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胶南市第一人民妇保中医院整形美容多少钱青岛市第七人民医院割双眼皮多少钱青岛诺德整形网址 In the Water在水里Sure, we#39;ve all heard that swimming laps and water aerobics will keep us fit, but there are plenty of less fitness-focused activities that can also count as, well, exercise.大家当然都知道,游泳和水中有氧运动会让我们保持健康,但是还有许多较少关注身材保持的活动也可以算作运动。Snorkeling: Burn Factor 318 calories浮潜:燃烧值318卡Many of us lucky enough to be hitting a tropical beach this summer will find ourselves strapping on fins and snorkel masks to check out the local marine life. The upside to getting those masks tangled in our hair is that we#39;ll burn over 100 calories for every hour we#39;re exploring.这个夏天,我们当中的许多人都有幸能够来到热带海滩,自己穿上脚蹼和潜水面罩一探海洋生物。虽然浮潜会让面罩与头发纠结在一起,但好处是每次进行潜水活动都消耗了超过100卡路里。Kayaking: Burn Factor 318 calories划独木舟:燃烧值318卡Many oceanside areas offer kayak tours to check out nearby landmasses and wildlife. While smelling that fresh, salty sea air and figuring out just how to make that canoe like thing turn the way we want, you#39;ll torch just as many calories as you would on a stationary gym machine-sans sweaty-shorts guy panting next to you.很多海边地区提供皮船旅行,让人们探索附近的陆地和野生动植物。一边呼吸着这般新鲜而咸咸的海滨空气,一边想着如何让这种皮筏运动变成我们想要的运动方式。虽然在固定健身器材上你将消耗一样多的卡路里,但是周围却没有了穿着短裤还喘着气儿卖命划桨的人。Around the House在屋子周围Summer often adds more outdoor chores to our to-do lists. The good news? Many of these are tiring, because they also count as exercise.夏天通常会在我们的任务清单中多添上很多户外劳作。好消息是:很多劳作都很累人,因为他们也被算作是一种锻炼。Mowing the Lawn: Burn Factor 350 calories修剪草坪:燃烧值350卡We all love two-for-one deals, and when chores can double as exercise.我们都喜欢买一赠一的交易,当这种家务劳作也可以当成锻炼的时候也是这样。Gardening: Burn Factor 255 calories园艺:燃烧值255卡The good news is that all that digging, raking, pushing, pruning, and weeding is worth a significant amount of calories. Lack a garden? Find a local farm that#39;ll let you go berry picking.好消息就是挖掘、耙松、推挤、修枝和播种都是消耗大量卡路里的活动。没有花园?那就找一个当地的农场,去采采浆果吧。Washing the Car: Burn Factor 286 calories洗车:燃烧值286卡Another summertime double whammy-you can save money and get fit just by sudsing up your own vehicle. All it takes is breaking out the sponges, soap, and towels, and you#39;ve put in just as much effort as we would have on the StairMaster.另一个夏季;双重灾难; 是:你可以自己洗刷爱车,既省了钱,又达到了塑身的目的。所需要的就是拿上海绵,肥皂和毛巾,然后使出你在阶梯器上花费的力气就可以咯。In the Great Outdoors在美妙户外Without rain in the forecast, we can get outside in the sun (wearing plenty of sunscreen, of course) to try these recreational activities, and spend less time indoors at the gym while we#39;re at it.天气预报说没有雨的话,我们就可以到外面的阳光下(当然要涂些防晒霜)来尝试这些活动,能出门的时候就花少一些时间在室内健身室里喽。Playing Tennis: Burn Factor 445 calories打网球:燃烧值445卡It doesn#39;t take very long on the court to break a sweat. Turns out, that#39;s thanks to the massive amount of calories you#39;ll burn perfecting that backhand.在球场上,不消多久你就会流汗。事实明,熟练的反手击球会帮你燃烧掉大量的卡路里。Biking for Fun: Burn Factor 509 calories骑单车消遣:燃烧值509卡That#39;s right, biking at just a moderate speed burns around 500 calories in an hour. I#39;ve started riding my bike to work every day-incorporating activity naturally without it really feeling like ;exercise time.; Work too far from home to ride there? Just bike to the store when you can, or for fun around your neighborhood.没错,速度适中地骑单车能够在一小时内燃烧大约500卡路里热量。我每天开始骑车上班,把活动自然地合并,让它看起来不像是;锻炼时间;。上班的地方离家里太远,不能骑过去?那就在去商店的时候骑车过去喽,或者在附近骑车消遣也可以。Rollerblading: Burn Factor 764 calories轮滑溜冰:燃烧值764卡It#39;s a little cheesy, sure, but for 700-plus calories per hour, what more creative way to get from place to place when the sun is shining than Rollerblading—especially if you#39;re somewhere with a nice bike path.这个运动稍微有点俗气,当然了,冲着一小时燃烧700+的卡路里的份儿上,在如此烈日炎炎之下,又有什么更加有创意的方式能让你从一处很快到另一处呢---特别是如果你在一处有很好自行车道的地方。Dancing: Burn Factor 414 calories跳舞:燃烧值414卡Spending a steamy summer night learning salsa or grooving to some live music? Yes, please. Calories or no calories, jamming alfresco screams summer for all the senses.是说学跳萨尔萨舞曲或是在现场音乐中起舞来度过潮湿的夏季夜晚吗?对,就是这样。不管能不能消耗卡路里,先让所有感官被户外热热闹闹的夏季填满吧。 /201207/188780即墨市妇幼保健医院整形美容的收费标准

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青岛/诺德整形医院光子嫩肤多少钱Leap year marriage proposals ; where, by custom, women are granted the once-in-four-years privilege of proposing to their beaus ; hold the promise of giving women real power in their relationships, but ultimately, they actually undermine women and reinforce long-standing stereotypes about traditional roles, a new paper concludes.传统上讲,女性在闰年可以向自己的心上人求婚,这可是四年一遇的难得机会,而且有望使女性在恋爱关系中拥有实权,但最新研究表明,闰年求婚从本质上讲对女性不利,并会强化人们对传统男女角色的长期刻板印象。And after examining a century#39;s worth of evidence of societal views of women who propose marriage, the research concludes that we#39;re not likely to see greater acceptance of these proposals anytime soon.在研究了一个世纪以来对求婚女性的社会观念的据后,研究人员得出结论称,人们对女性求婚的接受程度近期不会有所提高。;Women have made tremendous advances in many aspects of their lives, but in courtship, this penultimate act is still not valued or respected,; said researcher Katherine Parkin, a professor at Monmouth University in New Jersey.美国新泽西州孟茅斯大学的研究员、凯瑟琳bull;帕金教授说:;女性在生活的很多方面都取得了巨大进步,但对求婚而言,这种退而求其次的行为仍然被认为毫无意义,也不受尊重。;Parkin#39;s article was published in the January issue of the journal Family History.帕金的这篇文章发表在一月份的《家庭史》期刊上。In her research, Parkin pored over references to leap year proposals in postcards, advertisements and newspaper columns dating back to 1904.在她的研究中,帕金集中参考了1904年以来明信片、广告、新闻专栏中提到的女性闰年求婚。The evidence she found suggests that the proposals have always been fairly unusual, and their rarity and the attention given to them has only underscored the idea that in society#39;s view, men should be the ones to initiate marriage. Leap year proposals are the exception that proves the rule.她发现的据表明,女性求婚一直非常少见,而且其罕见性和人们给予它的关注强化了应该是男性求婚这种社会观念。女性求婚是种例外恰恰明了这一点。The custom has really been only a ;safety valve; for women#39;s frustrations at being dependent on men, Parkin said. The tradition gives women a supposedly ;acceptable; chance to propose, but this chance is given only once every four years, and even then, their right to ask a man to marry has not been taken very seriously.帕金说,女性在闰年求婚这种习俗实际上仅仅是女性依赖于男性这种挫败感的;安全门;。这种习俗似乎给了女性一个;可接受;的机会去求婚,而且四年才有这样一次机会,但即使这样,人们对女性求婚的态度也不是很认真。In fact, Parkin said she was surprised by the ;incredible nastiness; toward women in postcards created in the early 20th century. Sending postcards was the craze back then, and leap year postcards depicted women ; usually unattractive older women ; holding guns to men#39;s head in efforts to extract a promise of marriage. ;They really disparaged women in ways that are cruel and heartbreaking,; Parkin said.事实上,帕金说自己看到20世纪早期的明信片对女性的;难以置信的恶意;时非常惊讶。在当时,邮寄明信片还很时尚,但闰年的明信片把女性,通常是没有姿色的老女人,描绘成拿顶着男人的脑袋逼婚的样子。帕金说:;人们以残忍和令人心碎的方式污蔑女性。;Her research showed that women who propose seem to lose a bit of their femininity, in the traditional way it is viewed, and likewise men who accept a proposal lose a bit of their masculinity.她的研究表明,按传统观点来看,求婚的女性似乎缺少了一些柔美,同样,接受求婚的男性也少了几分阳刚之气。Even today, women who propose are the exception, Parkin said, pointing to the example of pop star Britney Spears proposing to then-boyfriend Kevin Federline. ;Very few women have the wealth and power of someone like Spears, and her short, troubled marriage, as well as her struggles with her mental health, only make it less likely that other women would want to emulate her,; Parkin said.帕金说,如今女性求婚也是特例,她还以流行歌手布兰妮bull;斯皮尔斯曾向当时的男友凯文bull;费德林求婚为例。她说:;很少有女性拥有布兰妮的财富和权力。但她的婚姻很快结束而且麻烦不断,加之她总是受心理问题的困扰,这也只会使其他女性更不愿效仿她。;词汇点津:leap year: 闰年beau: 男朋友,情郎penultimate: 倒数第二的pore over: 集中精神阅读,注视 /201203/173624 One day, the teacher inquired Peter: ;How much is four minus four?; Peter was tongue-tied. the teacher got angry and said: ;What a fool! You see, if I put four coins in your pocket, but there is a hole in your pocket and all of them leak out, now what is left in your pocket?; ;The hole,; replied Peter.一天,都是问彼德:“四减四等于几?”彼德张口结舌答不上来。 老师生气地说:“真笨!你想,如果我放四个硬币在你的口袋里,但你的口袋里有个窟窿,结果四个硬币都漏掉了。那么,你的口袋里还有什么?” “窟窿,”彼德答道。 /201210/206550山东省青岛滨州腰腹部吸脂哪家医院好山东省青岛第六医院网上预约挂号



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