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西安专业治疗包皮龟头炎西安九龙医院九龙咨询西安龟头炎出血怎么办 The Three Musketeers《三个火手精对白 --6 :19: 来源: The Three Musketeers《三个火手Athos: All one.Musketeers: And one all.Milady: So, what's next?Athos: Back to Paris, I guess.Milady: And then what?Athos: Wherever they send us, whatever France needs.Aramis: It's who we are. It's what we do.Milady: I too love you.Athos: I know.Milady: Then please try and understand that this isn't personal. It's strictly business. He made me a better offer.Duke of Buckingham: Ah. Athos.Athos: Buckingham.Duke of Buckingham: A toxin. In case you were wondering, it wasn't in your drink, it was on your cup. Inactive until it came into contact with the liquid. Don't worry. It isn't fatal. Although I suspect a part of you wishes it was. You take all the risk and I get the reward. Hardly seems fair. Well, just so you don't leave empty-handed...a word of advice. Trust no one, especially women. You'll live longer. Telling him you loved him right bee you betrayed him. I must say, that was cruel, even by my standards. I only took away his prize. You took a lot more than that. At last, the war machine.****************************D'Artagnan’s father: Look down. It's a trick an old friend taught me. Your adversary will not always be as noble as you. Remember that...and I have nothing left to teach you.D'Artagnan: I doubt that, Father.D'Artagnan’s father: Keep it. It's passed down from generation to generation, from father to son. It's yours now.D'Artagnan: The weapon of a Musketeer.D'Artagnan’s father: The real weapon of a Musketeer... is here. All one.D'Artagnan: And one all.D'Artagnan’s father: You remind me of somebody.D'Artagnan: Let me guess. You.D'Artagnan’s father: No, no. The man I wish I was when I was your age. Well, you should really be on your way. Take this purse. There's crowns in it. It's enough to get you to Paris. And you'll need a mount. Your mother's insisting you take Buttercup. I know it's not much, and....D'Artagnan: It's plenty.D'Artagnan’s mother: Take care of yourself, my son. Try not to get into any fights.D'Artagnan: If I'm to be a musketeer, I think I might have to do a little bit of fighting.D'Artagnan’s mother: Stay at the back if you can.D'Artagnan: Yes, Mother.D'Artagnan’s father: There's one more piece of advice.D'Artagnan: I know. I know. Don't get into any trouble.D'Artagnan’s father: Wrong. Get into trouble. Make mistakes. Fight, love, live. And remember, always, you're a Gascon and our son. Now go. Go.*******************************Captain Rochet: In the name of God, what kind of beast is that? And the beast he's riding doesn't look much either.D'Artagnan: Ostler.Ostler: Sir?D'Artagnan: Please see that my horse is watered and fed.Captain Rochet: Oh, it's a horse, is it? My friends here thought it was a cow.D'Artagnan: Excuse me. See, I know you men are just kidding around. Buttercup...well, she gets a little sensitive. I'm afraid I must ask you to apologize.Captain Rochet: Well, I'm afraid I'm not in the habit of apologizing to Gascon yokels.D'Artagnan: Not to me. To my horse. You've hurt her feelings.Captain Rochet: And if I don't?D'Artagnan: I shall have to kill you. You shot me!Captain Rochet: Most observant of you, young man. But the real question is, why are you not dead? Flesh wound. Sight must be off. Who takes care of my pistols?Man: Captain Rochet, I....Cart driver: Whoa, whoa, steady.Captain Rochet: Wouldn't want to dirty my blade with peasant blood. So, boy...consider this a lesson. Your last.Milady: No. He's too pretty that.Captain Rochet: As you wish, Milady.Milady: Rochet, come. We're expected in Paris.D'Artagnan: Thank you. 《三个火手精对白《权力的游戏第五季第九集继续放大招 -- :: 来源:   Game of Thrones is y to unleash another huge battle.  《权力的游戏即将迎来另一场大战  Sunday's episode will feature an epic gladiatorial match in which Jorah (Iain Glen) hopes to prove his devotion to Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), who in the previous episode banished him once again.  周日播出的《权力的游戏中江湖上演角斗士比武大赛,比赛上已经被驱逐两次的Jorah希望向Daenerys明自己的衷心  Glen previously told The Hollywood Reporter it would be a "massive, massive fight" in which Jorah would "risk all." Now Enzo Cilenti, who plays the slave master Yezzan zo Qaggaz, is sharing more details.  Jorah的扮演者Glen之前想《好莱坞报道透露,这一集将会有非常宏大的打斗场面,在这场戏中Jorah会直接豁出去了现在在剧中扮演Yezzan zo Qaggaz想我们透露了更多细节  The episode comes after the unexpected battle between Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and the White Walkers — something that had yet to take place in George R.R. Martin's books.  这一集是在上一集Jon Snow遭遇未曾预料到的异鬼之战之后——是在原作者George R.R. Martin的原著中还未出现的剧情 权力 季第九 第五西安前列腺炎治疗费用多少

西安哪家男科医院好点品牌英语口语00句(6):活在自己的世界里 --01 ::31 来源: 每天背 句,你能坚持多久?1. We never condone violence.对暴力我们绝不姑息. I prefer to live in a world of my own.我喜欢活在自己的世界里#9658;live in 住进,住在(某地); 存在于…; 为…而生存e.g. They decided to emigrate to the U.S. to live in New York. 他们决定移至美国,居住在纽约3. There’s a time and place.总得分场合啊. Don’t put all your goods in the window.不要锋芒毕露5. You can’t bend people to your will.你不能把意志强加于人#9658;bend sb. to one will 把自己的意志强加于某人身上;强使某人从自己的意志impose one will on sb. 也有同样的意思#9658;bend to 屈于,从e.g. I will bend to your wishes,and will not follow my original plans. 我会从你的意愿而放弃我原来的打算6. You should take the pills on an empty stomach.药得空腹吃#9658;on an empty stomach 空腹时,饿肚子,绝食e.g. Youd better not drink milk on an empty stomach. 你最好不要在空腹时喝牛奶7. It’s a real body blow.这真是沉痛的一击#9658;body blow 重击,惨败,大失所望e.g. His resignation was a body blow to the team. 他的辞职是对该团队的一个严重打击8. I’m loath to do it.我实在不想干9. You’ve made your point abundantly clear.你的意思我很清楚. You better have a booster.你最好打一剂加强针 英语口语西安有哪些治早泄的医院 各位亲爱的朋友们,欢迎来到早间课堂《抛招接招小节目,我是Juliet;吃鸟食;如今已不仅仅是想拥有美好身段的女人的事情了,为了防范富贵病的出现男人也加入了这一行列那么;吃鸟食;在英文中也有着同样的字眼来表述,是什么呢?我们还是从下面的句子来寻找例句-1:Sally eats like a bird.例句-:Im worried about Mr. Wrenn. He been eating like a bird recently.在我们刚才听到的个例句中,我们都可以听到同一个词语:eat like a bird字面意思像鸟一样地吃东西我们都知道鸟很小,胃也小,吃得当然就少,eat like a bird就是比喻一个人吃东西吃得很少So,it means to eat very little; to eat only small amounts of food.我们再来看四个例句:例句-1:She is trying to lose weight. That why she is eating like a bird.她在减肥,所以吃得特别少例句-:Youre eating like a bird, no wonder you are so slim.你吃得真少,怪不得这么苗条例句-3:I dont know what wrong with me lately. I eat like a bird, work like a horse , tired as a dog.我不知道最近我怎么了,吃得象鸟一样少,工作象马一样辛苦,精疲力尽例句-:Girls always eat like a bird in order to keep a slender figure.女孩子们吃的很少,为的是保持苗条的身材;吃鸟食;控制饮食是值得提倡的,可是我们要注意的是要科学地减肥,科学地控制饮食不能仅仅是靠少吃节食来保持身材,防范富贵病,更重要的是在于科学的运动曾经是芭蕾舞演员现为形体梳理专家马旎女士说的一句话是;吃饱了再减肥;好,我们今天的学习在减肥的话题就暂时打住,我们下期再见课后功课:请用eat like a bird将下面的句子翻译为英文1. 如果你想减肥的话,要吃得像小鸟那么少,并且定时运动. 我不能享受每一餐,因为我焦虑的时候吃得很少3. 不要想能一蹴而就,只要先比现在少吃一点,然后就会少的越来越多参考如下:1. If you want to lose weight, you must eat like a bird, and exercise regularly.. I cant enjoy my meal because I eat like a bird when I get anxious.3. Donrsquo;t try to eat like a bird at first. Just eat a little less now, adjust, and then cut back a little more.敬请各位可友关注可可腾讯微:http:t.qq.comikekenet,更新动态尽在其中可可早间课堂QQ英语交流群,群号为:8666期待您的加入 1876西安泌尿外科哪家医院

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