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Murphys Law ------ 墨非定律(凡是可能出错的地方都会出错) 英文释义The pragmatic observation that if something can go wrong, it probably will go wrong. 例句Many prudent engineers believe in the validity of Murphys Law, and therefore plan for unexpected malfunctions, disasters, and other unforeseen problems.很多谨慎的工程师都相信墨非定律有效,因此为意外的故障、灾难等无法预知的问题做规划。 /201610/466494

Bomb Explodes in Busy Indian Market新德里闹市炸弹爆炸 一儿童丧生Top Indian intelligence and security officials were summoned by the Home Minister for an emergency meeting following another fatal bomb blast in the Indian capital. Police say one child died and at least 18 other people were injured in the Saturday afternoon attack. The blast comes two weeks after a series of bomb attacks in the capital left more than 20 people dead.星期六下午,印度首都新德里再次发生致命炸弹爆炸,印度内政部长召集国家最高情报和安全官员举行紧急会议。警方说,在袭击中,一名儿童丧生,还有至少17人受伤。两个星期之前,印度首都新德里发生过一连串炸弹袭击事件,有20多人丧生。Just days after police claimed they had arrested those responsible for the fatal September 13 bomb blasts in New Delhi and elsewhere earlier, another explosion hit a busy market in the Indian capital.印度警方在几天前刚刚宣布逮捕了9月13号新德里以及早些时候其它地方致命炸弹爆炸事件的肇事者,星期六,新德里一个繁忙的市场再次遭遇爆炸事件。Delhi police spokesman Rajan Bhagat explains that witnesses saw those who brought the bomb to the Meharauli Main Market. 新德里警方发言人巴加特解释说,目击者看见了那些把炸弹带进梅赫罗莉大市场的人。"Two motorcycle riders came to the busy crowded market in Mehrauli and threw one packet wrapped in black polyurethane. One boy picked up that packet which exploded and he died," he said.巴加特说:“两个骑托车的人来到繁忙拥挤的梅赫罗莉市场,扔下一个外面裹着黑色塑料布的包。一个男孩捡起来,那个包随即爆炸,男孩被炸死。”Local media e intelligence sources as saying the bomb, placed in a lunch box, contained ammonium nitrate and was packed with nails. It destroyed several shops.当地媒体援引情报部门消息人士的话说,这枚放在饭盒里的炸弹含有硝酸铵,里面塞满了铁钉。炸弹炸毁了几家店铺。The explosion occurred in a low income neighborhood, near a wholesale flower market and a major heritage site: the 800-year-old Qutub Minar, the world's tallest brick minaret.爆炸发生在一个低收入居民区,附近有一个花卉批发市场和重要的古迹--古伯特高塔,它是世界上最高的砖塔。The bombing renewed alarm here that New Delhi remains vulnerable despite the recent crackdown against purported members of the little known "Indian Mujahideen" group.这次爆炸再次提醒人们,尽管印度最近展开对自称是鲜为人知的“印度圣战者”组织成员的打击行动,但是新德里仍然非常容易受到攻击。Media report that the major access roads to Delhi were sealed following the market blast and police advised people stay away from the city's markets.媒体报道说,爆炸发生后,通往新德里的主要道路被封锁,警方劝告人们不要靠近城里的市场。The home minister, who has been criticized for his response to the blasts two weeks ago, called another emergency meeting of top intelligence and security officials to discuss the latest attack.印度内政部长又一次召集最高情报和安全官员的紧急会议,磋商最新的爆炸事件。人们曾经批评他对两个星期前的爆炸事件处理不力。The largest opposition party, the BJP, demanded Minister Shivraj Patel's resignation immediately following the Saturday blast. 星期六爆炸事件发生之后,印度最大的反对党“印度人民党”要求内政部长帕蒂尔立即辞职。External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee says he has spoken with the Home Minister about the latest attack but it is premature to name any suspects. 印度外交部长穆克吉说,他就这起最新爆炸袭击跟内政部长交谈过,但是现在确认谁是嫌疑人还为时过早。"Shortly government will have to take stark measure to put an end to this type of activities and acts of terrors," he said. 穆克吉说:“政府必须采取严厉措施,杜绝这类恐怖活动和行为。”Television commentators say the bombers intended to deliver a message that terrorists retain their capability to hit the capital despite the recent police proclamation that those responsible for the earlier blasts have been neutralized.电视员说,炸弹杀手意图让人们知道,尽管警方最近声称那些在早些时候制造爆炸事件的人已经被逮捕,但是恐怖分子仍然具备袭击首都的能力。The September 13 attacks in the capital followed recent bomb blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Jaipur.在新德里发生9月13号的爆炸事件之前,班加罗尔、艾哈迈达巴德和斋浦尔最近都发生过爆炸事件。Officials say more than 400 people have been killed in explosions around the country during the past three years. The attacks are usually blamed by police on Muslim groups, alleged to have funding or support from Pakistan or Bangladesh.有关官员说,在过去3年里,已经有400多人在全国各地的爆炸事件中丧生。警方通常指责穆斯林组织发动了这些爆炸袭击。据说这些组织得到巴基斯坦或者孟加拉国的资助或者持。200809/50859

国家地理:World's Tallest Tree 树之最Redwoods are the tallest living trees on the planet. And one of the best places to see them is northern California's Redwood National Forest. They can reach 300 feet high or higher, and their massive trunks can grow to more than 20 feet wide. Recently, a couple of naturalists were searching these woods for tall trees when they spotted something extraordinary.I said "Michael, get back here, we've got a real tall one." We get our preliminary measurement. And it was so, so amazing, I, I couldn't believe it, you know, it was 4 feet taller than the tallest tree.They christened the tree "Hyperion" and called in Humboldt State University biologist Steve Sillett to investigate their find. (Yeah, good to know?) Steve is a top redwood researcher with a passion for tall trees.I think the redwoods are one of the most fascinating species on the Earth. They are at least as fascinating as humans to me.With the help of the Save-the-Redwoods League and the National Park Service, Steve is studying how a tree can grow this tall and still survive.I think the big thing that we are really interested in is understanding the biophysical limits to tree height: how tall can they grow?Steve wants to know the exact height of this tree and measuring from the ground just won't cut it.The best way to measure tree height is to climb to the top and lower a tape with a weight straight to the ground.But the best way as usual is also the hardest. Hyperion's lowest branches are 25 stories up. To get to them, Steve uses a powerful crossbow to launch fishing line up and over the tree's branches. Then with the help of wife and climbing partner Marie Antoine, he uses the line to hoist his climbing rope into the tree.Really it is a big one.With the rope in place, Steve and Marie walk their way up into the canopy. The climbers move through a high-rise habitat, high above the forest floor. A variety of mosses, lichens and insects make themselves at home in Hyperion's boughs.So here we are about 300 feet in what may be the world's tallest living tree. And it goes a long way above us, so we are, we still probably are about half hour to an hour from the top. Let's come up to there. Kinda want to put you through here.lichen: a simple composite plant consisting of a fungus in association with an alga, typically growing on rocks, walls, and treesbough: a main branch of a tree200708/17065

Well, its true, I do have lots of experience.没错,我是有很多经验。Thanks for recognising that.多谢你的认可。So maybe… we could work on this job… together?所以也许我们可以一起做这份工作?Oh ya, sure. Great. Of course.当然,很好。I can get hold of these oranges… err… lemons, pronto.我可以立马搞定这些橙子……柠檬。I know a man who can get some second-hand ones, itll save us loads of money.我知道一个人能拿到二手货,这能节省我们很多钱。But what about the quality?但是质量怎么样?Quality? ! Its the cost weve got to worry about.质量?我们应该担心的是成本。Keep up Hannah.别那么落后,汉娜。Anna.是安娜。Come on Anna. Dont let her boss you around.拜托,安娜。别让她指手画脚的。Its time to stand your ground.是时候坚持立场了。If she causes trouble say ;lets discuss this so we can agree on a plan of action; or ;please respect my decision and lets move on.;如果她引起了麻烦就说:“让我们讨论一下然后得出一致的行动计划”或“请尊重我的决定,让我们继续。”Hmm, OK, Ill give it a try.好的,我会试试。Rachel, I like your enthusiasm but… can we discuss this so we can agree on a plan of action?瑞秋,我喜欢你的热情,但我们能讨论一下然后得出一致的行动计划吗?Of course. Why didnt you say?当然,你怎么不早说?Come on discuss… discuss… talk!来吧,讨论讨论,谈谈!Well, we pride ourselves on quality products and our Imperial Lemon is particularly good… and I think our client is expecting that.我们以产品质量为傲,皇家柠檬又是特别出众的,我想客户更看重这点。So I would like to send them what I had promised in the contract.所以我想按合同承诺的发给他们。 /201705/507592

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