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  • When you#39;re out shopping it can sometimes feel like you#39;re always stuck at the end of the longest line.外出购物,总免不了碰上排队这个老大难问题:长长的队伍似乎总排不完。Shoppers know this age-old dilemma all to well - do you stick to your guns with the queue you#39;re in? Or do you gamble on another queue and risk it all in the hope of gaining more ground?不少人或许深有体会:身在队中,内心无比挣扎,究竟是一鼓作气排到底?还是换条队伍试试运气呢?Now, a system called ZipLine is promising to help shoppers win that battle every time, by using infrared sensors to help them to pick the fastest queue.近来,一款名为ZipLine的软件横空出世,号称屡试不爽的排队神器。其内置的红外感应器可迅速识别最快的队伍。The technology, developed by Cambridge Consultants looks at the length of queues and how fast they are moving to work out which is the best one to join.这款软件由剑桥科技咨询公司打造,能够识别队伍长度与移动速度,从而为用户推荐最省时的队伍。Launched this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the concept combines the sensors with a long-range, low-power radio network.本周,消费电子产品展在开幕,这款内置感应器与远程低功率无线电系统的概念产品惊艳亮相。Algorithms then convert the sensor data into useful information which can be displayed on a shopper#39;s phone.通过科学计算,感应器的数据可转化为实用信息,并传送到用户的手机上。The firm behind ZipLine claims there are no privacy issues around the data it captures, as it does not obtain any identifiable data from customers.剑桥科技称,此款应用并不会收集客户的身份信息,因此不必担心隐私问题。According to Cambridge Consultants, it is also different from existing queue monitoring systems as it can handle queues that are not all in the same place.另外,ZipLine与已有的排队应用不同,它甚至可以同时监控不同场所的排队实况。The long-range radio system works over a number of miles and the technology could combine queue information from multiple outlets.ZipLine内置的远程无线电系统覆盖极广,能够收集并统计多个地点的队伍信息。The system is still being developed, but the firm told MailOnline it is reportedly in talks with retailers about using the technology.目前,此应用尚处试验阶段,但剑桥科技向《每日邮报》网站透露,公司正与各大零售商积极磋商,推广使用。In practice, this could mean you could check what the queues are like at your favourite chain of coffee shops, and it would tell you the fastest place to get your coffee – which could be slightly further away, but with a much reduced waiting time.举个例子,去买咖啡前,你可以打开ZipLine查阅咖啡店排队的实时信息,软件还会告诉你想尽快买到咖啡该去哪家分店——有时候,你或许得多走几步路,但却免了不少排队时间。Tim Ensor, head of connected devices at Cambridge Consultants, said: #39;In the increasingly competitive retail sector, technology can be a crucial differentiator.剑桥科技设备连接部主管蒂姆·恩索尔表示:“零售商之间的竞争日益激烈,为了吸引客户,科技或成秘密武器。”#39;Our ZipLine concept aims to show how taking a service design approach to a problem can give a retailer vital competitive edge by transforming the customer experience.“Zipline针对现有问题,帮助商家改善务,提升客户体验,增强品牌竞争力。这也是我们设计ZipLine的初衷。”#39;In this example, we#39;re analysing some complex sensor data – and turning it into intelligent information that can be shared with customers in a simple but meaningful way.“在打造ZipLine的过程中,我们需要分析各种复杂的感应器数据,并将其转化为有用的信息,让客户能一目了然,心知肚明。”#39;Yet it has the potential to remove a major source of frustration for shoppers.#39;“如此一来,用户就不必为排队而发愁了。”Speaking to MailOnline, Mr Ensor said: #39;We expect the ZipLine interface will be integrated into the department store#39;s own app.恩索尔还告诉《每日邮报》网站:“我们希望商家能把ZipLine界面纳入它们自己的购物应用中。”#39;That usually means it is free to download.“也就是说,你可以免费下载,免费使用。”#39;We#39;re also looking at the option of using Bluetooth beacon technology which could offer the queue length information to consumers on their phone without needing to use an app at all.“我们也在尝试使用蓝牙发射技术。如此一来,用户无需打开手机应用,也能收到队伍的实时信息。”#39;Most of the premium department stores and shopping malls are aly installing equipment in their stores to boost mobile phone signal because this is generally becoming expected by consumers.“应广大顾客需要,多数高档百货公司与购物商场已纷纷开始安装手机信号增强器。”#39;This will also mean that the app will have access to the internet when it needs it to help consumers get the best check-out experience.#39;“也就是说,顾客能够联网使用ZipLine,决定自己想排的队伍。” /201601/422969。
  • Padmasree Warrior, one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent female executives, has signed on to run the US arm of Chinese electric car start-up NextEV, in the latest sign of the auto industry’s surging demand for software talent.硅谷知名女性高管伍丝丽(Padmasree Warrior)已签约出任中国电动汽车创业型企业蔚来汽车(NextEV)美国分部的负责人。这件事再度凸显出,汽车业对软件人才的需求日益高涨。The former head of technology and strategy at Cisco Systems said she planned to expand a small research and development centre in Silicon Valley to 400 people by the end of next year.伍丝丽曾任思科(Cisco Systems)技术与战略主管。她表示,自己计划在明年年底前将位于硅谷的一座小型研发中心的人手扩大到400人。Software has become a key battleground in the auto industry as carmakers race to develop autonomous vehicles, as well as more advanced information systems in cars and ways to reach customers online.随着汽车制造商竞相开发自动驾驶汽车、更先进的车载信息系统以及与客户建立在线连接的方式,软件已成为汽车业的关键战场。NextEV, whose backers include prominent Chinese and US investment firms Hillhouse Capital and Sequoia Capital, plans to launch a high-performance “supercar” by the end of 2016.蔚来汽车计划不晚于2016年年底推出高性能的“超级跑车”(supercar)。该公司背后的投资方包括中美两国的知名投资机构高瓴资本(Hillhouse Capital)和红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)。Like electric car pioneer Tesla Motors, it aims to use technology honed in a high-end vehicle to move into the mass market, with a passenger car slated for launch first in China at an unspecified date.像电动汽车先驱特斯拉(Tesla Motors)一样,蔚来汽车的目标也是利用高端汽车上磨练出的技术来进军大众市场。蔚来汽车将首先在中国发布一款乘用车,但发布日期不详。Ms Warrior said software would play an important part in disrupting the existing auto industry. “There’s an opportunity to rethink not just the business model, but also the value chain in owning a car,” she said.伍丝丽表示,软件将在颠覆现有汽车行业的过程中发挥重要作用。她说:“现在是个机会,我们不仅应重新思考商业模式,还应重新思考‘拥有一辆汽车的’价值链。”NextEV is looking at ways of using the mobile internet to “improve the experience of owning an automobile” she added, without giving any more details. Current car owners were frustrated by experiences like taking their vehicle to a dealer for an oil change and their inability to deal directly with the manufacturer, she said.伍丝丽还说,蔚来汽车正在想方设法利用移动互联网来“改善‘拥有一辆汽车的’体验”,但她没有透露更多细节。她表示,目前的种种体验让车主们感到沮丧,比如把自己的车送到经销商那里更换润滑油,以及无法与制造商直接打交道等等。 /201512/417464。
  • Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and its financial affiliate are buying a controlling stake in Hong Kong-listed lottery operator Tech Holdings Ltd, for HK.39 billion (8 million).日前,阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司及其金融分蚂蚁金融斥资23.9亿港币(折合3.08亿美元)购买香港亚科技有限公司控股权。The deal will give the Alibaba unit 59.45 percent of Tech, according to the lottery operator#39;s filing to the Hong Kong stock exchange on Sunday.根据上周日香港股票交易所的消息,本次交易将把亚科技的59.45%股份转交给阿里巴巴。Tech is engaged in gaming technologies including game software and hardware, and lottery distribution.亚科技的主要业务是游戏科技,包括游戏软件和游戏硬件的开发,以及股票的分发销售。Its filing said it will be the exclusive business platform of Alibaba and Ant Financial to apply for, and hold business qualifications and licenses for, the operations of lottery businesses. Alibaba and its affiliate will also provide technical services and resources such as cloud computing services and e-commerce.亚科技提交的文件称,它将成为阿里巴巴和蚂蚁金融的独家业务平台,并持有经营票业务的营业执照。阿里巴巴和蚂蚁金融将会为亚科技提供云计算务和电子商务务。The company, which has 200 employees, said it ;will benefit significantly; from the investor, should Internet channels for lottery sales re-open.亚科技目前拥有200名员工,相关人员表示,员工将会受益于本次投资,并且通过互联网销售票的渠道将会重新开放。Li Kai, an analyst with the Beijing-based Internet consultancy Analysys International, said that the suspension of online lottery sales is likely to be lifted within the year as officials at the annual lottery strategy meeting in January said they will actively push the preparatory work for a pilot online lottery sales program forward.北京国际互联网咨询公司分析师李凯表示,由于相关官员在今年一月份的票策略周年例会上表示,将会积极推进票网上销售的前期试点准备工作,所以票网上销售禁令可能在今年内取消。;China#39;s lottery market is too big for two online lottery-selling companies to fill. More licenses are expected to be offered to more players,; Li said. ;Alibaba#39;s advantage in e-commerce, big data, online payment can certainly give the online sales of lottery a strong boost.;李凯说道:“中国票市场很大,两个票销售公司远远不能满足市场需求,而应设立更多票销售公司。阿里巴巴在电子商务、大数据和网上付方面拥有明显优势,所以肯定能够大力促进网上票的销售。” /201603/430966。
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