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英语日常会话-从起床到出门-- :5: 闹钟响了吗?Did the alarm clock go off? *go off是闹钟“响”的意思Did the alarm clock buzz?Did the alarm clock ring?该起床了!It's time to get up! (该起床了!)I don't wanna get up. (我真不想起)It's time to wake up!It's time to get out of bed.It's time to get y.快点儿起床!Get up soon.Get up soon. (快点儿起床!)I don't want to. (我真不想起)你醒了吗?Are you awake? *get up是动词,表示“起床”、“起”的动作awake是形容词,表示“醒了”、“没睡”的状态Are you awake? (你醒了吗?)I am now. (我刚醒)你不舒吗?Are you feeling sick? (你不舒吗?)No, I'm just tired. (没有,只是有点儿累)睡得好吗?Did you sleep well? (睡得好吗?)Yes, I slept very well. (嗯,睡得挺好)Did you sleep well? (睡得好吗?)No, I couldn't fall asleep. (哪儿啊,几乎没睡着)能帮我关掉闹钟吗?Would you turn off the alarm clock? *turn off的原意是“关”,多用于收音机、电视、照明等类的东西虽然现在有许多东西无需用钮开关,但一般也用turn off表示Please turn off the alarm clock. (请把闹钟关了)你终于起来了You finally got up.You finally got up. (你终于起来了)I'm still sleepy. (我还困着呢!)今天是个好天!It's a nice day!It's a nice day! (今天是个好天!)It sure is. (是不错啊)It's a beautiful day!It's a wonderful day!It's a great day!昨晚你熬夜了?Did you stay up late last night? *stay up late“睡得晚”、“熬夜”Did you go to bed late last night?把被子叠好Let's fold up the futon. *fold意为“折叠”,fold up意为“叠好”、“叠整齐”;futon原本是日文,现在英文中也逐渐使用,意为“被子”Let's put the futon away. (把被子收起来吧)昨天晚上你打呼噜了You were snoring last night. *snore“打呼噜”You were snoring last night. (昨天晚上你打呼噜了)Did I keep you up? (影响你睡觉了吗?)You were sawing logs last night. *saw logs原意为“锯木头”,在此用来表示“打呼噜”我做了个可怕的梦I had a nightmare.I had a nightmare. (我做了个可怕的梦)It's all right now. (现在没事了)你一直没关灯啊You left the light on. *left (leave)是“保持某种样子”、“保持某种状态”的意思,表达“电灯一直开着”、“发动机一直开着”、“窗户一直开着”也可以用这种句型You got to turn off the light. (你忘了关灯了)我得洗脸了I have to go wash my face. *go wash是go和wash两个动词连用,口语中常用可以把它看作是go and wash的缩略形式该吃早饭了It's time to eat breakfast.It's time to have breakfast.我还困着呢I'm still sleepy.I'm still drowsy.我还打哈欠呢I'm still yawning.昨天的酒还没醒呢I have a hangover.我是个夜猫子I'm a night person. *“早上起不来”的意思I'm a night person. (我是个夜猫子)I'm not. (我可不是)I'm a morning person. (我喜欢早起)我是用咖啡来提神的Coffee wakes me up.Coffee gets me going.刷牙了吗?Did you brush your teeth?Have you brushed your teeth?我得梳梳头了I have to comb my hair.穿什么好呢?What should I wear?What should I wear? (穿什么好呢?)The red one. (穿红的吧!)Which dress should I wear?Which one should I wear?What should I put on?快换衣Hurry up and get dressed.Hurry up and get dressed. (快换衣)Why? (干嘛?)把睡衣收好Put those pajamas away!Put those pajamas away! (把睡衣收好)Oh, I'm washing those. (啊,我正要洗呢)我走了,妈妈I'm leaving. Bye mom!I'm leaving. Bye mom! (我走了妈妈再见!)Study hard. (好好学习啊!)I'll see you when I get back.I'm taking off now.See you.See you later.今天我们逃学吧Let's play hooky today! *play hooky为俚语“逃学”Let's play hooky today! (今天我们逃学吧)Yeah, let's. (好哇,走吧!)你毛衣穿反了You're wearing your sweater inside out.You have your sweater on inside out.上下颠倒了It's upside down.别忘了扔垃圾呀Don't get to take out the garbage.Don't get to take out the garbage. (可别忘了扔垃圾!)I won't. (忘不了!)今天该你扔垃圾了It's your turn to take out the garbage. *garbage也可以用trash和rubbish替代今天你干什么?What are you doing today?What are you doing today? (今天你们干嘛?)We're having a track and field meet. (今天我们开运动会)你快点儿,我们该迟到了If you don't hurry, we'll be late.If you don't hurry, we'll be late. (你快点儿,我们该迟到了!)Okay, Okay. (知道了,知道了)Hurry up or we'll be late.快点儿,上学该迟到了Hurry or you'll be late school.Hurry or you'll be late school. (快点儿,上学该迟到了)What time is it? (现在几点?)你锁门了吗?Did you lock the door?Have you locked the door?没忘了什么东西吧?Aren't you getting something?Aren't you getting something? (没忘了什么东西吧?)I don't think so. (我想没有)都已经8点了!It's aly 8:00.It's 8:00 aly.我晚了!I'm late!I'm late! (我晚了!)Hurry up! (快点儿吧!)我得赶紧走!I have to rush!I have to hurry (up)!I have to get going!I have to get moving.你今天会回来得晚吗?Are you gonna be late today?Are you gonna be late today? (你今天会回来得晚吗?)No, I'll be home at the usual time. (不,和平常一样)几点回来?What time are you coming home?What time are you coming home? (几点回来?)Around seven o'clock. (大概7点左右吧)饭盒带了吗?Have you got your lunch box?Have you got your lunch box? (饭盒带了吗?)Yes, right here. (嗯,带了)今天好像要下雨It might rain today.It might rain today. (今天好像要下雨)Take your umbrella with you. (带上伞吧!)出门的时候,可别忘了锁门Don't get to lock the door when you leave.暴风雨 Rainstorm -- :: 来源: Yesterday, it was sunny, but when it was about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the sky turned to black. There were many dark clouds and it started to blow. After a little while, it began to thunder and lightening appeared. I was frightened. It seemed that the sky was badly angry and it wanted to punish the peoplein the earth. And then, it rained heavily. It looked like there was someone pouring the water in the sky. The rain lasted about fifty minutes.昨天天气晴朗,但是大约下午5点的时候,天空开始变黑天空乌云密布,开始刮起大风过了一会,就开始打雷闪电,我很害怕天空似乎很愤怒,想惩罚地球上的人接着就下起了倾盆大雨,看上去就像有人从天空倒水一样大雨持续了将近50分钟搞笑版《孔雀东南飞 -01- :5:9 来源: 焦仲卿johnny(jshort)刘兰芝lunch(lshort)焦母johnny’s mother(jmshort)刘母lunch’s mother(lmshort)太守之子mayor’sson(msshort)强盗burglars(abandc)prologue 序幕(j作被打状跑上台,内砸出一卷纸筒,j被打中,狼狈不堪)j:everybody says that i’m hen pecked, but in fact,i’m a strong tiger,(小声)while mywife is wusong.译:人人都说我怕老婆,实际上我是老虎,(小声)我妻子是武松(指着上台处的门大声道)i’m not afraid of you!译:我才不怕你呢!(内砸出一脸盆,j接住当成盾牌护着头)then, i’m afraid of whom! my wife lunchi is the most famous woman in the neighbor-hood.she is braver than me,smarter than me and stronger than me .all this i donot care. i only want she to be tender than me. but she is not! having a wife like this is just like living in the hell!译:谁怕谁啊!在邻里中,我妻子是最有名气的她比我勇敢、比我聪明、比我强壮我也不在乎这些我只觉得她该对我温柔些,但是她却不懂温柔!有这样的太太就像活在地狱中啊!(内又砸出一卷纸筒,击中j)my god! who can help me?(下)译:我的天!谁来救救我啊?act1 第一幕(序幕结束时,jm作窃听状)jm(拄拐棍上):i can!(对门内)lunch! lunch! where are you?l(扎着围裙,拿着锅铲,从门内跳出来):i’m here! what’s up ,mum?jm:i have told you again and again that you should call me “my most beautiful graceful and dearest mother in law”.l:ok.my most beautiful graceful and dearest mother-in-law, what’s up?jm:since you married my son you have be havedso badly.you have been so rude, so brusque,solazy……l:but……jm:never interrupt me!l:never interrupt me! since i married your son, that terrible johnny,i have been working hard alldaylong,cooking and washing. i have raised tens of thousands of pigs and ducks and chickenand……jm:but all those you have done arenot asvaluable as a grandson!l(生气地挥动着锅铲):oh,you want a grandson,don’t you?(开始解围裙)go and ask your son. i’m leaving!(扯下围裙,扔在jm的脸上,下)act(lm坐在台上打毛线,l拿着锅铲上)l:mum, i’m back!lm:you are back?why?what happened?l:i was kicked out by my most beautiful graceful and dearest mother–in-law.lm(惊讶,但随即露出幸灾乐祸的神情):see! i have aly told you! when you insisted onmarrying that terrible johnny, i told you that he is ugly tupid and poor, but you did not listento me. look at yourself……l:but,mum……lm:never interrupt me!l:mum,i’m not interrupting you. i just want to tell you that you are always right ok? andi’ll marry whomever you want me to.lm(大喜):nice girl! just now, i met the mayor’s son in the market.he said:“if your daughterhaven’t been married,i really really want to marry her!”now you are free again, i ’ll goand tell him.(下)l(惊愕):what? the mayor’s son?the most famous playboy in the neighbor-hood? (手中的锅铲掉在地上)what a silly thing i have done!(下)act3(j睡眼惺忪上)j(边走边道):lunch! lunch! where are mysocks?(走了几步,在地上捡起袜子)here they are!(闻一下) er! how smelly! they are still dirty!(突然想起)lunch has gone! i have to wash them myself.(他的肚子似乎咕咕叫了起来)oh,i’m so hungry! but there’s no breakfast!(捡起地上的围裙)this is what lunch always wears! i miss her so much, and her excellent cooking skill! nowshe has gone.i have to cook my mother and myself.jm(上):where’s my breakfast? where’slunch?hasn’t she got up yet?j:mum, can’t you remember?lunch has gone!jm(沉吟片刻):well, to tell you the truth johnny, a son without a wife is suseless. lunch is an icegirl,go and take her back!j(立正敬礼):yes madam!act(j开心地走着,忽然跳出来三个强盗)a:hey you!stop and listen to us!the road is built by me!(抬脚重重地踩在一块大石头上)b:and i planted one tree!(亦抬脚踩在同一块石头上)c:if you want to go by this street---(欲踩石头,但踩到了a的脚)abc:give us all your money!j(搜遍了每一个口袋,掏出1角硬币):is 1mao enough?(三强盗晕倒状,接着三人聚在一边商量)a:what bad luck! this guy is broken!b:if we cannot robany money today,we will havenot thing to eat tonight!c:i heard that the mayor’s son is going to marry miss liulanzhi next month.we can go androb the wedding!ab:good idea!j(惊讶):what? what? lunch is going to get married? it’s impossible!abc:why? a pretty girl and a richman,what a good couple!j:but lunch is my wife! we haven’t got divorced yet!(突然有了主意)i’ve got an idea!you are going to rob the wedding, don’tyou? i’ll gowith you. you take the money and i take the bride.b:have you got any experience?j:no. but i’ve got this!(j脱下鞋子从里面摸出一张票,上书$1,000,000)act5(转眼已到了婚礼之期.ms意气风发用红绸牵着新娘上,j盖着红盖头极不情愿地被拉上台)(j和三强盗跃至台中)abcj:hey you! stop and listen to us!a:the road is built by me!b:and i planted one tree.c:if you want to go by this street---j:give us all your money!(l听到j的声音,掀起了盖头)l(惊喜万分):johnny!(不顾一切地飞奔到j的身边并躲到了的身后)(ms大怒,挥拳向j打来.j矮身一躲,ms打中了j身后的l,l晕倒)j(火冒三丈):how dare you beat my wife!(挥拳向ms冲去)(j与ms混战,jm上,以拐杖击晕ms)(j将ms胸前的新郎标志扯下戴在自己胸前)j(扶起l,关切地问):honey, how are you?l(哭状):i hurt a lot!j:don’t cry baby.i’ll go and fetch the medicine. (下)l(起身去追):wait me! (跑下) 搞笑版 孔雀 东南飞

《小王子读后感 Little Prince -- :7:19 来源: Recently,I a fairy story book, Little Prince. This book tells the adventurous experiencesof little prince from his planet to the earth. Little prince comes from theouter space and he is hurt by a rose. So he leaves there and travels intospace. He comes to the earth and be the friend of a fox. The fox tells hissecret to little prince and he helps a pilot in the desert. In the end, he diesunder the help of a snake and his soul goes back to his planet. This book isvery interesting and teaches me a lot. I like little price adventures. He teachesme to be honest and love others. All of us should never loss the pureness ofchildhood.最近,我读了一本童话书,《小王子这本书主要讲述了小王子从他的星球来到地球的冒险故事小王子来自外太空的一个小星球上,在他被一朵玫瑰伤害之后,他离开了自己的星球开始遨游太空他来到了地球并且和一只狐狸成为了好朋友狐狸把自己的一个秘密告诉了小王子,小王子用这个秘密在沙漠里帮助了一个飞行员最后,他在蛇的帮助下死去,心灵重新回到了他的星球上这本书很有趣,也教会了我很多我喜欢小王子的冒险他告诉了我要诚实,要去爱其他的人和事物我们都不应该失去童年时候的纯真

我的爱好 My Hobbies -- ::39 来源: I have manyhobbies, such as ing, writing, singing, drawing, watching TV and doingexercise. I think hobbies can make my life colorful. And I can make friendseasier, because we have common interests and we have many things to talk about.Besides, having some hobbies can bring knowledge to me. example, ing isa good way to get knowledge. I can not learn all from class, so ing canbring me other knowledge. Singing and drawing are skills. They can help me toimprove myself.我有许多爱好,比如阅读、书法、唱歌、绘画、看电视以及运动等等我认为爱好可以使我的生活充满色我也可以很容易交到朋友,因为我们有共同的兴趣而且又很多东西可以谈除此之外,拥有一些爱好可以给我带来知识比如,阅读就是获取知识的一个好方法我不能从课堂上学到所有东西,所以阅读可以带给我其他知识唱歌和画画是技能,它们可以帮助我提高自己I'll Help My Grandma 我要帮助奶奶 -- 19:8:38 来源: I'll Help My Grandma 我要帮助奶奶  My grandma is over seventy now. These days she doesn't feel well, and her legs hurt. This afternoon my father and I took her to the hospital. The doctor looked her over carefully. He said that she was in good health, but people get all kinds of illness as they got older. He also said that she would get well in the coming spring.  I know my grandma has done much our family. Now she is getting old, and it's time me to look after her. I'll try my best to make her live happily.    奶奶年过七十了,近日她感觉身体不太好,腿也疼今天下午我和爸爸送她去了医院医生仔细地给她做了检查他说,奶奶身体很好,可是人老了,各种病就来了医生说她的病春天会好的  我知道奶奶为家里做了许多事现在她上了年纪,该我照料她老人家了我会尽力让她活得开心功夫熊猫英文字幕 -- :: 来源: 功夫熊猫英文字幕《功夫熊猫讲述了一只笨拙的熊猫立志成为武林高手的故事全片以中国古代为背景,其景观、布景、装以至食物均充满中国元素大熊猫Paul:Paul本是一家面馆的学徒,但是他却梦想着能打遍天下无敌手命运之神真的眷顾了他,PO意外的担负起了拯救整个山谷的重任:对抗邪恶的太郎的入侵虽然Paul还只是一个功夫新手,但不轻言放弃,力图明自己的实力给反对他的人看……而在这个过程中,他发现他最大的弱点或许正是他最大力量的源泉 角色介绍阿宝(Po)阿宝本是一家面馆的学徒,但是他却梦想着能打遍天下无敌手命运之神真的眷顾了他,阿宝意外的担负起了拯救整个山谷的重任:对抗邪恶的大龙的入侵虽然阿宝还只是一个功夫新手,但不轻言放弃,力图明自己的实力给反对他的人看……而在这个过程中,他发现他最大的弱点或许正是他最大力量的源泉在第二部初步领悟了太极神功原型是中国国宝大熊猫金猴(Monkey)友好,幽默,热情,猴子大师是盖世五侠中最平易近人的一位他用随和的态度掩饰着他那非凡的军事才能猴子很喜欢开玩笑;每次看熊猫学功夫的景象都特别开心……很强大,只是很少出招娇虎(Tigress)娇虎是盖世五侠中最强大,也是最年轻的一位基本上你可以在她身上发现你想象中的所有英雄气质:远见卓识,勇气过人,大无畏,英雄主义……;珍惜每一天她认为大家对阿宝的期望完全是个可悲的玩笑但是再强大的人也难免犯下错误,娇虎认识到命运并非总如期待中的方式到来仙鹤(Crane)尽管鹤侠是位爷们儿,但却是团队中的“母鸡妈妈”他善于化解个人的冲突和矛盾,是他们之中最细心周到的一位功夫高手如果可能,他会避免任何的冲突;但如果战斗不可避免,他便会尽一切可能赢取胜利仙鹤能代表中国的“鹤拳”灵蛇(Viper)灵蛇是一位善变的绝代勇士:先是无限妩媚的调情,接下来便是暴风骤雨般的凌厉攻击她强大的迷惑能力不仅在于功夫,同样体现在她的力气,她邪恶的本性,她的苛刻……;接下来就是她招招致命的攻击所以就不难理解她为什么总是能得到自己想要的任何东西了螳螂(Mantis)螳螂是盖世五侠中体型最小的一位,但他却从不承认这个:强壮,敏捷,灵巧他总是非常同情PO的苦处,每次都很快来点小幽默帮阿宝脱离窘境什么都吓不到他勇敢小小的心脏 功夫熊猫英文字幕

娃娃(Dolls) -- :58:31 来源: 娃娃(Dolls)Dolls  Hello,boys and girls! I’m Susie. I have many dolls.Their names are Mimi,Rose and Mike. What lovely dolls they are!Look!Mimi is in red skirt.  She looks very nice. Rose is a student. There are some books in her hands.She is ing. Oh,where is Mike? “Hi, I’m here!”Mike is a lovely boy. He likes playing football. Look, his shoes are broken.Today he is in a blue sweater. I like them very much.  Do you have dolls,too?Please tell me,OK?没关系,无所谓-- :5:   在“洋话连篇”口语课堂上,老师与学员演练口语,学员用美语说道:给你来一片面包吗?老师答道:“That's ok! I'm stuffed now”学员惊讶地问道:“你已经很饱了还‘OK’呀?”老师笑道:“That's ok!和‘Ok!’指的是完全不同的意思喔还是举个例子来说明吧比如别人问你‘要不要先洗个澡呀’,如果你回答‘That's ok!’就是‘不要洗’的意思,而答‘Ok!’才是‘要洗’的意思,”老师又解释道:“所以切记,当别人说‘That's ok’时,是表示‘I'm fine’,意思‘我很好,你不用操心’,言外之意就是‘你不用麻烦,这样就可以了’所以要记住,‘That's ok!’其实有‘没关系,无所谓’的味道在里面”Next Week -- :: 来源: Next WeekNext week is the Chinese New Year. My cousin is coming to visit my family. Next Monday my cousin and I are going shopping in the city mall. We are going to eat KFC lunch. We are going to be very happy. Next Tuesday my cousin and I are going to play chess and play computer games at home. Next Wednesday my cousin is going home. It’s going to be a happy week. I am excited!

二年级英语作文:My holiday --1 01:8:39 来源: I’m going to the sun on my holiday. I will go there by a aceship. I will take a big blue aceshipthen I’ll pilot the aceship to the sun. the sun is very hot. So I put on the super-shirt. In the morning, I will have some sun burger my breakfast.At eight o’clock, I will play with my friends there. they are super dog and super girl. Super dog is white and black. Super girl is very clever. Super girl and super dog like to play with me. So I play with them ty minutes. then I do my homework in my little red room on a small blue table. After my home work, I will have my lunch. I will eat sun salad. I will make some red toy bear to the sun babies. I will have red juice, red fish and red rice. All the things are red. then I need a lot of water on the sun because the sun is too hot. So I will walk to the aceship. I’ll pilot the aceship to the earth.:小红帽(Little Red Riding Hood) -01- :53:3 来源: Little Red Riding Hood第一场:Little Red Riding Hood家Mum: (妈妈拿着一个篮子,把桌紫的水果放在篮子里)Little Red Riding Hood:(唱着歌,欢快地跑进来)Hi,mummy, what are you doing?Mum: (一边把水果放在篮子里,心事重重地说)Grandma is ill. Here are some apples and bananas Grandma. Take them to Grandma.Little Red Riding Hood:(边提起篮子,边点头说)Ok!Mum: (亲切地看着Little Red Riding Hood说) Be good. Be careful.Little Red Riding Hood: Yes ,mummy.Goodbye, mummy.Mum: Bye-bye. Darling.第二场:在路上(一阵轻快的音乐远而近,Little Red Riding Hood挎着篮子蹦跳跳地跳到花草旁)Little Red Riding Hood: Wow!Flowers, how beautiful! (放下篮子采花)One flower ,two flowers, three flowers.Wolf:(随着一阵低沉的音乐,Wolf大步地走上台)I am wolf. I am hungry. (做找东西状,东张西望) Here is a little red riding hood. Hi! Little Red Riding Hood. Where are you going? (做狡猾的样子和Little Red Riding Hood打招呼)Little Red Riding Hood:(手摸辫子,天真地回答)To Grandma’s.Grandma is ill.Wolf:(自言自语)I' ll eat Grandma. But……(对Little Red Riding Hood说)Hey, look! 6 little baby ducks.Little Red Riding Hood:(和6只鸭子随着音乐翩翩起舞)Wolf:(悄悄地藏到大树后)Little Red Riding Hood:(停止跳舞)Hello! Baby ducks,how are you?Six Ducks:We’ re fine.Thank you. Where are you going?Little Red Riding Hood:To Grandma’s.Oh, I must go, bye.Six Ducks:Goodbye.第三场:Grandma家 Grandma: (喘着气出场,颤颤悠悠地走到床前,吃力地坐到床边,喘了几口,打几个哈欠,慢吞吞地躺倒在床上)Wolf:(从树后出来,边走边说)I am very hungry now. (做找寻的样子)Where is Grandma’ s house? (高兴地对观众说)Aha , it’s here.(敲门)Bang, Bang, Bang.Grandma: Who is it?Wolf:(装出Little Red Riding Hood的声音,一边得意地摇动尾巴,一边说)It’s me. Little Red Riding Hood.Grandma: (边说边起床) Come in, come in.Wolf:(得意洋洋地走到床边) Grandma , I’ll eat you.Grandma: (惊慌失措地抓紧衣,瞪着眼睛,边叫迫从床上滚到地上)灰狼把外婆吞到了肚子里 英语 话剧 剧本

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