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How To Keep an Indoor Plant Alive on HowcastDo plants wilt at the sight of you? With these tips, anyone can keep a houseplant alive – even you!植物一看见你就枯萎了?采用下面的建议,任何人都能让室内植物保持存活——甚至是你。Step 1Pick a plant that’s tough to kill. Hardy varieties include spider, rubber, and snake plants, and pothos, aloe vera, and peace lilies.选一个生命力顽强的植物。顽强的种类包括醉蝶花属植物, 橡胶植物(叶厚而有光泽, 常作室内盆栽)和蛇型植物,以及石柑属,芦荟和和平百合。Step 2Choose a good location. Plants do best in the light and temperature of their native environment. For instance, tropical plants like their surroundings bright and humid, while cacti need sunlight but very little water.选一个好位置。植物在光照和适于它们的自然环境下的温度中生长得最好,比如:热带植物喜欢明亮且潮湿的环境,而仙人掌需要光照但只需要很少的水。Tip:Put houseplants that thrive on humidity in the bathroom – the dampest room in the house.将那些需要潮湿的室内盆栽植物放到洗漱室——屋子中最潮湿的地方。Step 3Find out your plant’s foot-candle requirement, which is how many candles it would take to light the plant from one foot away. A plant that needs 250 or fewer candles is a low-light plant; one that needs more than 1,000 requires very bright light. If your plant didn’t come with this information, search for it online.找出植物所需要的“英尺烛光”,即在一英尺的距离需要点多少蜡烛来提供它光。需要250只蜡炬或少于250只的属于低光植物;需要超过1000只蜡烛的属于喜光植物。如果你所栽种的植物没有附带信息,可以去网上找。Step 4Poke the soil with your finger before watering. If it’s moist, leave it alone. Overwatering is the no. 1 killer of houseplants.浇水前用手指戳一下泥土。如果土是湿的,就不用浇水了。过量浇水是杀死室内盆栽的头号杀手。Step 5Fertilize a few times between the spring and fall. Low-light plants only require fertilization once or twice a year. Slow-growing plants need less fertilizer, while faster growing varieties need more. Choose a fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Water the soil before fertilizing to prevent fertilizer burn.在春季和秋季之间要施肥。低光植物一年只需要1至2次施肥。生长缓慢的植物需要的肥料也少,生长快的品种需要更多的肥料。选择含有氮,磷和钾的肥料。在施肥前给花浇水以免肥料被蒸发掉。Tip:Watering your plants with the water in which you boiled vegetables or water from your fish tank gives them nutrients that help them grow.用煮过蔬菜的水或是用洗过鱼的容器中的水来浇花,这样能会给植物营养,从而帮助它们生长。Step 6Talk or sing to your plants. Some research has indicated this can help them thrive, as does playing certain kinds of music. Indian sitar music works best, followed by classical music. Stay away from heavy metal: Plants exposed to loud rock music died after a few weeks in one famous experiment.和你的植物说话或唱歌给它听。一些研究表明这么做能帮助它们存活,有些植物需要放些特定的音乐。印度西塔琴音乐效果最好,其次是古典音乐。不要放重金属音乐。在一次有名的实验中,给植物放大声的摇滚乐,结果植物很快就死掉了。 Article/201102/124992For anyone who has struggled on a gym mat, hands behind head, straining to touch elbows to knees, there#39;s good news: The sit-up#39;s reign as a workout standard may be ending.对于那些躺在健身板上、双手放在脑后、吃力地弯起身子靠向膝盖的人们,这儿有个好消息:仰卧起坐作为锻炼的标准日子可能要结束了!People from high-profile exercise gurus to military experts are arguing that the sit-up, that staple of fitness tests, presents too great a risk of back injury.许多知名运动教练和军事专家都认为,仰卧起坐(体能测试主要项目)具有很高的背部受伤风险。A recent editorial in Navy Times, an independent publication that covers the U.S. Navy, called for banishing the sit-up from the physical-iness test sailors must pass twice each year.《海军时报》(一份专门报道美国海军的独立刊物)最近一篇社论呼吁从水兵每年两次必须通过的体能测试中废除仰卧起坐项目。The editorial called it ;an outdated exercise today viewed as a key cause of lower back injuries.;该篇社论称,仰卧起坐是“一种过时的运动,是造成下背部伤患的主要原因”。The Canadian Armed Forces recently cut the sit-up from its fitness test, citing concern over potential injury and its lack of connection to actual military work.加拿大军方最近废除了体能测试中的仰卧起坐项目,原因是该项目可能造成伤害、以及和实际的军事工作并没有多大关系。Tony Horton, creator of the popular P90X workout series, says he no longer does sit-ups or crunches, their truncated cousins.著名P90X锻炼系列视频的作者托尼·霍尔顿表示,他再也不会做仰卧起坐和卷腹了。;I really believe that the traditional, antiquated crunch has seen better days, and it#39;s time to make a change,; Mr. Horton says.霍尔顿说道:“我真的认为这种传统、过时的卷腹方法曾经红极一时,但是现在是时候做出改变了。” /201705/511991UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Fletcher and the students at Williston Central School in Williston, Vermont. Good luck with that current events game.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了弗莱彻先生的学校。Now, who wrote the words to ;The Star-Spangled Banner;: was it Benjamin Franklin, Francis Scott Key, Betsy Ross or john Philip Sousa? You#39;ve got three seconds, go.谁为《星条旗永不落》作词?他是本杰明#8226;富兰克林,弗朗西斯#8226;斯科特#8226;基,贝琪#8226;罗丝还是约翰#8226;菲利普#8226;苏沙?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!During the war of 1812, Francis Scott Key wrote the words that will become America#39;s national anthem.在1812年战时,弗朗西斯#8226;斯科特#8226;基为将要成为美国国歌的曲子作词。That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊“。AZUZ: Oh say, can you see controversy?这么说,你能看到争议吗?If you watched Monday#39;s presidential inauguration, you heard Beyonce sing ;The Star-Spangled Banner.;如果你看了周一的总统就职,你会听到碧昂斯唱《星条旗永不落》。But did you see her sing it live?但你看到她是现场唱的吗?You might have heard about this accusation aly.你可能已经听到了这个谴责。Was Beyonce live or was she lip-synching.碧昂斯是真唱还是在对口型?We are going to play an excerpt, a clip from that performance for you right now. Check this out.我们将要为您播放一段从那个表演中节选的片段。让我们看看吧。AZUZ: So, live or lip-synching?那么,是现场唱还是对嘴型呢?The U.S. Marine Band, which provided the accompanying music said it#39;s not in a position to know for sure.提供伴奏的美国海军乐队他们不能确切的知道这一点。The owner of the company that ran the audio board, said I don#39;t think it#39;s a question that I should answer.这家播放音乐板的公司负责人说我觉得这不是一个我应该回答的问题。 /201301/222601

Relax on your back and recharge with this Shavasana, Yoga deep relaxation technique. Practice this at the end of your Yoga class. Or practice during your lunch break or before the evening - you can recharge quickly and very efficiently. Also suitable to be able to find sound sleep.用瑜伽的深度放松技术挺尸式放松你的背部吧。在瑜伽课的最后进行练习,或者在午饭时候或晚上前练习,这样你就可以快速并且有效率的恢复身心,也可以更快的进入熟睡当中。 Article/201204/177752

Louis#39; desire for magnificence extended to every aspect of his life路易追求每个方面的恢弘especially his wardrobe.尤其是他的衣橱He dressed in the finest cloth,他穿着华美裳and expected his courtiers to do likewise.并希望幕僚们也效仿自己And when his hair began to recede,当他的发际线向后退去时he adopted the fashion for elaborate wigs.他开始佩戴精致的假发A half inch of lace on a cuff, a gold or a silver button,袖口的半英寸花边 金扣或银扣whether your pearl was here on your collar or here.珍珠戴在颈圈何处These could mean life and death to the courtiers.稍有差错便会让幕僚们人头不保Fashion was hugely important and it was a very important way时尚极为重要for the aristocracy to distinguish themselves也是贵族将自己与平民区分开的from the ordinary people.重要途径Louis influenced fashion to some extent.路易某种程度上影响了时尚发展When he was a young man he dressed quite flamboyantly他年轻时着装奢华lots of cavalier silks and laces and ribbons.配有大量华贵丝绸 花边和丝带He was a bit on the short side, 他身高不尽如人意[约154cm]so he introduced a fashion for high-heeled shoes.便引入了高跟鞋His mistresses perhaps were more influential on fashion.他的情妇们可能对时尚影响更大Madame De Montespan invented various outfits including one,德·蒙特斯潘夫人发明了多种套装the glorious deshabille,包括华美的便装which was a sort of a tunic worn over trousers,一种遮住裤子的束腰外衣and she invented this because it was very easy to take off.她发明此物只因脱衣时更为便捷Normally a lady#39;s dress required two women to stand behind her通常 女士脱衣时to undo all the strings, and of course需两名侍女在后协助Louis was an impatient man, he couldn#39;t be bothered waiting.路易显然不够耐心 不愿等待So she invented this所以她的发明so that he could undress her easily in private.让路易自己能够为她快速脱衣With so many courtiers now craving his attention,幕僚们渴望得到路易的青睐Louis kept them busy by turning他便将日常安排变为公众仪式his daily activities into public rituals.好让他们更加忙碌When he gets up in the morning, that#39;s the royal lever,他早晨起床时 按照皇家排场with a great queue of great nobles,大群显赫的贵族who hand him different articles of clothing.会为他递上不同的衣饰At night it#39;s all reversed, it#39;s the royal coucher晚上则相反and he takes things off and gives them to nobles.路易十四脱下衣饰交给贵族Great nobles would quarrel with one another贵族们互相争吵as to which of them had the right以求得将衬衫to hand him his shirt,递给国王的权力because it had to be the person of highest rank in the room.因为只有头衔最高的人才可为之 Article/201204/176648

This Videojug instructional explains how to train your staff, for those individuals interested in finding a job in the field. After watching the , you#39;ll learn the major points regarding staff training.Videojug这段指导性的短片解释了怎样对员工提供培训,对于那些有意向在该领域找工作的人也有帮助。看了这段视频后,你会了解有关员工培训的关键点。I#39;m going to talk to you about how to train staff. First of all, you need to decide what you need to train them in. Have a think about anything that needs working on particularly if it#39;s come up in development areas and appraisals.我来向大家讲述一下怎样培训员工。首先,你要确定需要将他们训练成什么水平。考虑一下需要进行哪些方面的工作,尤其是如果是研发或评估领域。Think about how you#39;re going to present these new learning points. Whether it#39;s as a presentation or perhaps in group work,people that come to your training will have their own objectives and things that they want to get out of the training. So, do make sure that you listen to these at the beginning of the session.考虑一下你怎样将这些新的学习内容呈现出来。无论是以授课的形式还是群组讨论的形式,来接受培训的人们都有自己的目标,都有希望能从培训中学到的东西。所以,在培训开始前一定要听取这些意见。This will insure that you get buy-in from your staff and they will actually leave feeling like they have something new.Whenever you#39;re training make sure you#39;re encouraging and positive with ideas people give you. You also need to be patient.这可以确保你听取了员工的建议,他们会感觉确实从中学到了新知识。无论何时培训,一定要保积极倾听人们给你的意见,也一定要有耐心。Sometimes, people might take a little bit longer to grasp new concepts. So, make sure you give them time and encourage them to learn in slightly different ways. At the end of the session, you will have to check the progress, find out if your staff has taken on board the new ideas but also get them to tell them how they are going to use those new ideas in their jobs.有时,人们需要较长的时间来接受新的概念。所以,要给他们一点时间,鼓励他们以稍微不同的方式来学习。在课程结束的时候,你要检查他们的进展,看一下你的员工是否接受了新的思想,并且告诉他们怎样将这些新想法应用到工作中。When you#39;re training staff, you need to remember then these key points: first of all, think about what you#39;re going to train them in, and think about how you#39;re going to present these new ideas to them. At the beginning of the session, make sure you get their objectives so they feel like they have been listened to. You need to be encouraging and positive when you#39;re training your staff, and you may also need to be patient.当你培训员工的时候,你必须记住这些关键点:首先,考虑一下培训的重点,考虑一下怎样将新的知识点传达给他们。课程开始的时候,了解他们的学习目标,这样他们就会觉得你听取了他们的意见。培训员工的时候,你要鼓励他们,积极倾听,要有耐心。At the end of the session, make sure you check the progress and that they have understood the training. And that is how you train staff.课程结束的时候,一定要检查他们的进步,确保他们理解了培训的内容。这就是培训员工的方法。Thanks for watching How To Train Staff.感谢收看“怎样为员工提供培训”视频节目。 Article/201212/215880

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