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四年级英语作文:The best ear and shield --1 01:59:6 来源:   storyteller: long long ago, there was a seller, he took a ear and a shield to the market, and began to sell them.”  seller: come on, come on, everyone! come here and have a look, i have the best ear and shield.  costmer: well, they are not bad.seller: no bad? they are the best. have you seen my ear? itrsquo the best in the world , my ear could stab through any shields.  costmer : oh, really? what about your shield. seller: of course itrsquo the best, too. it can stop any ears in the world.wise fellow:thehellihelli ,what if your ear fights agait your shield?  seller: sorry! i get my own shield?。

Hay Holiday -- ::51 来源: May Day is coming. I’m so happy because my father and my mother take me to Wu Quan Park this holiday. In the park, I see many trees and beautiful flowers. There are many children and many happy playing games, too. My parents take me to the zoo. There are lions, tigers, eagles, bears, deer, monkeys, and so on. I like the monkeys best because they are very clever and they make us laugh. How lovely they are! I have a good time that day. What a beautiful and happy holiday.。

旅游英语:下一站,太空! -01-3 ::38 来源: 旅游英语:下一站,太空!背包旅行者赵行德怎么也不会想到,他环球旅游的最后一站将是太空!Backpacker Zhao Xingde never imagined that the last stop on his world trip would be outer space.The traveler from China's southwest Sichuan province, has been chosen by American commercial flight company Space Expedition Corporation to journey to space. He will be flying from the Earth in a manned spaceship at the end of .Last April, he on micro blog platm weibo about an online game. The winners would have the chance to travel to space.The competition was run by Lynx, a men's toiletries brand belonging to Unilever. Thinking it was a joke, he played the online game and won first prize. He filled in a few ms, and to his surprise, he was soon contacted by the organizer, and asked to take part in the next stage of the selection process."I believe my experience traveling around the world helped me," Zhao says.He was traveling in Cuzco, Peru when he entered the competition, just another stop on his tour of the world.The idea to travel the world began when Zhao was a student in college. One day after winning a football competition, he bragged to his roommates and friends that some day he would play football in different parts of the world.Zhao, who is in his 30s, decided to realize this dream in . He quit his job and bought a ticket to Switzerland in September , starting his "football trip".He has traveled to 5 countries on six continents. Each time he arrives in a place the first thing he does is find someone to play football with, and records a small film clip."Each time is so amazing, like realizing a dream," the backpacker says with a smile, but his most interesting experience was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last March. 旅游英语 太空。

My Friend Who Loves Animals 我的喜欢动物的朋友 -- 19:: 来源: My Friend Who Loves Animals 我的喜欢动物的朋友  I have a good friend, whose name is Baobao. She is eleven, and she is pretty and friendly. She lives next to my door.  Baobao loves animals very much. She has collected many photos os animals, such as pandas, dogs, manatees and so on. When we are free,she often tells me some interesting stories about animals. She says she wants to be a zoologist in the future.  She is a wonderful girl.    我有一个好朋友,她叫宝宝她今年岁,她很漂亮也很友好她住在我家隔壁  宝宝非常喜欢动物她收集了许多动物的照片例如,熊猫、够、牛等当我们空闲的时候,她经常给我讲一些关于动物的故事她说将来她要当一个动物学家  她是个了不起的女孩。

小学四年级英语作文 -- :57:5 来源: 小学四年级英语作文范文 Today i took the bus to the park. Some people were waiting the bus at the bus stop.When a young girl came,she spat a gum on the ground While she was waiting,she herself stepped on the gum.The gum stuck to one of her foot.When the bus came , she got on the bus. Then she discovered the gum stuck her foot all the time.。

文昌椰子树英文介绍 -- :35:1 来源: 文昌椰子树英文介绍 The Wenchang coconut trees m the largest group of coconut trees in China and is one of the most popular scenic areas in Hainan. The Wenchang coconut trees m the largest group of coconut trees in China and is one of the most popular scenic areas in Hainan. There are more than 500,000 trees. Coconut juice is called "holy water" by local residents and is said to help people who drink it regain their youthful vigor.Local farmers can climb meters coconut trees very fast to give visitors fresh coconut juice. 椰子树英文。

《蝴蝶梦Rebecca经典英文电影台词 --7 :8: 来源: 《蝴蝶梦Rebecca经典英文电影台词《蝴蝶梦是190年根据英国当代著名女作家达夫尼·杜·莫丽叶的畅销悬疑小说《丽贝卡改编而成的电影导演是英国阿尔弗莱德·希区柯克全片气氛诡异迷人,是悬疑手法十分高明的心理文艺片,片中希区柯克出色地营造了阴暗压抑的曼德利庄园景象,古堡废墟一般荒寂的建筑、开阔大厅里的一条、幽灵般出没面无表情的女管家,都成了世界电影史上永恒的记忆以下是《蝴蝶梦的经典英文台词1.I knew where Rebecca's body was!我知道吕蓓卡的尸体在哪儿Lying on that cabin floor,就躺在那船舱的地板上,on the bottom of the sea.沉在海底How did you know,Maxim?你怎麽知道的,迈克西姆?Because I put it there!因为,是我把它放在那里的.Would you look into my eyes 现在你还能看着我的眼睛and tell me that you love me now?说你爱我吗?You see,I was right.你看,我说对了吧,It's too late.太晚了No,it's not too late!不,还不算晚!You're not to say that!不要这样说!I love you more than anything in the world...我爱你胜过这世上的一切Please,Maxim,迈克西姆kiss me,please!吻我吧,求求你1No.It's no use.不,没有用,It's too late.太晚了3.We can't lose each other now!现在我们不能再失去对方,We must be together always!我们应该在一起--永远!With no secrets,no shadows...没有秘密,没有隔阂.We may only have a few days,a few hours.不,我们也许只有几个小时,几天了Maxim,why didn't you tell me bee?迈克西姆,为什麽你以前不告诉我?I nearly did sometimes,我几次差点儿告诉你,but you bever seemed close enough.可是我觉得你对我不够亲密How could we be close 我怎能和你亲密,when I knew you were always thinking of Rebecca?当我知道你还对吕蓓卡念念不忘?How could I even ask you to love me 我怎能要求你爱我,when I knew you loved Rebecca still?当我知道你仍然爱着吕蓓卡?What are you talking about?你在说什麽?What do you mean?你这是什麽意思?Whenever you touched me 每次你触摸我的时候,I knew you were comparing me to Rebecca.我知道你在拿我和吕蓓卡相比Whenever you looked at me,每次你看着我,spoke to me,和我说话,or walked with me in the garden,或者和我在花园里散步的时候,I knew you were thinking.我知道你在想:"This I did with Rebecca我和吕蓓卡一起做过这-and this--还有这-and this..."--还有Oh,it's true,isn't it?是这样吗,是吗?You thought I loved Rebecca?你以为我爱吕蓓卡,You thought that?你是那样想的? 蝴蝶梦 经典英文电影台词。

日常聊天口语对话篇:(7)正宗影迷Movie Buffs-- :7:1 Steve:: What's your favorite movie of all time?Michelle: That's a good question? I don't know. Maybe "rrest Gump"(《阿甘正传).Steve: Why "rest Gump"?Michelle: Because I love Tom Hanks, and I thought it had a lot of clever tie-ins(联系,关联); it was like a photo album of the country during the last 30 years.. Steve: That was a good show. Okay. Here's a little bit of movie trivia(小问题) you: What movie is the top-grossing (票房收入最高的;毛利最高的)film of all time?Michelle: Oh, that's easy. "Jurassic Park(〈侏罗纪公园〉)". It's the only film that has grossed over a billion dollars in history.Steve: That's true. but when a film's gross is adjusted inflation, the highest-grossing film is "Gone With the Wind". Okay, what director has 7 of the top 0 highest-grossing films of all time?Michelle: A piece of cake. Steven Spielberg. Give me something that's challenging.Steve: Okay. Who said "Go ahead, make my day!"? Michelle: Clint Eastwood. Steve: All right. What was Dustin Hoffman's debut movie(第一部电影)?Michelle: "The Graduate".Steve: What year did it come out?Michelle: I don't know. 1970?Steve: Wrong. 1968. Michelle: Okay. Give me another question.Steve: Okay. What actress has the most nominations an Academy Award?Michelle: I have no idea.Steve: Katharine Hepburn. She was nominated times and won 3 times.Michelle: Okay, My turn. First of all. What's your favorite scary (恐怖的)movie? Steve: It's gotta be "Psycho"(《精神变态者). I love that shower scene.Michelle: I hate the choppy (不连贯的)music that they play during that scene.Steve: That's what makes it so memorable.Michelle: Okay. Who directed "Tootsie"(《宝贝儿?Steve: Easy. Sidney Pollack. Incidentally, he also acted in it as well.Michelle: all right. What was the most popular Robert Redd and Paul Newman film? Steve: "The Sting"〈刺〉.Michelle: You're pretty good. Try this one. What's the top-grossing animated cartoon of all time?Steve: I know it's a Disney. Is it "Bambi"〈小鹿班比〉?Michelle: Not quite. It was "Snow and the Seven Dwarfs". Here's your last question; What year was the first in-flight movie (空中电影;在飞机上放映的电影〉?Steve: 1955? Michelle: Wrong. 196. The movie "The Lost World" was shown on Imperial Airways from London to Paris on April , 196.Steve: The first in-flight movie was 70 years ago? That blows me away.(这真使我感到惊讶万分) I guess I'm not such a great movie buff after all.Michelle: That's okay. I still love you.。

朱莉与朱莉娅经典台词 -- ::58 来源: 朱莉与朱莉娅经典台词片名:朱莉与朱莉娅Julie Julia导演:诺拉·艾芙隆Nora Ephron主演:艾米·亚当MerylStreep,艾米·亚当斯Amy Adams剧情简介:Julie is an ordinary employees of the American goverment,she's not much satisfied with her job.She likes cooking,her favorite is researchingrecipes.经典台词1. You don't have to bite my head off. I'm just ing Julia.你不需要冲我发火,我不过是在引用朱莉娅的话. It's just I've never flunked a test in my entire life.只是我这辈子从来没有考试不及格过3. What if I don't make my deadline, Eric?埃里克,要是我在截止日期前完不成怎么办?. Or he won't pick up the check.如果那样他就不给付账单5. I'm having a hard time pretending to be anything but devastated.我感到很崩溃,但是还要假装一切都好,这日子真难熬6. I am a one-way street, just like Eric says.就像埃里克说的,我这人就是我行我素7. Frankly, she was kind of a pill about it.坦白讲,她对此很有意见8. Eric, me, the cat, slightly worse wear, sitting in the outer boroughs, eating.埃里克,我,还有我们的猫,身材都有些走样了,我们坐在巷子里,酣畅地吃喝精对白1. - You know what I love about cooking?- What's that?- I love that after a day when nothing is sure, and when I say "nothing" I mean nothing, you can come home and absolutely know that if you add egg yolks to chocolate and sugar and milk, it will get thick. It's such a comt.. Julia Child wasn't always Julia Child.3. -- What is it that you really like to do?-- Eat. It's what I like to do.-- I know, I know. I know. I know. And you are so good at it. Look at you!. -- You're being a little over-competitive, don't you think?-- Well, you should've seen the way those men looked at me. As if I were some frivolous housewife, just looking a way to kill time.5. My teacher moves so quickly I'm sometimes lost. But I'm way ahead of the others in the class, all of them men, and all of them very unfriendly, until they discovered I was fearless. Something I realized about the same time they did.6. I'm probably the only American I know in Paris who thinks shopping food is as much fun as buying a dress. Course, you'd think so too, if you lived in a country where absolutely nothing comes in my size.7. Julia, you are the butter to my b, and the breath to my life.8. Perfection. And even if it isn't, never apologize. No excuses! No explanations.Teacher1: Today we will begin by learning to boil eggs. First, you must make sure that the egg is fresh.Julia: I was so hoping that... Well, something a little more advanced, Madame Brassart.Brassart: But you are not an advanced cook.Julia: But I do know how to boil an egg.Brassart: Do you know how to bone a duck?Julia: No, but that's exactly the sort of thing that I'm very interested in learning how to do.Brassart: There is one other class, but you will not like it. It's professionnel, which you will never be, I'm sure. All men. All GIs. And very expensive. I cannot imagine that you would ever want to pay the tuition.Julia: How much?Teacher: So the onion is y, but...Julia: Bonjour!Teacher: Bonjour, Madame! (Everybody slicing the onions) Madame! You must hold the knife, first of all, like this. Wrist, easy. Leave the thumb here. The hand and the knife are one. And the hand, the other hand, you must protect it. Here, you must cut only the onion. Yes?Julia: Not me.Teacher: Yes. And then, you put your thumb here and the other fingers here.Paul: Jule? You're being a little over-competitive, don't you think?Julia: Well, you should've seen the way those men looked at me. As if I were some frivolous housewife, just looking a way to kill time.Paul: Well...Julia: Where are you going?Paul: Not here.Julia: You hungry?Paul: No.Julia: Good. (In the class) Ta-da!Teacher: Well done, Madame Child.Julia’s letter: Dear Avis, I'm in my third week at Le Cordon Bleu, and I'm in utter bliss. Every morning the alarm goes off at 6:30, and I leap out of bed.Julia: I'm up!Julia’s letter: By 7:30 I'm in class, in my apron, peeling potatoes. Then we cook stock and we bone fish. We dress pigeons. We make pastry with so much butter, it almost stops your heart just to look at it. My teacher moves so quickly I'm sometimes lost. But I'm way ahead of the others in the class, all of them men, and all of them very unfriendly, until they discovered I was fearless. Something I realized about the same time they did. Morning class ends at :30, then I go home and make lunch Paul. Then Paul takes a nap. And later in the afternoon, he goes back to the embassy and I go back to school.Teacher: You must have a mortar and pestle.Julia’s letter: Incidentally, my father is horrified I'm going to cooking school. Offered to give me extra money to hire a cook.Teacher: Go on. Fun! Joy! This is what matters.Julia’s letter: I'm probably the only American I know in Paris who thinks shopping food is as much fun as buying a dress. Course, you'd think so too, if you lived in a country where absolutely nothing comes in my size. By the way, did you know that if you don't dry meat, it won't brown properly? Irma Rombauer doesn't say a word about it in the Joy of Cooking. Avis, I am in heaven here. I've been looking a career all my life...Paul: Happy Valentine's Day.Julia’s letter: ...and I've found it.Paul: We met in Ceylon when we were in the OSS.Julia: But he never noticed me at first.Paul: Well, that's not true. I noticed you. I noticed your legs straightaway.Julia: Oh, you were such a roué. All the women were mad him.Paul: Can you blame them? Anyway, we were sent off to China.Julia: Absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself.Woman: Julia. When you finish your term, you'll be teaching at Cordon Bleu.Julia: No, I don't think so. The woman who runs it absolutely hates me!Man: Come on. Oh, no one could possibly hate you.Julia: That's true. But she does.Woman: Were you spies?Paul: No. Yes. No.Woman: Oh, so cagey, right?Man: You were in the Office of Strategic Services and you were not spies?Julia: I was only a file clerk. But Paul? Paul designed all of the secret war rooms General Mountbatten.Paul: Well, just maps and exhibits and things. It wasn't...Julia: He did! He single-handedly won the war us.Paul: Well, I had to. Someone did. I mean, it was dragging on, wasn't it? Anyway, so there we were in China, just friends having dinner, and it turned out to be Julia. It turned out to be Julia all along. Julia, you are the butter to my b, and the breath to my life. I love you, darling girl. Happy Valentine's Day. 朱莉与朱莉娅经典台词。

Chinase New Year is coming soon -- :18:37 来源: Chinase New Year is coming soon Chinase New Year is coming soon!I'm going to buy some new clothes.thenI'm goingtoput on new clothes.We are going to clean my house .We are going to eat a big dinner .We are going to get lucky money from our parents and we are going to say thank you .It's going to be lots of fun!。