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Ethnic minorities in France法国少数民族An edgy inquiry一项前卫调查A taboo on studying immigrant families performance is fraying打破调查移民家庭表现的禁忌BY LAW, French authorities cannot collect ethnic statistics. All citizens are considered equal. Differentiating them is felt to imply stigmatisation, or even worse to echo the singling out of Jews that took place under the collaborationist Vichy regime in the 1940s.根据法律规定,法国官方部门不可以收集少数民族的统计资料。所有公民一律平等,对其进行区分可认为是有意歧视,严重者,可唤起20世纪40年代维希卖国政府对犹太人迫害的记忆。Yet however strong the historical reasons, this approach makes it difficult to tell whether French people of different backgrounds really do fare as well as each other. A new study suggests they do not.然而,无论历史的作用多么强大,禁止的方法让人难以发现法国不同背景的人们是否真的个个表现良好。一项新的研究表明,并非全然良好。It comes, surprisingly, from an official source: France Strategie, the governments economic-strategy unit, which is run by Jean Pisani-Ferry, an economist. The authors get round the ethnicity taboo by using census data on national origin. Several decades after mass immigration began, enough long-term data exist to see how the generation raised in France by parents from other countries has done.出人意外的是,该项研究竟出自官方之手:由经济学家Jean Pisani-Ferry经营的政府经济战略研究单位France Strategie。研究作者使用原籍人口普查资料,以避免触犯民族禁忌。人口大规模迁入的几十年来,存取了大量的长期数据,足以用来研究第二代移民的表现。In a word, badly. Youth unemployment of 32% for French-born citizens whose parents arrived from Africa, including sub-Saharan countries and those of the Maghreb, is twice as high as for those with no immigrant background. Fully 30% leave high school without any diploma or qualification, against 16% of those without immigrant parents. French people with parents from Africa have less stable working lives, and are more likely to live in poor neighbourhoods, than those with non-African immigrant backgrounds, the report finds.一言以蔽之,糟糕透顶。对于来自撒哈拉以南以及马格里布等非洲地区的第二代法国移民,其青年失业率为32%,是无移民背景人群的两倍。高中毕业时未获得任何学位或文凭的人数比率高达30%,而无移民背景人群所占的比率为16%。研究报告发现,与无移民背景的法国人相比,第二代非裔法国移民的工作生活不稳定,在贫穷社区生活的可能性更大。Other studies use the data to reveal further differences by national origin. French-born citizens with parents from Morocco orTunisia, for example, seem to do better at school than those with parents from Algeria or the African Sahel. Only 10% of French men aged 25-35 with Algerian-born parents, and just 9% of those with parents from the Sahel, have a degree, against 19% of those with Moroccan or Tunisian parents and 23% of the non-immigrant population. (Among those with south-east Asian roots, the figure tops 30%.)其他几项研究通过这些数据进一步揭示了来自不同国家的移民之间的差异。第二代洛哥裔或突尼斯裔法国移民在学校的表现似乎优于第二代阿尔及利亚裔或非洲萨赫勒裔法国移民。25岁至32岁的第二代阿尔及利亚裔法国移民中,只有10%的人拥有大学学位,第二代萨赫勒裔法国移民的比率为9%,而第二代洛哥裔或突尼斯裔法国移民的比率为19%,无移民背景的人口比率为23%。(第二代东南亚裔法国移民的比率为30%,数量最多。)Girls also seem to do better than boys. Just 49% of French-born men aged 20-35 with Algerian parents have passed the baccalaureat, the national school-leaving exam, compared with 58% of women (and 68% of the non-immigrant population). Those with parents from the Sahel do little better: 63% of young French-born women have the bac, and 51% of men. Interestingly, when the sexes are combined, young French citizens born to Moroccan or Tunisian parents do better at school not only than those from Algeria or the Sahel but also those born to parents from Portugal.女孩儿的表现亦似乎优于男孩儿。20岁至35岁的第二代阿尔及利亚裔法国男士在全国学校毕业考试—高中毕业会考中的通过率为49%,而女性的通过率为58%(非移民人口的通过率为68%)。第二代萨赫勒裔法国移民的表现稍好一些:年轻女性的通过率为63%,男性的通过率为51%。有趣的是,如果不分性别,洛哥裔或突尼斯裔法国移民在学校的表现不仅要优于阿尔及利亚裔或萨赫勒裔法国移民,而且优于葡萄牙裔法国移民。Such divergent patterns mirror those found in other European countries. British-born Bangladeshis have pulled away from British-born Pakistanis in terms of school results, for instance, and now perform better than white British children.这些大相径庭的结果映射出欧洲其他国家少数民族的发展趋势。第二代孟加拉国裔英国移民的学校成绩远不同于第二代巴基斯坦裔英国移民,如今超过了英国白人儿童。What explains the French pattern? History may play a part. The bloody war forAlgerias independence may have created feelings of hostility to the French system, and general alienation, which are slow to disappear. Poverty and discrimination clearly play a role. Many French immigrants came from countries with very low living standards, like Mali, Mauritania and Niger. And coming from a poor family background, notes the France Strategie study, seems to have a stronger impact on school performance in France than it does in other comparable countries.何以解释这种法国模式?也许有历史的原因。因阿尔及利亚独立引发的血腥战争产生了对法国体制的敌视情绪,以及普遍的疏离感,这些皆不易消失。贫穷和种族歧视也具有明显的作用。法国很多移民来自生活水平极低的国家,如马里、毛里塔尼亚、尼日尔。据France Strategie的研究显示,在法国,出身贫困对学生在学校表现的影响似乎大于其他类似国家。 翻译:石海霞 校对:胡雅琳译文属译生译世 /201504/370141she was celebrating herself,its very happy他在为自己庆祝呢 很快乐Im not gonna judge you all but my first guest might,I dont know我不会对你们的歌声指指点点 但是我的第一个嘉宾可能会 我不知道my co-worker for only two more days is here.Simon Cowell is here只与我共事两天多的同事开了 西蒙·考威来了this is his last interview before he leaves American Idol这是他离开美国偶像前的最后一次访谈了and I dont know who im gonna carpool with anymore,I dont know,also on the show ive wanted him here forever我也不知道接下来我又将与谁一起拼车了 我不知道 在我的节目上我永远欢迎他before i even had a show,I wanted hime to sing for me and hes here today在我有自己的秀之前 我想要他为我唱首歌 今天他终于来了finally,Jack Johnoson is here and theres this amazing place here in California that i heard about最后 杰克·约翰森也来了 我听说加利福利亚有一个很棒的地方and when i hear aobut things that this is so inspiring.they rescue abused farm animals我听说了一些事 是多么激动人心 在哪里在农场里遭受虐待的动物得到救助its called ;the Gentle Barn;,Ive been twitting about it它被称作是“温柔之乡” 我曾经推特介绍过它Portia had a chance to visit there and brought some cameras with her鲍西亚有机会去那里参观了一下 还带去了一些相机and im gonna show you what she saw in the few minutes but it really is a pretty speical place,I cant wait to show you this place我将用几分钟的时间为大家展示她的所见所闻 那真的是一个非常特别的地方 我等不及要跟你们展示这个地方anyway, if youve been watching the show,You know that Greyson Chance is an amazing,12 year old singer that we found on Youtube对了 如果你曾经看过我们的节目 你应该知道我们在Youtube上发现了 一个12岁的音乐奇才格雷森·切斯just 2 weeks ago and when we found hime,he had maybe a couple of thousand views on Youtube就在两周以前 当我们发现他时 他在youtube上拥有几千个观众since he was on the show,hes got over 30 million views.incredible在他参加完我们的节目后 他已经拥有了超过三千万的观众 难以置信 /201606/447721The Next IdeaFor the last two years, Mason County has the Momentum Business Plan Competition, which awards ,000 to entrepreneurs during the startup phase of their businesses. The project aims to boost entrepreneurship and small businesses within the county. Prize money is provided by local sponsors and organizations.The competition can galvanize budding businesses, like it did for Andy Thomass business, Starving Artist Brewing, which won the competition last year.Before the competition, Thomas, who has an enthusiasm for Michigan beer and brewed at home, was a gallery owner in downtown Ludington for nearly ten years. But the prize money from the competition jump-started his business.;I really believe it launched us two years into the future—overnight,; Thomas said. ;And weve been going high-speed ever since.;This year, Thomas is mentoring the candidates and the potential winner. He says having a mentor is as important as having the money to start a business.;I personally believe that the mentors that come along with the package—with the board of judges and the business people that put this together—I believe that their input is worth as much if not more than the prize,; Thomas said.Thomas joined Stateside to discuss how winning the Momentum Business Plan Competition transformed his life and business.Join the conversation in the comments section below, on Twitter or Facebook, or let us know your Next Idea here.GUESTAndy Thomas is the founder of Starving Artist Brewery.201607/455211

Michael Phelps is famous for listening to music at swimming competitions. 众所周知,菲尔普斯喜欢在游泳比赛前听音乐。The nineteen time gold medalist is known to wear his headphones right up until jumping into the pool for a race. 跳入泳池比赛前,这位19枚奥运金牌得主酷爱戴上耳机听音乐。Now many olympics fans are wondering just what hes listening to. 现在许多奥运迷都在好奇他听什么。Phelps hasnt revealed his musical selections for the RIO games, but theres a good chance it is mostly hip hop. 菲尔普斯没有透露他在里约奥运会听什么音乐,但很有可能是嘻哈。The swimmer has previously declared his fandom of rap stars like Eminem, young Jeezy and Lil Wayne.此前菲尔普斯宣布自己是说唱歌手艾米纳姆、杰伊·詹金斯和李尔·韦恩的歌迷。译文属。201608/459535

Well, love it certainly that shows you,how many people love you,嗯 这肯定让你意识到 有多少人爱着你And love is very healing, obviously.显然 爱又很有治愈力Yeah. - I know your mom has um, stays,she staying home, taking off work.Because she has to support you.没错 -我知道你的母亲现在呆在家里 她辞掉了工作 呆在家里 因为她得照顾你There is a lot of medial bills.Our friends at Shutterfly want to help,Shutterfly你们要负担巨额医疗费用 公司的朋友想帮助你their vision is to make the world better place,by helping people to share life joy.他们的宗旨是帮助他人 共同分享生活的喜悦 让世界充满爱And they agree with me,that you are making the world better place.他们和我达成共识 你让世界充满了爱So they want to give you a check for 15,000 dollars.所以他们想送你一张15000美元的票All right. Will be back, after this.好了 我们一会回来 /201510/403517

A Nicaraguan man was arrested last weekend for threatening to “kill another 50” people at a gay nightclub in Managua. 一名尼加拉瓜男子上周被捕,威胁称要在马那瓜同性恋夜总会杀死50人。The 23-year-old man, identified on Facebook as James Voyka Zamorais, is being forced to publicly apologize to the club’s clients and the country’s LGBTQ community at large. 这名23岁的男子,在脸谱网上确认叫扎莫拉,被迫向夜总会的客户和国家LGBTQ社区公开道歉。Zamorais posted his threat on Facebook several days following the nightclub attack in Orlando that killed 49. 在造成49人死亡的奥兰多夜店袭击几天后,扎莫拉在脸谱网发布他的威胁。The man was released 48 hours after his arrest, after police determined that his threat was empty. 该男子逮捕48小时后被释放,警方确定他的威胁只是口头上说说。Nonetheless, Teresa Lopez, owner of the Tabu nightclub, promised ;I have doubled security at the club; 尽管如此,塔布夜总会的老板特里萨承若,俱乐部的安全翻倍。I used to have two guards at the door, and now I have three additional security guards inside the club.;在门口我曾经有两个警卫,现在俱乐部内我有三个额外安保人员。译文属。201606/450808

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