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宜城市人民医院是私立襄阳微管无痛人流哪做的好Oscar nominations resulted in an immediate box-office boost on Tuesday, led by frontrunner The King’s Speech, which saw revenue surge 66% by the end of the day.   The King’s Speech received noms, the most of any film. The Weinstein Co. release grossed .1 million on Tuesday at the domestic box office, compared to 5,65 on Monday. Film’s domestic cume is million. Separately, Internet ticket vendor Fandago reported Wednesday that tickets sales The King’s Speech were up 76%.   Paramount’s True Grit, which received nominations, was up 1% on Tuesday, grossing 6,901 a domestic cume of .3 million.   Ordinarily, a day-over-day gain of % would be considered solid. Paramount and Relativity Media’s The Fighter, picking up seven Oscar nominations, was up nearly 6%, grossing ,8 a cume of .5 million. Black Swan was up more than 37% after nabbing five nominations. Pic’s cume is . million. The Oscar bump should last well into the weekend. 【相关中文报道】  在周二公布的奥斯卡奖入围名单即刻转换成了一剂票房良药,众入围影片的票房成绩无不大幅提升其中,独领风骚获得项入围,领跑提名名单的《国王的演讲在周二当天便有1万美元进账,而前一天该片的票房仅为63565美元,北美地区的累计已经达到了5900万美元而从网络电影票贩售网站传来的消息,《国王的电影在周三的销售额提高了76%之多   派拉蒙影业的《大地惊雷入围项,在周三的票房也提高了1%,达到了766901美元,总票房已达1亿3930万美元而该电影公司的另一部影片《斗士的票房也有6%的增长而《黑天鹅也在入围名单公布之后增长了近37%,总票房也达到了80万美金 636襄阳天和医院能检查怀孕吗 襄阳老河口妇幼保健院中医院专家预约

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襄阳华光医院有妇产科吗Last year’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey — the prequel to the trilogy The Lord of the Rings — was quite a success at the box office (it reached about billion, or 6. billion yuan, worldwide). But honestly, it was a little boring and, at 9 minutes, very long.作为“指环王三部曲”前传,去年的一部《霍比特人1:意外之旅票房大卖(全球票房达亿美元,合60.9亿元人民币)但说实话,这部片子有点无聊,9分钟,太冗长了The second part of the trilogy The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is a little less long and a little less boring. That’s because after almost three hours of setup in the last installment, we finally get some action. It’s time the group of Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) and the dwarfs, led by Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) and the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen), to win back the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor.“霍比特人三部曲”第二部——《霍比特人:史矛革之战则稍微精简有趣一些 经过第一部近三个小时的铺垫之后,我终于可以大饱眼福,欣赏下动作戏了这回,比尔#86;巴金斯(马丁#86;弗里曼饰)与由“矮人王”索林#86;橡木盾(理查德#86;阿米蒂奇饰演)带领的十三矮人军团,以及巫师甘道夫(伊恩#86;麦凯伦饰演)一同展开旅程,重新夺回孤山矮人王国Director Peter Jackson throws us right into the action, with the group fighting giant spiders, orcs, and the biggest villain, Smaug, the dragon.在导演彼得#86;杰克逊的执导下,巨型蜘蛛、半兽人以及“大反派”巨龙史矛革悉数登场,群斗场景令观众犹如身临其境The battles are visceral, physical and sometimes also funny. They demonstrate the best of the film’s technical excellence: Imaginary creatures come to life, fantastic worlds are realized, and breathtaking sequences prove what an accomplished action director Jackson has become.这些战争场面在带给人们激烈的感官体验的同时,偶尔也会笑料百出这些场景都展现出该片在技术上的绝对优势:鲜活的怪兽精灵、逼真的奇幻世界,再加上险象环生的惊险剧情,都明了彼得#86;杰克逊是位有才华的动作片导演Smaug looks incredible and Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice adds to the creepiness and horror. Of course, Smaug’s monologue with Baggins is a highlight, although the film spends nearly a half hour with monotonous would-be action of little consequence bee coming to a hasty end.巨龙史矛革看上去很是吓人,而这个令人战栗的庞然大物则由“卷福” 本尼迪克特#86;康伯巴奇来配音尽管片中用了接近半个小时的篇幅来展现一些无关紧要、单调乏味的动作戏后,就草草收场了,但不管怎么说,史矛革与巴金斯的对手戏还是一大亮点 fans of special effects and quality action sequences in a fantasy setting, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is a perfect choice. But compared with any chapter of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, it feels a little empty.对于特效迷和科幻动作迷来说,《霍比特人:史矛革之战是个绝佳选择但同“指环王三部曲”的任何一部相比,该片都显得有些苍白The Lord of the Rings trilogy was about more than just action and incident. It talked about friendship and courage, and the characters often captured our hearts. The Hobbit falls short on character work and story development, without offering a real reason us to care if Baggins and the dwarfs succeed in their journey.“指环王三部曲”中,不只有刀光剑影和意外频发它探讨了友谊和勇气的主题,而片中角色也极具感染力“霍比特人”系列则在角色刻画以及剧情发展方面表现得差强人意,无法给我们提供一个去关注巴金斯和矮人军团此行成功与否的真正理由That said, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is aly better than The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Hopefully the final chapter next year can pull out something truly spectacular, otherwise The Hobbit trilogy will likely be remembered only as a footnote to one of the greatest cinematic accomplishments of our time.即便如此,与《霍比特人1:意外之旅相比,《霍比特人:史矛革之战要好得多了希望明年的最终篇能够交上一份更令人叫好的答卷,否则“霍比特人三部曲”很可能只会成为当代最伟大的银幕巨制——“指环王系列”的一处注脚而已 787 襄阳市第一人民医院预约襄阳枣阳市人民医院是正规医院吗



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