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《音乐之声》当选“史上最伟大音乐剧”1960's classic The Sound of Music has been named the 'Greatest Musical of All Time' in a new poll.The 1965 film, starring Julie Andrews, got 15 per cent of the vote in the Twentieth Century Fox poll.In the film, Andrews plays nun Maria who leaves an Austrian convent to take up a job of a governess to a Navy captain and his seven kids.Speaking at the launch of the Sound Of Music DVD at London's Palladium, Charmian Carr, who played Liesl von Trapp said: "It's such a good feeling to be a part of something that changed so many lives for the better."To love each other and to stay together is such a wonderful message and I think probably nowadays more than ever people need to hear that message again."Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta starred, 1978 musical Grease, bagged the second place, reports The Sun.Musical comedy The Rocky Horror Show landed the third, while Mary Poppins, a Disney musical starring Julie Andrews stood fourth.Nicole Kidman starred Moulin Rouge came fifth, while Phantom of the Opera and The Wizard of Oz stood sixth and seventh respectively.Oliver, West Side Story and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang rounded off the top ten 'Greatest Musicals of All Time.'The top ten 'Greatest Musicals of All Time' are:1.The Sound of Music2.Grease3.The Rocky Horror Show4.Mary Poppins5.Moulin Rouge6.Phantom of the Opera7.The Wizard of Oz8.Oliver9.West Side Story10.Chitty Chitty Bang Banguniversal prosperity 上世纪60年代名噪一时的经典音乐剧《音乐之声》在近日的一项调查中被评为“历史上最伟大的音乐剧”。在“20世纪福克斯”电影公司开展的调查中,《音乐之声》以15%的得票率名列榜首。这部音乐剧于1965年上映、由茱丽叶#8226;安德鲁斯主演。安德鲁斯在剧中饰演修女玛莉娅,她离开了奥地利的修道院,到一位海军上校家给他的七个孩子当家庭教师。在伦敦帕里蒂亚剧院举行的《音乐之声》原声大碟发布仪式上,在剧中饰演(大女儿) 丽莎#8226;冯#8226;崔普的查尔米恩#8226;卡尔说:“这部音乐剧让很多人的生活变得更加美好。能够参演这部伟大的作品,我感到非常自豪。”“互相关爱、相依相伴是人世间最美好的东西,我想如今的人们可能比以往更需要它。”据《太阳报》报道,由奥立瓦#8226;牛顿-约翰和约翰#8226;特拉沃尔塔主演的音乐剧《油脂》位居第二。该剧于1978年上映。音乐喜剧《洛基恐怖秀》名列第三,茱丽叶#8226;安德鲁斯主演的另一部迪斯尼音乐剧《玛丽#8226;波平斯阿姨》排在第四。妮可#8226;基德曼主演的歌舞剧《红磨坊》名列第五;《歌剧魅影》和《绿野仙踪》分别位列第六和第七。《奥立弗》、《西区故事》和《飞天万能车》也跻身“史上最伟大的十大音乐剧”排行榜。“史上最伟大的十大音乐剧”如下:1、《音乐之声》2、《油脂》3、《洛基恐怖秀》4、《玛丽#8226;波平斯阿姨》5、《红磨坊》6、《歌剧魅影》7、《绿野仙踪》8、《奥立弗》9、《西区故事》10、《飞天万能车》 /200803/32066。

小贝新西兰掉根薯条 球迷网上拍卖Fans of football superstar David Beckham are cashing in on his recent visit to New Zealand by trying to sell his food scraps and dirty dishes on the Internet.Among the items put up for sale on New Zealand website Trade Me are a half eaten corn cob, a nearly empty bottle of Coca-Cola and a single French fry, which the seller said Beckham had dropped during a stroll around Wellington.The chewed corn cob and soft drink came from a chicken restaurant where Beckham ate on Thursday night. The seller was also auctioning the plate and knife and fork he had used at the restaurant.The seller vouches for the items' authenticity and suggests they are ideal for anyone "who actually cares about David Beckham."The French fry attracted an initial bid of one dollar (75 US cents), rising to three dollars by late afternoon Wednesday.Beckham was in the New Zealand capital for three days last week with his LA Galaxy football team to play an exhibition match against local team Wellington Phoenix.He left on Sunday to rejoin wife Victoria as her reformed group The Spice Girls played a concert in Vancouver. 足球巨星大卫·贝克汉姆近日在新西兰逗留期间吃剩的东西和用过的餐具竟被球迷当成“宝贝”在网上贩卖。这些在新西兰“易我”网上拍卖的“宝贝”包括,啃了一半的玉米棒、一瓶快喝完的可乐和一根薯条等。据卖家介绍,这根薯条是小贝在惠灵顿闲逛时掉的。而啃了一半的玉米棒和快喝完的可乐是上周四晚小贝在一家炸鸡店进餐时吃剩下的。小贝在这家餐厅用的盘子和刀叉也被卖家拿到了网上拍卖。卖家保东西绝对是“真品”,还称这些东西对于“真正在乎小贝”的人来说是很理想的纪念品。那根薯条的起拍价为1新元(相当于75美分),到了昨天下午晚些时候,已经被拍到了3美元。上周,小贝与他的洛杉矶队在新西兰首都惠灵顿逗留了三天,与当地的惠灵顿凤凰队踢了一场友谊赛。小贝于上周日离开惠灵顿,前往温哥华去见妻子维多利亚,为她的辣回归演唱会助兴。 /200803/32068。

The frail, dark-eyed young woman was vying for the greatest accolade in music—the hotly contested Prix de Rome for the year 1913. The field had been narrowed to five composers whose cantatas were to be evaluated by a vote of 36 members of the Academie des Beaux-Arts. One critic attending the final judging of the cantatas contrasted contestant Lili Boulanger with the rest of the competitors:Perched over the piano like jockeys over the necks and withers of their horses, the intrepid composers spurred on their accompanists and desperately flailed away at the performers. Then the superiority of the eternal feminine became apparent to the audience. Compared to her hot-blooded colleagues—who apparently believed that “their hour had come”—the young girl, who had just as much reason to be nervous and impatient, showed the most perfect poise. She had a modest and unaffected attitude, her eyes lowered to the score.Another witness reported that the three singers with the composer#39;s sister Nadia at the piano, were directed by Lili Boulanger, standing nearby, “a slender shadow in a white dress, so simple, calm, serious and smiling as to be unforgettable.”But as far as the judging was concerned, the outcome was by no means a sure thing. On the previous day, the preliminary vote by a panel of eight had given Lili Boulanger#39;s cantata a scant majority of five votes. Now it was up to the 36 to decide. After considering the merits of the candidates and other prizes they had won, the members voted. Of the 36, 31 voted in favor of Lili Boulanger and her cantata on the basis of intelligence of subject, correctness of performance, sensitivity and warmth, poetic feeling, and intelligent, colorful orchestration.With her personality, her poise, and her cantata, Lili Boulanger had set a precedent. In the 110-year history of the Prix de Rome, she was the first woman to win.这位身体虚弱、深色眼眼睛的年轻女子,正在竞争1913年度“普里克斯罗马奖”。这项最伟大的音乐奖项竞争进入了白热化阶段。最后五位作曲家的康塔塔曲将由来自美术艺术研究院的36位成员评估。有一位参加最终评判的家将莉莉·布朗热和其他作曲家做了如下对比:如同骑士置身于马脖和马肩胛骨之上,无畏的作曲家们栖息于钢琴旁,鼓舞着他们的伴奏者,竭力鞭策着表演家们。然后,一种永恒的女性的优势向观众展现出来。和她的激动不已的同台竞技者(他们显然认为“他们的时刻来到了”)相比,这位本来有足够理由兴奋和不耐烦的年轻姑娘,却平静如水。她谦逊而超脱,眼睛低垂,看着乐谱。另一个目击者说,有三个歌唱家,作曲家(莉莉)的娜迪亚坐钢琴旁,莉莉·布朗热领着他们,她站在一旁,“一条细长的影子,穿着白色的装,简单,安静,肃穆,微笑着,令人难以忘怀。”但就评判本身而论,结果绝不是一帆风顺的事情。在前一天,一个八人小组的最初投票中,有五票给了莉莉·布朗热,这只是简单多数。现在轮到36人投票了,在充分考虑选手们的优势和他们已经获得的奖项后,评委成员们开始投票了。结果31票持莉莉?布朗热,认为她的康塔塔曲题材睿智,诠释准确,细腻热情,有着诗一样的情感和丰富多的编曲方式。凭借她的人格魅力、她的镇静、她的康塔塔舞曲,莉莉布朗热开创了一个先例——在“普里克斯罗马奖”110年的历史中,她是第一位获此殊荣的女性。。

Being a social butterfly just might change your brain: In people with a large network of friends and excellent social skills, certain brain regions are bigger and better connected than in people with fewer friends, a new study finds.一项最新研究发现,成为一名“交际花”可能意味着改变你的大脑:比起朋友少的人,拥有庞大网友圈和杰出社交能力的人的特定大脑区域更大、联络更发达。The research, presented here Tuesday (Nov. 12) at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, suggests a connection between social interactions and brain structure.11月12日,该研究在神经科学学会的年会上提出,表明社会互动与大脑构造之间的联系。;We#39;re interested in how your brain is able to allow you to navigate in complex social environments,; study researcher MaryAnn Noonan, a neuroscientist at Oxford University, in England, said at a news conference. Basically, ;how many friends can your brain handle?; Noonan said.“我们渴望知道你的大脑如何使你在复杂的社会环境中保持方向感,” 研究员努南在英国的记者招待会上说,她是一名牛津大学的神经学家。简言之,“你的大脑能 ‘招架’多少朋友?” 她说道。Scientists still don#39;t understand how the brain manages human behavior in increasingly complex social situations, or what parts of the brain are linked to deviant social behavior associated with conditions like autismand schizophrenia.科学家仍不清楚大脑是怎样在日趋复杂的社会环境下管理人类行为,或者说,大脑的哪个部分与异常社会行为有关联,比如孤独症和神经分裂症。Studies in macaque monkeys have shown that brain areas involved in face processing and in predicting the intentions of others are larger in animalsliving in large social groups than in ones living in smaller groups.对于猕猴的研究表明,生活在大型社会群体中的猕猴参与面部识别、揣测他人意图的大脑功能区较大。To investigate these brain differences in humans, Noonan and her colleagues at McGill University, in Canada, recruited 18 participants for a structural brain-imaging study. They asked people how many social interactions they had experienced in the past month, in order to determine the size of their social networks.为研究人类大脑的这些差异,努南和她在加拿大麦吉尔大学的同事招募了18名参与者展开了一项结构性脑成像研究。他们询问参与者在过去的一个月内参与了多少社交活动,以确定他们社交网络的大小。As was the case in monkeys, some brain areas were enlarged and better connectedin people with larger social networks. In humans, these areas were the temporal parietal junction, the anterior cingulate cortex and the rostral prefrontal cortex, which are part of a network involved in ;mentalization;—the ability to attribute mental states, thoughts and beliefs to another.与猴子实验结果相符,拥有较大社交圈的人们通常有更大的、联络更发达的大脑。对人类而言,这些区域是颞顶叶交界处、前扣带皮质和侧前额叶皮层,这是部分参与实现“心理化”的神经系统——即分配精神状态、思想和信仰的能力。;These different brain regions are all singing different songs,; Noonan said. ;Networked areas are all singing the same song, and when they#39;re connected better, they#39;re singing more harmoniously with each other.;“不同的大脑区域分工协作,” 努南说,“神经系统整体步调一致,并且当他们联络得更好时,这种协同合作更和谐。”The researchers also tested whether the size of a person#39;s social networkwas linked with changes in white-matter pathways, the nerve fibers that connect different brain regions.研究人员还测试了一个人的社交网络是否与白质通路的改变有关,也就是连接大脑不同区域的神经纤维。Again, they found that white-matter tracts were better connected in people with bigger social networks. ;The nerves were more like a Los Angeles freeway than a country road,; Noonan said.再一次,他们发现拥有更大社交圈子的人的白质纤维束联络更为发达。“这些神经就像是一条洛杉矶超速干道而不是乡间小路。” 努南说。The researchers couldn#39;t say whether social interaction caused these changes in brain structure and connectivity, or whether the brain determined how innately social someone was.研究人员还不能确认社会互动是否导致了大脑结构和连通性的改变,或者大脑是否决定了一个人与生俱来的社交能力的高低。In the case of the monkeys, the researchers dictated the size of the animals#39; social network, so they concluded that social-group size was causing the brain differences.在猴子的案例中,研究者记录了动物的社交网络规模,因此得出结论,社会群体的大小导致了大脑的差异。It can be inferred that a similar process takes place in human brains, but to prove this, long-term studies are needed, Noonan told LiveScience.由此推测,人类大脑也经过了类似的过程,但是这仍需长期研究来明,努南对“生活科学”网站说。The fact that some brain regions may be larger and more connected suggests other regions might be smaller in the brains of the more socially adept, Noonan said.她表示,社交达人特定大脑区域更大、联络更发达的事实还暗示了他们大脑的其他区域可能会更小。;If you#39;re spending a lot of time in social environments using social skills and your brain#39;s changing, maybe you#39;re not learning to juggle in your free time or becoming proficient at the piano,; she said. ;The brain is just changing and optimizing to reflect your needs, and if that is thriving within a complex social environment, that is what your brain is reflecting.;“如果你在社会环境中花很多时间交际,你的大脑就在改变,你可能不会了解平衡自己的空闲时间,或是精通钢琴,”她说,“大脑就是在优化改变以适应你的需要,如果你渴望复杂的社会环境,这恰恰就是你的大脑正在反映的。” /201311/266187。