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Phil Currie seemed to have proved his case. But he hadn#39;t.Philip Currie似乎已经明了他的理论。不,还没有Although he was convinced, his fellow paleontologists still weren#39;t sure.虽然他自己深信不疑,他的同僚对此却不敢确信If we just found one site with large predatory dinosaurs,如果只是找到一个地方,有许多大型掠食恐龙found as a group with multiple individuals of different age sizes was buried together, that could be a fluke, could be a chance.找到一群大大小小的恐龙被埋在一起,这可能只是侥幸,或者说是巧合The evidence right now is a little bit equivocal. It#39;s not definite. It#39;s a little circumstantial.当前的据仍然有些令人怀疑。它不是很明确的据,可能只是偶然情况Despite all his efforts, Currie#39;s case was not yet proven.虽然Currie付出了很多努力,他的观点仍然没有得到实He now needed a second site to convince his colleagues that the first dig wasn#39;t a fluke,他现在需要找到第二个地点,使他的同僚们相信第一个挖掘点并非偶然that large meat-eating dinosaurs really were pack hunters.以及大型食肉恐龙真的是集体狩猎者And then he got some unexpected news.后来,他得到了一个意外的消息Patagonia, the land which had harbored the bones of Argentinosaurus and Giganotosaurus, had yielded one further treasure.巴塔哥尼亚不仅埋藏着阿根廷龙和南方巨兽龙的骨骼化石,还将展示更惊人的秘密Phil Currie#39;s colleague, Rodolfo Coria, had made a new discovery.Philip Currie的同事Rodolfo Coria有了一项新的发现We came here by first time because a local farmer called us because of some fossils that he had found.我们到这里是因为一位当地农民给我们打了电话说他找到了一些化石And we were very lucky, because looking in the slope of this hill, we found this bone.我们很幸运,因为当我们在这个山坡上搜索时,我们找到了这块骨骼 Article/201612/485194郑州哪家医院祛黑痣好You don’t change lanes in bed, so you shouldn’t sleep while you’re driving. Here’s how to stay alert.睡觉的时候不可能改变车道,所以驾车的时候不要睡觉。以下是保持清醒的方法。You Will Need你需要Cup of coffee一杯咖啡Some chewing gum一些口香糖Audio book (optional)有声读物(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Pull over amp;amp; drink coffee1.停车喝咖啡At the first sign of drowsiness, pull over immediately and drink a cup of coffee.一旦出现困倦的迹象,立即停车,喝杯咖啡提神。Step 2 Wait for caffeine to kick in2.等待咖啡因发挥作用Don’t get right back on the road; caffeine boosts a driver’s reaction times, but it takes 30 minutes to kick in. Instead,park someplace safe, lock your doors, and take a quick half-hour nap.不要立即上路。咖啡因可以刺激司机的反应时间,但是需要30分钟才能发挥作用。相反,把车停在比较安全的地方,锁上车门,小睡半个小时。Step 3 Roll down windows3.摇下车窗When you do get going again, roll down your windows. If it’s cold outside, all the better -- it’s harder to nod off when you’re uncomfortable. And don’t crank the heat --the warm air can lull you to sleep.重新上路的时候,摇下车窗,如果外面天气寒冷就更好了——身体不适的时候更难打盹。不要开暖气,温暖的空气会让你昏昏欲睡。Stay three car lengths behind the car ahead of you; this will give you some room for error if you do happen to doze off for a second.与前方的车保持三辆车长的距离,如果你凑巧有一秒钟的恍惚,可以给你纠正错误的空间。Step 4 Sit up straight amp;amp; move eyes4.坐直,转动眼球While you drive, sit up straight and keep your eyes moving. Hunching forward decreases the amount of oxygen that can fit in the lungs, and staring at a fixed distance slows down brain activity.驾车的时候,身体坐直,保持眼睛运动。身体前倾会减少进入肺部的氧气,眼睛紧盯着一个固定的位置看会减缓大脑活动。Step 5 Chew gum5.嚼口香糖Choose spearmint or peppermint gum -- its minty scent stimulates the vagus nerve, providing a jolt to the nervous system.选择荷兰薄荷或薄荷味口香糖,清新的味道可以刺激迷走神经,为神经系统提供动力。Step 6 Play games with yourself6.和自己玩游戏Play road games -- with yourself! I Spy, which forces you to notice your surroundings, and the License Plate Game, which makes you focus on small letters and numbers, boost mental functioning and reduce eye fatigue.和自己玩道路游戏,玩间谍游戏,注意观察周围的环境,或者车牌游戏,让你集中注意力观察较小的数字和字幕,促进神经运转,减缓眼睛疲劳。Step 7 Sing along7.唱歌Sing along to your favorite CDs. It switches up your breathing patterns, boosts circulation, floods oxygen to the brain, and-- if you like the song -- increases feel-good endorphins.跟着你最喜欢的CD轻轻歌唱。这样可以改变呼吸模式,刺激血液循环,大脑的血氧水平,如果你喜欢这首歌的话,还可以增加让你感觉比较好的内啡肽。If you’re not a fan of your own voice, listen to audio books instead. A study found they make drivers more alert than just listening to music.如果你不那么欣赏自己的声音,听一些有声读物。一项研究发现,有声读物比单纯地听音乐更能让司机保持清醒。Step 8 Walk Around8.走动一下If all else fails, find a safe spot to get out of the car and walk around. Moving your body revs up circulation and brain activity, which shakes off fatigue. Who knows? You may aly be where you’re going.如果以上方法都不奏效,找一个安全的地方,走出汽车,到处走一下。运动身体可以促进血液循环和大脑活动,减缓疲劳。谁知道呢?或许很快就可以到达目的地。Thirty-seven percent of drivers admit falling asleep at least once behind the wheel.37%的司机承认曾经在驾车的时候睡着。 Article/201502/359017郑州/华山整形美容医院激光去烫伤的疤好吗栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201503/366825Skip the energy drinks and extra large lattes and follow these simple guidelines to get all the energy you need from your food.避免能量饮料和额外的咖啡,遵循下面简单的指引,从食物中获得你所需的所有能量。You Will Need你需要Breakfast早餐Complex carbohydrates复杂的碳水化合物Good fat and protein好的脂肪和蛋白质Frequent small meals少食多餐Water水Fresh fruit (optional)新鲜的水果(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Don#39;t skip breakfast1.不要不吃早餐Eat breakfast every day. You need to put fuel in to get energy out, and after a full night#39;s sleep you#39;re running on empty.每天都要吃早餐。要激发出能量,你需要先投入一些燃料,经过一整晚的睡眠后,你醒来肯定肚子空空,没有一点能量。STEP 2 Skip the low-carb diet2.不要吃简单的碳水化合物Make complex carbohydrates the centerpiece of your diet. Carbs supply energy; you should get about half your calories from them. Complex carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables provide steady, lasting energy. Simple carbohydrates spike your blood sugar, causing a sugar rush and then a crash.将复杂的碳水化合物作为饮食的重点。碳水化合物可以提供能量。你摄入的所有能量的一半应该来自碳水化合物。来自谷物,水果和蔬菜的复杂碳水化合物可以提供稳定持久的能量。简单的碳水化合物会让你的血糖升高,导致糖分突然升高,然后又剧烈下降。STEP 3 Eat good fat and high-quality protein3.食用好的脂肪和高质量的蛋白质Include unsaturated fat and high-quality protein in your diet. Good fats from such sources as olive oil and nuts are a healthy concentrated energy source. Protein helps the body regulate energy use.饮食中加入不饱和脂肪和高质量的蛋白质。来自橄榄油和坚果的好的脂肪是健康的浓缩能量源泉。蛋白质帮助身体调节能量使用。STEP 4 Eat more often4.少食多餐Eat more often. Frequent small meals -- five or six a day -- keep your metabolism up, your blood sugar stable, and your energy level constant.增加用餐次数。少食多餐——每天吃五餐或六餐——保持旺盛的新陈代谢,稳定的血糖水平,持续的能量状况。STEP 5 Eat less5.少吃Don#39;t eat too much. Overeating can literally weigh you down and start a negative energy spiral. Weight gain from overeating can make you feel sluggish and less like exercising, contributing to even lower energy.不要吃太多。吃得太多会让你更加疲惫,让你的能量水平向下旋转。饮食过度导致的体重增加会让你觉得懒惰,不喜欢运动,导致精神更加萎靡。Eat whole fresh fruit for snacks. The fiber in fruit makes your body burn its sugars slowly, for long-lasting energy.食用新鲜的水果作为零食。水果中的纤维让你的身体更缓慢地燃烧糖分,能够提供更持久的能量。STEP 6 Drink more6.多喝水Drink plenty of water because dehydration leads to fatigue.饮用充足的水,因为脱水会导致疲惫。STEP 7 Drink less7.少喝酒和咖啡Cut back on alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol disrupts sleep, leaving you tired the next day and the temporary boost from caffeine eventually leads to an energy letdown.减少酒精和咖啡的摄入量。酒精会扰乱睡眠,让你第二天疲惫不堪。咖啡因可以暂时提神,但是最终却会让你的精神更加低落。Potential energy is stored energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion -- the use of potential energy.潜在能量是储存的能量。动能是运动时的能量,也就是潜在能量的使用。 /201412/349585河南省郑州/华山整形美容医院治疗纹身怎么样

郑州市中医院去痘印多少钱郑州市第三人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱Air travel is even more expensive with baggage fees, so pack light and travel without the burden of that extra or more per bag.加上行李费之后,空中旅行的价格更加昂贵,所以轻装上阵,每袋行李的费用不要超过15美元。You Will Need你需要Packing list打包清单Carry on bag手提包Mini toiletries迷你化妆品Sealable plastic bags可密封塑料袋Multi-function clothes多功能装Laundry detergent or soap (optional)洗衣液或肥皂(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Create a packing list1.制作打包清单Create a packing list that includes only the items that are absolutely necessary for your trip -- and stick to it.制作打包清单,只包括旅途中绝对需要的物品在内——根据清单来进行。A packing list will help you to stay focused. Most people use only about half of what they pack, so edit, edit, edit.打包清单可以帮助你保持注意力。大部分人只用到自己打包的大约一半的物品,所以,精简再精简。STEP 2 Choose a carry on2.选择行李包Choose a carry on bag that has a rectangular shape to maximize interior space. All carry on luggage should measure less than 45 inches when the length, width, and height are combined.选择长方形的行李包,这样可以使内部空间最大化。所有的手提行李长宽高相加不要超过45英寸。STEP 3 Buy miniatures3.购买迷你化妆品Purchase miniature toiletries or fill small bottles with shampoo, conditioner, soap, or lotion and place them in sealable plastic bags.购买迷你版化妆品,或者向小瓶中倒入洗发水,护发素,香皂或润肤露,一起装在可密封的塑料袋中。STEP 4 Choose multi-function clothes4.选择多功能装Choose multi-function clothing items that can be worn more than once. If you are traveling in a cool climate, choose a sweater or jacket that can be worn with multiple tops or bottoms.选择可重复穿多次的多功能装。如果你在凉爽的气候中旅行,选择可以添加多层衣物的羊毛衫或夹克衫。If you are going to be away for a long period, you may want to pack laundry detergent to keep the clothing you pack to a minimum.如果你要离开很长时间,最好打包一些洗衣液,以保打包最少的衣物。STEP 5 Roll your clothes5.把衣卷起Roll your clothes instead of folding. This will maximize your space and keep you from having to iron later on.把衣卷起来,而不是折叠起来。这样可以将空间最大化,而且不需要稍后熨烫。STEP 6 Be a one-bag packer6.只带一个包Be a smart, one-bag packer. This will set you apart from the poor souls that paid extra and still have to wait at baggage claim after a long day of travel.做一个聪明的单包背包客。这样可以避免经过一天精疲力尽的旅行后还要在行李处付额外的费用。Did you know? The Unclaimed Baggage center in Scottsboro, Alabama, has been selling unclaimed baggage items since 1970.你知道吗?从1970年开始,亚拉巴马州斯格茨伯罗无人认领行李中心开始出售无人认领的行李。视频听力译文由。 Article/201410/333234Who we talk to and when is just as important as what we say.我们的交谈对象和时间与交谈内容同样重要The key to avoiding this type of traffic analysis避开这种通讯分析的关键在于was to render the user effectively anonymous.给用户提供有效的匿名But he realised that wasn#39;t enough.但他意识到这还不够He wanted to build a secure network他想建立一个安全的网络and to do this he needed more anonymous users.为了达成这个目标 需要更多的匿名用户One cannot be anonymous alone.匿名不能独立存在One can only be anonymous relative to a set of people.相对于一群人来说 个体才能达到匿名效果The more anonymous users you can gather together in a network,在网络上聚集的匿名用户越多the harder it becomes for someone watching to keep track of them,监视者就越难追踪他们especially if they#39;re mixed up.尤其是当他们混在一起时And so a whole batch of input messages来自不同个体的from different people are shuffled大批输入信息搅在一起and then sent to another computer,再传送到另一台计算机then shuffled again and so forth,进行混合 如此反复and you can#39;t tell as an observer of the network网络监视者就无法辨别which item that went in corresponds to which item coming out.输入信息与输出信息的对应性重点解释:1.talk to 与 ... 说话例句:Don#39;t talk to me about that fellow.别跟我谈起那个家伙。2.relative to 关于例句:The teacher asked me some questions relative to my paper.老师问了我一些和我的论文有关的问题。3.a set of 一套例句:I want to buy a set of air conditioning.我想买一台空调。 Article/201701/489527郑州/麦格假体费用World Book Day:Annual UNESCO event promotes ing联合国教科文组织举办世界读书日活动Today marks World Book Day, also known as International Day of the Book.今天是世界读书日,同时也被称为国际读书日。It was celebrated for the first time on the 23rd of April, 1995, and organized by the ed Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO.世界读书日是联合国教科文组织在1995年4月23日发起的一项活动。The yearly event aims to promote ing, publishing and copyright.一年一度的这个活动旨在提高阅读、出版及版权意识。And the choice of date is by no means random.世界读书日选择这样一个日子并非偶然。The 23rd of April was first commemorated in 1923 by booksellers in Catalonia as a way to honour the author Miguel de Cervantes, who died on this date.米格尔·德·塞万提斯是在1923年4月23日逝世,因此加泰罗尼亚书商选择这一天纪念这位作家。It#39;s also the anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, as well as that of the birth or death of several other prominent authors.这一天同时也是威廉·莎士比亚和加尔希拉索·德·拉维加的逝世纪念日,以及其他几位著名作甲的出生或逝世纪念日。 Article/201504/371807河南省郑州华山整形医院激光祛斑手术多少钱

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