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At last week#39;s ;Love and Sex with Robots; conference in London, David Levy, an expert on artificial intelligence, predicted that human-robot marriages would be legal by 2050.上周在伦敦举行的“与机器人的爱与性”大会上,人工智能方面的专家大卫·勒维预测,人类与机器人之间的婚姻将在2050年前合法化。Adrian Cheok, computing professor at City University London, supported the view.伦敦城市大学计算机系教授艾德里安·丘克持该观点。;That might seem outrageous because it#39;s only 34 years away. But 34 years ago people thought homosexual marriage was outrageous,; said Cheok.丘克称:“这可能听起来不可思议,因为距2050年只有34年了。但34年前,人们还觉得同性婚姻不可思议呢。”And though human-robot marriage might not be legal until 2050, Cheok believes humans will be living with robot partners long before then.他认为,尽管人类与机器人或许要到2050年才能合法结婚,但早在那之前他们就能成为生活伴侣。He believes robot-human marriages will have an overwhelmingly positive effect on society.他认为机器人和人类的婚姻将对社会产生极其积极的影响。;People assume that everyone can get married, have sex, fall in love. But actually many don#39;t,; he says. ;A lot of human marriages are very unhappy. Compared to a bad marriage, a robot will be better than a human.;他说:“人们认为每个人都可以结婚、做爱、坠入爱河。但实际上许多人并没有。很多人的婚姻都很不幸福。与糟糕的婚姻相比,一个机器人反而会比一个人类好得多。”Others are less convinced. Oliver Bendel, professor at University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland, says he does not believe sex or love robots will have moral standing.不过其他人对此并不信。瑞士应用科学和艺术大学的教授奥利弗·本德尔表示,人类与机器人的性和爱关系将不会获得道德的撑。;Marriage is a form of contract between human beings to regulate mutual rights and obligations including the care and the welfare of children. Perhaps one day robots can have real duties and rights, though I don#39;t really believe it,; he says.他表示:“婚姻是人与人之间的一种合同形式,它被用以管理人与人之间共同的权利和义务,包括对孩子的照顾和福利。也许有一天机器人能够拥有真正的责任和权利,虽然我不相信这会发生。”However, he acknowledges that human-robot marriage could become legal by 2050 simply in response to public pressure.但他同时也承认,在2050年前,人类与机器人的婚姻或许因为社会压力而合法。 /201701/487597




  Modern Situation of Chinese Textile Industry中国纺织业的现状In today#39;s reforming and opening China , while many mass production enterprises are the principal force in textile industry,traditional folk textile still has its share in the market. Along with the rise of people#39;s living standard, folk textile as a practical and aesthetic handiwork has nevertheless won people#39;s favor. Traditional spinning and weaving techniques and ancient looms are still playing their role in vast areas in the country. For example, the rural women in the southwest part of Shandong Province are still making a cotton fabric that enjoys a good reputation as “Luxinan brocade”, while the rural women in Mount Yimeng area#39;s handmade printed cotton fabrics are also well liked in the world market. Traditional folk textiles as such enter into the lives of various nationalities carrying with them the strong cultural flavor and also bearing evidence of Chinese women#39;s diligence and intelligence.随着现今中国的改革开放,纺织工业是许多大规模生产企业的主要力量,民间传统纺织仍然有其市场份额。随着人们生活水平的提高,民间纺织作为一种实用和美观的手工也仍赢得了人们的青睐。传统的纺织技术和古老的织布机在广大地区的国家仍然发挥着重要作用。例如,在山东省西南部的部分农村妇女仍在织棉织物,享有良好的声誉“鲁西南锦”,而在沂蒙地区的农村妇女做的手工印花纯棉布在世界市场也很受欢迎。传统民间纺织就这样携着各民族浓厚的文化韵味进入世界,也是中国女性勤劳和智慧的据。 /201609/468102



  China#39;s central authority has issued a national action plan for the prevention of disabilities, which aims to effectively reduce new disabilities by 2020 by promoting awareness and early screening.我国中央政府日前发布国家残疾预防行动计划,该计划旨在通过提高残疾预防意识和加强早期筛查在2020年前有效减少残疾发生。According to the plan, issued by the general office of the State Council, most women should have been screened for hereditary conditions, and prenatal checkups should cover more than 60% of pregnant women over the next five years.根据国务院办公厅发布的这项计划,未来五年,遗传病筛查将覆盖我国多数女性,妇产前筛查率应达到60%以上。By 2020, more than 85% of newborns and children will have been tested for disabilities. In the same time span, more than 90% of eligible children will have received free vaccinations, the document said.计划称,到2020年,新生儿及儿童残疾筛查率将达85%以上,同时,适龄儿童免费疫苗接种率将达90%以上。The document called for better safety supervision at production facilities and improved road traffic management to reduce disabilities resulting from injury.计划要求加强生产设施的安全监管、完善道路交通管理,以减少伤害致残。In addition, 80 percent of the disabled should have access to basic care services, according to the document.此外,该文件还指出,80%的残疾人应该获得基本的护理务。Working committees for the disabled at various levels were urged to supervise and inspect the implementation of the plan, and a final inspection will be carried out in 2020.各级残疾人工作委员会被督促监督并检查该计划的执行情况,最终检查将于2020年进行。 /201609/466363。

  #39;Punching above your weight#39; is a concept we#39;re all familiar with when it comes to commenting, usually bitterly, on other couples. But what#39;s less clear is how to get into that position yourself.当带着挖苦的语气其他情侣时,我们应该都很熟悉;超常发挥;这个概念。但却不清楚如何才能让自己也超常发挥。Is it blind luck? Social status (i.e. one partner has loads of money or an aristocratic heritage)? Or to be less cynical, is it something to do with #39;what#39;s inside#39;? A new report suggests none of the above.这完全是碰运气吗?亦或是靠社会地位(例如,这个人是个土豪,或者拥有贵族遗产)?还是不要那么愤世嫉俗呢?这与#39;内在美#39;有没有什么关系呢?一项新的报告显示,以上猜测都是错的。It#39;s true that, broadly, people tend to pair up with others who are genetically and physically similar to themselves - or if you#39;re being reductive, #39;10s#39; end up with #39;10s#39; and #39;7s#39; end up with #39;7s#39;. Scientists call this #39;assortative mating#39;, and the loose explanation is that we do so to avoid our partners being lured away by more attractive competition.大致来说,人们的确喜欢和自己有遗传相似或身体相似的人在一起--如果你想还原场景,那就是10年代的想和10年代的在一起,7年代的想与7年代的在一起。科学家们将其称为;分类交配,;简单来说,这样做我们可以避免另一半被其他更有吸引力的竞争对手勾引。But a study published last year in the journal Psychological Science posits a theory as to how and why #39;assortative mating#39; occurs, and it#39;s all about the #39;friend zone#39;.但去年在《心理科学》杂志上发表的一项研究假设了这样一个理论:#39;分类交配#39;是如何发生的以及为什么会发生,这都是因为#39;朋友区#39;。The study, carried out at the University of Texas at Austin and Northwestern University, looked into the causes of #39;mixed attractiveness#39; relationships.德克萨斯大学奥斯丁分校和西北大学开展了这项研究,研究了;混合吸引;恋情的原因。Studying 267 heterosexual couples, they asked how long each pair had known each other and whether they enjoyed a platonic relationship before they began dating.该研究对267对异性恋夫妇进行了研究,问及了每对相识的时间,以及约会后是否享受这种柏拉图式的恋情。The crux of what they found? Couples who were friends for longer before getting together were more likely to vary in their attractiveness, while those who began dating right away were generally the same.他们发现的关键点?那些在谈恋爱之前做了多年朋友的恋人更有可能在吸引力上有所不同,而那些刚认识就谈恋爱的情侣,他们的吸引力基本不变。In fact, the longer the couple had known each other first, the less likely they were to be #39;matched#39; in how attractive they were.事实上,恋人认识彼此越久,就越不可能因对方的吸引力#39;感到很搭#39;。And promisingly for anyone dating someone they suspect deep down is way hotter than they are, the study also found #39;no correlation#39; between how similarly attractive the couples were and how satisfied they were in their relationship.有希望的是,对任何觉得对象要比自己更抢手的人来说,研究还发现:恋人之间吸引力的相似性和他们对恋情的满意度并不相关。Being friends is not necessarily a barrier to love, but could prove the perfect conduit for it.你们俩是朋友的这层关系不一定会阻碍你们相爱,而且还可能给你们提供了完美的相爱渠道。All of which may make somewhat harrowing ing for members of the Tinder age, but for those of us still occasionally meeting people outside our iPhones, this is perhaps a reason for good cheer.对于使用Tinder的这代人而言,上述内容或多或少有些伤感,但对我们这些仍会和别人在现实生活中见面的人来说,也许该偷着乐了。译文属 /201704/504835



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