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江西中寰医院光子脱毛手术多少钱南昌铁路医院冰点脱毛多少钱景德镇治疗腋臭多少钱 Marcia Favre claims to have raked in more than 7,000 pounds from dates - despite having a partner of 10 years.一名名叫玛西亚·法瑞的女子声称,尽管已有一个交往10年的男朋友,但自己还是专门靠约会赚得了超过7000英镑。The 33-year-old musician says once racked up almost 1,200 pounds in ONE date, and it only lasted 30 minutes.这位33岁的音乐人表示,其中一次约会收入了1200英镑,而那次约会只持续了30分钟。But the New Yorker insists there#39;s no sex involved. Instead she goes on Champagne dates with older, rich men.不过这名来自纽约的女子坚称,约会中不涉及性交易。事实上,她只是陪有钱的老男人喝喝酒。Marcia said: ;I totally recommend it. I literally show up, have a drink, talk about nothing and get paid. It#39;s pretty easy money, it really is.;玛西亚表示:“我非常推荐这种方式。我只是去约会,喝杯酒,什么也不用讲,便能得到报酬。这个钱赚的很轻松。真的。”But Marcia is far from single as she has been with her long-term partner Joseph King for 10 years.不过,玛西亚可不是单身,他有个交往10年的男朋友,名叫约瑟夫·金。Marcia said: ;When I first told him, he kind of chuckled. He was like: #39;Are you serious? People actually pay you to have drinks and dinner?#39; I said: #39;Yeah they do#39; and he kinda laughed.;玛西亚说道:“当我第一次告诉他这事时,他笑了。他说:‘是不是真的呀。人们只是花钱请你喝酒吃饭?’我说:‘是的就是这样。’然后他又笑了起来。”Joseph, a fellow musician, supports Marcia#39;s sideline - not least because he gets taken out for free meals and drinks courtesy of his pro-dater girlfriend#39;s additional income.同为音乐人的约瑟夫很持玛西亚的这一副业--不仅仅是因为女友这份兼职所得收入让他能出去免费吃饭喝酒。Joseph, 40, said: ;There have been a lot of other things that I have done as a musician in New York City to make a living. I mean you gotta be creative, you know. And so I realised that she#39;s going out to have drinks with men who are willing to pay her, so now she has money to take me out for drinks. So, I#39;m totally fine with it!;40岁的约瑟夫说道:“作为一名在纽约谋生的音乐人,有许多事都可以尝试。我是说你可以更有创造性,你懂的。我知道她出去跟别的男人喝酒可以得到报酬,现在她有钱可以请我喝酒了,所以我完全没有意见。” /201702/491453A number of countries and regions have banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones from air transportation in response to reports of the phones catching fire.多个国家和地区对三星盖乐世Note 7智能手机起火事件的报道作出回应,禁止航空运输该款手机。Under emergency orders issued by both Transport Canada and the US Department of Transportation (DOT), the phones can#39;t be carried on board or packed in carry-on or checked bags on flights to and from Canada and the US or within either country.根据加拿大交通部和美国交通部近日发布的紧急命令,在往返加拿大、美国的航班或在两国境内飞行的航班上,乘客不得携带Note 7手机登机,也不得在随身和托运行李中夹带这款手机。Air passengers who try to carry Note 7 phones on flights will have them confiscated and may face fines and even criminal prosecution, according to the US DOT.美国交通部称,试图将Note 7手机带上航班的乘客的手机将被没收,还可能面临罚款甚至刑事起诉。The civil aviation department of Hong Kong has followed suit and issued a similar ban.香港特区政府民航处已跟进,发布了类似禁令。The Federal Aviation Administration had previously warned passengers not to pack the phones in their checked bags and not charge them while on board planes.美国联邦航空此前曾警告乘客,不要将手机装在托运袋里,在飞机上也不要给手机充电。;We recognize that banning these phones from airlines will inconvenience some passengers, but the safety of all those aboard an aircraft must take priority,; said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.运输部长安东尼·福克斯表示:“我们认识到航空公司这一有关手机的禁令会给一些乘客带来不便,但是一架飞机上所有人的安全一定是第一位的。” /201610/473037南昌胡须激光

南昌修护双眼皮哪里好There are tons of foods with superpowers, but only a few of those are “superfruits.” Fruit contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for maintaining overall health. Not only are fruits good for you but they are the perfect on-the-go snack. Rushing out the door? Grab an apple. Having trouble concentrating at work? Munch on some strawberries.有很多的食物都有超能力,但只有少部分能被称上“超级水果。”水果含有各种维生素和营养素,对于维持人们的整体健康必不可少。水果不仅有益于人体健康,而且还是即食的零食。急着出门?那带一个苹果吧。无法集中注意力工作?那就吃些草莓吧。Savor every piece as you bite into one of these juicy superfruits; just remember, not only do they taste good, but they’re healthy, too.尽情享受这些多汁美味的超级水果吧;记住哦:它们不仅美味,还有利于健康哦!Blueberries蓝莓Several studies have shown that blueberries help boost memory and concentration. They contain antioxidants that help stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. Eating them has also been associated with reduced blood pressure, heart disease prevention, and less muscle damage.一些研究已经表明蓝莓可提高,并能让人们的注意力更集中。蓝莓含有抗氧化剂,能刺激血液和氧气流动到大脑中。吃蓝莓还能降低血压、预防心脏病、同时减少肌肉受损。Lemons柠檬Drink lemon water to boost your metabolism, prevent bloating, and build a healthy immune system. It keeps you hydrated and helps your body eliminate waste products while aiding in the body’s digestive system. Lemons also help detox your body, rejuvenate your skin, boost your mood, cleanse your liver, and help relieve heart burn.喝柠檬水可促进新陈代谢、防止腹胀,还能增强免疫系统。能让你水分充足,在帮助身体排出废弃物的同时,还有助于身体的消化系统。柠檬还能排出体内毒素、延缓肌肤衰老、提升你的情绪、净化你的肝脏,同时有助于缓解胃烧灼痛。Apples苹果Apples are a prebiotic fruit; they contain polyphenol antioxidants and the prebiotic pectin, which improves digestive health. They are also a great appetite suppressant. Studies have shown that apples reduce hunger because they are rich in fiber and help balance your blood sugar. This helps make you feel fuller longer, which, in turn, prevents you from snacking on unhealthy foods.苹果是一种益生元水果,含有多酚抗氧化剂和益生元果胶,能促进消化系统健康。苹果也是十分有效的食欲抑制剂。研究已表明:由于苹果富含纤维,因此苹果能减少人们的饥饿感,同时能平衡血糖。这就使你的饱腹感更持久,反过来,能让你不再吃那些不健康的零食。Grapefruits西柚Healthy people always have this fruit in their kitchen, and we can definitely see why. Grapefruits have tons of health benefits such as helping the skin, improving digestion, boosting the metabolism, improving heart health, and fighting gum disease, to name a few.西柚是健康人士的厨房必备水果,原因显而易见。西柚有很多的健康益处,如延缓皮肤衰老、促进消化和新陈代谢、改善心脏健康,同时还能预防牙龈疾病。Mangoes芒果One bite into this juicy fruit will keep you wanting more. Mangoes are not only delicious, but they are really healthy. Research has shown that the antioxidant compounds in mango may help protect against certain cancers. They also help improve eye health, boost the immune system, eliminate acne, and lower cholesterol.尝一口多汁的芒果,你就会明白吃了还想吃的道理。芒果不仅美味,而且还十分有益健康。研究已表明芒果内的抗氧化剂复合物能预防某些癌症。芒果还有利于保护视力、促进免疫系统、缓解疼痛、降低胆固醇。译文属 /201611/479637南昌中心医院隆胸多少钱 江西人民医院整形美容科

江西省儿童医院激光去胎记多少钱As the saying goes, ;You are what you eat;.中国有句老话叫“吃什么补什么”。And according to a manufacturer of mung bean cakes in Shanghai, if one eats its product labeled ;dog poop cake;, you are likely to be ;blessed with the kind of luck that would see you step on dog poop;.上海一绿豆糕商家将自家商品命名为“屎糕”,宣称只要吃了他们家的“屎糕”,你就能走屎运。While tourists in the city have been intrigued by the product, locals are said to be indignant that the manufacturer is calling it ;a specialty of Shanghai;, leading to production of the cake being suspended and the product being pulled from shelves since Wednesday, after receiving wide media attention.虽然该产品吸引了很多外地游客,但是很多上海本地人对于商家标榜自己为“上海特产”的做法很生气。在引起媒体广泛关注后,该糕点现已停产,在售的也已下架。;I don#39;t get it. I just want to be innovative, which is supposed to be encouraged,; said Zhang Neirong, owner and manager of Shanghai Fengdu Food Co, which began labeling its signature mung bean cakes as ;dog poop cake; this year.上海风都食品公司在2016年开始给自家生产的绿豆糕打上“屎糕”商标。张内荣是该公司的所有者,总经理。他说:“我不明白为什么会这样,我只是想有点创新,我认为创新应该被鼓励。”Zhang said that due to overwhelming criticism and pressure, he has withdrawn the product from his partnering food stores in Shanghai.张经理表示,蜂拥而至的批评和压力让他不得不将该产品从上海的合作商铺中下架。He has also stopped producing the cake#39;s packaging - a linen bag and a post-it-size label that s, ;Savor the dog poop cake, enjoy the luck of stepping on dog poop; on a background featuring Shanghai#39;s skyline.该糕点的外包装为一个麻布口袋,“吃屎糕,走屎运”的标签字样印在以上海为背景的袋子上。该负责人表示目前该包装也已经停产。The mung bean cakes inside look and taste no different from the regular offerings prevalent at the city#39;s food stores and supermarkets. But the price, 42 yuan (.2) for 200 grams, is almost twice the average price.该款“屎糕”和上海各大超市、食品店销售的绿豆糕在外观和口味上并无差别,但是200克每包的售价却高达42元(6.2美元),大约是普通绿豆糕的两倍。A shop assistant working at a specialty store near the Bund, who refused to be named, said shoppers intrigued by the cakes are not usually concerned by the price, adding that more than 90 percent of purchases at her shop are made by tourists.外滩附近特产店里一位不愿透漏姓名的店员表示,90%来买糕点的客人都是外地游客,顾客一般都是被新奇的名称吸引,并不太关心价格。 /201611/479401 江西人民医院激光点痣多少钱九江瑞昌市永修县德安县星子县去雀斑多少钱



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