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清华大学跻身世界大学排名前 -- ::1 来源:   泰晤士报高等教育特刊5月日发布的世界大学声誉排名中,首次共有九所中国大学进入进入前0,创新纪录The Times Higher Education (THE) on May published its World Reputation Rankings, with a record of nine Chinese universities making the top 0 universitiesrsquo; list the first time.  《泰晤士报高等教育特刊5月日发布的世界大学声誉排名中,首次共有九所中国大学进入前0,创新纪录  One Chinese university is listed in the top world universities the first time, with Chinarsquo;s Tsinghua University at 18. Just behind is Peking University, at 1. It is the first time a Chinese university has broken into the world top .  第一次有一所中国大学列入世界大学前名,清华大学位列18之后紧跟北京大学,排名1这是第一次中国大学冲进世界前二十  In addition, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Zhejiang University are all listed in the top 0 the first time.  另外,复旦大学,上海交通大学以及浙江大学都首次进入前一百  With the addition of three universities from Hong Kong -- the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology -- and the National Taiwan University, China has nine universities in the top 0.  包括另外三所香港的大学;;香港大学,香港中文大学和香港科技大学;;以及国立台湾大学,中国共有九所大学进入前一百  Phil Baty, editor of the THE World University Rankings says, ;There is a really positive story China. We have been watching China since the 1990s and the investment they have made in higher education and the rems they have put in place to become more competitive on the world stage. The data published today really does show that China has arrived among the worldrsquo;s elite.;  世界大学排名的编辑菲尔;贝提说:;这对中国来说真的非常好我们从九十年代开始一直在关注中国,中国在高等教育进行的投资还有进行的改革都使得中国大学在世界舞台上越来越有竞争力今天发布的数据真的显示出中国已经达到了世界精英水平;  The top of the listings shows little change from previous years, with Harvard at number one the sixth year running, and with 3 institutions in the top 0, the ed States still dominates the ranking.  排名榜的前几名较前几年有一些小变化,哈佛连续六年获得第一,另有3所美国大学进入前一百,这说明美国依然在主导着排名  Britain is the next most represented country, with universities making the rankings. Highest placed British universities are the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxd, ranked at fourth and fifth respectively.  英国是另一个表现不俗的国家,所大学进入排名排名最高的英国大学是剑桥大学和牛津大学,分别位列第四和第五  In total, there are 18 Asian universities in the top 0, and Paul Blackmore, professor of higher education at the Policy Institute at Kingrsquo;s College London, said in a statement about the rankings: ;Wersquo;ve had a highly Anglo-Saxon view of higher education many years and that canrsquo;t be sustained much longer. Asiarsquo;s rising permance is due to a combination of undoubted growth in university systems and of more being known among those giving a view.;  总共有18所亚洲大学进入前一百伦敦国王学院政策研究院的教授保罗?布莱克尔对此评价道:;多年来我们对高等教育一直有着一种高度的安格鲁撒克逊观点(执着于英语国家的老观点),而这种观点并不能再持续多久了亚洲的表现越来越好是大学系统无可置疑的进步和他们在固守旧观点的人之中越来越高的知名度共同作用的结果;  Baty says, ;Asia has done well. We have seen a strong permance Japan, South Korea. It is good news the whole of East Asia but China is clearly outstanding with such a positive upward trend.;  贝提说:;亚洲做得很好我们已经看到了日本,韩国都有很好的表现这对整个东亚来说是个好消息,但是中国有这样积极的上升趋势无疑是非常优秀的;  Joshua Mok Ka-Ho, vice-president and chair professor of comparative policy at Hong Kongrsquo;s Lingnan University, commented on the rankings, ;That Asiarsquo;s permance reflects heavy higher education investments from many governments in the continent and universities concentrating funding on strengthening their research capabilities and publishing in international journals.;  香港的岭南大学副校长,比较政策学讲座教授莫家豪对该排名道:;亚洲的表现反映出亚洲愈多国家的政府都对高等教育投资了很多,而且各大学都将资金集中在加强他们的研究能力以及发表国际论文上;  The survey was carried out in the first three months of this year, and polled ,33 academics in 3 countries.  这项调查是在今年的头三个月做的,参与者有来自3个国家的13名专家学者奥巴马终于换掉黑莓手机,依旧让人抓狂 -- ::00 来源: 虽然花费了一段时间,但奥巴马总统终于换掉了他的黑莓手机然而奥巴马说,他现在使用的手机和小孩的玩具手机差不多 It took a while, but President Obama has finally gotten rid of his BlackBerry. However, he says he’s now using something akin to a child’s play phone.虽然花费了一段时间,但奥巴马总统终于换掉了他的黑莓手机然而奥巴马说,他现在使用的手机和小孩的玩具手机差不多Yes, that may well sound like an upgrade to some folks, but it seems much of the new phone’s functionality has been removed over security concerns.在一些人认为这意味着奥巴马的手机升级了,但是出于安全方面的考虑,新手机的一些功能被取消了It’s not clear which handset he’s now using, but in a recent appearance on the The Tonight Show, Obama joked about the conversation he had with his security aides when he was handed his new smartphone earlier this year.我们尚不清楚奥巴马现在用的是什么手机,但是最近在出席《今夜秀的时候,奥巴马拿今年早些时候得到新手机时与安全助理的对话开玩笑“I was the first president to have a BlackBerry, and so years passed and no one else has BlackBerrys,” Obama told Jimmy Fallon. “Then finally this year they said ‘Good news Mr. President, we’re going to give you a state-of-the-art smartphone instead of a BlackBerry.’ I thought, ‘Alright, this is cool. I’m excited, and I get the thing and they’re like, ‘Mr. President, security reasons, it doesn’t take pictures, you can’t text, the phone doesn’t work, you can’t play your music on it.’”“我是第一个使用黑莓手机的美国总统这么多年过去了,没有其他人使用黑莓手机,”奥巴马告诉吉米·法伦“今年,他们终于对我说‘总统先生,有一个好消息要告诉您您可以换掉黑莓手机,我们将给您一部最先进的智能手机’我想‘好啊,太棒了我很激动,我终于可以用和他们一样的手机了’但是,他们告诉我‘总统先生,出于安全原因,这部手机不能拍照,不能输入文字,不能对外通话,也不能播放音乐’”Much fuss was made about Obama being the first “high-tech president” when he entered office with his beloved BlackBerry in . At that time, the mobile device was still hugely popular, with the company, then called Research In Motion, enjoying more than 55 percentof the U.S. smartphone market.作为第一位“爱好高科技”的总统,奥巴马在年上任时得到了一部心爱的黑莓手机,这在当时引起一番轰动那时候,黑莓手机还很受欢迎,黑莓公司在美国智能手机市场的占有率超过55%Although iPhone and Android handsets grew rapidly in popularity after thanks to their touchscreens and extra functionality, Obama’s handlers decided to stick with the BlackBerry its more reliable security features, though even then the president’s phone was modified to make it even more secure. Then in the White House revealed it was testing Android phones’ security with a view to using them, while just a few months ago reports confirmed that many White House aides are aly using iPhones.年之后,苹果和安卓手机的触摸屏和额外功能迅速受到人们的青睐虽然总统的手机经过处理后更加安全,但是由于黑莓手机更可靠的安全特性,奥巴马的安保人员决定继续使用黑莓手机年,白宫透露正在监测使用安卓手机的安全性但是几个月之后的报告实,白宫的很多助理们已经在用苹果手机了As Obama, if he really is using a smartphone with barely any functionality, the good news is he only has a few months left in office. At which point he’ll be able to get any darn phone he likes.对奥巴马来说,如果真的要用一部几乎没有任何功能的智能手机,好消息是他还有几个月就要卸任了到那时候,奥巴马就能使用任何自己喜欢的手机了特朗普夫人演讲疑似剽窃米歇尔 -- 18:: 来源:chinadaily 美国共和党全国代表大会18日开幕当晚,一袭白裙的梅兰尼亚?特朗普高调亮相登台演讲,为特朗普的“提名秀”拉开温情的帷幕然而媒体很快对比指出,演讲中有关家庭价值观的两个部分与年第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马在民主党大会上的演讲惊人相似,措辞几乎相同#0;A number of lines in the robustly applauded speech delivered by Melania Trump at the Republican national convention on Monday night appear to have been lifted verbatim from a speech Michelle Obama delivered at the Democratic convention.梅兰尼亚?特朗普18日晚在共和党大会上发表演讲,受到热烈欢迎,但她演讲中的一些内容似乎与米歇尔?奥巴马在年民主党大会上的发言一字不差“Barack and I were raised with so many of the same values, that you work hard what you want in life, that your word is your bond and you do what you say you’re going to do,” Obama told the gathering of Democrats in .“奥巴马和我所受到的价值观教育非常相似,比如你需要为你生命中渴望的事物努力奋斗;比如你要对你自己的话负责,说到做到”米歇尔在年民主党大会上发言时如是说“And Barack and I set out to build lives guided by these values, and pass them on to the next generation. Because we want our children – and all children in this nation – to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work them.”“我和奥巴马用这些价值观指导我们的生活,并把它们传递给下一代因为我们希望我们的孩子——以及美国所有的孩子——都能够认识到决定你成就的唯一因素是你是否能坚守梦想以及你为之奋斗的意愿”Mrs Trump told GOP delegates on Monday: “From a young age, my parents impressed on me the values that you work hard what you want in life, that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise.特朗普夫人18日在共和党大会上发言时称:“从很小的时候开始,我父母就用这样的价值观影响我:你需要为你生命中渴望的事物努力奋斗;你要对你自己的话负责,说到做到”“That you treat people with respect. They taught and showed me values and morals in their daily life. That is a lesson that I continue to pass along to our son, and we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow, because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work them.”“你应该尊重他人他们通过日常生活教会我这些价值观念和道德观念,并为我做出榜样现在我以同样的方式教育我的儿子我们需要把这些价值观传递给后代,因为我希望美国的孩子能够认识到决定你成就的唯一因素是梦想的力量以及你为之奋斗的意愿”The Trump campaign later sent out a statement on the speech although did not directly answer accusations of plagarism.特朗普的竞选团队随后对演讲做出了声明,但并未直接回应剽窃一事Jason Miller, senior communications advisor, said in the statement: “In writing her beautiful speech, Melania’s team of writers took notes on her life’s inspirations, and in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking.高级沟通顾问杰森?米勒在声明中表示,“在这篇精的演讲中,梅兰尼亚团队取材于她在生活中的灵感,一些片段反映了梅兰尼亚自己的思考““Melania’s immigrant experience and love America shone through in her speech, which made it such a success.”“梅兰尼亚提到了她的移民经历和对美国的热爱,使演讲获得了巨大成功”Vocabularyverbatim:逐字地shine through:表现出来英文来源:卫报翻译:张安莹(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning花絮:看照片,找不同~ 特朗普夫人也蛮拼的有一种专一,叫特朗普夫人……据说特朗普夫人在遇到特朗普后的年来,不管身边有没有特朗普,不管是在走红毯还是在观看时装周,出现在公众场合时,脸上都挂着同一副表情19981999#0;00#0;01#0;#0;[!-empirenews.page--][!-empirenews.page--]#0;[!-empirenews.page--]#0;[!-empirenews.page--]#0;自拍臂让自拍不再孤单 -- :18: 来源: 自拍臂让自拍不再孤单Never be alone in a picture again: Selfie arm make it look as if you're holding handsSelfie sticks, better or worse, have taken the world by storm. 无论结果是好是坏,自拍杆已经席卷全球However, a pair of US artists believe they have gone one better, with a selfie arm. 然而,两位美国艺术家相信,他们发明了一种更好的自拍神器——“自拍臂”The gadget makes those in the picture look as though they are holding hands with a loved one. 这个小工具能让照片里的人看起来就像是在与爱人手牵手Created by New Mexico artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe,the pair say it offers a far better experience than using a straight stick. “自拍臂”的发明者是新墨西哥州艺术家艾瑞克?斯内和贾斯汀?克洛他们表示,“自拍臂”能提供比自拍杆更好的拍摄体验They say they are fascinated by the idea of technology and its illusionary 'connectedness' and 'sociableness'. 他们表示已为这种技术营造出来的“陪伴感”和“亲和感”而着迷They describe their invention as 'the sarcastic solution to a quintessential problem — nobody wants to look alone while they mindlessly snap pictures of themselves.' 两位艺术家还认为,自己的发明“以一种讽刺的方法解决了自拍中最实质的问题——没有人想在随兴自拍时显得太过孤单”The product, currently just an art project, 'conveniently provides you a welcoming arm. and better yet, it doesn't talk or have emotions of any sort.' 该产品目前只是一个艺术项目,“为你提供一个温暖的手臂更好的是,它不言不语,也不会闹任何情绪”The 'selfie arm' is made of fiberglass, is lightweight and portable, 'and tunately only a prototype,' the pair say. 他们称,“自拍臂”由玻璃纤维制成,重量轻,携带方便,“而且幸好只是一个模型”The collaborative project is a direct commentary on the growing selfie stick phenomenon, and the constant, gnawing need narcissistic internet validation. 这一合作项目直接反映了当前日益风靡的自拍杆现象,以及不断增长的自恋度和网络认同感需求Vocabularygadget:小工具 fascinated:入迷的 gnawing:苦恼的 validation:认可科学家的另类艺术:细菌作画 --7 18::38 来源: If you think scientists can't be artsy, think again.如果你觉得科学家没有艺术气息,那你就错了The American Society of Microbiologists (ASM) recently held its first "Agar Art" contest and received 85 submissions of artwork all created by microbiologists "using bacteria as paint and agar and a petri dish as a canvas," according to Emily Dilger, ASM's public outreach manager. Agar is a "jelly-like substance" that bacteria eat and grow on, Dilger explained.美国微生物学家协会(American Society of Microbiologists,ASM)最近举办了第一届“琼脂艺术”大赛,据ASM公关经理艾米丽?迪尔格(Emily Dilger)介绍,大赛共收到85份由微生物学家创作的参赛作品它们都是“以细菌为颜料,以琼脂和一个培养皿为画布”完成的迪尔格解释称,琼脂是一种“胶状物质”,细菌可以通过吞食琼脂生长细菌复刻版《星空The microscopic masterpieces included a recreation of Vincent van Gogh"s "The Starry Night" by Missouri microbiologist Melanie Sullivan. She used several types of bacteria to produce the various colors, including bacteria that is "a common cause of lower urinary tract infections" and a bacterium that can cause infections including pneumonia and meningitis, according to her description of her piece.这些用显微镜才能观察的作品中,来自密苏里州的微生物学家梅勒妮?沙利文(Melanie Sullivan)的作品复刻了梵高的《星空她的作品描述介绍称,她用多种类型的细菌制作出多种颜色,包括“引起下尿路感染的常见病原菌”和一种可导致肺炎和脑膜炎的细菌"Because a lot of these bacteria can have dangerous implications, we made sure all the submissions had to come from a member of the society," ASM marketing coordinator Chaseedaw Giles told A News. "Lots of safety precautions have to be taken, especially in properly storing and disposing these cultures, so we didn't just want random people playing around with bacteria."ASM市场部协调员查西道·贾尔斯(Chaseedaw Giles)告诉美国广播公司新闻(A News):“因为这些细菌中有很多具有危险性,所以我们确保所有参赛作品都是来自协会成员我们做了很多安全防范措施,尤其在这些培养菌的妥善保存和处理方面,所以我们可不是让随便某个人来摆弄细菌”《纽约生物群落地图获得第二名The "Agar Art" contest ran through this summer, and the winners were announced in late September after a panel of five judges - including professors and an artist - reviewed the submissions based on "creativity, design, and presentation," Giles said.贾尔斯介绍,“琼脂艺术”大赛持续了一个夏天,最后由包括微生物学教授和一名艺术家在内的五名评委经过认真的审查,作品的“创造性、设计和展示”于9月份评选出最后的获胜者第一名作品:《神经元The top three winners included artistic renditions of neurons, a map of New York City and the harvest season.前三名作品分别是神经元的艺术再现、纽约市地图和收获的季节《收获的季节获得第三名"One of the coolest things about the contest has been ing the descriptions from the scientists of all the ways they grew these different bacteria and all the trial-and-error they had to do," Giles said. "Many talked about the number of tries it took them to get certain patterns and intensity of color. Everyone did something different to come up with their final product."贾尔斯说:“这次比赛最酷的地方之一就是阅读各位科学家关于如何培养这些不同的细菌以及他们反复试验的过程描述很多人描述了自己为了得到特定的图案和色饱和度反复尝试了多少次每个人都为了最后的作品尝试了很多不同的事情”The contest has also dispelled a long-held stereotype that scientists can"t be artistic and vice versa.本次比赛也打破了一直以来人们觉得科学家不懂艺术,艺术家不懂科学的成见《细胞间获得“最受大众喜爱作品”奖项"I think this is a great example of the beautiful things that can come out of not putting people in certain boxes and defining them by a strict label," Giles said. "It shows art and science can be married together."贾尔斯说:“跳出原有的框架和避免严格的标签定义能够产生美好的事物,我觉得这次比赛就是一个很好的例子它展现了艺术和科学可以很好的融合在一起”Vocabularymicrobiologist:微生物学家agar:琼脂petri dish:皮氏培养皿microscopic:用显微镜可见的pneumonia:肺炎meningitis:脑膜炎rendition:演绎trial-and-error:(为求完善的)反复试验

震惊!8岁老过山车迷 为庆生坐80次云霄飞车 -- :39: 来源: A longtime roller coaster fan has celebrated his 5,000th ride on a western Pennsylvania coaster over the holiday weekend — and he did it with close to triple-digit rides in a single day.  一个老过山车迷在周末假期庆祝了他在宾夕法尼亚州西部的第5000次乘坐之旅——并且他还在一天之内坐了近百次过山车  Vic Kleman, 8, celebrated the milestone Sunday on the Jack Rabbit at Kennywood in the Pittsburgh suburb of West Mifflin. He also set a personal record of 95 rides in a single day in honor of the roller coaster's 95th birthday this season.  8岁的维克·克列曼在西米夫林匹兹堡郊区肯尼伍德的长腿大野兔公园庆祝了这个具有里程碑意义的星期天他一天之内坐了95次过山车,刷新了自己的记录,也为了纪念云霄飞车赛季95周年诞辰  "I feel great!" Kleman, a retired general manager of a wholesale grocery firm and a local actor, said in a statement after the eight hour, minute marathon. "I made sure to move my legs throughout the day to keep from getting stiff after sitting so long."  “我觉得太棒了!”已退休的食品杂货批发公司前总经理,同时也是一名当地演员的克列曼在8小时分钟的耐力比赛之后说道“坐了这么久之后,我一定要整天活动活动我的腿,以免它们变得僵硬”  In , Kleman also said he felt "great" after notching his ,000th ride on the wooden coaster, which dates back to 19 and has an 85-foot double-dip drop. He rode the coaster 90 times that day and rode it 80 times to mark his own 80th birthday.  年,克列曼乘坐木质的过山车(是他第000次乘坐过山车)之后,他也觉得“很棒”那座木质过山车建于19年,还有一个85英尺的双回落那天他坐了90次,后来为庆祝自己80岁的生日又坐了80次  Kleman said he's been riding the world's fifth-oldest coaster since 1959, when he moved to Pittsburgh, and on that first ride friends tricked him into taking his eyes off the track just bee the cars plummeted in order to heighten his vertigo.  克列曼说自从1959年开始,在坐过山车的人中,他就已经是世界上第五老的了,那时他搬到匹兹堡,并且那次他第一次乘坐的朋友还整他,他们在过山车垂直降落之前把他的眼睛蒙住,以此来增加他的眩晕感  "We laughed so hard as we came out we were falling all over each other," Kleman said. "I thought, OK, well, maybe I'll ride some more."  “出来的时候我们笑得很开心,我们都很佩对方,” 克列曼说“我想,没问题,好的,我会再坐的”

欧洲杯:葡萄牙-0踏平威尔士,冠军就在眼前! -- :18: 来源: 威尔士奇迹被终结了!在里昂的半决赛比赛中,葡萄牙以-0的成绩送威尔士人回家,顺利进入决赛,离冠军只差一步! Chris Coleman’s side entered the biggest game in Welsh football history - at their first major tournament since 1958 - carried by a wave of emotion and optimism after their 3-1 win against Belgium in the quarter-final.主帅克里斯·科尔曼带领这威尔士队在历史上第一次进入到了欧洲杯的比赛--这也是威尔士自1958年以来的第一场大型赛事威尔士队在四分之一决赛中曾以3-1的成绩击败了比利时,当时整球队都弥漫着乐观和积极的情绪The big threat was always going to be Cristiano Ronaldo - and so it proved as his magnificent header broke the deadlock after 50 minutes.对威尔士来说,葡萄牙方面最大的威胁是C罗--而事实也的确是这样,C罗在第50分钟的时候以一记华丽的头球打破了比分僵局Three minutes later, his shot was diverted past Wayne Hennessy in the Wales goal by mer Manchester ed team-mate Nani.三分钟后,尽管C罗的再次射门没进,但是前曼联队友纳尼接过了皮球,在威尔士球门附近打门,绕过了威尔士门将亨内西,为葡萄牙再得一分Wales sorely missed the energy and authority of suspended midfielder Aaron Ramsey - and with Ronaldo overshadowing Real Madrid team-mate Gareth Bale in this game’s crucial battle, a journey that has made a country proud finally reached its conclusion.当威尔士中场拉塞姆被罚下场后,这球队失去了所有的能量和领导者,而且在这场关键的比赛中,他们还要面对C罗卓绝的皇马队友贝尔,这场使得威尔士人无比骄傲的赛事最终也落下了帷幕Portugal will now face hosts France or World Cup winners Germany in Sunday’s final at the Stade de France final in Paris.葡萄牙将在决赛中对阵东道主法国队或者世界杯冠军德国队,决赛将于本周日在巴黎的法兰西体育场举行Wales exit with pride威尔士虽败犹荣The Wales fans have been magnificent at Euro , entering into the spirit of a patchy tournament with the same passion and positive thinking that has epitomised Coleman’s squad.欧洲杯对威尔士球迷来说是无比辉煌的,在每一场赛事中,他们都怀揣着同样的和积极的态度,而这也正是威尔士国家队所代表的精神And as defeat became increasingly inevitable on a steamy night in Lyon, they showed their appreciation what they have seen in these recent weeks with rousing songs and a splash of colour.在里昂这个潮湿的夜晚里,当失败已成必然之时,他们对最近几周所见的表示感谢,威尔士球迷高声唱起了歌曲,看台上变成了一片颜色的海洋Wales may have lost but the manner in which they approached Euro was exemplary and has provided memories that will last a lifetime, especially those second-half goals from Hal Robson-Kanu and Sam Vokes that sank Belgium.威尔士虽然输掉了比赛,但是他们在欧洲杯上表现出来的礼节很有示范意义,他们留下的记忆将流传一生,尤其是击败比利时那场比赛中,卡努和沃克斯在下半场的进球They took the tournament head-on, perhaps only wavering when gripped by the occasion against England in their Group B contest Lens, even then only losing to Daniel Sturridge’s injury-time winner.在本届欧洲杯赛事中,威尔士队势如破竹,仅在B组小组赛对阵英格兰(该场比赛于伦斯举行)输掉了比赛,但即使那个时候英格兰也只是在伤停补时阶段赢了威尔士一球(丹尼尔·斯图里奇进球)The confidence Wales can take away from France will provide the ideal platm their 18 World Cup qualifying campaign, which starts against Moldova in Cardiff in September.威尔士队可以带着自信离开法国,而这份自信将给这“梦之队”在18世界杯资格赛中带来巨大的阻力威尔士将于九月份在加地夫对阵尔多瓦,开启18年世界杯资格赛

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