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Each year as monsoon rains sweep their way over Thailand, tens of thousands of teenage boys shave their heads and are ordained as Buddhist monks in a traditional rite of passage. 每年雨季,雨水普降泰国之时,会有成千上万年轻男孩在传统的成人礼上,接受剃度,到寺院修行一段时间。 Some find their life#39;s vocation during the few weeks they spend in the monastery, and they become full-time monks. 其中一些人会在修行期间受到感化,终身皈依佛门。 Others post s of themselves on YouTube, as they play air guitar to hard-rock tracks like Yngwie Malmsteen#39;s #39;Iron Clad,#39; or recite religious chants to thumping hip-hop beats. 还有一些小沙弥则将一些搞怪的视频上传到了YouTube上。在视频中,他们要么假装手握吉他疯狂弹奏硬摇滚,好像在模仿英格威#8226;玛姆斯汀(Yngwie Malmsteen)弹奏“铁甲衣”(Iron Clad)的样子,要么就是用西方的嘻哈调子吟诵佛经。 The Buddhist faith practiced by more than 90% of Thailand#39;s population is going through something like culture shock as the country quickly modernizes alongside East Asia#39;s other booming economies. With more Thais going online, often through mobile phones, some of the country#39;s novice monks are becoming online media stars, jarring an older generation that doesn#39;t quite know what to make of it all. 泰国90%以上的人口都信仰佛教,但与其他东亚国家一样,随着经济的蓬勃发展,社会生活日益现代化,泰国的佛教文化开始受到冲击。在泰国,网民越来越多,手机上网也越发普遍,一些年轻僧人正在成为网络明星,令不明就里的老一辈们难以理解。 #39;Technology is advancing very quickly and we can#39;t keep up,#39; said Phra Kasem Sanyato, secretary of the Buddhism Protection Center of Thailand, a watchdog for religious affairs. #39;The younger generation is losing respect,#39; added 48-year-old Pornpun Kaewbundit, as she emerged from a temple in Bangkok#39;s historic old town recently. 负责监察佛教事务的泰国佛教保护中心(Buddhism Protection Center of Thailand)的秘书长Phra Kasem Sanyato说,“科技日新月异,我们都落伍了。”现年48岁的Pornpun Kaewbundit最近去了曼谷老城区的一座寺庙,出来的时候她说道,“年轻一代对信仰不那么看重了。” Besides rocking out to Mr. Malmsteen, who was born in Sweden and lives in Florida, some monks film themselves playing pranks on other novices or shouting out lyrics to the likes of Thailand#39;s heavy-metal band Bodyslam. They often use deodorant sticks or whatever else is at hand as stand-ins for microphones. Brooms often double as guitars.除了模仿在瑞典出生、目前定居美国佛罗里达州的摇滚明星英格威#8226;玛姆斯汀,一些年轻僧侣还把他们捉弄同伴或者大声翻唱泰国重金属乐队Bodyslam的歌曲的镜头拍摄下来放到网上。他们常常随手拿起一瓶香体露或类似的东西充当麦克风,扫帚则常常被用来充当吉他。 The clips are quickly becoming a genre of their own on YouTube and other sites, with some users taking one clip and remixing it with fresh backing music. The result: mash-ups of monks with shaved heads cavorting about in wigs to Dead or Alive#39;s 1980s hit #39;You Spin Me Round (Like A Record).#39; 这种内容在YouTube和其他视频网站上迅速风靡,自成一体。一些人还会把其中某个视频剪辑一下,加入新的背景音乐,混搭出不同的风格。例如,你会看到:一群光头僧人披着假发,嬉闹着在翻唱Dead or Alive乐队八十年代的流行经典“你让我(如唱片般)旋转”(You Spin Me Round (Like A Record))。 Monks old enough to know better are getting caught up in the excitement, too. 就连一些年纪稍长的僧侣也受到了影响。 Phra Klairung Rujidhammo was recently catapulted to national fame when he was filmed performing suggestive dance moves, known here as coyote dancing after the film #39;Coyote Ugly#39; set in a New York dance-bar. Phra Klairung, a chunky temple secretary in his mid-forties, quickly apologized after the clip went viral, explaining that he was trying to cheer people up after flooding hit the area around his temple in northern Bangkok. 四十多岁的寺院住持Phra Klairung Rujidhammo最近引起举国侧目,因为在一段被传到网上的视频中,身材矮胖的他模仿好莱坞电影《女狼俱乐部》(Coyote Ugly),做出了一些富有挑逗性的舞蹈动作。这部影片事发后,Phra Klairung Rujidhammo迅速出面道歉,解释称自己只是因为洪水袭击了曼谷北部其寺院周边的地区,希望让民众乐观一些才这么做的。 His superiors gave him a two-week suspension, and Phra (Phra is a religious title) Klairung is back collecting food offerings and other alms from the local community each morning. 因为此事,Phra Klairung Rujidhammo(Phra是一种宗教头衔)被停职两周,现在他已经复职,每天早上都到附近居民区募化乞食。 Some Thais, though, fear that the Buddhist clergy#39;s standards are slipping. They are urging Thais to be a little less tolerant than the country#39;s image as a magnet for night-clubbers and sun-seekers might suggest. 一些泰国民众开始担心,佛教僧侣的行为准则变得太过宽松。他们呼吁国家在这个问题上不应过于宽容,就像任由泰国给人留下夜店族和寻欢者乐园的印象一样。 Bangkok jeweler Acharavadee Wongsakon, for instance, on June 30 led a procession of several hundred protesters through the city#39;s famous Chatuchak weekend market and the Khao San Road backpacker district to persuade Thais and foreign tourists to show more respect. That includes avoiding getting inked up with Buddhist tattoos. 例如,曼谷女珠宝商Acharavadee Wongsakon在6月30日组织了一场有数百人参与的示威游行。游行队伍穿过曼谷著名的Chatuchak周末市场和考山路(Khao San Road)背包客区,沿途向泰国民众和外国游客呼吁要尊重佛教,包括不要在身上弄与佛教有关的纹身。 Accompanied by ornate floats and banners saying #39;No#39; to the Disney movie #39;Snow Buddies,#39; which features a dog named Buddha, Ms. Acharavadee silenced the normally raucous backpackers who frequent the area as she and her followers made their way past bars with names such as Lucky Beer and the Lava Lounge. 当Acharavadee Wongsakon一行带着花车和打着对迪斯尼电影《雪兄弟》(Snow Buddies)说“不”的横幅走过Lucky Beer、Lava Lounge等众多酒吧门前时,平常喧闹的背包客(这里的常客)都沉默了下来。在电影《雪兄弟》中,有只的名字叫作“佛陀”(Buddha)。 #39;I think they have a point,#39; whispered 23-year-old Carla Bennett from Canada, who was getting her hair braided at a street stall at the side of the road. #39;Maybe they are tired of people stomping over what they believe in.#39; 游行队伍经过时,23岁的加拿大游客卡拉#8226;贝内特(Carla Bennett)正在一个路边摊上编头发,她低声说,“我觉得他们这么做有一定道理。也许他们受够了别人对他们的信仰的随意践踏。”During a breather between parades, Ms. Acharavadee complained that some Thais regard Buddhism as little more than a detail listed on their national identity cards. #39;The Internet is compounding the problem. People are spending less time studying Buddhism, and they are missing its message,#39; she said. 在游行间歇,Acharavadee Wongsakon抱怨道,一些泰国人对佛教的认知不过就是其国民身份上的宗教信仰信息而已。“而互联网令这个问题更加严重,人们研习佛教的时间更少了,越来越难领会佛教的启示。” Another source of worry in religious circles is the fact that Thais are having fewer children than they used to as more families move from farms to the country#39;s cities. Thai women now have an average of 1.5 children, down from more than six in the 1960s. That means fewer teenagers are ordained as novices. All Thai Buddhist males generally get ordained at some point in their lives, though most often in their teenage years and sometimes earlier. 宗教界担心的另一个问题是,随着越来越多家庭从农村移居到城市,泰国的生育率也越来越低。现在的泰国妇女平均生育1.5个孩子,而上个世纪六十年代是六个以上。这意味着出家为僧的青少年越来越少了。一般情况下,泰国所有男性佛教徒在其一生当中都会接受剃度,到寺院修行一段时间,最常见的是在十几岁的时候,也有几岁就剃度的。 Some Buddhists are fighting fire with fire by turning to reality television shows and the Internet to revive interest in Buddhist teachings. Thai cable network True Corp. this year began airing a live, rolling documentary about the lives of nine novice monks ordained at a temple in eastern Bangkok. Snappily titled #39;Novice Monks Cultivate Dharma Wisdom,#39; it was a surprise hit. 有些佛教徒则“借力用力”,通过真人秀电视节目和互联网吸引人们重新关注佛教教义。泰国有线网络公司True Corp.今年就开播了一部真人秀纪录片,分多集介绍了曼谷东部一座寺庙里九名小沙弥的真实生活情况。这部纪录片叫作《参悟佛法的小沙弥》(Novice Monks Cultivate Dharma Wisdom),收视率出乎意料地好。 One fan, 64-year-old Wallapa Chairat, says she gets up at 5:30 each morning to watch the young monks go around collecting alms. One day she got out of bed at 4 a.m. and left her house in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok to offer food to the young monks herself. 64岁的Wallapa Chairat表示,她每天早晨5:30一起床就打开电视,看里面那几个小沙弥到处化缘。Wallapa Chairat家住曼谷附近的暖武里省(Nonthaburi)。有一天,她凌晨四点钟就起床,离开家,亲自去向这些小沙弥布施。 #39;The news programs and soap operas are full of angry people who are jealous and fighting,#39; Ms. Wallapa says. #39;But the little monks provide peace and happiness.#39; Wallapa Chairat说,“新闻节目和肥皂剧里都是些怒火冲天的人,这些人嫉妒心重,又很好斗。而这几个小沙弥让人体会到了和平、安宁与幸福。” The young monks seemed to enjoy it, too. #39;I think living in the monkhood is the best thing I#39;ve ever done in my life,#39; 9-year-old Theerapath Suthipatharapan told the show after his stint in the temple was up. Unlike other reality shows, the monks aren#39;t voted out by the audience.纪录片中的小沙弥似乎也很享受整个修行过程。九岁的Theerapath Suthipatharapan在修行结束后告诉节目组,“我觉得在寺庙的修行生活是我长这么大以来所做过的最棒的事情”。与其他真人秀节目不同的是,《参悟佛法的小沙弥》不设任何观众投票活动。 /201209/198332。

Xu Jiajie has gone on countless blind dates and to numerous match-making events over the past five years in search of a husband. 在过去5年中,许佳洁(音译)为找到好一位丈夫参加了无数次相亲和婚恋活动。 At 31, the baby-faced office worker from Shanghai is under enormous pressure from family and friends to get married. But the right man is hard to find, she says, a big issue for urban, educated and well-paid Chinese women in a society where the husband`s social status is traditionally above the wife`s. 这位来自上海的上班族虽然已经31岁,却还是一张娃娃脸。谈到结婚问题,她表示正处于亲友的巨大压力之下。但许说,传统的中国家庭中,丈夫的社会地位要高于妻子。对于高教育程度、高收入的城市女性来说,找到合适的男人实在太难了。 ;My parents have introduced every bachelor they know,; said Xu, who earns double the average wage in Shanghai. ;Half of the bachelors I met are quiet and never go out. Outgoing men don`t need blind dates.; 许的工资是上海市民平均收入的两倍,她说:“我的父母把他们认识的单身男子全都介绍给我,但在我见过面的单身汉中,有一半人十分内向,很少出门。常出门聚会的人不需要相亲。” As couples celebrate the ;Qixi; festival on Tuesday, the Chinese equivalent of Valentine`s Day, Xu and millions of women like her face stark choices as long-held ideas about matrimonial hierarchy run up against economic and social changes sweeping the world`s most populous country. 当一对对恋人周二欢度中国“七夕”情人节时,数以百万计的女性却和许一样面临着艰难抉择。在这个全球人口最多的国家中,长久沿袭的婚姻等级制度正遭遇到席卷全国的经济社会剧变。 The term ;shengnu; - directly translated as ;leftover women; - was coined to refer to professional women who have not married by their late 20s. 社会上还流传着“剩女”一词,指的是那些将近30岁还没结婚的职业女性。 ;Chinese people often think males should be higher in a relationship in every sense, including height, age, education and salary,; Ni Lin, who hosts a popular match-making television show in Shanghai, told Reuters. 上海电视台著名相亲节目主持人倪琳告诉路透社记者:“中国人总认为在婚姻关系中,男性处处都要高女性一筹,包括身高、年龄、教育水平和工资收入。” ;This leads to a phenomenon in which A-grade men marry B-grade women, B-grade men marry C-grade women and C-grade men marry D-grade women. Only A-grade women and D-grade men can`t find partners.; “这导致一等男人娶二等女人,二等男人娶三等女人,三等男人娶四等女人,只有一等女人和四等男人没人要。” In Beijing, more than a third of women in their late 20s and 30s are looking for husbands, according to the dating website Jiayuan.com. Media reports say there may be as many as 500,000 ;leftover women; in the capital. 婚恋交友网站“世纪佳缘”称,北京市三十岁上下的女性中,有超过三分之一的人还没有男朋友。有媒体报道说北京的“剩女”可多达50万。 There are plenty of men to go round among China`s nearly 1.4 billion people but social status can conspire against single professional woman once again. 中国人口近14亿,想找个丈夫并不难,但考虑到社会地位,单身职业女性的选择就不那么多了。 China`s population is more tilted towards men than in many countries due to the government`s one-child policy and a cultural preference for boys. The latest census in 2011 showed there were twice as many single men born in the 1970s as women of the same age. 政府制定计划生育政策,中国文化传统又偏爱男孩,导致男性人口多于女性人口,男女比例之大比很多国家都严重。2011年的最新人口普查显示,20世纪70年代出生的同龄人中,单身男性的数量是单身女性的两倍。 But unlike ;leftover women;, these ;shengnan; or ;leftover men; often live in lower-tier cities and do not make much money. 但同“剩女”不一样,这些“剩男”往往住在二三线城市,挣的工资也不高。 The Shanghai city government tries to help women like Xu by arranging regular match-making events. One in May attracted 20,000 single men and women. 上海市政府定期举办相亲活动,帮助像许一样的女性摆脱单身。曾有2万名单身男女参加了五月举办的婚会。 Lucy Wang, a 32-year-old Chinese language teacher who attended the event, said all she could find were playboy types or momma`s boys. 露西·王是一名32岁的汉语教师,她参加了相亲活动后说,见到的男性不是就是那些过分依赖妈妈的乖儿子。 ;I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with me,; she said. ;Twenty thousand people and yet I can`t find anyone I like.; 她说:“有时我都怀疑自己是不是有毛病,两万人中居然连一个我喜欢的人都找不到。” /201308/252837。

其实,钱,车,房子都属于构建和谐婚姻的硬件,这是在恋爱或者婚姻选择的时候能够一目了然的实际问题,对情感的认知决定了你对物质的要求与渴望,这些硬件虽然是爱的一部分,但是从三大硬件并不能看出男人是否爱你。当男人爱女人的时候:1,会记住你的生日或者和你在一起的一些纪念日,并选择你喜欢的礼品在那一天送给你。He always remembers your birthday and gives you what you want. /200911/88269。

Trajan becomes Roman Emperor98 – Trajan becomes Roman Emperor after the death of Nerva.历史上的今天-图拉真成为罗马皇帝98年的今天,图拉真在涅尔瓦死后成为罗马帝王。Execution Yue Fei1142 – Execution, believed wrongful, of noted Song Dynasty General Yue Fei历史上的今天-岳飞处死1142年的今天,宋代名将岳飞以莫须有处死。 Mozart was born1756- composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria.历史上的今天-莫扎特诞辰1756年的今天,作曲家沃尔夫冈.阿马德乌斯.莫扎特出生于奥地利萨尔斯堡。Porfirio Lobo Sosa become President2010 – The 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis ends when Porfirio Lobo Sosa becomes the new President of Honduras历史上的今天-波菲里奥#8226;洛沃#8226;索萨成为总统2010年的今天,波菲里奥#8226;洛沃#8226;索萨成为洪都拉斯新总统,2009年洪都拉斯宪法危机结束。 /201101/124541。