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Debt crisis weights heavy on Argentina Argentina#39;s economy looks bleak for the second quarter in a row. CNN#39;s Isa Soares reports. The flags are still flying high,the signs of pride that they reaped from football achievement.But behind the patriotic display,there is an undertone,uncertainty and fear in Buenos Aires.Here on the street,people are worried about fragile state of their economy,and implication of speaking what about it.After several intervew cancelation with other Argentines,we met moter L.P,who agreed to speak to me.And she dosen#39;t hold back when I asked how difficult the life has become for her.She tells me,every thing is much more expensive, our purchasing power has decreased significantly,as well as our standard of living has changed.My life style has changed.I changed my way I dress. I have comfort such as help my home.And I no longger have this.My childeren have to go to the school,and we have to lower the level of education and move schools.And then we have to change the social program we had as a family,such as eating out.We#39;ll no longger go to restaurants.Hollidays are no longger possible.This has all changed she says.Some one said he knows the hardest change may be yet to come.The country#39;s GDP was down at the first quarter this year,and the decline did further in the 2nd quarter, and recession would knowingly be made starker with the expectation the economy will contract by one and half percent this year.Economist E,S, his economy has been precarious the last several years.Basically, the economy has the highest deficit,high inflation,and instead of recuing those problems,the government decided to tighten the exchange rate controls.The only thing is, the only result of that was the declining who serve as world third,the government lost about 15billion dollars of itself,since october, 2011 to something to today.And the economy lost the momentum while we were growing at that time we are in the recession.And inflation at that time was about 25%,now was about 40%,so the thing went wrong for the government.This aly out of sustainable situation may become less sustainable still if the Argentina can#39;t find way to pay for its exchange bunghole at the end of month.The country would be in default.And then fears Argentines#39; likeliness daily faces every day may be hard to escape from.She tells me, I try not to be fearful,I fight not to be fearful,but there are things that went through on daily basis,some makes your fearful.First, economy uncertainty has been made turn out,then pressure we faces over individual freedom and security.The fears are there,they are permanent.I#39;m trying not to fear them,but they are there,she says.Getting people to talk openly and on camera,but economic reality is there,facing it has been a challenge.Many are fearful the government will look into their finance, into how they spend their money.Well, when Argentina you wish not to be on camera,basically you told me,you can smell the recession,it#39;s every where.Well, with soaring inflation,depleted reserves and social discontent, you are gonging to have smelt it, you can see it. /201408/319073。

Today in History: Monday, March 04, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月4日,星期一On March 4, 1861, Abraham Lincoln took the oath of office as the 16th president.1861年3月4日,亚伯拉罕·林肯宣誓就任美国第16任总统。1681England#39;s King Charles II granted a charter to William Penn for an area of land that later became Pennsylvania.1681年,英国国王查理二世授予威廉佩恩一块土地,后来成为宾夕法尼亚。1789The Constitution went into effect as the first Congress met in New York City.1789年,第一次国会会议在纽约召开,宪法生效。1791Vermont became the 14th state.1791年,佛蒙特州成为美国第14个州。1837The Illinois state legislature granted a city charter to Chicago.1837年,伊利诺斯州议会授予芝加哥城市宪章。1913Woodrow Wilson was sworn as the 28th president of the ed States.1913年,美国第28任总统伍德罗·威尔逊宣誓就职美国总统。1917Republican Jeanette Rankin of Montana took her seat as the first woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.1917年,蒙大拿州共和党人Jeanette Rankin就任,成为第一位当选美国众议院的妇女。1933Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated as the 32nd president, pledging to lead the country out of the Great Depression.1933年,富兰克林·罗斯福就任美国第32任总统,承诺带领国家走出经济大萧条。1933Frances Perkins became the first woman to serve in the Cabinet when she took over as secretary of labor.1933年,弗朗西丝·帕金斯出任劳工部长,成为第一位务内阁的妇女。1952Actors Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis were married in North Hollywood, Calif.1952年,演员罗纳德·里根和南希·戴维斯在加州北好莱坞结婚。1987President Ronald Reagan addressed the nation on the Iran-Contra affair, acknowledging his overtures to Iran had ;deteriorated; into an arms-for-hostages deal.1987年,里根总统就向伊朗门事件向全国发表讲话,承认他向伊朗的提议已经“恶化”成一次武器换人质的交易。1989Time Inc. and Warner Communications Inc. announced plans to merge.1989年,时代公司和华纳通讯公司宣布合并计划。1997President Bill Clinton barred spending federal money on human cloning. 1997年,比尔·克林顿总统禁止对克隆人类的提供邦资金。2012Vladimir Putin scored a decisive victory in Russia#39;s presidential election to return to the Kremlin and extend his hold on power for six more years2012年,弗拉基米尔·普京在俄罗斯总统大选中取得决定性胜利,他重返克里姆林宫并将其掌权延长至六年。本节目属 /201303/228161。

But since the 1950s, logging has fragmented the Qinling Mountain forests.但是自从20世纪50年代以后,伐木破坏了秦岭地区的山林。Its remaining wild pandas are now confined within isolated reserves.剩下的熊猫局限在独立的地方生活。In the last 50 years, China#39;s heartland has been subjected to desertification, drying rivers and deforestation, affecting not only people, but wildlife, too.在过去的50年里,中国的中心地带受到已经沙漠化,干涸的河流和被伐的森林不止影响了人类,更影响了野生动物。 重点讲解:1. be subjected to使经受;使遭受;eg. Those who break the law are subjected to justice.违法者要受到法律制裁。eg. With the increasingly cold weather, the passengers will be subjected to greater suffering.随着天气越来越冷,这些旅客将承受更大痛苦。2. not only...but (also)不仅……而且;eg. Not only are housewives not paid, but also most of their boring work is unnoticed. 家庭主妇不仅得不到报酬,而且她们单调的工作大多数不会被人注意、eg. The moves in chess are not only manifold, but involute. 下棋的走法不但多种多样,而且错综复杂。 /201408/323705。

Trump accused of scamming students Billionaire Donald Trump faces a million lawsuit from the state of New York claiming he defrauded students.Donald Trump,he is facing a huge lawsuit from the state of NY.The attorney general says the billionaire moguls Trump University committed frand and scammed students for thousands of dollars.CNN business correspondent A join me now from NY.So A,what#39;s this all about?How much money is the state trying to get out of Donald Trump or recover?It was trying to get 40 million dollars,which the NY state attorney general office says it wrongly took from people who took these classes at Trump school.Now we know Donald Trump,he hasn#39;t shied away from public dustup,but if you look at somebody#39;s allegations,they are really shocking,considering he is one of the most famous billionaires.Now NY state is suing and his investment school,that was called Trump University,for making faulse promises about its classes.They are calling it an elaborate bay and switch.The lawsuit says that students were told if they took part in seminars that they could learn Donald Trump#39;s investing techniques.Now the lawsuit claims like a of accusations,saying in part that the university which the attorney general A says wasn#39;t a licensed university at all.That was shamed that a lot of prospective students to get into a free 90 minutes seminar that really was the sales pitch to really get them into a 3-day 00 seminar and that they favor that 3-day seminar,it became what as the lawsuit calls an upsell to pay for yet another year long seminar that cost 35000 dollars.One thing interesting that I saw in this lawsuit F is that S is alleging that these speakers who were teaching these students,urged these students to call their credit card companies during breaks in the sessions to request increase in their credit limits for what the speaker say were real eastate transactions.But what the state is saying the reality was it was so, students could buy even more with this Trump University.Oh,I get it,so now what is the response coming from Donald Trump himself?Ok,one lawyer talked with CNN saying that the suit has no merit,it#39;s nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt to deflect from S#39;s weak job performance,saying maybe that S#39;s government,the attorney general office should pay more of their attention on the use of tax dollars and bring into justice those who were responsible for the financial meltdown,that coming form the lawyer.And of course,we know Donald Trump,definitely not hesitate to speak out on twitter,he tweeted today saying, lightweight NY state attorney general Eric is trying to extort me with a civil lawsuit.And then you can also see if you go on to Donald Trump#39;s twitter feet,you can see how he was retweeting a lot of people who are supporting him as this lawsuit goes back and forth.Wow,it#39;s a messy situation,all right and something tells me it#39;s just the tip of the iceberg. /201308/254596。

CEO criticizes political bickering Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson discusses how the U.S. debt crisis has impacted business.There are markets like Washington DC where the government shutdown is having an impact on hotels in that market, but again, it’s kind of frustrating, because the economy in the united states is broadly growing. Really it is this strap which is holding it back. Now, I one of your blogs on your website, you’ve even suggested holding it off on political contributions to both parties, I mean, are you serious about that, you’re that frustrated?Right. Oh, I am. You know, I think we’ve seen our politicians move to the 2 extremes. And part of that is about your man drain and other things in the US. I think part of it may also be about the parties’ demanding and adherence to a certain theory as opposed to practical problem solving, and so I threw out this idea, go ahead and give money to the politicians you believe in, that’s fine. But maybe we should not give money to parties; maybe we should not give money to folks who are too extreme either direction. Let’s give money to folks who are gonna actually solve the problems that are confronting the country. Let’s talk about Asia and you are visiting several different countries. China, obviously a huge market for you, are you expanding rapidly within china or has the growth in china affected what your plans are?Well, in the short term in some markets, there are some impact of slower economic growth this year, but generally, this is still a market which is rich with growth opportunities for, so a couple of statistics, there are fewer than 2,000,000 hotel rooms in china today, there are 5,500,000 hotel rooms in the united states. Economies are not that different in aggregate size, obviously economies’ per capita are very different from place to place. So what we’ve done, we opened our 21st hotel in shanghai earlier this year, biggest operator in shanghai, but we’re opening our 1st hotel in Chengdu, for example, this month, a Ritz Carlton there. And increasingly we’ll see our growth go to the second tier cities, but we’ll grow as the Chinese economy grows over the next decades. /201310/262019。