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莱西市怀孕检测多少钱青岛妇科医院做无痛人流吗The force of will make all mistakes necessary to get the right answer.这种意志力量把所有的必要错误变为正确。He was never at the moment of Oh, no, Im not gonna have failure That because of his ego,他从来没有“噢,不,我不会失败的”的这种时刻,因为他的自尊,I dont think it ever occurred to him.我不认为这曾经发生在他身上。Hes not gonna have the failure.他不会有失败。What it matters is that you keep your eyes on the prize.最重要的是你要争取这个奖项。For Einstein that prize is the Nobel.对爱因斯坦来说就贝尔奖。Proceeds he has promised to Mileva and his two sons.他已经答应把所得给米列娃和他的两个儿子。In 1915, hes asked to present his General Theory of Relativity at a prestige forum to the most important German scientists.在1915年,他被要求在最重要的德国科学家的一个权威论坛递交他的广义相对论。Einstein accepts but 8 years of work, his theory still has two major problems.爱因斯坦接受,但8年的工作后,他的理论仍有两个主要问题。Its completely unproven, and the math appears of be flawed.完全有存疑,而且数学方面出现瑕疵。After nearly a decade of work,经过近十年的工作后,Einsteins General Theory of Relativity is still far from finish,爱因斯坦的广义相对论还远未完成,his math is wrong, and without the correct calculation, his theory cant be proven.他的数学也是不对,没有正确的计算,其理论就无法被明。And now he scheduled to deliver a paper to the most prestige scientific gathering in Germany.而现在他计划在最权威科学家门聚集在德国的这一时刻发表这个理论。Prussian Academy, its a very formal place.普鲁士学院,这是一个非常正式的场合。Its a place that knows how distinguish it is, how historically significant its.这是一个能够区分优劣,历史底蕴十足的地方。its reasoning means considered as an attempt by you know,如你所知,其推理方式视为一种试探,some of Germanys leading thinkers to act as if the world were not one it was.一些德国主要的思想家扮演着整个世界都没有这样的如此出色的角色。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/180506黄岛区引产哪家医院最好的 Curators in other countries are alarmed at what they see as growing aggression. A leading museum director even described the campaign as “blackmail”. So what chance has Turkey of winning this new culture war?其他国家的馆长将这些日益增长的挑衅行为感到震惊。一个重要的物馆馆长甚至说这场运动是敲诈行为。如此一来土耳其会有什么样的机会来赢得这场文化战争呢?At the crossroads of the ancient world, drawing Roman armies from the west and Persian conquerors from the east, Turkey—especially the region of Anatolia—has long been a rich seam of knowledge and treasure from antiquity. In the 19th century teams of European scholars travelled there in search of archaeological remains. Among the most successful was a German unit led by Carl Humann. Armed with a firman, or Ottoman permit, and financed by a group of rich backers in Berlin, Humann and his team, in 1878, began excavating a site in Bergama, near the modern city of Izmir on the Aegean coast of western Turkey.处在古代世界的十字路口,土耳其吸引了西方的罗马军队和东方的波斯征者,土耳其,尤其是安那托利亚地区,长期以来被人们视为知识繁荣文物丰富的宝地。19世纪欧洲学者为了搜寻考古遗迹来到这里。其中最成功的要数卡尔·休曼领导的德国考古队。有了苏丹的敕令(奥斯曼帝国的许可),得到了大批柏林富翁的资助,休曼和他的同事从1878年开始挖掘在土耳其西部其爱琴海岸贝尔加马(现代城市伊兹密尔附近)的一处遗址。Humann’s most important discovery was the altar of Zeus, which dates from the second century . Its dramatic frieze depicting the battle between the giants and the Olympian gods makes it one of the most distinctive works from the classical world. With the sultan’s permission, the altar was sent to Germany and became the centrepiece of the Pergamon museum in Berlin. Meanwhile, German archaeologists continued to work on the site; today, the ancient city of Pergamon is the second oldest ongoing archaeological dig in the world. German excavations are still the most important of the foreign digs in Turkey, and for decades Turkish archaeologists have been educated in Berlin and other German cities, their studies subsidised by German government grants.休曼最重要的发现是公元前二世纪的宙斯祭坛。它的浮雕生动地描绘了巨人和奥林匹亚众神作战的情景,这座祭坛也因此跻身古代最杰出的艺术品行列。获得苏丹的允许后,祭坛被送到德国,成为柏林佩加蒙物馆的镇馆之宝。与此同时,考古学家在遗址上继续工作。今天佩加蒙古城是世界上第二个持续进行的考古发掘。现在,在土耳其的外国发掘中,德国独占鳌头,数十年来,土耳其考古学家在柏林和其他德国城市接受教育,他们的学习得到了德国政府拨款资助。Archaeological teams like Humann’s were soon followed by scholars from Britain and France, and into the 20th century from Italy, Japan and America. Some paid for their projects by selling a portion of their finds to Western collectors who were becoming increasingly enamoured of all things à la Turque. Others removed treasures they believed might be at risk from war and insurrection, and gave them to the new European museums. Foreign scholars saved a considerable number of Turkish artefacts from being commercially looted or destroyed by invading armies. This is rarely mentioned in Turkey’s discussions about its archaeological past.类似休曼考古队的行动很快被来自英国和法国的学者效仿,到了20世纪,意大利、日本和美国的学者也加入到这个行列。有人为了付工程款项就向西方收藏家出售了发掘到的部分物品,那些收藏家对土耳其所有的东西越发倾心。其他人因为害怕战争和动乱带来风险就转移了文物并把他们送到了欧洲物馆。他们的行动使文物免于被低价掠夺或者侵略军的毁坏。土耳其讨论过去的考古工作时,对这段历史几乎只字不提。The precise way in which objects were acquired has kept on changing. Some scholars had formal permission from the Ottoman authorities to take their treasures back to Europe; others were motivated by a wish to preserve and protect and did not bother with obtaining proper permissions or establishing a full and accurate provenance for an object. Looters robbed graves and helped themselves.取得文物的正确方法一直在变化。有些学者到得到奥斯曼帝国当局的正式批准后将文物带回欧洲。有的学者出于保存和保护文物的目的,没有费尽心机的征得适当的许可或者建立完整准确的文物档案。掠夺墓地的抢劫者只拿他们想要的东西。Use of force使用强力Western museums house tens of thousands of objects from Turkey. Most of these were given or acquired without full documentation. Though Turkey passed a law in 1884 (updated in 1906) stating that all antiquities were the property of the state and could not be taken out of the country, this was only loosely enforced.西方物馆里来自土耳其的文物成千上万。物馆获赠或获取的这些艺术品没有完整档案。虽然1884年土耳其通过一部法律(1906年更新)规定所有的文物属于国家财产并且不能带到国外,这部法律的约束力不大。201206/184935Try telling someone who has just fallen on a patch of ice that ice is not slippery and theyll think youre crazy. But, in fact, ice itself isnt slippery because it is a solid. One quality of solids is that when two solids are together there is friction between them that will keep them from slipping.告诉某个刚在冰上滑倒的人冰其实不滑,那人肯定会觉得你疯了。不过事实的确如此,冰本身并不滑,因为它是固体。固体的一个特点就是当两个固体接触时会产生擦防止打滑。So how can your shoe slip on ice? The answer lies in two peculiar properties of ice. The first is that as water freezes, its molecules move farther apart. The molecules of most substances move closer together as they freeze, making them shrink at lower temperatures.因此,为什么你的鞋子会在冰上打滑?原因在于冰具有两种特性。第一种特性就是水结冰时,水分子分离得更远。但多数物质在结冰时,分子会紧密聚集在一起,温度一降低物质就会收缩。But water molecules move farther apart at temperatures below 39 degrees Fahrenheit, making water expand as it freezes. That is why frozen water pipes burst, and a tray of ice cubes will freeze over its top if you fill it too full. The second peculiar property of ice is directly linked to its first peculiarity.但当温度低于39摄氏度时,水分子会分散开来,因此结冰后冰的体积大于水的体积。这就是为什么水管会冻裂,用盘子盛满水,结冰后冰面会超过容器的平面。冰的第二种特性与第一种特性是直接相关的。When subjected to pressure, ice melts. Remember that the molecules in ice are farther apart than the molecules in water; therefore ice molecules are vulnerable to pressure which pushes them closer together, causing the ice to change into water.冰在压力作用下会融化。记住冰的分子比在水的状态时更分散,受压后导致分子聚集,此时冰会变成水。So when you step on a patch of ice, you exert pressure on the ice, which causes its molecules to move closer together. That makes them revert to their more dense state, which is water. If you slip on a patch of ice, then, you in fact are slipping on a thin layer of water that the pressure from your weight has created. And, unlike solid ice, water, as a liquid , is quite slippery.所以,当你踏在一块冰上时,会对它产生压力,这个压力导致分子相互间靠得更近,使之恢复到更加紧密的形态——水。如果你在冰面上打滑了,实际上是你在一层薄薄的水面上打滑了,而这些水正是因为你体重带来的压力导致的。跟固态的冰不一样,液态的水是相当滑的。原文译文属!201303/229800青岛做人流哪家医院评价最好

青岛妇保医院收费合理吗青岛妇幼保健医院妇科专家 There are people who make overcoming obstacles, even those towering 40 very vertical feet high, look easy.有一种人,他们能够克任何困难,甚至能够轻易攀登上那些冲入云宵的高达40英尺的陡壁。These rock climbers are the heart of Lilian Chao-Quinlans climbing center business.这些攀岩成员便是李连的 “超昆兰攀岩中心”业务的核心部分。I think with climbing you have to trust your partner and you have to know they are holding your rope.我认为,对于攀岩而言,你需要信任你的伙伴,并且必须知道他们和你抓着同一条绳索。This takes teamwork which why Chao-Quinlan is frustrated by all the talk of another cliff looming in Washington.攀岩需要团队合作。而超昆兰公司现在却没有信心超越正在逼近华盛顿的另一种悬崖。There is so much uncertainty not just for me as a business owner, but for our members, for our climb tower.这不仅对作为老板的我来说太不确定,而且对我们的攀岩成员,对我们的攀岩业务来说都太具风险。With negotiation stalled on a way to the fiscal cliff, Chao-Quinlan is put plans to expand her business on hold. She is worried because going over the cliff will cost middle class families an estimated 2000 dollars a year, money people wont have to spend here.随着财政悬崖的谈判有所搁浅,超昆兰不得不暂停扩展业务的计划。她对此非常担心,因为对一个普通中产家庭来说,渡过财政悬崖一年预计需要付出2千美元,而人们本可将这笔钱用在更急需之处。It’s always challenging when you are in a recreational type of environment because that sometimes the first thing that people consider, you know, when they are evaluating their finances and, what am I gonna to spend my money on?这种经济环境对业务非常不利。因为,在财务悬崖的情况下,人们首先会评估他们的资产、计划他们的消费。The fear that I have is that we are going to lose some customers and we are gonna to lose our shoppers. And weve been here for ten years.我现在担心的就是我们将失去一些客户和顾客。我们在这一行已经做了10年了。For clothing store owner Lindsay Buscher, it’s been a rough few years since the recession. Now she says she is terrified we are on the verge of tumbling back in.对装店老板Lindsay Buscher来说,自从经济衰退开始,每年都举步为难。现在,她说,害怕公司随时会倒闭。I think the facts of them not coming up with a plan is gonna be devastating. And I see a huge, a bigger recession.我认为,政府没有及时制定出正确的方案会带来毁灭性结果。我似乎看到了一个更严重、更长期的萧条。The prospect of higher taxes next year means Busher is cutting back now. Training staff for January and February only buying clothing she sure will sell. Her goal is just to keep her business afloat.明年可能的高税意味着Busher现在在缩减一切出。她吩咐员工只采购确信会畅销的装。她的目标仅仅是维持住公司的业务。My biggest fear is that my 7-year old will never really get a chance to see what Ive built.我非常担心7岁的孩子将没有机会看到我能成就一番事业。Back at the climbing center, Lilian Chao-Quinlan says there are lessons Washington negotiators could stand to learn.又返回攀岩中心的李连说,华盛顿的谈判人员们需要学习过去的经验教训。Every move is gonna dictate the next move. But that doesn’t mean that you are locked into that move; that doesn’t mean you cant try something else.每一项决定会决定再一项。但是,这并不意味着你只能死守那一决定,也不意味着你不能尝试其他办法。Unlike climbing, she says, fiscal cliff hanging shouldnt be an option because so much is on the line.她说,和攀岩不同,危险太大,财政悬崖并非良策。 201301/220303青岛哪家医院能够做流产

山东省青岛市第七医院住院部电话 Science and Technology Extending lifespan Thanks, Mum!科技 延长寿命 谢啦,老妈!An obscure group of animals may reveal the secret of elongating life一群不为人知的动物可能会揭开长寿之谜THE one sure way to prolong an animals life is, paradoxically, to starve it. ;Caloric restriction;, as it is known in the trade, works for everything from thworms to mammals (people included, as far as can be ascertained without the luxury of controlled experiments). So it is no surprise that it also works for a group of small creatures known as rotifers. If that were the only result of Shugo Watabes experiments on the critters, at the University of Tokyo, it would scarcely be worth reporting. What makes this news is that the offspring of the rotifers in question also lived longer than normal. And that—the inheritance of an acquired characteristic—is quite startling.矛盾的是,延长动物寿命的方法,竟然是使其挨饿。科学界的同行都知道,有名的;热量限制;法则对小至线虫,大至哺乳动物的动物界都适用(包括人类,就还未有大量的对照实验验而言)。所以当该条法则运用到一群名叫轮虫的生物上也就不足为奇了。如果东京大学的修吾渡部的轮虫实验仅是如此的话,也就没有报道的价值了。具有新闻价值的是,上述轮虫后代的生命也比普通轮虫要长。那后天的从父辈继承下的特质实在很令人吃惊。Rotifers are unusual in that they often reproduce by parthenogenesis (some species, indeed, can reproduce only in this way). A parthenogenetic population is, by definition, all female and the result, give or take the odd mutation, is that a rotifers daughters are genetically identical to her. That makes rotifers convenient subjects for studies of the controversial idea that characteristics acquired during an individuals life can be passed down the generations in ways that are independent of mutations in the DNA.轮虫并不普通,因为他们的繁殖方式是孤雌生殖(确实,一些物种甚至只有这一种繁殖方式)。顾名思义,孤雌生殖群体全是雌性;如果没有接受和传递罕见基因突变,那么轮虫的雌性后代与母体是完全相同的。这使得轮虫成为十分方便的研究对象:人们对在个体生命期中,后天习得的特征与繁殖后代中的DNA突变并不相关这个观点存在争议。Dr Watabe and his colleagues first looked at whether caloric restriction does, indeed, work its magic on rotifers. It does. Without it, as they report in Functional Ecology, their animals lived for an average of 8.8 days. With it they lived for 13.5 days. The intriguing result came when they did the same thing with the rotifers offspring. The daughters of those rotifers which had been fed as much as they could eat lived for 9.5 days if treated likewise (not significantly different from their mothers) and 14.4 if put on short commons. Those born of calorie-restricted mothers lived for 12.7 and 16.8 days respectively. Something, then, is being passed on that is having an effect down the generations.渡边士和他的同事第一次研究热量限制的机制是否对轮虫同样有效。确实有效。他们在《机能生态学》杂志上报道说,没有了热量限制,轮虫的平均生命期为13.5天。当它们对轮虫的后代采取了同样的热量限制后,得到了有趣的结果。轮虫的母系如果得到了饱和的食物量,它们那些也同样饱食的后代可以存活了9.5天(与其母系的上一代并无明显区别),如果后代食物量减少,则可以活14.4天。那些诞生于热量限制的母系后代则在饱食和不饱食的情况下分别存活了12.7 和16.8天。那么,一定有某种物质通过上下代传递,对个体生命产生了影响。That something seems to be related to an enzyme called catalase. This enzyme degrades hydrogen peroxide, a highly reactive chemical that creates cellular damage of the sort associated with ageing. Dr Watabe found that the offspring of calorie-restricted mothers have more catalase than those of mothers who were fed without restriction.这种物质似乎与一种名叫过氧化氢酶的酶有关。这种酶分解过氧化氢这种反映活性很高、可以在细胞老化过程中损害细胞的物质。渡边士发现这种经过热量限制的母体的后代,其过氧化氢酶含量比没有食量限制的母体后代更多。The researchers also detected higher levels of the enzyme in the eggs of calorie-restricted mothers, so it could be that their offspring are simply endowed with the stuff. A more intriguing possibility, though, is that the relevant genes are affected by epigenesis, a process in which chemicals attached to the DNA control its activity. Epigenetic modifications are often retained when cells divide, and can sometimes be passed on to offspring.研究人员同时检测了得到热量控制的母体产下的卵,它的过氧化氢酶浓度较高,所以这可能是这些后代与生俱来的。然而,一个更有意思的可能性是后生作用影响了这些基因。后生作用是指与DNA相接的化学物质来控制其活动。细胞分裂期往往阻碍表观遗传修饰,并且会把这种机制传递给下一代。If inherited epigenetic changes were causing daughter rotifers to produce more catalase, it would raise the question of whether a similar thing happens in other species and, if so, whether it might be induced artificially, without all the tedious business of a lifetimes starvation. That would certainly be worth looking at. The search for an elixir of life has taken people to some strange places. Few, though, are stranger than rotifers.如果母系轮虫后代从母体继承了后生变化,产生了更多的过氧化氢酶,人们同样也会考虑相似的事情会不会也发生在其他物种上;而且,如果同样发生,可否通过人工诱导的方法,而不是通过冗长到一辈子都饿着肚子。长生不老的研究已经将人类指向了一些奇怪的领域。而没有几个比轮虫更奇怪的了。 /201301/223489青岛育前检查青岛看妇科那个医院好些



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