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Tired with all these, restful death I cry,厌了这一切,我向安息的死疾呼,As, to behold desert a beggar born,比方,眼见天才注定做叫化子,And needy nothing trimmd in jollity,无聊的草包打扮得衣冠楚楚,And purest faith unhappily sworn,纯洁的信义不幸而被人背弃,And guilded honour shamefully misplaced,金冠可耻地戴在行尸的头上,And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted,处女的贞操遭受暴徒的玷辱,And right perfection wrongfully disgraced,严肃的正义被人非法地诟让,And strength by limping sway disabled,壮士被当权的跛子弄成残缺,And art made tongue-tied by authority,愚蠢摆起士架子驾驭才能,And folly doctor-like controlling skill,艺术被官府统治得结舌箝口,And simple truth miscalld simplicity,淳朴的真诚被人瞎称为愚笨,And captive good attending captain ill囚徒“善”不得不把统帅“恶”伺候:Tired with all these, from these would I be gone,厌了这一切,我要离开人寰,Save that, to die, I leave my love alone.但,我一死,我的爱人便孤单 63

啃嚼语段:;One would think you were a queen as well as being one of the real d’Urbervilles!“人们会认为你是个王后,就像认为你是一个真正的德伯家族的人一样!Well,Tess dear, I suppose Im a bad sort of man.哦,亲爱的苔丝,我想我大概是个坏人Ive always been one, and I always will be one.我一直是个坏人,将来也一直会是But I promise I wont be bad to you again.但是我保再也不对你做什么坏事了And if anything should happen—you understand—if you are in any trouble or need anything, just drop me a line and Ill send by return whatever you want.;如果有任何事情发生——你明白——如果你遇到任何麻烦或需要任何东西,来封短信就行了,我会送来你想要的任何东西”She stepped down from the carriage and was going to leave him,when he stopped her and said,;她从车上迈下来,正准备离他而去,他拦住了她,说道:Youre not going to turn away from me like that,dear?Come,let me kiss you!;“亲爱的,你不会就这样离开我了,是吗?来,让我吻你一下!”语段精讲:第一、短语学习1. be bad to sb讲解:bad在这个短语中的意思是“不道德的;邪恶的”的意思表示对某人怀有邪念,怀有不好的目的伤害某人,可以用be bad to somebody. in trouble讲解:trouble作为“困境”这个意思解释时,是不可数名词,in trouble的意思是“倒霉,陷入困境”范例:If you get in trouble, dont hesitate to ask advice. 如果碰到麻烦, 要赶紧向人求教I didnt think to land myself in trouble. 我没想到会使自己陷入困境3. drop me a line:写信范例:Please drop me a line whenever you have time. 无论什么时候你有时间,请惠我短信Drop me a line to say when youre coming. 给我写封短信告诉我你来的时间. by return:立即(答复)范例:We are looking ward to your favourable reply by return. 我们盼望着你方速来的好消息 This is the third time I have written to you about my complaint and I would appreciate a reply by return. 这是我第3次写信给你提出我的投诉,我希望你能马上答复 5. turn away from:转过脸去不看......范例:How can you turn away from a child that is being cruelly treated?你怎么能看着孩子惨遭折磨而无动于衰? How can you turn away from a soldier who was wounded? 你怎么能对一个受伤的战士不闻不问呢?第二、语法点拨1. One would think you were a queen as well as being one of the real d’Urbervilles!要点:这句话主句和从句都使用了虚拟语气,主句是would,从句是were要点:as well as在这里做连词用,后面接的是动名词短语. And if anything should happen—you understand—if you are in any trouble or need anything, just drop me a line and Ill send by return whatever you want.要点:第一处划线部分使用了虚拟语气,表示对未来的事情的猜测 067亚历山大·希尔盖耶维奇·普希金(Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin),俄国著名的文学家、伟大的诗人、小说家及现代俄国文学的创始人,19世纪俄国浪漫主义文学的主要代表,同时也是现实主义文学的奠基人,现代标准俄语的创始人,被誉为“俄国文学之父”、“俄国诗歌的太阳”他的作品是俄国民族意识高涨以及贵族革命运动在文学上的反映这首诗是献给安娜·阿列克谢耶夫娜·奥列尼娜的奥列尼娜是美术学院院长、彼得堡公共图书馆馆长、考古学家奥列宁的千金18年夏天,普希金很想和奥列尼娜结为夫妻,但却遭到了她的父亲的拒绝普希金遭到拒绝后,很快离开了彼得堡后来,普希金疏远了与奥列尼娜一家的关系,其中很重要的原因是她的父亲越来越靠近沙皇,而且对社会上流传的普希金讽刺短诗极为不满I loved you—Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin我曾经爱过你——亚历山大·希尔盖耶维奇·普希金I loved you;我曾经爱过你;Even now I may confess,即使现在我也可以承认,Some embers of my love their fire retain;我那爱情的火焰里余烬未熄;  But do not let it cause you more distress,然而不要再让它给你造成痛苦,I do not want to sadden you again.我不想再让你心伤Hopeless and tongue-tied, yet I loved you dearly,我因毫无希望而默默无语地深爱过你,With pangs the jealous and the timid know;忍受着那人尽皆知的嫉妒和怯懦所带来的痛;So tenderly I loved you, so sincerely,我爱过你,如此温柔,如此真挚,I pray god grant another love you so.望上帝能再赐你一份如此的爱 19996

他勤奋笔耕,一生中共出了多本诗集,其中主要的有《波士顿以北(19),《山间(19),《新罕布什尔(193),《西流的小溪(19),《见树(19)以及《林间空地(196)等弗罗斯特的诗可分为两大类:抒情短诗和戏剧性较强的叙事诗,两者都脍炙人口弗罗斯特的抒情诗主要描写了大自然和农民,尤其是新英格兰的景色和北方的农民这些诗形象而生动,具有很强的感染力,深受各层次读者的欢迎他的叙事诗一般都格调低沉,体现了诗人思想和性格中阴郁的一面弗罗斯特的世界观是比较复杂的,他把世界看成是一个善与恶的混合体,他的诗一方面描写了大自然的美和自然对人类的恩惠,另一方面也写了其破坏力以及给人类带来的不幸和灾难弗罗斯特诗歌风格上的一个最大特点是朴素无华,含义隽永,寓深刻的思考和哲理于平淡无奇的内容和简洁朴实的诗句之中这既是弗罗斯特的艺术追求,也是他事业成功的秘密所在My instep arch not only keeps the ache,我的脚底不仅忍受酸疼的折磨It keeps the pressure of a ladder-round.而且还得经受梯子档的分量,I feel the ladder sway as the boughs bend,随着树枝摇晃,And I keep hearing from the cellar-bin.我觉得梯子也不停晃悠,轰隆隆的声响.That rumbling sound,我听到地窖里不时传出,Of load on load of apples coming in.苹果一桶桶地往地窖里送 I have had too much,因为摘了那么多,Of apple-picking; I am overtired,苹果,我感到筋疲力尽.Of the great harvest I myself desired.尽管我一直盼望这样的好收成There were ten thousand thousand fruit to touch,千万个苹果要去采摘,Cherish in hand, lift down, and not let fall,要珍放在手中,轻轻放下,不能掉地, all因为所有的苹果That struck the earth,只要一掉地,No matter if not bruised, or spiked with stubble,即使没碰伤,也没叫草梗扎破,Went surely to the cider-apple heap也准会堆在一边酿酒As of no worth.仿佛毫无价值One can see what will trouble,你能看到是什么在扰乱,This sleep of mine, whatever sleep it is.我的睡眠,不管这是否算得上睡觉Were he not gone,倘若土拨鼠尚未离开,The woodchuck could say whether it like his在听了我对睡梦的这番描述后,Long sleep, as I describe its coming on,它准会说这有点像它的冬眠,Or just some human sleep.或者说,这不过是人类的冬眠 3767Opening the gate,we t briskly along the lone country road,crunching the dry and crisped snow under our feet, or aroused by the sharp, clear creak of the wood sled, just starting the distant market, from the early farmer door, where it has lain the summer long, dreaming amid the chips and stubble;while far through the drifts and powdered windows we see the farmer early candle, like a paled star, emitting a lonely beam, as if some severe virtue were at its matins there. And one by one the smokes begin to ascend from the chimneys amid the trees and snows.打开大门,我们迈着轻快的脚步,踏上僻静的 乡村小路,雪很干很脆,踩上去发出吱吱的响声;早起的农夫,驾着雪橇,到远处的市场上去赶集这辆雪橇整个夏天都闲置 在农夫的门□,如今与木屑稻梗做伴,可算是有了用武之地 它尖锐、清晰、剌耳的声音,可真能让早起赶路的人头脑清醒 透过堆满积雪的农舍,我们看见农夫早早地把蜡烛点亮了,就像一颗孤寂的星星,散发着稀落的光,宛如某种朴素的美德在 作晨祷接着,烟囱里冒出的炊烟从树丛和雪堆里袅袅升起We hear the sound of woodchopping at the farmersdoors, far over the frozen earth,the baying of the house-dog, and the distant clarion of the cock—though the thin and frosty air conveys only the finer ps of sound to our ears, with short and sweet vibrations, as the waves subside soonest on the purest and lightest liquids, in which gross substances sink to the bottom.我们能听见农夫劈砍柴火的声音,大地冰封,不时有鸡鸣 叫声传出寒冷的空气,只能把那些尖锐的声音传入我们的 耳朵,那些声音听起来短促悦耳;凡是清醇轻盈的液体,稍有波动也很快停止,因为里面的晶体硬块,很快沉到底下去了They come clear and bell-like, and from a greater distance in the horizons, as if there were fewer impediments in summer to make them faint and ragged.声音从地平线的处传来,像钟声一样清晰响亮,冬天的空气清新,不像夏天那样混合着许多杂质,因而声音听来也不像夏天那样刺耳模糊The ground is sonorous, like seasoned wood, and even the ordinary rural sounds are melodious, and the jingling of the ice on the trees is sweet and liquid.走在冰封的土地上,声音犹如敲击坚硬的木块那样洪亮,甚至是乡村里最平凡的声响,都听起来美妙动听, 树上的冰条,互相撞击,听起来像铃声一样悦耳,乐在其中There is the least possible moisture in the atmosphere, ail being dried up or congealed, and it is of such extreme tenuity and elasticity that it becomes a source of delight.空气里几乎没有水分,水蒸气不是干化,就是凝固成霜了空气十分稀薄而且似乎带弹性,人呼吸进去,顿感心旷神怡 3188

Tania: Did you see the news today? Canada has been doing military exercises near the Canada-U.S. border. I think they’re trying to send us a message.塔尼亚:你有没有看到今天的新闻?加拿大一直在加美边境附近进行军事演习我认为他们正在试图向我们发出信息Emilio: They’re just saber-rattling. They think we’re amassing weapons near the border and they’re posturing.埃米利奥:他们只是炫耀武力罢了他们认为我们在边境陈兵太多,他们需要做做样子Tania: I don’t think they’re just posturing.塔尼亚:我不认为他们只是在故作姿态Emilio: Canada is no real threat. No one in the government wants to bear the responsibility of violating Canada’s treaty with us.埃米利奥:加拿大没有现实的的威胁加拿大政府中没有人愿意承担违反加拿大和我们国家之间的条约的责任Tania: How can you say that? All of this military aggression makes me nervous. If Canada decides to attack, we would have no choice but to retaliate. Things could escalate very quickly.塔尼亚:你怎么能这样说呢?所有的这种军事侵略都让我感到紧张如果加拿大决定攻击我们,我们将别无选择,只能采取报复行动事情可能很快升级Emilio: That’s why I’m well prepared.埃米利奥:这就是为什么我准备充分的原因Tania: Well prepared? How?塔尼亚:准备充分?你怎么准备的?Emilio: Haven’t you seen me building my underground bunker? I’ll be safe there if Canada, or anyone else, strikes.埃米利奥:你有没有看到我在建设我的地下掩体?即使加拿大或其他任何国家发动攻击,我也会很安全Tania: An underground bunker?塔尼亚:地下掩体?Emilio: Yes, and if you ask nicely, I’ll save a place you.埃米利奥:是的,如果你恳求我的话,我会为你预备一个地方注:本文译文属原创,, 931

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