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胖子到印度旅游要注意了!可能多花钱 --18 :: 来源:sohu 近日,印度南部省份喀拉拉邦政府日前宣布,为阻止任何可能导致肥胖的食品消费,该邦将对在快餐厅里出售的比萨饼、汉堡包、三明治等“垃圾食品”征收.5%的“脂肪税” Recently, one southern state of India,Kerala, proposed a so-called ;fat tax;of .5% on those restaurants that sell fast food and junk food (such as Hamberg, Sandwich, or pizza) that may ultimately cause people overweight, in order to prevent people become fatter and fatter in India. 肥胖人口在全球范围内的比重持续增加,已经成为各国都需要注意的重要问题之一,近年来多国都通过增收税款来抑制导致肥胖的因素,而印度出台的高比例脂肪税让人瞠目结舌 In recent years, the proportion of overweight people is continuously increasing, and obesity has become a major concern of many countries around the world. In order to control this situation, many countries began to tax on food that may lead to overweight problem. 据当地媒体报道,印度的肥胖人口近年来不断增长,已经跻身肥胖人口世界前三位喀拉拉邦政府为减少肥胖症人口而推出的“脂肪税”明确规定,在麦当劳、肯德基、赛百味等餐厅出售的比萨饼、汉堡包、三明治、炸玉米饼、甜甜圈、意大利面都属于征收“脂肪税”范畴 According to the report from local media, malnutrition is still, of course, a major problem in India, nevertheless, many Indians are seriously overweight these years, and India has aly become one of the top 3 countries in the world that suffers obesity. Fat tax clearly stipulates those pizza, hamberg, sandwich, pasta that sold by McDonald's , KFC, Subway are all including in the incidence of taxation. 一名当地儿科医生表示,“脂肪税”并不一定能阻止孩子们食用含有高脂肪的“垃圾食品”,不过由于家长在购买这些食品时将会因为价格问题而三思,这肯定有助于减低“垃圾食品”销量 A local pediatrician said that fat tax may not be so efficient on stop children eating unhealthy food that contains high fat, but this can make parents to think twice bee buying this food children in consideration of the price, thus may reduce the sales volume of junk food.。

英国公投初步结果:退欧派稍占上风 -- ::53 来源: 英国退欧公投的初步结果已经出炉,统计显示持退欧的人稍占上风 After results in counting areas out of 38, Remain was on 8.5% and Leave on 51.5%, with Leave doing well in the North-East of England and Remain ahead in Scotland.目前38个计票点中的个已经出了结果,持留在欧盟的人数比例是8.5%,而持退欧的人数比例是51.5%目前持退欧的人在英格兰东北部地区更多,而留欧的人在苏格兰势力更强A full picture is not expected some hours but turnout looks set to be higher than the general election.最终的投票结果要在数小时后才能出来,而从目前看来,此次公投的投票率要比大选还要高The pound surged as polls closed bee falling dramatically.在投票结束的时候,英镑曾飙升,但是现在又大幅下降Unlike at a general election the results in individual areas do not count - it is the overall number of votes cast one side or the other across the country that will determine the outcome.和大选不同,单独选区的投票结果并不作数,只有整个英国的投票结果才能够决定到底是留在欧盟还是退出欧盟Polling expert Prof John Curtice said at this very early stage Leave looked favourite to win the referendum. He estimates that the finishing post one side to win is ,8,000 votes.民调专家约翰·柯蒂斯表示,从初步的结果来看,退欧派看起来可能会赢得公投的胜利据他估计,到最终计票结束时,获胜的一方的选票数量将达到81万3000The pound surged against the dollar when polls closed at :00 BST and opinion polls pointed towards a Remain win but it fell dramatically when the first results were declared.在点(英国夏令时)选池关闭时,英镑对美元的汇率曾飙升,当时的民调显示持留欧的人可能会取得公投胜利但是当初步的结果出炉,显示退欧派稍占上风时,英镑大幅跳水Votes are being counted at each of the 38 local counting areas. These represent all 380 local government areas in England, Scotland and Wales, plus one each Northern Ireland and Gibraltar.目前38个地方选区正在进行计票工作38个选区包括位于英格兰、苏格兰和威尔士的380的地方政府区,以及位于北爱尔兰和直布罗陀的两个选区Results from these areas will then be declared throughout the night, along with result totals from nations and regions.这些地区的投票结果将于今天夜间公布,届时还将公布个海外国家和地区的投票总结果Jenny Watson, chief counting officer, will announce the referendum result at Manchester Town Hall after all 38 local totals have been certified and declared.在38个选区的投票总结果被认和宣布后,首席计票官珍妮·沃森将在曼彻斯特市政厅宣布公投结果Gibraltar was the first to declare a result with 96% of voters in the British overseas territory backing Remain. A big Remain win had been predicted in Gibraltar amid concerns about its border with Spain.直布罗陀是第一个宣布投票结果的选区,96%的选民持留在欧盟由于对边境另一边西班牙的担忧,曾经有预测直布罗陀的留欧派将会在公投中取得巨大的胜利Leave won by % in Sunderland, but Remain edged it in neighbouring Newcastle but by a tighter margin than expected, in two of the first results to declare.在最初公布的两个选区的结果中,脱欧派在桑德兰以%的优势胜出虽然留欧派在临近的纽卡斯尔选区扳回了一城,但是胜率却要比预期的小得多An online survey taken on polling day of 5,000 people by YouGov suggests the Remain side running at 5% of the vote, to Leave’s 8%. Ipsos Mori have released polling from Thursday and Wednesday suggesting Remain will get 5% and Leave 6%.投票日那天,YouGov在网上针对5000人发起了一份调查,结果显示有5%的人持留欧,而8%的人则希望脱欧而据Ipsos Mori在周三和周四发布的民调结果来看,持留欧的人有5%,而持退欧的人有6%UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage told the Press Association the Remain camp had won based on "what I know from some of my friends in the financial markets who have done some big polling".英国独立党领导人奈杰尔·法拉奇对记者协会透露道,“从他那些在金融市场上做出重大‘投票’的朋友们处得知”,留欧派会赢In a speech to supporters in London, Mr Farage - whose political career has been built on campaigning to get the UK out of the EU - said his "sense" was that the UK had voted to Remain.在伦敦对持者们的一场演说中,法拉奇(他的政治生涯建立在游说英国脱欧的基础之上)说,他“感觉”最终的结果将会是英国继续留在欧洲He told the cheering crowd he hoped he was wrong but added: "Win or lose this battle, we will win this war, we will get this country back."他对高呼的人群说他希望自己是错的,但是补充说道:“无论这场战役是输还是赢,我们都会取得这场战争的胜利,我们会让英国王者归来(大意是无论投票结果如何,英国的影响力会重新提升)!”。

“冻酸奶”风头赛过冰淇淋 -- ::19 来源:chinadaily 爱吃冰淇淋又怕胖?不用纠结了,现在就有一种美食让你既可以享受冰淇淋的美妙口感,又不用担心高脂肪高糖带来的烦恼,它就是“冻酸奶”这种夏日甜品因为有益健康而日益受到中国消费者的喜爱请看《中国日报的报道:"A trend has been that the ice cream industry is trying to get health-friendly, with low calories and low-carb options, but it is playing catch-up to frozen yogurt," Andre said. "Besides health concerns, two more innovations in the frozen yogurt industry-on-site consumption and the ability to add your own flavors and toppings-may give it a slight advantage in growing popularity, but both markets are growing relatively nicely."“冰淇淋产业正试图做出更有益健康的产品,推出低热量、低碳水化合物的冰淇淋,这已然是当下的趋势,但是比起冻酸奶产业,冰淇淋还需迎头赶上”安德烈说,“除了健康方面的考虑,冻酸奶产业率先推出了两项新务——现场食用和加入自己喜欢的口味的馅料,这些优势也许让冻酸奶比冰淇淋稍微受欢迎一点不过现在冰淇淋和冻酸奶都很受欢迎,两个市场都呈良性增长态势”“冻酸奶”英文表达就是frozen yogurt,也可以简称为fro-yo它既有冰淇淋的美味,又比冰淇淋更健康,所以已经成为很多人钟爱的夏日甜点,在一些地方风头甚至盖过了DQ之类的老牌冰淇淋店对健康的追求意味着中国人的consumption habit(消费习惯)的改变现在最火的冻酸奶品牌包括Menchie's(美淇士),是一家自助式冷冻酸奶连锁店美淇士透露,它成功的秘诀在于针对中国人的口味推出了durian(榴莲)和matcha(抹茶)等特殊口味的冻酸奶,而且它提供dine-in(店内就餐),并能根据个人的要求添加各种toppings(馅料) 但是,虽然冻酸奶健康又好吃,冰淇淋依然是最火爆的夏日甜点,不论是ice-cream cone(甜筒),还是sundae(圣代冰淇淋),抑或是fried ice cream(炸冰淇淋),那甜甜的细腻味道都可以让你的心情瞬间美丽起来除了冻酸奶和冰淇淋,我们常吃的夏日冰饮和甜点,英文表达都是什么呢?一起来看看:冰棒 popsicle; ice-lolly冰沙 smoothie雪糕 ice cream bar仙草蜜 honey herbal jelly豌豆黄 pea flour cake冰砖 ice-cream brick豆花 tofu pudding(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮)。

第八轮中美战略经济对话成果 -- :33:19 来源:chinadaily 第八轮中美战略与经济对话6月7日在北京结束中方与美方一道,就两国经济和世界经济中的重点议题,开展了坦诚深入的沟通,双方在经济领域达成了六十多项成果President Xi Jinping meets with US Secretary of State John Kerry. FENG YONGBIN CHINA DAILY请看相关报道:China and the ed States concluded their annual high-level dialogue and yielded a wide range of partnership initiatives on Tuesday, demonstrating their strong will broadening cooperation and managing differences.中美年度高端对话于周二(6月7日)结束,取得了广泛的伙伴合作意向,显示了双方拓展合作,处理分歧的强烈愿望中美战略与经济对话(US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue)是中华人民共和国和美利坚合众国两国间的定期高层对话机制,讨论包括双边、地区和全球政治、战略、安全及经济议题(bilateral, regional and global political, strategic, security, and economic issues)该对话机制是由中国国家主席胡锦涛和美国总统奥巴马年月1日在伦敦会晤时一致同意建立的首轮中美战略与经济对话于年7月7日开幕,次日闭幕对话地点每年在两国首都之间轮换今年的战略与经济对话涉及的议题包括:宏观经济政策(macroeconomic policy)、投资协议(investment treaty)、工业产能过剩(industrial overcapacity)以及贸易纠纷(trade disputes)等【对话成果亮点】1. 双边关系(Bilateral Cooperation)双方决定继续照两国元首达成的共识,拓展合作,缩小分歧,推进中美新型大国关系建设The two sides decided to expand cooperation while narrowing differences in order to promote the building of a new model of relations between China and the ed States, in accordance with the consensus reached by the two Heads of State. 重申共同致力于落实两国两军领导人共识,加强风险管控措施和共同感兴趣领域的务实合作,推进两国国防部门就发展两军关系达成的成果The two sides reaffirm their commitment to implement the consensus reached by their state and military leaders respectively, and advance the outcomes produced between the two defense authorities on promoting military-to-military relations by reducing risk and deepening practical cooperation in areas of mutual interest. 双方决定深化在预防公共腐败和打击跨国贿赂、查找腐败公款、拒绝成为犯罪分子及其资产的避风港、资产返还等领域的合作The two sides decided to deepen cooperation on preventing official corruption and combatting transnational bribery, detecting embezzled public funds, denying safe haven criminals and the proceeds of their crime, and recovering assets. . 应对地区和全球性挑战(Addressing Regional and Global Challenges)谴责一切形式的恐怖主义,决定继续合作应对恐怖组织构成的全球性威胁China and the ed States condemn all ms of terrorism and decided to continue their cooperation to counter the global threat posed by terrorist organizations. 决定加强在亚太事务上的对话,并加强在亚太经合组织、东亚峰会、东盟地区论坛等地区多边机制框架下的合作The two sides decided to intensify their dialogue on Asia-Pacific affairs and to strengthen cooperation in multilateral mechanisms in the region, including APEC, the East Asia Summit, and the ASEAN Regional um.3. 气候变化和能源合作(Cooperation on Climate Change and Energy)基于年3月中美元首气候变化联合声明,重申双方致力于共同努力,并与其他缔约方一道推动《巴黎协定全面实施,包括通过有关的工作计划Building on the March Joint Presidential Statement on Climate Change, China and the ed Statesreiterated their commitment to work together and with others to promote the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement, including through relevant work programs.. 环保合作(Cooperation on Environmental Protection)中国环保部和美国环保局深化了空气质量改善方面的合作The Ministry of Environmental Protection of China ( MEP) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) deepened their cooperation to improve air quality.5. 海洋合作(Maritime Cooperation)重申进一步保护和养护世界海洋的承诺China and the ed States reaffirmed their commitments to further the protection and conservation of the world's ocean. 重申对提高海上专业精神与规范海上行为的承诺China and the ed States reaffirmed their commitment to promoting maritime professionalism and conduct at sea.6. 交通合作(Cooperation on Transportation)为了建立更加有效和安全的航空系统,并认识到中美旅游年倡议,决定加强双方在航空安保方面的合作To further an effective and secure aviation system, and in recognition of the U.S.-China Tourism Year initiative, China and the ed Statesdecided to enhance their cooperation on aviation security. 7. 科技、卫生和农业合作(Cooperation on Science, Technology, Health, and Agriculture)8. 中国同意给予美国500亿元人民币(相当于380亿美元)合格境外投资者的额度,并制定中美各一家符合条件的作为人民币清算行China agreed to grant the US 50 billion yuan ( billion) under the Renminbi Qualified eign Institutional Investor program and assign one qualified bank in each nation as a RMB clearance bank.(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)。

欧洲杯:葡萄牙-0踏平威尔士,冠军就在眼前! -- :18: 来源: 威尔士奇迹被终结了!在里昂的半决赛比赛中,葡萄牙以-0的成绩送威尔士人回家,顺利进入决赛,离冠军只差一步! Chris Coleman’s side entered the biggest game in Welsh football history - at their first major tournament since 1958 - carried by a wave of emotion and optimism after their 3-1 win against Belgium in the quarter-final.主帅克里斯·科尔曼带领这威尔士队在历史上第一次进入到了欧洲杯的比赛--这也是威尔士自1958年以来的第一场大型赛事威尔士队在四分之一决赛中曾以3-1的成绩击败了比利时,当时整球队都弥漫着乐观和积极的情绪The big threat was always going to be Cristiano Ronaldo - and so it proved as his magnificent header broke the deadlock after 50 minutes.对威尔士来说,葡萄牙方面最大的威胁是C罗--而事实也的确是这样,C罗在第50分钟的时候以一记华丽的头球打破了比分僵局Three minutes later, his shot was diverted past Wayne Hennessy in the Wales goal by mer Manchester ed team-mate Nani.三分钟后,尽管C罗的再次射门没进,但是前曼联队友纳尼接过了皮球,在威尔士球门附近打门,绕过了威尔士门将亨内西,为葡萄牙再得一分Wales sorely missed the energy and authority of suspended midfielder Aaron Ramsey - and with Ronaldo overshadowing Real Madrid team-mate Gareth Bale in this game’s crucial battle, a journey that has made a country proud finally reached its conclusion.当威尔士中场拉塞姆被罚下场后,这球队失去了所有的能量和领导者,而且在这场关键的比赛中,他们还要面对C罗卓绝的皇马队友贝尔,这场使得威尔士人无比骄傲的赛事最终也落下了帷幕Portugal will now face hosts France or World Cup winners Germany in Sunday’s final at the Stade de France final in Paris.葡萄牙将在决赛中对阵东道主法国队或者世界杯冠军德国队,决赛将于本周日在巴黎的法兰西体育场举行Wales exit with pride威尔士虽败犹荣The Wales fans have been magnificent at Euro , entering into the spirit of a patchy tournament with the same passion and positive thinking that has epitomised Coleman’s squad.欧洲杯对威尔士球迷来说是无比辉煌的,在每一场赛事中,他们都怀揣着同样的和积极的态度,而这也正是威尔士国家队所代表的精神And as defeat became increasingly inevitable on a steamy night in Lyon, they showed their appreciation what they have seen in these recent weeks with rousing songs and a splash of colour.在里昂这个潮湿的夜晚里,当失败已成必然之时,他们对最近几周所见的表示感谢,威尔士球迷高声唱起了歌曲,看台上变成了一片颜色的海洋Wales may have lost but the manner in which they approached Euro was exemplary and has provided memories that will last a lifetime, especially those second-half goals from Hal Robson-Kanu and Sam Vokes that sank Belgium.威尔士虽然输掉了比赛,但是他们在欧洲杯上表现出来的礼节很有示范意义,他们留下的记忆将流传一生,尤其是击败比利时那场比赛中,卡努和沃克斯在下半场的进球They took the tournament head-on, perhaps only wavering when gripped by the occasion against England in their Group B contest Lens, even then only losing to Daniel Sturridge’s injury-time winner.在本届欧洲杯赛事中,威尔士队势如破竹,仅在B组小组赛对阵英格兰(该场比赛于伦斯举行)输掉了比赛,但即使那个时候英格兰也只是在伤停补时阶段赢了威尔士一球(丹尼尔·斯图里奇进球)The confidence Wales can take away from France will provide the ideal platm their 18 World Cup qualifying campaign, which starts against Moldova in Cardiff in September.威尔士队可以带着自信离开法国,而这份自信将给这“梦之队”在18世界杯资格赛中带来巨大的阻力威尔士将于九月份在加地夫对阵尔多瓦,开启18年世界杯资格赛。

迪拜出炉世界第一间3D打印建筑 -- ::31 来源: 本周,迪拜开放了世界首个3D打印办公室建筑,这个办公室只有一层楼,占地面积50平方米,使用了一台6x36x米的巨型打印机建造,仅耗时天 The world’s first functional 3D printed building was inaugurated in Dubai by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, vice-president and prime minister of the ed Arab Emirates (UAE) and ruler of Dubai, Dubai daily Gulfnews reported on Tuesday.据迪拜《海湾时报星期二报道,阿联酋的实际统治者、副总统兼总理谢赫?穆罕默德主持了世界上首个功能完善的3D打印建筑的开幕礼The 3D printed building is an office space covering up to 50 square metres, with its exterior design reflecting "the most innovative ms of the future workplace," said the report.据悉,这间3D打印办公室占地面积为50平米,其外观设计反映了“未来办公空间的最先进的理念”Innovative features adopted in the office building to reduce energy consumption include window shades protection from direct sunlight and keeping the building cool.办公大楼采用了创新技术以减少能耗,比如设计了百叶窗避免阳光直射,保持室内凉爽The latest technology was used in inmation systems management in the building, said the report, and the design offers space exhibitions and workshops as well as other events.报道说,大楼的信息系统管理也运用了最先进的技术,其设计提供了展示空间,工作室以及其他活动场所A 3D printer measuring feet high, 0 feet long and 0 feet wide was used to print the building. The printer uses an automated robotic arm in the printing process.一台高英尺,长0英尺,宽0英尺的打印机打印出了该建筑打印过程还使用了自动化机器人手臂The office building, located in the Business Bay area, only has one ground floor, surrounded by a small park.这座办公楼只有一层楼,位于商务湾区,被一个小公园环绕The design was conceived with the aim of shifting the traditional work environment in order to improve innovation and communication in the workplace.其设计宗旨是改变传统的工作环境,以提高在工作场所的创新和沟通The 3D printed office building was constructed using a special mixture of cement and a set of building materials designed and made in the UAE and the ed States.这座3D打印办公楼是用水泥和一系列建筑材料的特殊混合物所建成这些材料是在阿联酋和美国设计生产出来的The building materials underwent a range of tests in China and Britain to ensure their reliability, and the arc shape adopted the building is safety purposes as it ensures the building’s stability.为了确保其可靠性,这些建筑材料在中国和英国进行了一系列测试,并且,建筑所采用的弧度也是出于安全考虑,它保了大楼的稳定性。

耻辱:法院竟然拒判凶手死刑! --18 :8:9 来源: 年,美国康涅狄格州发生一起恶性入室行凶案件,屋主几乎被殴打致死,其妻子被奸杀,女儿被活活烧死然而,由于该州法律修改,两名罪大恶极的凶手却能够得以避免死刑对此,该案受害者称其为一个“耻辱” The Connecticut man who lost his wife and daughters in a brutal home invasion in said Wednesday it was ’sad’ one of the killers had his death sentence revoked to comply with new state laws.在美国康涅狄格州,一名男子在年因一场残忍的入室行凶案件失去了他的妻子和女儿然而,由于该州新法律的实行,其中一名凶手得以免除了死刑,对此这名男子觉得很“可悲”Dr. William Petit was tied up in the basement of his New Haven home during the July 3, attack and almost beaten to death. He could only listen as his wife was raped and murdered by Steven Hayes. Petit managed to flee to a neighbor’s home as his daughters perished in the fire Hayes lit.在年7月3日,威廉·皮蒂特士被捆绑在他位于纽黑文家中的地下室里,行凶者攻击了他,并几乎将他殴打致死他的妻子被斯蒂芬·海耶斯奸杀了,而他却只能在一旁听着声响,无能为力海耶斯放火烧死了他的女儿,而他设法逃往了邻居家,最终获救’It is a very sad day when a prolonged trial and decision and sentencing by a jury that took .5 months to seat is overturned by a legislature that ignores the wishes of the people of CT,’ he said in a text message via Twitter on Wednesday.本周三,威廉在推特上发表了一份文本信息,他说道:“这真是可悲的一天,陪审团耗费了个半月的时间来进行审理、定夺和判决,但是却被一个立法机关轻易地推翻了,它忽视了康涅狄格州人民的愿望”He added: ’The insult is compounded by a Supreme Court that rules on not one but cases based on personal opinions and politics and not the law.’他补充说道:“最高法院加剧了这一侮辱,在两起案件中(不只有一起),最高法院的审理都被个人意见和政治所左右,而不是立足于法律”Hayes was sentenced to death in after being convicted of murder, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree sexual assault and other counts.海耶斯在年的时候曾被判死刑,他被控犯有谋杀罪、一级绑架罪、一级性侵罪以及其他项罪名Co-defendant Joshua Komisarjevsky was also sentenced to death in .共同被告人约书亚·科米萨耶夫斯基在年的时候也被判处死刑But in the Connecticut House of Representatives voted to repeal capital punishment, stopping it from being handed out in future cases.但是在年,康涅狄格州众议院投票废除了死刑,在以后的案件中犯人都不会被处死Originally, the people on death row - including Hayes and Komisarjevsky - were still to face execution.原本包括海耶斯和科米萨耶夫斯基在内的名死刑犯仍然将会被处刑But in August last year that was deemed to be ’cruel and unusual punishment’ and their death sentences were commuted.但是在去年8月份的时候,人们认为死刑是“残酷的、不寻常的惩罚”,这些人获得了减刑,不再被处死Hayes’s trial, which ended Wednesday is the first in a series deciding what will be done with those men. Komisarjevsky and the other nine men who were on death row have yet to face theirs.对海耶斯的审判在本周三的时候结束,他是一系列囚犯中第一个被决定如何处置的人科米萨耶夫斯基还其他九名死刑减免囚犯也将面对他们自己的审判Petit and his family declined to make a statement in court, saying they had aly said what needed to be said during the trial, as did Hayes and his public defender Thomas Ullmann.皮蒂特和他的家人拒绝在法庭上做出声明,他们说在法庭上需要说的话已经说完了,就如同海耶斯和他的公共辩护人托马斯·厄尔曼所做的那样,Superior Court judge Jon C. Blue concluded: ’With the gravity of these crimes and the depravity of your character, nothing more needs to be said.’高级法官乔恩·C·布鲁总结道:“鉴于这些罪行的严重性和罪犯人格的丑恶,不需要再多说什么了”He then handed down six consecutive sentences of life without possibility of parole, followed by a total of 1 years Hayes’s crimes.法官对海耶斯下达了六项连续有期徒刑判决,并且不准假释,海耶斯将为其所犯下的罪过承担1年有期徒刑的惩罚。

两万封邮件揭秘希拉里竞选黑幕 美国上演现实版《纸牌屋 --9 :59:0 来源:chinadaily 本周一至周四,美国民主党在费城召开全国党代表大会,希拉里将在会上正式获得总统提名希拉里民调原本一直领先于共和党候选人特朗普,然而一起“邮件门”令大选形势突然改变维基解密日公开了民主党国家委员会(Democratic National Committee,简称DNC)内部绝密的195封邮件和80个附件,揭露了希拉里黑对手、勾结高层内定候选人、涉嫌洗钱和操控媒体等多项丑闻最新民调显示,特朗普已经以8%的持率甩下希拉里3个百分点,此前的民调希拉里一直领先于特朗普被指“偏向希拉里”的民主党全国委员会主席黛比·沃瑟曼·舒尔茨(Debbie Wasserman Schultz)宣布辞职希拉里民主党竞争对手桑德斯的持者称希拉里“偷走了选举(stole the election)”,纷纷游行抗议,警方已拘捕数十人目前,FBI已着手调查此事The FBI is investigating whether Russia was behind a cyber attack on the Democratic Party on the eve of its convention amid suggestions the Kremlin was trying to meddle in the US presidential election. 美国联邦调查局(FBI)正在调查俄罗斯是否与这次针对民主党的网络攻击有关此次网络泄密事件发生在民主党全国代表大会前夜有人认为俄罗斯政府试图干涉美国总统大选Cybersecurity experts said there was evidence the Russian government was linked to the breach which led to ,000 internal emails being published by WikiLeaks. 网络安全专家说有据表明俄罗斯政府与此次维基解密曝光两万份内部电子邮件事件有关The emails showed party officials had plotted behind the scenes to stop socialist candidate Bernie Sanders becoming their nominee, a revelation which threw the convention into turmoil. 邮件内容显示民主党官员幕后操作,试图阻碍伯尼?桑德斯成为党内候选人此次解密使得民主党全国代表大会一片混乱Senior Democrats alleged Russia was trying to destabilise Mrs Clinton to ease Donald Trump's route to the White House because the Kremlin viewed him more favourably. 一些资深民主党员坚称俄罗斯更看好特朗普,所以他们试图动摇希拉里?克林顿的地位,为唐纳德?特朗普竞选之路减少一些阻碍Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said: "There is a consensus among experts that it is indeed Russia that is behind this hack." 克林顿竞选发言人布莱恩?法伦说:“专家们一致认为这次黑客入侵事件是俄罗斯在背后控制”Mr Trump responded: "The new joke in town is that Russia leaked the disastrous Democrat e-mails because Putin likes me." 特朗普回应:“最新的笑话就是因为普京喜欢我,俄罗斯就泄露了这些对民主党来说灾难性的邮件内容”Experts said it appeared to be part of a larger wave of Russian cyber attacks that included ones on the White House and US Department of Justice last year. 专家们表示,这次邮件事件只是俄罗斯更大规模的网络攻击中的一部分,此外还包括去年对白宫和美国司法部的网络攻击Hours bee WikiLeaks published members of the National Security Council and FBI were aly meeting at the White House amid suggestions the Democrats had been hacked. 在维基解密发布邮件内容的前几个小时,在一片“黑客攻击了民主党”的声音中,国家安全委员会和FBI已经在白宫会面It emerged that the hackers had been in the party's system over a year, breaching the s of seven Democrat leaders, and further damaging leaks are expected during the course of the election. 事实明黑客已经在民主党系统中隐藏超过一年,攻破了七个民主党领导的账户在接下来的竞选过程中,将有更多将造成负面影响的信息被披露Donna Brazile, the party's interim chairwoman, said: "I don't know the substance, but I do know there is lots of stuff that we might have to apologise ." 民主党全国委员会临时主席唐娜?布拉齐尔说:“我不知道具体内容,但是里面有很多可能需要我们道歉的内容”An FBI spokesman said: "The FBI is investigating a cyber intrusion involving the Democratic National Committee and are working to determine the nature and scope of the matter.FBI发言人称:“FBI正在调查有关民主党全国委员会的网络入侵事件,并试图对这件事情定性、确定影响范围”Mrs Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta said there was "a kind of bromance going on" between Mr Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin. 希拉里的竞选主席约翰?波德斯塔说在特朗普和俄罗斯总统普京之间有一种“兄弟情”下面我们就来看看这场比《纸牌屋还精的政治斗争都有哪些黑幕一 黑共和党对手川普希拉里团队试图营造“川普当总统是危险的”这一印象? 吐槽川普在国家安全方面的愚蠢宣言:Donald Trump has no eign policy experience and rather than seeking the advice of well-respected experts, Trump relies on his own misinmed ideas and in his own words, on his "good brain." 川普一点从政经验也没有好吗,而且他宁可相信他自己那套错误的方式,也不去咨询专业人士,真是有智商?吐槽川普对女性的蔑视:Trump once said you had to treat women "like s**t" and has spent decades doing so himself by calling women names - "fat pig," "slob," or "bimbo" - and saying a man needs a woman to support him at home rather than always be "griping and bitching." 川普曾经说要把女人当垃圾一样对待,而且几十年一直用粗俗的语言骂女性,还说女人就应该在家好好当丈夫的贤内助(我就不信他对媳妇儿也这样,求梅拉尼娅的心理阴影面积....)? 吐槽川普的各种暴力分裂政策:Trump spouts hateful and dangerous lies about Muslims and called to surveil mosques, to ban Muslims from entering the country. 川普毫不掩饰他对穆斯林的厌恶,而且要对所有的清真寺进行监视,并且禁止穆斯林进入美国Trump called Mexican immigrants "rapists" and criminals and said they brought disease into the country, said you needed to check if Native Americans were "real Indians." 川普管墨西哥移民叫强奸犯和罪犯,说他们会把疾病带到美国他还说,美国原住民是不是印第安人还说不好呢(讲真,他能安全地活到今天真的是不容易)? 吐槽川普在经济方面的不靠谱:Despite his tough talk on trade deals and the loss of American jobs, Donald Trump manufactured his clothing line in countries he rails against, like China and Mexico. 尽管他自己义正言辞地说要控制国际贸易以便解决国内的失业问题, 他自己公司的流水线还不是建在了中国和墨西哥(打脸不,啪啪的!)Dangerous Donald's businesses have repeatedly gone bankrupt, leaving investors, contractors and small businesses holding the bag his disastrous business decisions. 由于他愚蠢的商业决定,他的产业濒临破产,投资方和承包商们也都撤资了,现在就靠一些小事业撑着Economists have actually predicted Trump's policies could start an international trade war and even destabilize the global economy. 经济学家预测川普的一系列政策可能会导致国际贸易战争甚至影响全球经济秩序他们还计划在Craiglist上冒充特朗普发布招聘广告(虽然最后没有实现),要求包括要不许长胖,能忍受性骚扰等等Job requirements: 工作要求:* No gaining weight on the job (we’ll take some “bee” pictures when you start to use later as evidence) 工作期间不许长胖(开始工作前会拍照为)* Must be open to public humiliation and open-press workouts if you do gain weight on the job 如果长胖,必须能接受公开羞辱和高压锻炼* A willingness to evaluate other women’s hotness the boss’ satisfaction is a plus 加分项:愿意评估其他女性对老板而言的性感程度* Should be proficient in lying about age if the boss thinks you’re too old 如果老板觉得你太老,你能不露痕迹地谎报年龄二 黑民主党对手桑德斯民主党内部也是各种算计、陷害邮件还显示民主党内部暗中倒向希拉里一边,而对伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)十分不公? 揪桑德斯的宗教信仰问题在一封主题是“no shit”(废话少说)的邮件中,民主党高层“指示”说应该就宗教信仰问题攻击一下桑德斯信里说: ... KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. 咱能不能在肯塔基州和西弗吉尼亚州安排托逼着桑德斯说出他的宗教信仰?He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I he is an atheist. 他之前说自己是犹太人后裔,但是据我所知他是无神论者My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.” 我在南方浸信会的人可以在犹太人和无神论者这个点上搞出大差别?塑造桑德斯负面形象这封邮件中,DNC成员问他们的公关主任Luis Miranda是否有关于桑德斯的负面描述可以用来做新闻黑他可怜的桑德斯为了民主党大局,表示仍然持希拉里他在费城的集会上表示: Immediately right now, we have got to defeat Donald Trump. And we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. 就是现在,我们必须要击败特朗普我们必须要让希拉里和蒂姆·卡因当选这句话招来持者的嘘声,人们高呼“我们想要的是伯尼”这么深沉的爱不知让伯尼作何感想……伯尼不得不停下来,数次举手示意“brothers and sisters”安静,才能继续说道:This is the real world we live in. Trump is a bully and a demagogue. 这就是我们所生活真实世界而特朗普是欺凌弱小者,是煽动家三 勾结媒体控制舆论邮件显示,DNC和华盛顿邮报、华尔街日报、CNN、MSN、Politico等媒体暗中勾结,制造挺希拉里、黑桑德斯(to boost Hillary Clinton and sandbag Bernie Sanders)的舆论气氛在一封邮件中,Politico的记者Ken Vogel,甚至将一篇关于希拉里的稿件发给DNC宣传秘书审核,邮件主题是:“Per agreement . . . any thoughts appreciated.” 照协定……欢迎指正后者将邮件转发给上司,公关主任Luis Miranda,说:Vogel gave me his story ahead of timebee it goes to his editors as long as I didn’t share it. Let me know if you see anything that's missing and I'll push back. Vogel提前把报道给我了,他的主编也还没看到,只要我不传播出去如果有什么地方漏掉了,告诉我,我转告他在另一封邮件中,民主党公关主任(Luis Miranda)将来自桑德斯竞选团队的一封信件泄露给了华盛顿邮报的记者邮件说: Off the record, you didn’t get this from me. 不许说是从我这里得到的信息民主党内部邮件还曾直接表示要“控制媒体的叙述”I think the best reporter to give the news to ahead of time is Greg Sargent at the Washington Post. But, the specific reporter is not as important as getting it to an outlet bee the news breaks so we can help control the narrative on the front end. 最好是把新闻给《华盛顿邮报的Greg Sargent,不过,更重要的是在消息传开以前就想办法找到一个说法,从前端控制住媒体的叙述四 涉嫌洗钱有多封泄露的邮件指出希拉里勾结民主党委员会进行洗钱活动为了规避筹款上限,希拉里搞了个联合筹款团队胜利基金(Hillary Victory Fund,简称HVF)这个联合筹款基金的意思是,通过这个基金筹的款是民主党竞选人共有的,但事实并非如此希拉里团队曾宣称HVF筹集到数千万美元,这其中只有1%留在了民主党内均分,剩下的绝大多数都流向了希拉里的竞选团队还有邮件显示,希拉里团队准备以政府职位回报捐赠者,如果被实,这将是非常严重的来源:中国日报网双语新闻微信、每日电讯报翻译:王慧雯(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning。

苹果新产品:Apple Watch 绝对不是个没用的东西 -- :35:51 来源: 苹果新产品:Apple Watch 绝对不是个没用的东西   When people say Apple has built things people didn't know they need, it's not really true. Apple has built things that meet the needs people have always had. More than any other consumer company, Apple gets what people really, fundamentally need. That's why announcements like last week's Apple Watch tend to have the cultural impact they do.  当人们谈及苹果品牌,常常说,它制造了一些人们不知道自己需要的产品,其实并非如此苹果早已制造了人们日常所需的产品甚至比其他的产品公司,苹果从人们根本所需的基础上制造产品,正如不久前Apple Watch首发时所标榜的,它正产生着深刻的文化影响力  When we think of needs and products we often go right to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the ubiquitous theory that human needs manifest in a specific sequence, from base survival to the pinnacle of self-actualization. Marketers have spent decades figuring out at what level of Maslow's hierarchy their customers are stuck, and then offering products and marketing that need. Think of Campbell's "Mmm-mmm Good" campaign at one end and Lexus's "Relentless Pursuit of Perfection" at the other. If Maslow was right, brands needed to target a single need, satisfy it well, and be done.  当谈及到人们的生活所需,我们常常都会想到马斯洛需求层次理论,也就是人类在每个阶段的不同需求,从底部最基本的生存需求到顶端的自我实现需求市场营销人员多年来不断进行研究,消费者的需求处于哪个层次,并相应地为人们提供生活所需品试思考,以"嗯…不错"为口号的坎贝尔罐头公司的市场战役和以"不懈地追求完美"为目标的凌志汽车公司是如何不断追求满足消费者需求的如果马斯洛的理论是符合现实的,那么那些著名的品牌就需要重新定位,把目标从人们的基本需求方面制定,做到尽善尽美  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs:马斯洛需求层次理论,也称为基本需求层次理论分别是生理上的需要,安全上的需要,情感和归属的需要,尊重的需要,自我实现的需要和自我超越的需求  ubiquitous,adj.:普遍存在的;无所不在的此处指的是马斯洛所提出的六大需求层次理论,就是人类所普遍存在的需求  pinnacle n. :高峰,顶尖,极点  Campbell:坎贝尔罐头公司  Lexus:雷克萨斯(凌志汽车),日本丰田汽车公司旗下豪华车品牌  But it turns out that Maslow wasn't entirely right. My own research at rester Research has focused on synthesizing a much more complete and empirical description of people's fundamental needs based on research in psychology, economics, and neuroscience. When we talk about human needs, we use four categories:  然而,研究发现马斯洛理论似乎不太符合当今的社会状况笔者在福雷斯特研究公司进行了一项研究,其关注于建立一个关于人们需求的更完整更有说力的理论描述,其中涵盖了心理学,经济学和神经学科方面的知识当我们谈论到人类需求,有四个方面是需要考虑的:  Connection  关联性  Comt  舒适性  Uniqueness  个性化  Variety  多样化  Crucially, we've learned that these needs are not hierarchical. Think of yourself: You don't wake up in the morning and only think about food, then worry about making money, then think about loftier pursuits. Neither your day nor your life unfolds like that. It's messier, because of our adaptive and clever biology. Our hormones, our neurotransmitters, even our gut bacteria cause us to think about base needs like survival and loftier ones like personal fulfillment simultaneously. In fact, they compete with one another our attention, and we prioritize and re-prioritize them on the fly, as context changes.  要注意的是,我们早已明白这些需求并不是最重要的请考虑一下自身情况:早上起床的时候,我们并不会担心没有食物或者无法赚钱养家,那么我们就思考更高层次的需求我们每天的生活都不会以这样的担忧而开始,还有比这更复杂的,因为我们拥有人类天生拥有的适应性和智慧我们的荷尔蒙,神经传递介质,甚至是肠道细菌都会让我们同时思考自身的基本需求,如生存需求和实现自身满足感的更高层次的需求实际上,它们正利用我们的注意力彼此互相抗衡,正如不同的情境变换,我们把它们多次不断更改优先的位置  lofty adj.:崇高的,高级的此处loftier pursuits,更高层次的需求,指的是精神层面的追求  neurotransmitter ['n?rotr?nzm?t?], n.:神经递质  Apple's understanding of this is what sets it apart when it comes to launching market-changing products, including the newly announced Apple Watch. Apple doesn't lock into one need on the hierarchy (soup that satisfies hunger, or perfect luxury car), but instead builds and markets products that connect on all four of the human needs that we're grappling with constantly. Let's use the Apple Watch as an example:  苹果公司根据其对于人类需求的理解,在市场变动的情况下推广产品的时候,包括Apple Watch,把这两个概念分离开来苹果公司并不局限优先满足某一个需求(生理需求还是精神需求),相反地,它制造和推广符合人们不断挣扎的四大需求的新产品,下面就以Apple Watch为例,给大家分析苹果公司是如何的独领风骚。

邓布利多当选最佳模范教师 -- ::7 来源: 邓布利多当选最佳模范教师From Dumbledore to Yoda, what makes a good teacherThis academic year students will be motivated by inspirational teachers. But which teacher characters from fiction and popular culture inspire real life teachers?新学年开始了,循循善诱的老师将给学生带来鼓舞那么,小说和流行文化塑造的哪些教师角色能给现实中的老师带来启发呢?According to a Times Education Supplement survey of 1,0 educators, two characters from the Harry Potter series grabbed prominent places in education's 50 favourite fictional teachers.《泰晤士报教育增刊调查了00名教育工作者后发现,50个最受教育界欢迎的虚构教师角色中,哈利波特(Harry Potter)系列中的两个人物名列前茅Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, topped the poll. "Albus Dumbledore was never proud or vain; he could find something to value in anyone, however apparently insignificant or wretched. That he was the most inspiring and the best loved of all Hogwarts headmasters cannot be in question," Elphias Doge said of Dumbledore in his obituary.霍格沃茨魔法学校的校长阿不思·邓布利多在投票中名列榜首埃菲亚斯·多吉在邓布利多的讣告中写道:“阿不思·邓布利多从不骄傲自负,他可以从任何一个人那里获益,但是那都是卑劣和毫无意义的他是霍格沃茨有史以来最鼓舞人心和受人爱戴的校长,这一点毋庸质疑”In second place was beloved Miss Jennifer Honey from the Roald Dahl classic Matilda. "She was a mild and quiet person who never raised her voice and was seldom seen to smile, but there is no doubt she possessed that rare gift being adored by every small child under her care," wrote Dahl.位列第二的是罗尔德·达尔的经典之作《玛蒂尔达中深受人们喜爱的詹妮弗·亨尼达尔写道:“她性情温和,平时不大讲话,即使说话也从不提高声音,也不常笑,但毫无疑问的是,任何一个在她的爱护下成长起来的小孩都会非常喜欢她,她就是拥有这样罕见的天赋”And the students" adoration of her transms them into willing learners. On the first day of school, only a few of students could spell "cat". With Miss Honey's exceptional teaching prowess, by Thursday of the first week, even one of the classes' weaker students, Prudence, could spell "difficulty" without any difficulty.孩子们都很喜欢她,自然也有了学习的动力开学第一天,只有几个学生能拼出“猫”这个单词,但亨尼教学水平高超,到了第四天,连普鲁登斯这个班里学得较慢的学生也能毫不费力地拼出“困难”这个单词And in complete contrast, tough-but-fair Professor Minerva McGonagall, head of Gryffindor House and deputy headmistress also at Hogwarts, placed third on the list.与上述两位截然相反的是严厉却不偏心的米勒娃·麦格教授,她是格兰芬多学院的院长和霍格沃茨代理校长,在票选中位列第三Fourth was John Keating, played by the late Robin Williams in the film Dead Poets Society, who inspired students through poetry. In direct contrast to the school goal of preparing students college, Keating taught his students that occupations were noble pursuits to sustain life, but passion is the reason to live. He encouraged his students to look at things differently when they thought they knew something. "Even though it may seem silly, or wrong, you must try," he advised.排名第四的是在电影《死亡诗社中的约翰·基廷,由已故罗宾·威廉姆斯扮演,他以诗歌鼓舞学生与校方让学生们备战考试、进入大学的目标截然相反,基廷教育学生们,工作固然是维持生活的崇高追求,但才是生而为人的根本原因他鼓励学生们以另一种眼光看待熟悉的事物他建议道:“尽管这样可能让你看起来很蠢,或者根本就是错的,但你必须得尝试”In the book Keeping Good Teachers, Mark Goldberg offers observations about the key characteristics of great teachers. These fictional teachers who have endeared all exemplified the qualities of "willingness to put in the necessary time", a "love the age group they teach" and an "in-depth content knowledge".马克·高柏格在他的《留住好老师一书中提出了优秀教师的几个重要特质这些深受欢迎的教师角色都展示出了几个特质:“愿意投入必要的时间”、“喜爱自己的学生”,以及“学科知识渊”Now, whom do I consider the most inspirational of all fictional teachers? Without a doubt, Yoda, the Jedi master from Star Wars. Great teachers are unique. They transcend race, nationality and species.那么,在我看来,在所有虚构的教师角色中,哪一个才是最循循善诱的呢?当然非尤达莫属了,他是《星球大战中的绝地大师优秀的教师是独一无二的,他们早就超越了种族、国籍和物种的局限Yoda"s key teachings are lessons a lifetime: "A Jedi uses the ce knowledge and defence, never attack"; "Adventure, excitement - a Jedi craves not these things"; and "Unlearn what you have learned", because old habits preclude new learning.尤达最重要的教义让人终生受益“一个绝地武士要利用原力获取知识、自我防卫,而不是主动进攻”、“冒险、刺激——这些都不是绝地武士所渴望的”、“忘掉以前所学的吧,”因为老习惯总会妨碍你学习新知识However, Yoda's most memorable e is one of the last he gives to the young Luke Skywalker. It is especially invaluable to students as they begin this academic year. If they want to succeed, they need to give their best. "Do. Or do not. There is no try."而尤达流传最广的名言是他留给年轻的卢克·天行者(Luke Skywalker)的最后几句话这对开启新学年的学生们来说尤为珍贵要想成功,就要拼尽全力“要么做,要么不做没有尝试这一说Vocabularyobituary: 讣告prowess: 杰出才能endear: 使……受欢迎英文来源:南华早报译者:Estelle89。