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Food thoughtThere are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them real! When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened us. Don't go looks; they can deceive. Don't go wealth; even that fades away. Go someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile. Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do. May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to make you happy. The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear. The brightest future will always be based on a gotten past, you can't go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches. When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die, you're the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying. 9。

两条路    这是新年的夜晚一位老人站在窗边,忧伤的眼睛眺望着深蓝的天空空中的繁星犹如漂浮在清澈如镜的湖面上的朵朵百合他慢慢将目光投向地面,此刻,没有什么人比他还绝望,迈向他最终的归宿--坟墓他已走过通向坟墓的六十级台阶,除了错误和悔恨,他一无所获现在,他体弱多病,精神空虚,心哀神伤,人到晚年无慰藉    年轻岁月,如梦般展现在他面前,老人想起父亲把他带到岔路口的那个庄严时刻--一条路通向安宁,快乐的世界,鲜花遍布,果实丰硕,甜美轻柔的歌声在空中回荡;另一条路则通向幽深黑暗,没有尽头的洞穴,洞内流淌着的不是水而是毒液,群魔乱舞,毒蛇嘶嘶爬动    他仰望星空,痛苦的大喊:”啊,青春,回来吧!啊,父亲,再一次带我到人生的岔路口吧,我会选一条更好的道路“但是,他的父亲和青春岁月都已经一去不复返了    他看到亮色在黑暗中流逝,就像他挥霍掉的往昔;他看到一颗流星自天边坠落,消失不见,就像是他的化身无尽的悔恨,像一利箭,深刺心间他又记起和自己一同迈入人生之途的儿时玩伴但他们已功成名就,在这个新年之夜,倍受尊崇,幸福快乐    高高的教堂钟楼传来敲钟声,这声音使他记起父母早年对他的疼爱他们教育他,为他祈祷然而,他却选择了错误的道路羞愧和悲哀使他再也没有勇气仰望父亲所在的天堂黯淡的双眼噙满了泪水,他绝望地嘶声大呼:”回来吧,我的往昔!回来吧!“    他的青春真的回来了,所有这些只是一个梦,一个他在新年之夜所做的梦他仍然年轻,虽然他犯的错误是真实的;他尚未走入那幽深黑暗的洞穴,还有自由选择通向安宁,快乐的道路    仍在人生路口徘徊,仍在为是否应当选择光明坦途而犹豫不决的人们啊,请记住:当青春不再,当你的双脚在黑暗的山岭间跌绊时,你会痛苦地呼喊”啊,青春,回来吧!啊,还给我往昔吧!“此时,一切已是徒劳 830。


Stopping by Woods Whose woods these are I think I know, His house is in the village though. He will not see me stopping here, To watch his woods fill up with snow. My little horse must think it queer, To stop without a farmhouse near, Between the woods and frozen lake, The darkest evening of the year. He gives his harness bells a shake, To ask if there is some mistake. The only other sound's the sweep, Of easy wind and downy flake. The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go bee I sleep. And miles to go bee I sleep 81。

To My Friends Who Are Not SingleLove isn’t about becoming somebody else’s“perfect person.”It’s about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be.给我的非单身朋友爱情不是成为他人的“完美之人”,而是找到那个帮助你成为最佳者的人 88933。

My grandfather died when I was a small boy, and my grandmother started staying with us about six months every year. She lived in a room that doubled as my father's office, which we referred to as "the back room." She carried with her a powerful aroma. I don't know what kind of perfume she used, but it was the double-barreled, ninety-proof, knockdown, render-the-victim-unconscious, moose-killing variety. She kept it in a huge atomizer and applied it frequently and liberally. It was almost impossible to go into her room and remain breathing any length of time. When she would leave the house to go spend six months with my Aunt Lillian, my mother and sisters would throw open all the windows, strip the bed, and take out the curtains and rugs. Then they would spend several days washing and airing things out, trying frantically to make the pungent odor go away.   This, then, was my grandmother at the time of the infamous pea incident.   It took place at the Biltmore Hotel, which, to my eight-year-old mind, was just about the fancies place to eat in all of Providence. My grandmother, my mother, and I were having lunch after a morning spent shopping. I grandly ordered a salisbury steak, confident in the knowledge that beneath that fancy name was a good old hamburger with gravy. When brought to the table, it was accompanied by a plate of peas. I do not like peas now. I did not like peas then. I have always hated peas. It is a complete mystery to me why anyone would voluntarily eat peas. I did not eat them at home. I did not eat them at restaurants. And I certainly was not about to eat them now.   "Eat your peas," my grandmother said.   "Mother," said my mother in her warning voice. "He doesn't like peas. Leave him alone."   “My grandmother did not reply, but there was a glint in her eye and a grim set to her jaw that signaled she was not going to be )thwarted. She leaned in my direction, looked me in the eye, and uttered the fateful words that changed my life "I'll pay you five dollars if you eat those peas."      I had absolutely no idea of the impending doom. I only knew that five dollars was an enormous, nearly unimaginable amount of money, and as awful as peas were, only one plate of them stood between me and the possession of that five dollars. I began to ce the wretched things down my throat.      My mother was livid. My grandmother had that self-satisfied look of someone who has thrown down an unbeatable trump card. "I can do what I want, Ellen, and you can't stop me." My mother glared at her mother. She glared at me. No one can glare like my mother. If there were a glaring Olympics, she would undoubtedly win the gold medal.   I, of course, kept shoving peas down my throat. The glares made me nervous, and every single pea made me want to throw up, but the magical image of that five dollars floated bee me, and I finally gagged down every last one of them. My grandmother handed me the five dollars with a flourish. My mother continued to glare in silence. And the episode ended. Or so I thought.     My grandmother left Aunt Lillian's a few weeks later. That night, at dinner, my mother served two of my all-time favorite foods, meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Along with them came a big, steaming bowl of peas. She offered me some peas, and I, in the very last moments of my innocent youth, declined. My mother fixed me with a cold eye as she heaped a huge pile of peas onto my plate. Then came the words that were to haunt me years. "You ate them money," she said. "You can eat them love."   Oh, despair! Oh, devastation! Now, too late, came the dawning realization that I had unwittingly damned myself to a hell from which there was no escape.   "You ate them money. You can eat them love."   What possible argument could I muster against that? There was none. Did I eat the peas? You bet I did. I ate them that day and every other time they were served thereafter. The five dollars were quickly spent. My grandmother passed away a few years later. But the legacy of the peas lived on, as it lives on to this day. If I so much as curl my lip when they are served (because, after all, I still hate the horrid little things), my mother repeats the ded words one more time "You ate them money," she says. "You can eat them love." 0。

To George and Tom Keats, 3, January 1818 My dear Brothers; I was thinking what hindered me from writing so long, I have many things to say to you and know not where to begin. I think a little change has taken place in my intellectual lately—I cannot bear to be uninterested or unemployed, I, who so long a time, have been addicted to passiveness—Nothing is finer the purposes of great productions, than a very gradual ripening of the intellectual powers—As an instance of this—observe—I sat down yesterday to King Lear once again the thing appeared to demand the prologue of a Sonnet, I wrote it ( I know you would like to see it). 853。

生活口语:打喷嚏or上厕所时有人敲门该说什么? -- ::35 来源:   您有没有遇到过这样的尴尬:在安静的地方发出较大的响声,或是在人多的时候忍不住想answer the call of nature……怎样从容地应对这些“突发情况”?下面这些建议也许能为您“排忧解难”一起来看看吧!  有人打喷嚏时,你该怎么说呢?  应该说Bless you. 因为西方人相信,人在打喷嚏时,灵魂会出壳,恶魔会趁虚而入,所以周围的人要说 “Bless you”,而打喷嚏的人要说“Thank you”表示礼貌   上厕所时有人敲门该怎么办?  曾有畅销书告诉读者说,这时候应该说Someone in不过通常除了开玩笑之外,不会有人自称是someone的那么在厕所里无论如何要出个声啊,到底该说什么好呢  欧美国家的公厕,门的下方不会完全密闭,所以一眼就可以看的出有没有人在使用之所以要敲门,是因为要里面的人“快点出来”之意吧所以如厕的人遇上有人敲门时,就回答“I'm using”或“Just a moment”比较适当 有人 厕所 口语 生活。

我的夏季婚礼最终成为现实,只不过是一年以后站在Tim身旁,我终于穿上了我梦中的结婚礼在随后的十八年里,我们相亲相爱,相濡以沫如果不是因为这件特殊的礼,我们永远不会相遇The Blessed DressI got an engagement ring Christmas. My boyfriend and I had been dating almost a year and both felt the time was right to join our lives together in holy matrimony.The month of January was spent planning our perfect Alabama June wedding. My mother, two sisters and I went to Huntsville, the closest town with a selection of bridal shops, to buy the gown that would play the leading role on my special occasion.We had a wonderful time just being together and sharing silly jokes, but the day soon turned serious by afternoon still no sign of the dress of my dreams. Both sisters were y to give up and try another day in another town, but I coerced them into one more boutique.I had a good feeling as we entered the quaint little shop filled with the scent of fresh flowers. The elderly clerk showed us several beautiful gowns in my size and price range, but none were right. As I opened the door to leave, the desperate shop owner announced she had one more dress in the back that was expensive and not even my size, but perhaps I might want to look at it anyway. When she brought it out, I squealed in delight.This was it!I rushed to the dressing room and slipped it on. Even though it was at least two sizes too large and more costly than I had anticipated, I talked Mom into buying it. The shop was so small it didn't offer alterations, but my excitement assured me I would be able to get it resized in my hometown.Excitement wasn't enough. On Monday morning, my world crumbled when the local sewing shop inmed me the dress simply could not be altered because of numerous hand-sewn pearls and sequins on the bodice. I called the boutique suggestions but only got their answering machine.A friend gave me the number of a lady across town who worked at home doing alterations. I was desperate and willing to try anything, so I decided to give her a call.When I arrived at her modest white house on the outskirts of town, she carefully inspected my dress and asked me to try it on. She put a handful of pins into the shoulders and sides of my gown and told me to pick it up in two days. She was the answer to my prayers.When the time came to pick it up, however, I grew skeptical. How could I have been so foolish as to just leave a ,0 wedding dress in the hands of someone I barely knew? What if she made a mess out of it? I had no idea if she could even sew on a button.Thank goodness my fears were all naught. The dress still looked exactly the same, but it now fit as if it had been made especially me. I thanked the cheerful lady and paid her modest fee.One small problem solved just in time a bigger one to emerge. On Valentine's Day, my fiance called.“Sandy, I've come to the decision that I'm not y to get married,” he announced, none too gently. “I want to travel and experience life a few years bee settling down.”He apologized the inconvenience of leaving all the wedding cancellations to me and then quickly left town.My world turned upside down. I was angry and heartbroken and had no idea how to recover. But days flew into weeks and weeks blended into months. I survived.One day in the fall of the same year, while standing in line at the supermarket, I heard someone calling my name. I turned around to see the alterations lady. She politely inquired about my wedding, and was shocked to discover it had been called off, but agreed it was probably the best.I thanked her again adjusting my wedding gown, and assured her it was safely bagged and awaiting the day I would wear it down the aisle on the arm of my real ”Mister Right.“ With a sparkle in her eye, she began telling me about her single son, Tim. Even though I wasn't interested in dating again, I let her talk me into meeting him.I did have my summer wedding after all, only a year later. And I did get to wear the dress of my dreams - standing beside Tim, the man I have shared the last eighteen years of my life with, whom I would never have met without that special wedding gown. 1。