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China#39;s four sacred Buddhist mountains have become hot topics in social media this week, but not because of religion. 中国四大佛教名山上周成为社交媒体热议的话题,不过这一次和宗教无关。 Or rather, it was because of religion and business. 或者更确切地说,这是因为宗教和商业绑到了一块儿。 Mount Putuo Tourism Development Co., founded by three local tourism companies based in Zhoushan of southern China, said on Saturday that it plans to go public in two years, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency. The company, which operates the tourism facilities around the mountain, aims to raise at least 7.5 billion yuan, or about .18 billion, Xinhua said. 据新华社报道,由浙江舟山三家当地旅游公司共同出资组建的普陀山旅游发展股份有限公司6月30日表示,该公司争取在两年内上市。新华社说,该公司运营着普陀山周围的旅游设施,它计划通过上市至少筹资人民币75亿元。 ;The Buddhist associations and all the temples in this area will not be included into the listing project,; Mao Jiantao, the company#39;s general manager, told Xinhua. ;Their operations will not be affected.; 普陀山旅游发展股份有限公司总经理毛剑涛对新华社说,佛教协会、各大寺院仍然属于佛协系统,与上市主体是两条线,佛协原来怎么运作将来还怎么运作 ;We think the tourism industry of Mount Putuo needs better marketing, and going public can help to boost its publicity,; said Mr. Mao. 毛剑涛说,普陀山的旅游业也需要营销,上市可以扩大知名度。 Mount Putuo officials didn#39;t respond to a request for comment. 普陀山负责人没有回复记者的置评请求。 Mount Putuo, which is about 20 miles from the coastline and is sometimes called ;Buddhist heaven above sea,; is considered one of China#39;s four Buddhist mountains - the jingtu, or ;pure lands,; for Buddhists. It has several well-known Buddhist temples and is also among top-tier national scenic areas in China. Xinhua said it had five million visitors last year. 普陀山距大陆海岸线约有20英里(约合32公里),有时也被称作“海天佛国”,是中国四大佛教名山之一。佛教名山可谓是佛教净土。普陀山有多座知名的佛教寺庙,同时也是国家5A级旅游风景区。新华社说,去年其客流量超过500万人次。 It wouldn#39;t be the first of the four mountains to be listed. Mount E#39;mei Tourism Development Co., based in western China#39;s Sichuan province, went public in October 1997. 普陀山并非四大佛教名山中第一个考虑上市的。早在1997年10月,位于中国西部四川省的峨眉山旅游股份有限公司就已经成功上市。 The other two have ambitions to list as well. Officials in the news office of Mountain Wutai, another prominent Buddhist mountain in China#39;s western Shanxi province, told Xinhua that their company had been preparing to go public since 2010 and would be listed before the end of this year. They plan to form a company called Mount Wutai Investment Co. 另外两座佛教名山也有上市的雄心。佛教名山五台山位于中国西部的山西省,五台山新闻办主任告诉新华社,2010年五台山开始筹备上市,预计2012年底前完成五台山上市前期准备工作。他们计划成立一家名叫五台山投资股份有限公司的企业。 Mount Jiuhua Tourism Development Co., which oversees Mount Jiuhua, in China#39;s Anhui province, didn#39;t succeed in its efforts of going public in 2004 and 2009. But it is trying for a third time, and its IPO application is now under consideration of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. 而管理九华山景区的安徽九华山旅游发展股份有限公司更是2004年以及2009年两次都未通过中国券监督管理委员会发行审核委员会的上市审核。该公司目前正在进行第三次尝试。中国监会目前正在考虑其首次公开募股(IPO)申请。 It#39;s unclear how far these plans will go. Liu Wei, deputy director of China#39;s State Administration for Religious Affairs, said in a press conference last month that the agency would object to local tourism development firms that try to exploit religious resources. ;Temples are non-profit organizations,; he said in comment on the administration#39;s website.;Developing a market economy should have its boundaries and not go below the social bottom line.; 上述上市方案能走多远目前尚不清楚。中国国家宗教事务局副司长刘威上个月在一次新闻发布会上说,如果当地旅游开发公司试图利用宗教资源,该局将持反对意见。他在宗教事务局官方网站上刊登的一篇文章中说,宗教活动场所是民间非营利组织,市场经济是有边界的,要符合社会底线。 Public reaction has been largely negative. ;Without its religion reputation, how can Mountain Putuo attract visitors at all?; said the director of the recruitment office of a Buddhism college in Hangzhou, who goes by the Buddhist monastic name of Master Xinwu, on his verified Weibo account. Citing the Buddha associated with compassion, ;I cannot imagine paying tribute to Kwan-yin in a listed company,; he said. 中国公众大多对佛教名山上市持负面看法。杭州佛学院招生办的负责人心悟法师在他的新浪微认账户说,没有佛教内涵的名山,普陀山拿什么来吸引游客?在提到观音菩萨的时候,他的语气充满了感情。他说:没有想到,拜观音还要拜到股份公司去。 ;China#39;s Buddhist mountains have been involved in this commercialization wave one by one. We can expect to see the Taoism mountains be dragged into this wave soon,; Yan Can, vice chairman of Buddhism Association of Henan Province in north China, said on his Weibo account. ;It will be a moral tragedy for everyone.; 中国河北省佛教协会副会长延参法师在新浪微上说:佛教名山卷入这个经营大潮,可以想的到,不远的后来,道教的名山将无一幸免。他还指出,对每个人来说这都将是道德的悲哀。 ;Religious places should never go public,; says Xue Manzi, a prominent Chinese investor in his Weibo account. ;Capital markets have developed for hundreds of years in western countries, but has anyone ever heard of a church going public?;中国知名天使投资人薛蛮子说,宗教场所不应上市,西方资本市场发展了几百年,谁听说把教堂上市的事儿? /201207/189912Melbourne: So lovely. So... livable. 墨尔本:如此怡人。如此……宜居。 Every year, the Economist Intelligence releases a list of 140 cities and ranks them in terms of their #39;livability.#39; For the third year running, Melbourne has topped the list, edging out Vienna and Vancouver. In fact, there was so little change in this year#39;s rankings that only 13 of all the surveyed cities changed their scores over the past six months, while the rankings of the top 10 cities remained exactly the same as last year. 每年,经济学人智库(Economist Intelligence )都会发布一份包含140个城市的榜单,按照“宜居度”对其进行排名。墨尔本连续第三年夺冠,排在其后的是维也纳和温哥华。实际上,今年的榜单与此前几乎没有什么变化,受调查的全部城市中只有13座城市过去六个月的得分出现了变化,而排在前10位的城市排名与去年一模一样。 Using both qualitative and quantitative measures, the rankings rate #39;relative comfort#39; for more than 30 factors across five categories: stability, healthcare, education, infrastructure, and culture and environment. The final scores are calculated as a percentage ranging from 1 (#39;intolerable#39;) to a perfect score of 100 (#39;ideal#39;). 使用定性及定量分析方法,该排行榜对五大类中的30多个因素进行了“相对舒适度”评估。这五大类是:稳定性、医疗、教育、基础设施、文化和环境。最终得分从1(“无法忍受”)到满分100(“理想城市”)。 Tellingly, in addition to being ranked in relation to other cities on the list, they#39;re also ranked relative to New York - a city that everyone, apparently, has an opinion on. 很明显,从榜单上,既可以看出一座城市相对于其他城市的排名,也可以看出相对于纽约的排名。纽约这座城市貌似每个人都对其有着自己的看法。 So which cities came closest to #39;ideal#39;? Take a look at the top 10: 那么哪些城市最接近“理想城市”呢?以下为榜单中的前10名: 1. Melbourne, Australia (97.5) 1. 澳大利亚墨尔本 (97.5) 2. Vienna, Austria (97.4) 2. 奥地利维也纳 (97.4) 3. Vancouver, Canada (97.3) 3. 加拿大温哥华 (97.3) 4. Toronto, Canada (97.2) 4. 加拿大多伦多 (97.2) 5. Calgary, Canada (96.6) 5. 加拿大卡尔加里 (96.6) 5. Adelaide, Australia (96.6) 5. 澳大利亚阿德莱德 (96.6) 7. Sydney, Australia (96.1) 7. 澳大利亚悉尼 (96.1) 8. Helsinki, Finland (96.0) 8. 芬兰赫尔辛基 (96.0) 9. Perth, Australia (95.9) 9. 澳大利亚珀斯 (95.9) 10. Auckland, New Zealand (95.7) 10. 新西兰奥克兰 (95.7) Half of the cities are in Australia and New Zealand, three are in Canada, and two are in Europe. The common denominators: They#39;re all medium-size cities in prosperous countries, with relatively low population densities. 其中一半的城市位于澳大利亚和新西兰,三座位于加拿大,两座位于欧洲。它们的共同点是:都是富裕国家中的中型城市,人口密度相对较低。 It#39;s an equation that leads to low crime rates, functional infrastructure and plenty of recreational activities for residents. So, while laid-back Melbourne may lack the glitter and verve of, say, Paris (No. 16, with 94.8 percentage points), Tokyo (No. 18, with 94.7), London (No. 55, with 87.2) or New York (No. 56, with 86.6), it trumps all of them in terms of crime, congestion and public transport (though commuters on the Myki might beg to differ). 这样的城市犯罪率低,基础设施完善,居民活动丰富。所以,悠闲的墨尔本也许缺少巴黎(排名第16,得分94.8)、东京(排名第18,得分94.7)、伦敦(排名第55,得分87.2)或纽约(排名第56,得分86.6)等城市的绚烂活力,但在犯罪率、交通通畅和公共交通方面更胜一筹。 Does that mean non-Melbournians should all pack up and decamp to Australia#39;s most livable metropolis? Not necessarily. 这是否意味着非墨尔本人都应该打好行李,移居到澳大利亚最宜居的都市里?不一定。 #39;I find Melbourne a really boring town, so more livable means really dull,#39; a male police officer in Sydney told us, though he wouldn#39;t give his name because he was working undercover in a park. 悉尼的一位男警察对我们说,我发现墨尔本是一个非常无聊的城市,所以更宜居意味着无聊透顶。不过他不愿透露自己的姓名,因为他当时正在一个公园里便装执行任务。 #39;I live in Sydney because it#39;s interesting, not because it#39;s comfortable,#39; he added. (Note to ers: We checked his badge, and he#39;s the genuine article.) 他还说,我住在悉尼,因为这里有趣,而不是因为这里舒适。(读者请注意:我们查验了他的警徽,他确实是名警察。) Though the top 10 cities in the EIU#39;s rankings may be pleasant and easy to live in, they#39;re not high on most people#39;s lists of top cities to visit (for that, see Bangkok). After all, they can hardly be described as dynamic. Before Melbourne assumed the No. 1 ranking, it was Vancouver that came out on top - a spot it occupied for almost a decade owing to the fact that as a city, it#39;s incredibly stable. 尽管经济学人智库发布的排行榜上排在前10位的城市可能舒适怡人,适宜居住,但在大部分人的旅行目的地城市名单中它们排名并不靠前(有关热门旅游城市,请参看有关曼谷的这篇文章)。毕竟,这些城市很难说有什么动态变化。在墨尔本夺冠之前,温哥华曾位居榜首。温哥华这座城市凭借其令人难以置信的稳定程度,占据榜首将近10年。 The question is, do you want to live in a livable ( #39;tolerable#39;) city or a dynamic one? The answer is entirely personal. Big cities like Tokyo, London and New York suffer in the rankings because of higher crime rates and overburdened infrastructure, dragging down perceptions of how #39;comfortable#39; they are. Yet when it comes to recreational offerings - including nightlife, culture and entertainment - they#39;re hard to beat. 问题是,你是希望住在一个宜居(背后的意思是“可忍受的”)城市还是一个动态变化的城市?完全因人而异。东京、伦敦和纽约等大城市由于高犯罪率和负担过重的基础设施而拖累了人们对其“舒适度”的感受,因此排名靠后。然而,在包括夜生活、文化和等消遣活动方面,它们是别的城市难以匹敌的。 Of course, where you live can be unstable or downright dangerous - which brings us to the lower rankings on the list. Below are the 10 least livable cities according to the report, bearing in mind that it was designed to cover cities that people might want to live in or travel to (which is why you won#39;t find Kabul or Baghdad mentioned): 当然,你住的城市可能不稳定,甚至非常危险,排名靠后的城市正是如此。以下为报告中评出的10座最不宜居的城市,需要注意的是报告意在评估的是人们可能希望居住或游览的城市(正因为如此,榜单中没有提到喀布尔或巴格达): 131. Tehran, Iran (45.8) 131. 伊朗德黑兰 (45.8) 132. Douala, Cameroon (43.3) 132. 喀麦隆杜阿拉 (43.3) 133. Tripoli, Libya (41.7) 133. 利比亚的黎波里 (41.7) 134. Karachi, Pakistan (40.9) 134. 巴基斯坦卡拉奇 (40.9) 134. Algiers, Algeria (40.9) 134. 阿尔及利亚阿尔及尔 (40.9) 136. Harare, Zimbabwe (40.7) 136. 津巴布韦哈拉雷 (40.7) 137. Lagos, Nigeria (38.9) 137. 尼日利亚拉各斯 (38.9) 137. Port Moresby, PNG (38.9) 137. 巴布亚新几内亚莫尔斯比港 (38.9) 139. Dhaka, Bangladesh (38.7) 139. 孟加拉国达卡 (38.7) 140. Damascus, Syria (38.4) 140. 叙利亚大马士革 (38.4) The biggest downward trend was for cities in China due to unrest across the country. Everything from labor disputes to anti-Japanese protests prompted a decline in the livability rankings for Chinese cities overall, cancelling out improvements in other factors that would have otherwise boosted their positions on the list. As a result, 13 cities are at the very bottom tier of livability, with ratings below 50%. 排名下滑幅度最大的是中国的城市,原因是该国各地的不稳定状态。从劳动纠纷到反日抗议等各种问题导致中国城市整体宜居度排名下滑,抵消了其他因素得分上升可能带来的排名上升。结果是,中国有13座城市在宜居度方面排名在后50%梯队。 Between the two poles of the spectrum are plenty of cities considered highly livable, whether their defining qualities are convenience, ease and comfort, or energy, soul and grit. The report points out that more than a third of the cities in the rankings fall within the #39;highest tier of livability,#39; with No. 1 (Melbourne) through No. 64 (Santiago, Chile) considered #39;broadly comparable#39; despite more than 16 percentage points between them. 处于最宜居和最不宜居这两极之间,有很多被认为是非常宜居的城市,无论是在便利性、悠闲和舒适性,还是活力方面。该报告指出,榜单中有三分之一以上的城市处于“宜居度最高等级”,第一名(墨尔本)到第64名(智力 地亚哥)被认为是“大体差不多”,尽管墨尔本与 地亚哥之间有着16%以上的分差。 That may be why these rankings are such a heated source of debate. Embedded within the rankings are micro-rankings, in which cities with longtime rivalries pit themselves against each other: Hong Kong versus Singapore, for instance, or Melbourne versus Sydney (see above). 或许正因为如此,这份榜单引发了激烈的争论。榜单之中还有小榜单,素为对手的城市相互较量:比如,香港与新加坡,或墨尔本与悉尼。 What makes a city livable? Would you want to live in the world#39;s most comfortable city, or the world#39;s most dynamic and interesting? 决定一座城市宜居的要素是什么?你愿意住在全球最舒适的城市,还是最富变化、最有趣的城市? /201309/255240He was shunned by his feathered family when he was just days old. Now, this ugly duckling has found an unlikely father figure to replace them, Barrie Hayman.  据英国《每日邮报》9月9日报道,出生没几天,它就被家族遗弃了。而如今,这只丑小鸭找到了一个代替它亲人位置的“别样”爸爸——巴里 海曼。   The fairytale friendship was forged when Mr. Hayman rescued the distressed duck, named Star, from his incubator.  他们之间的这段童话般的友谊始于海曼先生从孵化器中解救出这只名叫“星星”的可怜小鸭子。  He noticed Star was panicked when he started doing a manic "waddling dance" in an attempt to escape his hostile siblings.  他发现星星时,它正恐惧又狂躁地跳着“鸭步舞”,试图躲避那些对它怀有敌意的兄弟们。 But Mr. Hayman says he knew Star was different, so he plucked the baby duckling out of the incubator and took him home.  但是海曼先生说,他看出了星星的与众不同,所以就从孵化器中抱出了这只鸭宝宝,把它领回家了。  Since then, the Indian Runner duck has become inseparable from 65-year-old Mr. Hayman.  从那以后,这只印度跑鸭与65岁的海曼先生就成了形影不离的好朋友。 The 11-week-old bird follows him everywhere, from the pub to the supermarket, and even watches the rugby with him.  不论他走到哪,这只11周大的鸭子都跟着他,从酒吧到超市,甚至还和他一起观看橄榄球比赛。 He said:"When he was younger, I would put him in my pocket while I did my shopping. Now he's bigger, he happily waits in the foyer of my local Tesco as I nip in. He's not fazed at all." Mr. Hayman, who used to teach scuba diving in Australia, began doing a job of looking after ducks six years ago.  海曼先生曾在澳大利亚当过轻便潜水教练,6年前开始从事照看鸭子的工作。他说:“在它还小的时候,我逛超市时就把它放在我的口袋里。现在它长大了,所以当我进去购物时,它就守在我们那儿乐购超市的大厅里,自得其乐,一点也不慌乱。” "He comes to the pub, where everyone loves him and we'll be watching his first world cup together next week," he said.  他说:“它去酒吧,所有人都喜欢它,下周我们还要一起看世界杯,它长这么大,这还是头一回呢。” Star now has a Facebook page, under the name Star Hayman, which lists his favorite books as The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck, Animal Farm and Charlotte's Web.  现在,星星还有了脸谱主页,名叫“星星 海曼”。上面列举了它最喜欢的书,有《杰米玛鸭的故事》、《动物农场》和《夏洛特的网》。 "He is 11 weeks old now and going through the ugly duckling stage, but I know he will be magnificent soon,"Mr. Hayman said.  海曼先生说:“它现在11周了,还是只丑小鸭,但是,我相信它很快就会华丽变身的。” /201109/153538

German Novelist Mueller Wins Literature Nobel PrizeRomanian-born German novelist Herta Mueller was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature, praised for her portraits of life behind the Iron Curtain.Mueller, whose body of work is heavily influenced by her life in Romania under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaucescu, is the 12th woman to win the prize and the first German-speaking author since 2004, when Austrian playwright Elfriede Jelinek was the recipient.Announcing the award in Stockholm, the Swedish Academy hailed her depictions of 'the landscape of the dispossessed' with a 'the concentration of poetry and the frankness of prose.''I am very surprised and still can not believe it,' Ms. Müller said in a statement released by her publisher in Germany, according to the Associated Press. 'I can't say anything more at the moment.'Born in Romania in 1953, Mueller grew up there as part of a German speaking minority. Her father had served in the Waffen SS during World War II, and her mother was one of many Germans deported to the Soviet Union in 1945. Her latest novel 'Atemschaukel,' published this year, depicts the exile of German Romanians in the Soviet Union.Though Mueller left Romania for Germany in 1987, she continued to wrestle with the themes of oppression and exile in her novels and poems. Her novel 'The Appointment,' published in the U.S. in 2001, portrays a young woman working in a clothes factory during Ceausescu's regime. 'Der Fuchs war damals schon der Jauml;ger,' published in 1992, and 1999's 'The Land of the Green Plums' also offer portraits of the daily life in a soulless dictatorship. /200910/86134

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