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【中英对照】If you were a tear-drop; In my eye,For fear of losing you, I would never cry And if the golden sun, Should cease to shine its light,Just one smile from you, would make my whole world bright 如果你是我眼里的一滴泪; 为了不失去你;我将永不哭泣; 如果金色的阳光;停止了它耀眼的光芒; 你的一个微笑;将照亮我的整个世界。I have searched a thousand years, and I have cried a thousand tears. I found everything I need, You are everything to me. 我寻觅了千万年,我哭泣了千万次。我已经找到了需要的一切,你就是我的一切。I just wish someday and somehow, we can be back together, Together we'll stay, always and forever.我只希望有那么一天,不管怎样;我们能重新在一起;相依相伴,直到永远!How do I say I love you? How do I tell you I care? How do I tell you I've missed you, and let you know I'm here?我如何说我爱你?我如何告诉你我在乎你?我如何告诉你我一直都在想你?如何让你知道我就在这里?For years I had been searching, for that perfect fantasy, But, I find it in my arms, right now, you are all to me.我已经寻找了多年,为了那个美丽的梦想,但是,现在,我发现它就在我的臂弯里,你就是我的全部。You are my life. You're my one and only dream. I love you, and to you that i mean. Together for always, i hope we will be. I’ll love you always. 你是我的生命,你是我唯一的梦想。我爱你,只有你,我希望我们能永远在一起。我会永远爱你,如果你仍然爱我。cease 停止, 终止, 结束The storm has ceased.暴风雨停了。 /200906/75511

Technology addicts may be at risk of sagging jowls, according to aesthetic experts.美容专家称,科技痴迷者们要小心面颊松弛下垂。It is believed that smartphone and laptop use, could cause facial skin and muscle to lose its elasticity as people spend an increasing amount of time sat with their heads bent.据认为,经常使用智能手机和笔记本电脑会导致人的面部皮肤和肌肉失去弹性,因为人们低头坐着的时间越来越多。It is now believed that the phenomenon, dubbed ;smartphone face; could be behind the growing trend for skin tightening treatments and chin implants which cost around pound;4,290.专家认为,这种“智能手机脸”现象可能是现在拉皮手术和垫下巴手术日益盛行的背后原因,这种手术花费在4290英镑左右。According to statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) ;chinplants; are becoming the fastest growing cosmetic surgery trend.根据美国整形外科学会发布的数据,垫下巴是当前发展势头最迅猛的整容手术。In 2011 its popularity grew more than breast augmentation, Botox and liposuction combined.2011年,隆胸、注射肉毒杆菌和吸脂三个加在一块,还不如垫下巴流行。And a number of leading doctors believe that technology could be behind the growing trend, as poor posture can promote saggy jowls, double chins and ;marionette lines; - the creases from the corners of the mouth down the chin.许多首席医师认为,技术可能是这一潮流的背后原因,因为姿势不当会导致脸颊下垂、双下巴和“木偶纹”——从嘴角到下巴的皱纹。Confirming the condition, coined ;smartphone face;, Dr Mervyn Patterson of the Woodford Medical group told the Evening Standard: ;If you sit for hours with your head bent slightly forward, staring at your iPhone or laptop screen, you may shorten the neck muscles and increase the gravitational pull on the jowl area, leading to a drooping jawline.;伍德福德医疗集团的梅尔弗因#8226;派特森医生将这一症状确诊为“智能手机脸”,他告诉《标准晚报》说:“如果你连坐数小时,头总是稍微前倾盯着iPhone或笔记本电脑的屏幕,你会缩短脖子的肌肉,增加脸颊部位受到的地心引力,导致下颌松垂。”According to Ofcom#39;s 2011 Communication Market Report 91 percent of adults use a mobile phone while 27 percent opt for smartphones.根据英国通信业监管机构Ofcom的《2011年通信市场报告》,91%的成人使用手机,27%的成人用的是智能手机。Meanwhile the Health and Safety Executive#39;s Horizon Scanning paper reports that by 2015, 70-80 percent of workers could be, at least partially, working remotely from a laptop.与此同时,健康与安全委员会的远景扫描论文报告说,到2015年,将有70%到80%的员工会用笔记本电脑远程办公,至少部分时间是如此。ASPS president Dr Malcolm Roth also suggests that the use of chat causes people to be more conscious of their appearance.美国整形外科学会的主席马尔科姆#8226;罗斯医生还指出,视频聊天的使用让人们更注重自己的形象。;The chin and jawline are among the first areas to show signs of ageing.;“脸颊和下颌轮廓是最早出现衰老迹象的地方。”;As more people see themselves on chat technology, they may notice that their jawline is not as sharp as they want.;“当越来越多的人使用视频聊天技术看到自己时,他们会注意到自己的下颌轮廓不像自己理想中的那样线条鲜明。” /201205/182396

Dating isn#39;t always easy. Sometimes we#39;ve experienced datesthat, beforehand, seemed as though they#39;d be a success, only tofind them a complete failure later. Why does this happen? Here aresome reasons why a date could go awry based on your sign, and howto prevent them from happening again。约会不总是轻而易举。我们时常经历一些这样的约会:事先看起来应该有戏,事后却发现失败得一塌糊涂。怎么会这样呢?下面有一些基于星座的原因,让你知道为什么约会走上了歧途,以及如何预防这种事情再次发生。Aries: Remember that the world doesn#39;t revolve around you,Aries. Aries can often think about themselves first, after all,they rule the first house of ;self;. Be sure to find out what yoursweetie wants, too。白羊座:白羊们要记住,世界不是围着你转。白羊座的人可能通常先想到自己,毕竟,你们是最;自我;的一类。但也一定要弄清楚你的情人想要什么。Taurus: Need to know where your partner is all the time orwhat they#39;re doing can easily put you on damage control1. When youget into a new relationship or begin dating someone, love withoutbeing possessive。金牛座:想要时刻知道你的对象在哪里或者在做什么,会轻易让你时刻警惕着以防自己受伤。当你处于一段新的恋情或者开始约会某人时,用心去爱,但别想着占有。Gemini: You love to do the talking, but let your sweetie sharesome words, too. Be an active listener on your next date. Keep eyecontact with them at all times, be sure to be empathetic and keepyour focus on THEIR story。双子座:你很爱说,但也要让你的情人说上几句。下次约会时一定要做一个积极的聆听者。始终保持眼神交流,一定要投入感情,而且把注意力集中在;他们;的故事上。Cancer: Watch your mood swings2 around your sweetie, Cancer,especially on dates. Be careful you don#39;t flip a switch3 at thatrestaurant or even worse do it to your server. Sometimes it can bemore embarrassing to see your date be rude to your server than toyou even. Watch your emotional energy and keep it in checkespecially in public!巨蟹座:巨蟹们,有情人相伴时一定要注意自己的情绪波动,尤其是约会时。一定不要在餐馆闹情绪,更不要冲务员发火。有时候,看到自己的伴侣对务员粗鲁甚至比对自己粗鲁更难堪。注意自己的情绪,并及时控制,尤其是在公众场合!Leo: You have a great sense of self-esteem, but don#39;t let yourconfidence turn to cockiness. Too many comments that areself-serving could make you seem like you#39;re implying you#39;re betterthan average. Keep it real, home slice4! Your sweetie will prefer amore humble nature。狮子座:你有很强的自尊心,但不要让你的自信变成自大。太多褒扬自己的话会让你看上去是在暗示你自己比普通人强。现实点吧,朋友!你的情人会喜欢更加谦卑的个性。Virgo: You like everything to be perfect, but when you#39;re on adate, try not to nit-pick5 over every single thing to your waiteror sweetie. A dirty spoon or a fly in your soup are good reasons tocall over your server. But to fuss over every little thing willmost definitely be a turn off to your date.处女座:你希望所有事都完美无缺,不过,当你约会时,注意不要什么事都对务员或者你的情人进行挑剔。勺子脏或者汤里有只苍蝇都是可以把务员召唤过来的理由,但是对所有事都吹毛求疵的话,一定以及肯定会让你的情人兴趣索然。Libra: Avoid name-dropping6! Scales love expensive andbeautiful things. Even people who are associated with beauty andwealth can be a conversation of delight for glamorous Libra. Justtry not to name-drop those jeans or that celebrity you know inevery conversation. 天秤座:别借别人来抬高自己!天秤们喜欢昂贵美丽的事物,就连那些和美丽、富足扯上关系的人都可以成为迷人的天秤座兴致勃勃谈论的话题。试着不要每次谈话都要提到那些牛仔裤或你认识的那个名人来抬高自己。Scorpio: You love passion in a relationship, and that#39;s whysometimes you can move too fast. When you first meet a guy or girl,don#39;t rush into intimacy. Rein7 that sexual energy in, folks! Andget to know the person。天蝎座:你喜欢恋情里有,这就是为什么有时候你可能进展得太快的原因。当你第一次约见某个男子或女子的时候,不要急于亲热。把性活力控制在体内,伙计们!要试着了解对方。Sagittarius: Don#39;t be flighty8! You#39;re truly a socialbutterfly and love to scatter your energy everywhere. Don#39;t flakeout9 on plans with your sweetie or a new date. This will mostdefinitely be a turn-off because it will show you aren#39;treliable.射手座:不要举止轻浮!你的确是个社交花蝴蝶,喜欢到处挥洒自己的活力。在计划你和情人或新的约会对象的安排时,不要玩得太过了。这百分百会让他们兴趣索然,因为这种举动表明你不可靠。Capricorn: You#39;re very responsible, Capricorn. You wanteverything to be in working order all the time and that can lead toan excessive amount of over explaining and even controllingsituations. We realize you#39;re being overly efficient, but half thetime most people will tune out the information they don#39;t need, soyou#39;re just wasting your breath. Keep itsimple!羯座:魔羯,你很负责。你期望所有事情都时刻正常运转,而这会让你进入一而再再而三地过度解释甚至过度控制的处境。我们发现,你说话的效率太高了,但有一半时间,大多数人会忽略他们不需要的信息,所以,你只是白费唇舌而已。说话要简短!Aquarius: You can easily be wrapped up in causes for a highergood, because you#39;re ruled by the planet that rules technology!When you#39;re on date, don#39;t open that PETA email that just popped upon your blackberry. Your sweetie will begin to think your messagesare more important than them. Try to live in the moment, and leaveyour iphone or blackberry out of the picture for a bit。水瓶座:你会很轻易就武装上更好的装备,因为控制着你的星球也控制着科技!约会时,不要打开黑莓手机里刚冒出来的那封超大邮件。你的情人会开始认为你收到的信息比他/她更重要。试着珍惜约会的每一分钟,不要把你的苹果手机或黑莓手机牵扯进来。Pisces: Your dreamy nature easily allows you to be in your ownlittle world. Sometimes your sweetie or crush could wonder ifyou#39;re even listening. When you#39;re on a new date or out with yoursweetie, try to snap into reality. And be careful of wearing yourheart on your sleeve10 too quickly in relationships。双鱼座:你爱幻想的本质很容易就让你沉迷于自己的小世界。有时候,你的情人或迷恋你的人会猜想你是否在听他们说话。当你开始一次新的约会或与情人外出时,试着快速融入现实世界。还要注意,谈恋爱时,不要很快就表明自己的感情。 /201206/188558

There as many types of girlfriends as there are types of boyfriends。女朋友有很多种,有多少种类型的男友也就有多少种类型的女友。Fortunately for you, we are not going to break them down according to their sun signs! We shall however, tell you more about the various kinds of girlfriends you are expected to come across in your dating life. Their nuances, their positives, their obvious negatives and why they could be just the one#39;s for you. So on, and you might just discover your type in this list。对你们来说幸运的是,我们不会根据她们的太阳星座来给她们归类!然而,我们会告诉你更多关于你在约会中可能遇到的各式女友:她们的细微差别、她们的优点以及明显的缺点,以及为何她们会是适合你的那一类型。看看下文,你可能就会在其中发现你中意的类型哦。Individualistic amp; Indian个性鲜明的印度女人型The ;Iamp;I; girlfriend is the one who has brains which she uses and who is culturally rooted. She wants her space, has a strong independent identity, cultivates opinions and cannot be pushed around. At the same time, she knows her boundaries; she accepts the good as well the bad that comes with living in a male-dominated Indian society and has her head on her shoulders. She will be a sane partner; one who will respect your individuality as she treasures her own。Iamp;I类型的女友是那种有思想、文化教养根深蒂固的那种。她需要自己的空间,有强烈的独立特性,培养自己的见解,不受他人摆布。同时她知道自己的界限。对于生活在由男性主宰的印度式社会,好坏方面都能接受,且精明能干。她将会是一个理智的伴侣,会像对待自己的个性那样尊重你的个性。 /201203/173906

俗话说,“民以食为天”,饮食是我们生活中必不可少的组成部分,它也与黄道十二星座有着紧密的关系。且看一下最近各个星座都有着怎样的饮食习惯吧。   ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)   Always on the go and y to rush off to the next big thing, the Ram will most likely grab some fast food en route. When dining in a restaurant, try a variety of appetizers, which will suit your investigative nature.   白羊:一贯急匆匆的羊儿喜欢边走边吃。各式的开胃食物通常是你的最爱,这很符合白羊座喜欢深究的个性哦。 /201002/95926

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