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Zebra斑马After all, domesticating zebras is nothing new. Its not? No. In fact, people have been trying to domesticate zebras for about a hundred years. So the zebra market has aly been cornered? Not exactly. There is no zebra market, because zebras cant be domesticated.毕竟,驯化斑马并不是什么新奇事。不是吗?是的。事实上,近100年来,人们都试图驯化斑马。所以斑马市场一直处于窘境中?也不是。根本没有斑马市场,因为斑马驯化不了。Why not? Compared to horses, zebras are pretty unpredictable. They can be very aggressive and even vicious as they get older. Plus, their body shape doesnt take a saddle very well. Trying to train and ride a zebra is pretty dangerous.为什么?和普通马比起来,斑马相当难捉摸。他们可能十分具有攻击性,当他们变老时甚至变得凶猛。而且,他们的体型也不适合把鞍具装好。试图驯骑斑马很危险。So its impossible?所以驯化他们是不可能的了?Not impossible. Over the years, some zebras have been successfully trained, but as a group they just dont lend themselves to domestication. Some animal trainers and breeders have created zebra hybrids, such as the ;zorse,; a cross between a zebra and a horse, and the ;zonkey;, which is what you get when you cross a zebra and a donkey.也不是不可能。多年以来,一些斑马也被成功的驯化了。但是作为一个群种,他们不会让自己被驯化。一些驯兽师和饲养员已经成功的创造了混血斑马,比如斑马马——斑马和马和混血儿;斑驴——当你将斑马和驴杂交就可以得到它。That sounds likes creepy.听起来让人毛骨悚然。Yeah. So far theres no specific purpose to creating zebra hybrids; theyre not stronger or more useful than regular horses and donkeys.是啊,迄今为止,还没有特定目的要去创造混血斑马。斑马并不比普通的马和驴健壮或更有用。 /201208/194561

Twice in 10 years, Pablo Picassos celebrated 1932 painting of his sleeping mistress, Marie-Therese Walter, made international headlines.10年以来,帕勃洛·毕加索1932年创作的名画再次引来国际媒体争相以大标题报导,画中人物是毕加索的情人玛丽·德蕾莎·沃尔持,呈现了她睡着的状态。Alas, the artists breathtaking skill and candid insight into human nature were not the cause.然而,引起轰动的并不是艺术家非凡的绘画才能及其对人性率真的洞察力。First, on a chilly Manhattan night in November 1997, ;Le Reve;-;The Dream; -broke all records for a single-owner sale.第一次轰动是于1997年寒冷的曼哈顿夜晚,《读书》打破个人拍卖记录。Then, on a hot Las Vegas evening in September 2006, a new owner poked a hole in the painting with an errant elbow while showing the prize to unexpectedly shocked friends.第二次轰动是于2006年9月酷热的夜晚,名画的新主人在为震惊的朋友展示价格时,胳膊肘不小心把画戳了一个洞。Now, for the first time since the rip, ;Le Reve; is returning to public view.目前,自画面破裂以来,《读书》第一次返回大众的视野。The puncture left a several-inch tear across Marie-Thereses voluptuous left forearm.修复后的破洞看上去像是玛丽·德蕾莎丰满的前臂上留下的一滴几英尺的眼泪。No cynicism is needed to assume that one goal of the exhibition is to publicly demonstrate that repairs to ;Le Reve; have not had serious effect on its market value.没有必要去抨击这次展览,其目的之一是向外界公开展出修复后的《读书》,明其市场价值没有受到任何影响。Many Old Masters paintings would reveal, if they could be taken down and examined from the back, any number of damage repairs made over centuries.如果可能的话,把许多艺术大师的之前的画作拿下来鉴定,一定会发现数百年来的多次修复。Not all masterpieces are pristine.没有作品是完美无缺的。Yet, like torn canvas and buckled brush strokes, reputations can also need fixing.然而,就像破旧的画布和错位的笔痕,好的名声也可以被修复。This exhibition will show that despite minor damages, ;Le Reve; is still an exquisite Modern sex painting and a brilliant, justifiably famous masterpiece.这次展览向外界明,除了微小的损坏,《读书》仍然是一幅绝妙的无可非议的,展现出现代女性美的名作。201205/182320

And then that pure energy briefly transforms into matter, just like it did nearly 14 billion years ago. But a monster machine needs a monster detector to see these collisions.正如140亿前年宇宙大爆炸一样,纯能量暂时转化为物质。然而要观察巨型机器里粒子的碰撞,需要巨型的探测器。This detector is 5 stories tall and weighs over 7000 tons. And 7000 tons to give you a sense of perspective is the weight of the Eiffel Tower.探测器有5层楼高,重量超过7000吨。对于你来说7000吨是什么概念?7000吨相当于埃菲尔铁塔的重量。But as big as it is, it cannot see the actual particles of new matter. They hang around for just a split second and move so fast. It can only record their trails.机器虽大,但却不能看见新物质实际的粒子。它们飞速移动,转瞬即消失不见。所以只能记录到它们的轨迹。There is a lot of energy in these particles. They move very very quickly and so you need a very large amount of detector in order to be able to map, to see and detect these particles very precisely. So the detector is so big because you need better resolution. It works exactly the same as a camera. The more pixels you have, the better the picture. Its exactly the same here. We just have a 5-story camera.粒子内部蕴藏着大量能量。他们移动得如此之快,因此要精细规划,观察,探测这些粒子必须用到大量的探测仪。为了取得更精确的结果,每个探测仪的规模也应很大。它和照相机的工作原理一样。像素越高,图片越清晰。在这里也是一样,我们需要5层楼高的相机。Scientists told that itll reveal just how energy transforms into matter, but not just any matter, the kind of matter that emerged 14 billion years ago at the dawn of time itself. But the dawn of time was a critical moment in the birth of the universe because pure energy also produced one of the most dangerous things in the universe, anti-matter. Thats right, anti-matter. Its real.科学家说,这只能显示能量转化成物质,而不是任何物质,并不能明140亿年前时间之初出现的物质也是这样转化而来。然而时间之初是宇宙诞生的关键性时期,因为纯能量也产生了一种宇宙中最危险的事物—反物质。对,是反物质。它确实存在。Anti-matter is the mirror image of ordinary matter. However, matter has one charge, and anti-matter has the opposite charge. If there was an anti-me made out of anti-matter, that person in principle could like exactly like me, same personality quirks, same everything. Except of course, when I decide to shake his hand, at that point, we both would blow ourselves to smithereens in a gigantic nuclear explosion.反物质就是寻常事物的镜像。然而,物质带有一种电荷,反物质则带有相反的电荷。如果有一个由反物质构成的“反我”,在原理上这个人跟我一模一样,连怪癖都是一样。当然也有例外,如果我决定握手他的手,刚一碰到他就会发生超级核爆炸,两人都会被炸得粉碎。Matter with a positive charge locks horns with its arch enemy. Anti-matter with a negative charge, the fate of the universe hangs in the balance of this epic battle. Equal amounts of matter and anti-matter will cancel each other out, not good.带有正电荷的物质会和它的死对头-带有负电荷的反物质,互相较量,争得不可开交。宇宙的命运吉凶未卜,取决于这场史诗般的战斗。相同数量的物质和反物质会相互抵消,这也不妙。201205/183624

Mike:Is that the Backstreet Boys youre listening to?麦克:你听的是后街男孩的歌吗?Amanda:No way, theyre so outdated now. Im listening to a parody of them, by Weird Al Yankovic. Its called ;The eBay Song; and it makes fun of ;I Want it That Way.; Its hilarious.阿曼达:不是,他们现在已经过时了。我听的是威尔德-艾尔-扬科威克恶搞他们的歌曲。它被称为“eBay之歌”,恶搞的是后街男孩的“I Want it That Way”这首歌。真地很好笑。Mike:Their music would be a lot better with the words changed. Let me hear the lyrics of the chorus...that is funny! He sings ;what I bought on eBay; in place of ;I want it that way.;麦克:歌词改一下,他们的歌会好听很多。让我听听这首恶搞的歌词。哈哈,真地很有趣!他唱的是“What I bought on eBay”。Amanda:I love how he changes the words of really sappy songs and turns them into something completely off the wall.阿曼达:他把一首很多愁善感的歌改成了完全不搭边的歌,我真的很喜欢。Mike:Parodies are great. I also like parody movies, like ;Monty Python and the Holy Grail.;麦克:这种模仿很不错。我也很喜欢恶搞电影,比如“巨蟒和圣杯”。Amanda:I think that ones a little crude, but its certainly creative. Blood makes me squeamish even though it is so fake looking and the violence is done by a killer rabbit of all things!阿曼达:我觉得那部电影有点低俗,但它肯定是具有一定创造性的。尽管电影画面很假而且暴力活动是由一个杀手兔做下的,但里面的血腥依然让我感到恶心!Mike:Well, youd hate some of the newest parody movies then if you cant take violence. There have been some great ones making fun of horror movies.迈克:哦,如果你接受不了暴力画面,你就会讨厌一些最新的恶搞电影——已经出现了一些很不错的恐怖片恶搞电影。Amanda:If I can appreciate the genius that goes into the plot and the witty lines, I might be able to overlook the gore.阿曼达:如果我能体会到作者隐含在故事情节和机智台词里的才华,也许我就能忽视掉里面的血腥场面。注:本文译文属原创,,。201205/180267

PITY the engineers responsible for keeping Americarsquo;s coal-fired power plants up to standard. a court halted the adoption of new regulations on that would have affected lots of them;just two days before they were due to go into force. The suspended regulations, in turn, were themselves a replacement for an earlier set of rules which had been thrown out by the courts in 2008. The older lot have now been temporarily reinstated, while the court hears various challenges to the new ones. What the outcome will be is anyonersquo;s guess.可怜的工程师们,他们正为美国燃煤发电厂达到标准而抓狂。去年年底,法院停止采用一项新的法案,在这项法案即将执行的前两天。这项终止的法令是2008年被法院否决的法规的取代版。法院为此受到很多质疑,只能执行更早版本的法规。结果会是什么,仁者见仁智者见智吧。Similar chaos surrounds another set of rules, these ones governing ozone, which will also affect lots of power plants. In 2010 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed tightening restrictions on ozone;a surprise in itself, since the rules were not due for review until 2013. Late last year the White House overruled the EPA, and junked the new rules. Since the previous set, dating to 2008, had never been implemented, a standard first adopted in 1997 still applies. But environmentalists have sued to put a fiercer one into force. Whatever happens, the Clean Air Act obliges the EPA to reopen the whole subject again next year.相似混乱的情况也出现在其它法规的制定中,包括对臭氧排放的监控,这些法令也会影响很多发电站。2010年环境保护署(EPA)提议降低排放臭氧的限制,这是一个令人惊讶的决定,因为这项限制措施要到2013年才要复审。去年年底,白宫否决了EPA的这项提案。这是因为自2008年之前的规定还从未真正执行过,一项1997年的标准还正在申请中。但是环保人士要求尽快将其执行。无论还会发生什么,迎来复审的清洁空气法案将迫使EPA明年重新开始工作。Last year the EPA also issued rules on mercury and soot from power plants. In theory that marked the culmination of a decades-long, on-again-off-again process first initiated by amendments to the Clean Air Act in 1990;although further lawsuits seem inevitable. Also in the pipeline are restrictions on emissions of greenhouse gases, new rules regarding cooling water and the possible declaration of coal ash as hazardous waste, from which a stream of new requirements would flow.去年EPA公布对发电站进行汞和烟尘的检测标准。理论上这项标准是数十年来自1990年颁布《清洁空气法》修正案后最高值。尽管这会引来更多的诉讼。同时关于限制排放温室气体,以及对于冷却水和煤灰视为危险废物的政策也在制定中。这样一来,将会出现更多的需求。Confused? So are the power generators. Conforming to these rules often involves installing new kit or changing the way plants are run, and on occasion shutting them down altogether. That is expensive, utilities complain. The EPA itself estimates that meeting the new mercury standards will cost businesses billion a year. Electricity prices, it reckons, will initially rise by 3% a year as a result. It puts the cost of the interstate air pollution rule at .4 billion a year, and of the ozone rule (if it is ever implemented) at billion a year at least. Industry groups, naturally, have far higher estimates of the costs.混乱吧?同样也出现在发电机领域。要符合这些要求就需要投入资金更换零件或者改变运行方式,一些发电机甚至要面临关闭。这样的浪费引起了公众的不满。环境保护署估计为了达到新的汞排放标准每年需要花费100亿美元。同时他们还预测电价可能以每年3%的速度增长。州际空气污染法规将增加每年24亿美元的投入,而臭氧排放法规(如果它实施了)每年至少要花200亿美元。当然,工业集团给出了更高的预算。Perhaps even worse, from the utilitiesrsquo; point of view, is the unpredictable and inconclusive manner in which rules are proposed, modified, rescinded and reinstated by the bureaucracy and the courts. This can make investment in pollution-control gear, let alone new power plants, an especially risky business. Ralph Izzo, the boss of PSEG, a big power-provider, describes how his firm lost millions in the 1990s building natural-gas plants that were not in the end needed, in part because some of the EPArsquo;s standards ended up more lenient than originally anticipated.更糟糕的是,官僚主义和法院让这些政策在不可预知和不确定的情况下进行修改和制定。这些污染控制政策让企业付出了更多的成本使这个行业的风险大大提高,更不用说那些新建的发电站了。一家大型能源企业PSEG的老板拉尔夫bull;伊佐介绍说,他的公司在90年代因天然气发电厂的建设中损失了数百万美元,部分原因在于他们最初过高估计了环保总署的标准制定,使他们的大量投入到最后明并不需要那么多。The EPA retorts that the benefits of all these regulations, largely in the form of diseases and deaths averted, far outweigh the costs, at least by its reckoning. Others question both the inclusion in its sums of ancillary benefits, such as the reduction in fine particles that will accompany cuts in mercury emissions, and the value it assigns to improved public health (see article). Moreover, the EPA did not dream up the seemingly haphazard process by which most of these rules are formulated and applied: that is dictated by the Clean Air Act, which was approved by Congress in 1970 and updated in 1990, both times with strong bipartisan support.环保署则反驳说,所有这些法规的好处,主要在于避免了大量的疾病和死亡,这远大于投入成本,至少在他们看来。另外一些问题也能起到综合效应,比如,减少颗粒排放将同时削减汞排放,也就改善了公共健康。而且,环保总署的大多数的规则制定和应用并不是看起来那么杂乱无章,都是依据1970年的空气清洁法案和1990年的修正案,这两次法案的修订当时都得到了两党的强烈持。That bipartisanship has since evaporated. Republicans in Congress now argue that many of the EPArsquo;s standards are too onerous for businesses and have introduced legislation to rescind some of them. Newt Gingrich, one of the Republican candidates for president, thinks the EPA is so anti-business as to be beyond repair. He wants to abolish the entire agency and start again. Business lobbying groups are only slightly less vehement in their criticism. The American Chamber of Commerce, for example, routinely denounces EPA regulations as ;job-killing;.而现在曾经的两党合作的景象已经消失了,共和党议员认为许多环保署的标准对于企业太繁重了并提出立法废除一些标准。共和党总统候选人牛金贵(纽特bull;金里奇)认为环保署的存在是;反商业;的,已经不是修补政策能够解决的了。他要废除整个部门然后重新开始。商业游说团体的批评稍微轻微一点。比如美国商会,一直在谴责环保署的法规是;就业杀手;。Barack Obama and his underlings seem acutely sensitive to this charge, and have made several attempts to limit the toll of new regulations on business. In the face of widesp complaints, they withdrew not only the EPArsquo;s more exacting ozone standards but also its proposed restrictions on emissions from industrial boilers. They have twisted the Clean Air Act to exempt all but the biggest sources from the coming curbs on greenhouse gases, and have delayed issuing rules even for them, adding to the confusion. When they have pressed ahead with new regulations, they have tried to be flexible, providing for an extended grace period to meet the mercury standards, for example, and preserving a trading scheme for interstate air pollution despite hostility from the courts.奥巴马和他的团队对这种指责十分敏感,并且做了很多尝试去限制新法规的所造成的投入。面对大量的不满,他们不仅撤销了环保署更加严格的臭氧排放标准,还废除了对于工业锅炉排放的限制。他们免除了几乎大部分温室气体的限制以至于扭曲了空气清洁法案的初衷,甚至为此拖延新规定的发布,从而加剧了混乱。而对于那些正在执行的新规定,政府也变得更灵活,比如延长执行新汞排放标准的宽限期,并且保护州级空气排污交易,尽管这会惹恼法院。The courts, in fact, are the source of the worst uncertainty surrounding environmental regulation. They have repeatedly forced the EPA to revise its rules, rejecting decisions reached under both Mr Obama and his predecessors. It is now assumed, says Kyle Danish of Van Ness Feldman, a law firm, that any important rule issued by the EPA will prompt multiple legal challenges. It does not help that the Clean Air Act does not allow the cost of pollution controls to be taken into account when setting certain standards. Nor is it really designed to handle so pervasive and subtle a pollutant as carbon dioxide;a flaw the Obama administration ily concedes.环境法规如此混乱不堪的根源实际上就是法院。他们不断迫使环保署修改它的法规,驳回奥巴马和他的前任做出的决定。范bull;尼斯bull;费尔德曼律所的凯尔bull;丹尼诗估计现在任何环保署公布的规定都会遭到各方面的法律挑战。法院这样做也无助于让环保成本影响环境保护法具体标准的制定。奥巴马也承认现行法律的缺陷,它并不是为了监管二氧化碳这种即广泛又不易察觉的污染物设计的。There seems little hope of updating the Clean Air Act amid the current shouting match about environmental regulation, however, and utilities are far from unanimous about its deficiencies. Mr Izzo, of PSEG, argues that the EPArsquo;s standards are scientifically grounded, and that to water them down would be to penalise responsible firms like his which have gone ahead and made the necessary investments. Moreover, it is not clear whether the EPArsquo;s critics really would like to see a more predictable rule-making process. Many of the utilities that complain most vociferously about the uncertainty involved actually contribute mightily to it by backing endless legal challenges to new regulations.现在看来根本没有希望能在这场比谁嗓门大的比赛中让空气清洁法案变得更好,公共事业缺陷的弥补方式也没有得到统一的意见。公共务集团(PSEG)的伊佐先生认为环保署的标准已经是理论上的最低水平了,继续降低标准,将会伤害到像他们这样走在标准前面,为环保事业大量投入的有社会责任心的企业。而且,也不清楚那些对环保署持批评态度的人真的想看到一个更有预见性的规章制定过程。许多公共事业也许真的是靠这些蒙受巨大抱怨的新法规引起的法律挑战而获利。201202/172356

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