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2019年09月21日 03:07:14 | 作者:百度典范 | 来源:新华社
一年级英语作文:My Claroom --1 01:1:31 来源: My claroom is nice and big . There are ty desks and chairs in the claroom. There are two black boards on the walls. And there are two pictures, too. My claroom has eleven lights and twelve fa. What colour are the fa ? They are blue. At the coner, there is a shelf , many books are in the shelf. I like the books very much.This is my claroom , it is very nice. I like my claroom very much . Do you have a nice claroom, too ?:魔豆(The Magic Beans) -01- :9:3 来源: The Magic Beans     Act 1 Scene 1    (Jack’s mother was gambling.)    Mom: Oh, no, not again. (Roaring) Jack, Jack, where are you?    Jack: Here I am, mom. What’s up?    Mom: Send that old cow to the market to exchange some money back.    Jack: But mom, if I sold Rose, we would have no milk anymore.    Mom: Shut up. Do as I said.    Jack: (sign) All right, all right.         Act 1 Scene     (In the market.)    Girl: Sir, do you want any matches? If you buy ten boxes, I’ll give a 0 percent discount.    Jack: Sounds terrific. But I don’t have any money.    Girl: Please, sir, I haven’t eaten anything three days. I’d like to exchange your cow with my matches.    Jack: Sorry, but I don’t need matches. Good-bye, and good luck to you.    Old man: Sir, since the sun is burning, would you like some ice cream?    Jack: Thank you, but I don’t really feel like eating ice cream. See you.    Mr. Bean: I have soybeans, mung beans, green beans, broad beans, green soybeans, peas, and above all, the most amazing beans in the world --- magic beans.    Jack: Wow, sounds wonderful. Beans is my favorite food, I can’t wait to have a bowl of bean soup. I want to buy all the beans with this cow.    Mr. Bean: This cow? What do I need this old skinny cow ? Go away, don’t bother me, kid.    Jack: Sir, please. My mom always told me “Helping someone in need is a honorable deed.”    Mr. Bean: All right, all right. (Sign) Today isn’t my day.         Act     (Jack went home.)    Jack: Mom, where are you? See what I have got.    Mom: Oh, Jack, you must have brought me lots of shining gold. Oh, I’m so excited. (Walked to Jack) What? You used our pretty cow to buy all this junks? Have you lost your mind?    Jack: Mom, these are no junks. There are soybeans, mung beans, green beans, broad beans, green soybeans and magic beans.    Mom: Magic beans? It doesn’t look magical at all. The vendor must be cheating you. I’ll keep other beans, but these magic beans, (opened the window) I’ll just throw them away.         Act 3    (The next morning)    Jack: Ah, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the breeze is whispering, it should be a perfect day. (He looked out of the window) Oh, my God, the magic beans have grown to a huge beanstalk! It’s can be true, it must be my imagination!    Prince: Help, help.    Jack: The voice came from the clouds, how strange! I must go and see what’s going on up there. (He climbed up. Then he saw the prince was stocked in a castle.)    Jack: Hi, what happen to you? How can I help you?    Prince: It’s a long stories, I’ll tell you only if you take one of my leg hair.    (Jack took the prince’s leg hair, and the prince became as small as normal people. The prince opened the door, and welcomed Jack in.)    Prince: Thank you a million saving my life. How can I ever repay you?    Jack: That’s no big deal. So what’s your story?    Prince: Once open a time, there’s a greedy witch who would even destroy the world only to get my hen and harp.    Jack: Your hen and harp? I don’t see they worth it. 英语话剧"驴友"应知必会的旅游词汇:水吧与酒吧词汇 --5 :19: 来源: bar 酒吧counter 吧台bar chair 酒吧椅barman 酒吧男招待barmaid 酒吧女招待bottle opener 开瓶刀corkscrew 酒钻ice shaver 削冰器ice maker 制冰机ice bucket 小冰桶ice tongs 冰勺夹ice scoop 冰勺cocktail shaker 调酒器pouring measure 量酒器juice extractor 果汁榨汁机electric blender 电动搅拌机water jug 水壶champagne bucket 香槟桶enamelled cup 搪瓷杯ceramic cup 陶瓷杯straw 吸管decanter 酒壶mixing glasses 调酒杯beer mug 啤酒杯champagne glass 香槟杯measuring jug 量杯wine glass 葡萄酒杯brandy glass 白兰地杯tumbler 平底无脚酒杯goblet 高脚杯tapering glass 圆锥形酒杯cherry 樱桃lemon 柠檬clove 丁香pineapple 菠萝onion 洋葱strawberry 草莓olive 橄榄cucumber 黄瓜mint 薄荷grapefruit 西柚grape 葡萄soda water 苏打水rice wine 黄酒appetizer 餐前葡萄酒Martini Rosso, Blanco, Dry 马丁尼红干白Gin 金酒Gordon's 哥顿Rum 郎姆酒Bacardi 得Vodka 伏特加Smirnoff Whisky 威士忌Calvados 苹果酒Glenfiddich 格兰菲迪Bailey's 比利酒Budweiser 百威啤Foster's 福士啤Beck's 贝克啤Carlsbery 加士伯啤Guinness 健力士啤drink 饮料mineral water 矿泉水orange juice 桔子原汁orangeade, orange squash 桔子水lemon juice 柠檬原汁lemonade 柠檬水beer 啤酒white wine 白葡萄酒red wine 红葡萄酒claret 波尔多红葡萄酒cider 苹果酒champagne 香槟酒cocktai l鸡尾酒liqueur 白酒,烧酒shaohsing wine 绍兴酒yellow wine 黄酒Kaoliang spirits 高粱酒Wu Chia Pee 五加皮vodka 伏特加whisky 威士忌brandy 白兰地cognac 法国白兰地gin 琴酒gin flzz 杜松子酒martini 马提尼酒coke, coca cola 可口可乐pepsi cola 百事可乐sprite 雪碧 驴友 应知 必会我的自行车(My Bike) -- :: 来源: 我的自行车(My Bike)  I have a beautiful bike. My mother bought it me.  The bike is very beautiful. I like it. It is blue and black. The bike is small, but I can ride the bike very fast.  I usually ride on my bike, passing gardens, streets, towns, bridges, parks and libraries. This bike is my ‘good friend’.  I like this beautiful bike very much.

快乐之家 Hay Family --19 :19:5 来源: Happy FamilyEveryone has a family. I have a family, too. I name it “Happy family”, because everyone in my family is happy.Come and meet my family, please! My mother is kind. I love her, and she loves me, too. My mother is pretty. She likes beautiful clothes. I call her“Dressy Mum”. My father is a boss. He is tall and thin. He has a small head. I give him a nickname“Small Head Father”. I am fat and lovely. I have a big head. I give myself a nickname“Big Head Girl”. I study hard. I am a good student.We are happy every day!

巴黎圣母院英文介绍 -- :9: 来源: 巴黎圣母院英文介绍In thinking of Gothic architecture, our thoughts always ascend. that which embodies Gothic style most is lofty; Rose windows of stained glass, ornately crafted spires, and the guardians of grand cathedrals, the Gargoyles. Each is distinctly Gothic, and all distinctly Notre Dame de Paris.Notre Dame de Paris, more than seven hundred years old, is only the most recent of holy houses to occupy this ancient sacred ground. The Celts held their services on this island in the Seine, and atop their sacred groves the Romans built their own temple to Jupiter.In the early years of Christianity, a basilica dedicated to St. Etienne was constructed around 5 by Childebert. A church in the Romanesque manner replaced the basilica, and this stood until 63 when work began on the structure which stands today. 巴黎圣母院英文介绍

包装购买的商品-- :5:   Do we have to bag our own groceries?   我必须自己装我们买的商品吗?   在早些时候,西方的大多超市为了提高务质量会安排一个售货员来帮助顾客包装他们购买的商品,可后来为了降低成本,陆续撤销了这种售货员,这就是为什么有的顾客还会向收款台问这个问题

体育课(Gym Class) -- :5:56 来源: 体育课(Gym Class)  out of all my classes, i particularly like gym class. why? because in gym class you can have fun and get out in the fresh air. we play baseball, basketball, football and practice running. it's fun. when you are defeated, you can't lose hope because failure is the mother of success. and when you are victorious, you will be happy. i like gym class. i really like it.

The Yingze Park 迎泽公园 --6 :00:31 来源: The Yingze Park 迎泽公园  The Yingze Park lies on the YIngze Street of Taiyuan. It's one of the biggest and the most beautiful parks in our city. At the north gate of Yingze Park you can see a stone hill with flowing down.  In the middle of the park is a larger lake, where people can go boating. Around the lake a lot of beautiful flowers and green trees are planted.  Sometimes there will be an exhibition which can give people great pleasure. So it's a good place people both relaxation and amusement.迎泽公园位于太原的迎泽大街它是这个城市最大、最美的公园之一在迎泽公园的北门,你可以看到一座石头小山,水从山上流下  在公园中央有一个大湖,人们可以在上面划船在湖周围种了许多好看的花和绿色的树  有时还会举办展览,这给人们带来极大的快乐所以这是一个为人们提供消遣和的好地方

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