Start early.尽快开始Read a lot. -3 hours a day, at least.大量阅读每天至少到3小时 7

  Of the six original cinematic Avengers, it pretty easy to hazard a guess at which are most popular. Iron Man, Thor and Captain America will have headlined three solo movies each by this time next year. Black Widow, on the other hand has only played second fiddle to other, male heroes.说到《复仇者联盟中的六位初始成员,我们很容易猜测出谁是最受欢迎的截止明年此时,钢铁侠、托尔和美国队长三人每人都将各自拥有三部独立的电影而黑寡妇似乎一直以来只是这些男性超级英雄的陪衬But a survey of people in all 50 states reveals something surprising: While Iron Man and Captain America do reign supreme, Black Widow is actually the third-most popular of the original Marvel superheroes, winning support in seven different states.不过日前Mic在全美50州发起的一项调查得出的结果,则多少有些出人意料:钢铁侠和美国队长毫无悬念地夺得了前两名,紧随其后的却是黑寡妇,她在7个州的评选中胜出The methodology: To determine each state favorite, Mic ran a Google Consumer Insights survey of 97 internet users asking the question, ;Which member of the original movie Avengers is your favorite?; They were given six options — Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and Hawkeye — as well as an option to answer ;none of these.; Out of these respondents, 376 chose ;none of these,; leaving 596 respondents who chose one of the six. It not exactly a statistically significant number, but it offers an interesting portrait of America Marvel fascination nonetheless.这项调查是这样进行的:Mic为了确定各州最受欢迎的人选,在Google Consumer Insights上向97名网民提出问题:“你最喜欢复仇者中的哪位英雄?”问题下面列出了七个选项:钢铁侠、黑寡妇、美国队长、托尔、浩克和鹰眼和“以上皆非”376人选择了“以上皆非”,596人选择了六人中的一人这项调查的数据算不得庞大,却也反映了美国漫威迷的分布情况It clear just from looking at the map that Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, rules. But exactly how much did he dominate the survey?从分布图上我们可以清楚地看出,钢铁侠托尼·斯塔克独占鳌头,那么他的优势又有多大呢?Because of some ties, the chart isnt a perfect split between the 50 states. Nonetheless, Iron Man is the most popular Avenger in just over half of the states. The next closest is Captain America, who has just under a quarter of states.因为来自各州的网民人数不一,调查无法反映出各位英雄的持者真正的分布比例即便如此,钢铁侠还是获得超过5个州的网民的持,排在身后的美国队长则获得了约个州的持Interestingly, Black Widow comes in third despite her lack of solo movie. She beats Thor, who has had two of his own films, with a third on the way, and the Hulk, who did have his own movie, but not with the current Hulk starring Edward Norton instead of Mark Ruffalo.有趣的是,没有独立电影的黑寡妇却排在第三,击败了托尔(已有两部独立电影,第三部正在准备当中)和浩克(曾有过独立电影,扮演者不是如今的马克·鲁法洛而是爱德华·诺顿)Hawkeye was the only one of the original Avengers to not win or tie first in a single state. In fact, of the 596 respondents who picked a hero, only approximately 9 chose Hawkeye — less than 5%.鹰眼则干脆一无所获实际上,596名做出选择的网友中只有约9人把票投给了鹰眼,这一比例尚不及人数的5%The evidence is mounting: It increasingly looking like time Black Widow, or any of the scores of great female superheroes, really, to get her own film. Who knows? With her own film, perhaps Black Widow could win over even more states next time this survey is run.据都在显示:看上去像黑寡妇这样伟大的超级女英雄也该拥有自己的独立电影了谁知道有了自己的独立电影,黑寡妇在下次调查的排名会不会更进一步呢? 557


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